I Told You So 373


Boy, are things starting to move fast. I just barely told you that the left is trying to make it look like Trump is the one staging the coup (you know, the commie self projection thingy to make the other guy look like he is the bad guy do the bad thing the commies are really doing) so they can justify staging what they will call "a counter coup" to "get the government back from that traitor Trump."

Look at this video where about 4 minutes into the video Tim shows that they have already started calling what Trump is doing a coup while Trump is just using the legal process laid out by the US Constitution to get due process in order to stop the very obvious rigged election and coup by the left. But, hey, the commies and stupid people will believe that it is Trump staging a coup when it is really their leaders staging a coup. The lefties are kind of stupid that way.

This creates a question. If Trump is failing at all of his attempts at due process the way the left is telling you, why are they wrongfully calling what Trump is doing a coup? I mean, if Trump is losing, wouldn't you just keep showing people the truth about how and why Trump is losing and not tell lies about Trump losing and calling it a coup?

Of course you wouldn't call what Trump is doing a coup. You would just say Trump is losing or failing and wave bye to him as he left the White House.

Also, remember that in an article from Breitbart by John Binder "Executives from Fortune 500 corporations say they are planning to intervene if Democrat Joe Biden is not inaugurated into office by January 20, 2021."

This tells me that the lefties KNOW Trump is probably going to succeed, so the executives are committing extortion and the media and the rest are doing what the military would call psychological warfare to prepare the battle field to get as many people on their side as possible before the left stages their coup to make Trump look like the bad guy and them look like the good guys so more people will support the left's coup while believing it is the left staging a "counter coup" to get the government back.

Get the picture? Still don't believe that the left is covering up Trump's potential success?

Watch this video showing that the lefty media are lying about Trump's chances so that, when Trump wins, the lying lefty media can fool their stupid people into believing Trump has staged a coup and they need to support the left's fifth column government in staging "a counter coup", which will be the actual coup. What these attorneys are saying sounds NOTHING like what the lefty media are saying.

Then I found this video that is probably talking about what it sounds like Sidney Powell will be proving in court. If this is true, almost the entire election has been compromised and is invalid. This will require that the election be settled by a vote by state representatives in the House, which Trump will probably win. Remember that Sidney Powell said that Trump won by a landslide and she will prove it in court, which will definitely give Trump the election.

Remember that I told you that, after Trump wins, the deep state will leave the US Government to form a government for Biden to stage a coup of the US Government and put Biden in power?

After I wrote that, God said, "Hey, stupid, what about this?" And stupid listened.

Biden is already hiring the upper level members of the deep state as shown in this video,which focuses on just one such deep stater but there are others they are already hiring who will soon start hiring other members of the deep state so the deep state is ALREADY leaving the US Government to form their fifth column government to stage a coup and are already organizing. This will quickly accelerate as the hiring gets further down from the top because each manager down will hire more and more people. They will start by hiring dozens and then hundreds and then thousands and then tens of thousands of deep staters from the US Government into their fifth column government. Keep an eye on this because what I told you will happen is already happening and will get worse.

Note, in that video, he mentioned one case of doctors illegally taking kickbacks from drug companies for drug prescriptions like I told you about earlier. Not all doctors are good guys because doctors are all human and there are good and bad humans so there are good and bad doctors.

This coup is blatantly and openly going on in front of our faces and I am amazed that many people don't even realize it. Talk about sleep walking over a cliff.

Remember that I told you that the lefties are trying to make it look like it is Trump staging the coup so people will think the lefty coup is really a counter coup to put "President Biden" in office and remove the "traitor Trump", while the left is forming a fifth column government to stage that coup?

This video tells us that it is now the left screaming that Trump is forming a "shadow government" or fifth column government to stage a coup when it is really the left who are right now using the deep state to form the fifth column government, just like I have been telling you.

Also, remember that I have been telling you that the left is determined to cause it to happen that there will be 2 presidents ruling over 2 separated Americas, one blue and the other red, you know, just like the Democratic Party divided the nation before the US Civil War?

In that same video, Tim points out that this is very likely to happen, which is why Biden is already forming his fifth column government and raising funds via crowd funding. Here is a video of Comrade Biden introducing his fifth column commie government. These people are probably already recruiting others from the deep state in the US Government for the commie fifth column government.

