I Told You So 371


Remember that I have been telling you that the military and the militias know what is going on with this coup and are planning and acting to stop it?

This video tells you this is true when, at about 3 minutes, he said, "Patriots across this nation are 'Oscar Mike', it means they are on the move and on mission." They are already fighting the fight, people.

People, I told you this war began in 2012 when Obama formed BLM so that it has been going on now for more than 8 years. It is like I have been telling you, this is war and the fight is already on. The bad guys have already shot and killed people and forced good guys to kill in self defense. Hang on, this is only going to get worse.

You still think the left is not actively waging war against everyone else?

Watch this video and then think about it. The lefty thugs are not only attacking conservatives and even preying on them, they are also actively attacking children. This is a brutal and cruel war by the left against everyone else, people.

And you think the left actually cares about people? Really?

BTW, Biden is building his government so that, even if Trump does win this election, they will just claim Trump is staging a coup and will set up their Marxist government somewhere else like Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles to rule over the blue zones to continue their guerilla war against the Republic of the US. My guess is Chicago because of the dream and that Chicago is the third largest and wealthiest city in the nation and is more central to the US. I would not be surprised to see most of the Commierats actually leave Congress to form their "own congress" where ever they chose to be their capitol city.

They just appointed "anti-free speech Nazi, Richard Stengel, as part of their transition team." Think Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda for Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. Basically, he was in charge of all communications and propaganda.

The Commierats sound more like the German Nazis every day, don't they?

I got this from Breitbart by John Hayward:

"Ben Rhodes, former deputy national security adviser during the Obama administration, claimed on Monday that 'foreign leaders are already having phone calls with Joe Biden.'"

And you think this is not an internationally planned coup of the US and the rest of the world? Really?

This is proof that many of our European and other "allies" are conspiring with the US commies to destroy the US so they can set up their global Marxist dictatorship.

It is like I have told you, this war will be fought from within and without with us simultaneously fighting our commies and invading forces from other nations, including many of our supposed allies. That is being planned right now, which explains why our lefties are still staging this coup after failing to disarm the US citizens. Their obvious plan is to simply overwhelm the armed US citizens with both external and internal armed forces at the same time.

This is going to get very ugly and be one heck of a fight but there are top secret and secret things that will be on our side and a surprise to them. You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

BTW, their "great reset" is really just them forcing their communism on the entire planet and doing away with capitalism. When the globalists are finished, you will either be dead or a commie slave so you might as well die fighting rather than live on your knees begging.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I told you that CNN is up for sale because it is losing money and is no longer needed by the lefty upper class trash?

This video tells that the poser journalists are besides themselves. Hey, they destroyed their own jobs by chasing off most of the viewers with their lies and propaganda.

BTW, have you noticed that the "effective rate" for the COVID 19 vaccine is 94%, which just also happens to be the survival rate for people infected with COVID 19. Gee, what a coincidence that you have the same survival rate with and without the vaccine.

Let me guess, the vaccine is just expensive water with who knows what else laced in it to kill people off?


Remember that I told you that China and her allies (including the globalists) are trying to spread US forces around the world so they can weaken and defeat the US forces?

I got this from AP by Lorne Cook:

"BRUSSELS (AP) - NATO could pay a heavy price for leaving Afghanistan too early, its chief warned Tuesday after a U.S. official said President Donald Trump is expected to withdraw a significant number of American troops from the conflict-ravaged country in the coming weeks."

Then I found this video showing Trump is also pulling troops out of Iraq AFTER strengthening our allies in the area so they can defend themselves freeing our troops up to bring them home.

The picture just suddenly got very clear. You see, Trump is pulling those troops back to the US to fight this accelerating war within the US and to defend the US from foreign forces, which is why the lefties don't want Trump to end those wars and bring our troops home. That is why Trump has been building alliances with other nations like Japan, India, Australia and others to hold off enemies like China while we pull our troops back to the US to protect the Republic.

Get the picture?

Trump has been working to pull US troops out of other nations and end those wars so he can consolidate our forces in the US to fight this civil war against the commies. Don't be surprised to see Trump pull back most to all of our remaining troops in the next few months to fight this war in the US.

Note that NATO, now run by globalists, are using fear mongering to try to stop it in order to keep US troops spread out around the world so they and our commies can bring down the US.

Listen, if we are in any way going to help protect the rest of the world, we first have to protect our own republic or there won't be anyone left to protect the rest of the world, you know, from the commies.


How do you lefties like your beloved Marxism now? Wouldn't believe us that Marxism ALWAYS fails, would you?

Let's see, they started with, "It will only be 15 days," and then, "It will need to be 3 months," and, now, after almost a year, "it will only be for another 1 to 1.5 years longer."

It just keeps growing, doesn't it? Gee, you think that just maybe they will not only not give up their power but will continue to increase their power until they have absolute control over you because, just like I have been telling you, power mad and greedy people can never get enough power or wealth, they will always want more and more?

Let's see, two weeks turning into 52 weeks, which is 26 weeks for every week they told you so 1 to 1.5 more years will be 25 to 40 years, which will turn into multiple life times under their commie oppression.

