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Mark sent me this e-mail:

"Excellent essay.

I have watched with pleasure as Tim Pool has become more and more conservative as the media assault on patriotic Americans and our choice of the President has dragged on.

Fauci is a moron. By that I mean he may be an educated man in his field, but outside of that he is not so bright. He is more of a political opportunist than a medical professional. Little does he realize that when the Left is through with him they will throw him under the bus as well.


This shows several good points.

1) It takes time for people to realize "this thing I was taught is wrong, that thing I was taught is wrong, and other things I was taught are wrong." They don't realize it all at once. It took me decades to realize everything that I had been taught which was bull crap and that is what God is doing, He is teaching us what we have been taught that is bull crap one piece of bull crap at a time.

2) Just because you are a well educated person does not mean you have common sense and I told you years ago that the first requirement for being a lefty (Marxist) is that you can't have a lick of common sense or you will eventually figure out you are being lied to and stop being a lefty.

Thanks for the feedback, Mark.

The Purge

I have been watching and thinking about the eventual lefty purge of their own traitors that I warned you about years ago based on relatively recent purges by the left and it is going to be 100% of the lefties who help the upper class trash set up their global dictatorship.

Think not?

Remember that I began telling you years ago that the lefty media were killing themselves because fewer and fewer people are believing their lies?

This is hilarious. This video shows that CNN is bust. They are $150 billion in debt, which is much more than they are worth, AT&T is trying to sell CNN now that their only market of "orange man bad" may be gone, and all of those lying "journalists" who sold out their credibility and souls to CNN are about to become unemployed or end up working for much less.

Basically, the upper class trash just used up CNN and its people and is now dumping them, you know, disposable useful fools. "Get under that bus, fools!"

Talk about shooting themselves in the foot. They picked a market built around getting rid of Trump so that, when they succeeded, the business and their jobs fail. That is about as smart as digging a tunnel into the side of an active volcano.

But it gets better. Look at every commie/socialist run nation and they only have one government run TV station like the BBC.

What should that tell you?

When these stupid lefty commie traitor media help the upper class trash to get what they want, you know, a Marxist/Muslim dictatorship, the upper class trash will stuff all of their evil butts under ye ole lefty commie traitor bus just like they are now doing with CNN except for just enough people for one national network. The rest are going to have to get real jobs and be just like you, disposable slaves.

But, hey, it gets better than that because once these stupid lefty journalists help the upper class trash get their global dictatorship, the upper class trash will only need one global TV network and they can run that using animations instead of journalists (who else are you going to watch?) and use computers to run that. The upper class trash can stick all of their lying journalist butts under ye ole commie traitor bus and not have to pay anyone big bucks to lie for them. Talk about a sucker punch.

And you think these rich fools are more intelligent than you because dey gots more money than you?

People, what they have been doing is one of the dumbest things in history. It is at least as stupid as sitting on a big branch in a very tall tree while using a chain saw to cut that branch off between you and the tree. If it were not so funny, it would make my brain hurt.

And you believe ANYTHING those fools tell you? Really?

It shows how many stupid people there are in this world and many of them have a lot of money.

God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out" and "Thou shalt not lie."

But, hey, it keeps getting better. It is looking like they are getting ready to stuff Pelosi's butt under ye ole commie traitor bus and she will only be the next one out of all of them.

"What?" you say.

Listen, people, after the upper class trash have depopulated the planet by better than 95%, how many of these tens of thousands of overpaid corrupt politicians are the upper class trash going to have to pay good money to oppress the people? What, you think the upper class trash will keep 5% of the corrupt politicians to manage the slaves and 95% will go under ye ole commie traitor bus?

Let's do the math.

Remember that I showed you in the fall of 2012 that the lefties converted to Islam because, under Islam, the people MUST obey their leaders or they can be put to death? What does the Muslim global government look like?

The Muslim Caliphate has always been run by 10 leaders ruling over religious leaders who rule over the people. Under Islam, the upper class trash won't need ANY of these over paid corrupt political leaders. Yep, another upper class trash sucker punch against their own useful fools.

Once these corrupt political leaders help the upper class trash get their global government, the upper class trash can stuff ALL of the evil corrupt politicians' butts under ye ole commie traitor bus. "Off to the showers with a little Zyklon B shampoo!" Or "How would you like your mass grave, full, half full, or do you want to be the first to go in it with your brains blown out?" Remember that I have taught you that no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor?