Here is Ben Shapiro saying pretty much the same thing. Note that, in this video, Giuliani talked about one of those corrupt lefty judges I have been telling you about and they are a big part of our problem.

So, where do you think Comrade Biden will place his commie headquarters for his fifth column government to stage its coup?

Remember that I have been telling you that God is using all of this to also open people's eyes to how evil the lefties are?

There have now been at least 3 cases of the left threatening conservatives if Biden doesn't win this election. They threatened two Republicans if they did not validate the rigged votes for a state, then the big administrators for major corporations threatened us all if Biden doesn't win, and they are threatening the GSA for not starting the transition process for Biden to make it look like Trump is conceding so Trump is permitting the GSA to begin the transition process while not conceding and still fighting the rigged election.

Then I saw this video where Giuliani says that they have trouble getting lawyers because all of their lawyers are being threatened to be killed proving that the lefties are behaving just like Hitler's Nazis. Hey, if you can't win it with vote rigging, win it with extortion.

Then I saw this video of Antifa threatening every conservative in the US with violence, if Trump doesn't concede by a given deadline. This is open extortion and fear mongering to get Trump's supporters to put pressure on Trump to concede.

If Trump is losing, why would Antifa threaten conservatives if Trump doesn't concede? If they really believe Biden is going to win this election, wouldn't they just quietly wait until everything is done and cheer Biden moving into the White House? Sounds to me that they know Trump will win, if he continues, doesn't it sound like it to you?

BTW, the militias Turley is talking about are probably mostly organized and working with the US Military to provide security against the increasingly violent left for protesters and others. I told you this war would keep escalating and it is.

People, evil people who will commit extortion to win an election will also commit voter fraud. You don't commit either if you won the election fairly.

It turns out that probably the biggest reason for this action by the GSA is that the head of the GSA was being threatened by lefties for not beginning the transition so it was done under duress, which means it is not legally binding. The law clearly states that any contract or agreement done under duress is not legally binding. Basically, she was scared and covering her butt and this is more extortion by the left showing how evil the left is.

The reason the lefties threatened her into beginning the process was to make it look even more like Biden is already officially the president so that, when Trump wins in the courts, the left can scream that Trump staged a coup.

Get it straight, the GSA cannot confirm this election.

It gets more obvious every day how violent and evil the lefties are and that the lefties are the true Nazis. The longer this thing drags on, the more evil the lefties are showing they really are.

Gee, I wonder why God is permitting this election to drag on. You don't think it is so everyone can see just how evil the left really is, do you? Do you believe me yet that the lefties are evil demons, spawn of Satan, and human demons? Do you believe me yet that you better turn from your sins, pray long, pray hard, pray often, call on God's name for help, and lock and load? Do you believe me yet that you better secure your red zones?

Remember, man plans, God laughs. When everything else is said and done, the evil lefties still have to deal with God.

One of my concerns in this reaching the US Supreme Court is that Justice Roberts has proven unreliable and could be on the take. Keep an eye on this.

This coup by the left is already failing because the lefties are already waging a "civil war", power struggle, or coup within their own organization to be in control of that power before they even get that power, which is really stupid but what do you expect from power mad whackos, intelligence?

The power mad idiots are already tearing their own organization apart while using that organization to stage a coup of the US Government and that can't succeed, especially with 3 different factions all fighting each other from within, the white commies, the white socialists, and the black Muslims.

Years before this infighting ever began, God showed me in some dreams that Obama, Farrakhan and their black Muslims will win this civil war by killing all of those racist whitey commie and socialist leaders with a nuke.

Remember that God showed me that the formal ball in the Sears Tower will be for white upper class, you know, the white racist commie and socialist leaders?

That tells me that Obama, Farrakhan, and the other black leaders will show up late and miss getting nuked while the lefty upper class trash commies and socialists and their deep staters will get a really bad tan. Then Obama and Farrakhan will just replace all of them with their already existing Nation of Islam government, which will cause the white commies and socialists thugs and activists to be subservient to the black Muslims just like God showed me.