Maybe you need to stop this crap now?

The only thing that will stop these human demons (and I know that, by now, most of you are realizing they really are human demons) is death and they are committing treason and crimes against humanity, which should be capital crimes.

History teaches that, when the fighting starts, you can't succeed by just fighting their thugs in the streets but can only succeed by "storming the castles" or going to their homes, dragging their butts out into the streets, and, after applying a little designer tar and feathers, using them for tree ornaments.

Basically, in a war like this, you have to kill from the top down and not from the bottom up because, as you kill their thugs, they will just hire more thugs to wear you down and will even import thugs from other nations, you know, those illegal aliens they want to force on you. I bet that opened an eye or two.

Gee, I wonder why almost all of those illegal aliens are young men?

The only way to beat this is to kill from the top down so there won't be anyone left to hire more thugs to fight and kill you. That is the only and best way to quickly win this fight, you have to storm the castles not the barracks.

The Election

Remember that I told you that the conservatives only need a few more seats in the House to put Pelosi out of business and give the GOP control of the House?

I got this from Breitbart by Joshua Caplan:

"Rep. Ben McAdams (D-UT) conceded Monday to Republican challenger and former Oakland Raiders Super Bowl Champion Burgess Owens in Utah's 4th Congressional District election."

This gives the GOP 12 more seats in the House and they only need a few more to gain control of the House. Keep an eye on this.

BTW, the reason why the left is pressuring conservatives to force Trump to "work with Biden on the transition" is because Trump working on the transition requires Trump to concede the election.

Nice con, huh? I mean, really, if you're are not conceding the election, why would you work for a transition?

Typical lefty con and proof you can't believe anything the lefties say.

Remember that I have been telling you that, if the left is allowed to succeed with this vote rigging, it will mean the end of our republic?

This video flat tells you the same thing. We must beat this coup of our nation or we will no longer have a republic but will have a communist dictatorship. This is very critical.


I got this from Breitbart by Allum Bokhari:

"Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) says he has been approached by a Facebook whistleblower who alleges coordination between Facebook, Google, and Twitter to suppress and censor their platforms."

What, you mean this really is a conspiracy and the lefties really are working together or conspiring to destroy the US Republic?

Surprise, surprise!!!

"But, our lefty leaders is are be too supid to work together to do their eebil so it gots to be a coincidence and not a conspiracy. After all, we lefty voters is are be so supid we keep voting for people we tink is are be too supid to work together to achieve their eebil."

It turns out it really is a lefty commie traitor conspiracy to destroy the US just like we have been telling you for decades.

When are you people going to start listening to us and stop listening to their lies?

BTW, this list of Trump supports by the left is really just a kill list of all of the people they plan to murder after they seize control.

Let's see, I can risk dying fighting or definitely be murdered after they gain control?

By fighting you might die but, with them in control, you will die. Your choice.

Yep, it is just about time to storm the castles, isn't it?

People, if you don't think our globalists/Muslims won't nuke Chicago, just remember that they are the same people who gave us 9/11.

Hey, they plan to murder off 7 billion people anyway so what is a million or two in Chicago? And, if they also murder Muslims, will that matter anymore than when they murdered Muslims with 9/11?

Think about that. These people are subhuman pagan demons who don't care about anyone but themselves.


First, this sudden increase in focus on COVID 19 is to distract people from the ongoing election so that if and when Trump wins, many people will not have been paying attention to the legal processes he is using and the left will be more easily able to sell stupid people on the idea that Trump staged a coup and is not the real president and should be removed and opposed by the "Biden presidency".

It is just another lefty con. In this video Senator Ron Paul, M.D. tells you about how Biden is not listening to the science, meaning it is not about science but about unconstitutional and illegal control and power grabbing.

The left is going much, much further in this crime than before. They are literally imprisoning people in their homes, destroying all but the major corporations, destroying most remaining jobs, impoverishing everyone they can, Fear mongering to control the stupid people, and finishing off the US economy.

Is this because they know Trump will win the election and they are sabotaging our nation to make Trump look bad and make our nation fail?

This is another great sounding stupid idea by the left that is doomed to also fail because the left doesn't understand basic human behavior but believes bull crap psychology dreamed up by their dope smoking lefty shrinks sitting out of touch with reality in their lefty white palaces.

They don't understand the conservatives have not en mass begun to stage a full scale revolution because most conservatives have more to lose than they have to gain by staging that revolution. It is only when they have more to gain than they have to lose that the conservatives will stage a revolution.

Therefore, if the left causes the conservatives to lose enough of what they have by the left destroying businesses, jobs, and the economy, the conservatives will stage their revolution to topple the left and the conservatives will angrily hunt down and kill the lefty leaders.

So, go ahead, stupid lefty leaders, and destroy enough of what most conservatives have to cause those conservatives to finally stage their revolution to topple your satanic butts and send you home to Hell, where you belong.

Do you still think the lefties are more intelligent than you because they stole more than you can earn?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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