The arrogant fools are going to kill themselves off because you can bet that the upper class trash inner core will be those 10 global leaders over many fewer people.

People, remember that the globalists were saying 30 years ago that they were going to depopulate the planet down from more than 7.5 billion people to a MAXIMUM of 500 million people or murder off more than 7 billion people and then, about 20 years ago, Ted Turner went around giving speeches to the upper class trash that he had figured out how to depopulate the planet down to 250 million people, fewer people than live in just the US.

Since then I have been watching them develop better and better robots and computers so they will probably easily be able to depopulate the planet down to less than 100 million people, which will be a few million of the upper class trash plus some slaves, probably mostly sex slaves.

In 10 to 20 years, the upper class trash can have robots and computers grow their food, build whatever they want, maintain their mansions, and even use robots for sex so they will not need many human slaves, which will greatly decrease the risk of a rebellion and the robots and computers will do what they are programmed to do.

Hey, when all of the people except for them are gone, they won't need any of their useful fools like Antifa, BLM, the politicians, journalists, college professors, trolls, or any others. It is going to get just a wee bit crowded under ye ole lefty commie traitor bus.

Have you figured out yet that all of these overpaid stupid lefty commie traitor puppets are their own worst enemy and killing themselves off? Not very smart, are they?

If you are not smarter than them, then you are dumber than rocks.


Remember that I told you that the military and veterans have known about and been preparing for this coup and they are still preparing for this war to escalate?

Pay attention in this video to when this Marine veteran says he is going to be doing reconnaissance on people he knows we are now at war with and will soon being fighting on a daily basis.

The lefties have no idea what they are marching into but the military and veterans know what they are marching into and who they are going up against. The arrogant and ignorant lefties are in for some really bad surprises. Man plans, God laughs.

Also note that the Marine stated that what the militias will do is pending on how this election goes. They are not just going to sit by on their thumbs and let the lefties steal this election and our nation. They are not that stupid.


Remember that I told you that God told me that most of the people in law enforcement and the military are good people?

The problem is that most of the people at the top tend to be evil people controlling what the good people can and cannot do because the evil people have infiltrated their way to the top by promoting each other. Trump is now taking actions against this as this video shows. This will free up the good people so they can do what is right to save our butts when it becomes butt saving time. This is one of the most important moves Trump has made and I see God's hand moving in this because man plans, God laughs.

Here is a video that shows that not all people in the military are good, especially at the top.

Note that Tim is becoming a conservative who is learning to not trust big government the way I did before I left the Commierat Party in the early 70s because I got tired of the lefty lies and corruption.

Voter Fraud

Nah, there ain't no voter fraud...or is there?

Watch this video and this video.

Good Video

Watch this video to see a well done video about the truth. Note that he showed how important the media were in this coup just like I have been telling you.


You still think the masks, social distancing, and lockdowns are for your good and have to do with science and the virus?

Watch this video with Tim increasingly becoming a big government hating conservative because God is opening his eyes. He shows that the lefties are proving that this is really about nothing but control and power.

The World

The world is being punished because we turned from God for our sins and God is punishing us by letting us have what we want. That is right, most of our punishment "by God" is us punishing ourselves by getting the stupid and evil crap we want and what it does to us.

If you want God to save your butt, you have to turn from or repent of your sins or crimes against God's Laws, turn back to God with all of your heart, and ask God to save your butt. Until we do that, we are screwing ourselves, literally. People, as long as we keep doing the sins, the sins are going to keep causing us harm so we have to stop the sins to stop the harm. You can't keep shooting yourself in the foot and expect the pain to stop because you started praying while continuing to shoot yourself in the foot.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I should have been a preacher...hold it, I am. This site is my Heavenly pulpit and the world is my church reaching out to tens to hundreds of thousands of people in every nation around the world. Someone has to teach everyone the truth because Jesus said, "The truth will set you free".

Repent, turn back to God, and call on God's name, Yahweh/Jesus, or it will keep getting worse until you do because it is your sins that are killing you, people.


Do you realize one very important reason why the US and allies defeated Japan during WWII?

Because the Japanese had their troops spread out over at least hundreds to more than a thousand islands and nations while the US and allies could focus their forces on the islands and nations one at a time to overwhelm the Japanese forces on each island or nation plus the US and allies often just skipped islands leaving many Japanese forces stranded and isolated completely out of the war.

Unlike the Japanese, when the US and allies took islands, we only left troops on strategically and tactically important islands and would even then move those troops forward as our forces advanced, keeping those forces in the war.

Wake Atoll (wrongly called Wake Island) is a great example of this because the Japanese had troops on the atoll from the first few months of the US being in the war until the very end of the war because US forces just bypassed the atoll effectively putting those Japanese troops out of the war. After the war was over, the US forces returned to Wake and the Japanese forces trapped there were forced to surrender without a fight.

Now keep this in mind with China spreading its greatly reduced forces out over hundreds of islands and against numerous nations like India. China has reduced her forces down to about 1/3 to 1/4 of what they had been because their economy couldn't support all of her forces and permit new weapons development and is spreading the rest of them out over large areas, making the same mistake the Japanese made, so that the US and allies don't have to fight them all at once but can strategically pick those Chinese forces off one at a time.

Who do you think will win that fight? Gee, I wonder why the US isn't making a greater effort to stop China from spreading her forces out over the islands of the South China Sea when it is becoming more obvious that we will soon have to fight China, one force at a time? Just how well do you think those Chinese forces stranded on those South China Sea islands will be able to help defend their homeland from an invasion?

Oops! Smart move, commies. In trying to spread the US forces around the world to weaken the US forces, the fool commies have spread their forces out around the world and has weakened them.

The US won't have to fight all of China's forces at once because they are spread out all over the planet and we can concentrate our forces to pick China's forces off one at a time or leave them stranded out of the fight on some islands.

Me thinks China didn't learn anything from history and is going to get to repeat history the hard way?

Think about it.

Man plans, God laughs.


Remember that I told you that Obama is a member of the British Royal Family and, if he could kill everyone between himself and the crown, he would suddenly have power over the US, the UK, and many nations under such organizations as the Common Wealth?

This video explains this in detail as to which nations Obama would have control over and there are a lot of them. The person talks fast but he is very good and lays it out very clearly using global maps.

Now imagine Obama suddenly having control over the US, UK, and all of those other nations because he successfully staged a brief coup by nuking Chicago and killing the right US upper class trash along with everyone in the British Royal Family between him and the "Crown".

Nah, you don't think that much global power would be sufficient motivation for Obama stage a violent coup, do you? What, you think Obama and Farrakhan are going to just sit on their butts and watch Meghan and Harry grab all of that power in 2024? Really?

Now remember what I have been teaching you about the British Royal Family and the rest of the Euro-American royalty being one family with the British Royal Family having significant power over the rest of the Euro-American royal family or almost all of Europe and who knows how many other nations that those European nations control and would all suddenly be under the control of Obama following such a coup.

And then, if Obama proves to the 1.5 billion Muslims on this planet that he is their messiah or Mahdi by standing on the Temple Mount, after conquering Israel, and gives the order for Muslims to kill all remaining non Muslims, there wouldn't be many nations he wouldn't have control over. He could easily return to the US with an army of hundreds of millions to overwhelm the red zones, making Obama and Farrakhan the two most powerful men in history and rulers over the entire planet.

Gee, now do you also understand why the British Royal Family staged the fake falling out with Meghan and Harry so they could come to the US and she could be elected as president in 2024 giving the British Royal Family all of that power? Gee, do you finally understand what Globalism is really all about? Do you get the picture yet?

The Euro-American royals want their planet back and you to be their slaves or dead.

If not, watch that video again and think about everything I have said and God has shown me.

Blue Zones

Remember that I told you that people are fleeing the blue zones in large numbers decreasing the populations in those blue zones?

This video shows that along with providing good news about conservatives picking up more seats in the House.

God is moving in our favor and it looks like the extra scrutiny caused by the voter fraud for the presidential election is causing the Commierats to lose seats in the House they had said they had won, you know, it is backfiring on them in more than one way. The conservatives are now only about 5 or 6 seats from gaining control of the House and, if these recounts for president continue, the conservatives could pick up those seats, take control of the House, and put evil Pelosi out of business as Speaker of the House.

Man plans, God laughs and God is laughing right now.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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