So the lefties are telling us with their actions that Trump is winning this election and they will soon finish forming their commie fifth column government (by the end of January 2020), Obama will win their civil war or power struggle in a really big way to take control of the Commierat Party, and then he and Farrakhan will go to invade Israel so Obama can prove he is the Muslim Mahdi so he can return to the US with a few hundred million Muslims to overwhelm the 30 to 40+ million armed troops the US Military will be able to quickly put together but we will get to see the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 put an end to that crap just before we begin our war to get our nation back from the remaining Commierat traitors.

Note that I just want to get this crap over so this insanity will stop...for a while.

Remember, this is where you get tomorrow's news today and it didn't take long for them to prove me right about them calling what Trump is doing a coup. It was so fast it even surprised me.

Great Reset

People are not getting the real meaning of this "Great Reset" thingy.

What the upper class trash are doing is "resetting" things back to when they, the royals, ruled everything and everyone, with us being their slaves. That is what the reset really means. The royals want their planet back with them once again in charge and us once again their slaves. The upper class trash want to reset us back to that.


It blows my mind that the lefties keep putting Trump down for golfing while these court cases are going on.

What? Do these liars think, Trump is supposed to be in court with every case in spite of the fact he has hired top legal teams to do that work for him? Do these liars not understand what goes on when people like Trump golf?

Listen, when Trump is golfing, he is talking big business with the people he is golfing with in a relaxed environment. Some of the biggest deals in the world have been made on golf courses.

These liars don't know that?

These liars will say ANYTHING to make Trump look bad. Notice that they don't tell you who Trump is golfing with because you might figure out that Trump isn't just goofing around and is actually doing bigger business than any of them will ever do.


Conspiracy Definition: 1) A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. 2) The action of plotting or conspiring.

Basically, a conspiracy is when two or more people work together to achieve a common goal.

I can't believe that even most intelligent people have been brainwashed and intimidated into believing there are no conspiracies when so many conspiracies are so obvious.

"Nah, der ain't no conspiracies, dem peoples all just are doing duh same ting at duh same time in the duh same place, dat is all. Nobody works together or conspires to do anyting."

Really? What do you think this globalism is all about? Do you think all of those upper class trash are all working to coincidentally create a global dictatorship at the same time without working together?

No, that is obviously a conspiracy because they are all working together or conspiring to set up one global dictatorship, not many little individual global dictatorships. Everything the left does is a conspiracy. They conspired or worked together to get rid of Trump with the Russia thingy, Mueller investigation, the fake impeachment thingy, and everything else. They all conspired or worked together to start and manage this COVID 19 thing, the lockdowns, the mandatory masks, the required social distancing.

And there are no conspiracies? Really?

These and everything else the lefties have done are conspiracies but the left has bullied and intimidated almost everyone (not me) into being afraid to call their conspiracies what they are, conspiracies, you know, where they conspired or worked together to do evil. Yes, the evil lefties really do stage conspiracies and they are never good. Grow up and deal with it. The upper class trash have been conspiring or working together for evil for thousands of years and they are still doing it.

Election Update

This video shows you what is really going on and it is the opposite of what the lefty commie traitor media tell you. This is informative and helpful. Things are still moving forward and Trump still has a chance.

This is another video that adds more information and paints the opposite picture to what the left is telling.

Then I found this video, which also tells a very different story than the lying lefty media and this video shows that there is another team working on a different angle that we should hear more about in a few days.

Gee, you don't think the left is lying their butts off do you?

One thing this confirms that I have been telling you for years, which is believe nothing the lefty media tell you without question.

Here is a very good video telling the basics as to how the left rigged and stole this election and, if we let them get away with this, there will never be another fair election.

People, it is getting clearer by the day that the left is trying to setup a fifth column coup.

This is a good video providing an update. Turley does an excellent job of providing detailed information as to what is going on several times a day.

Note that he also tells you what I have told you about not believing anything the MSM tell you, unless you just love believing lies.

Practicing Medicine without a Medical License

Think about this. Do you really believe that anyone being elected to a political position provides that person with the knowledge and authority to practice medicine by forcing people to do anything of a medical nature?

Hey, why bother spending 12 years in college to learn what you need to know to be a doctor and practice medicine? Just get elected to a political office, spend a couple of hours talking to a doctor, and you can order people to do things of a medical nature too.

Go see your own doctor? "Oh no, we don't want you to see your own doctor, we want you to blindly believe what we tell you and obey," you know, "do as you are told."

Does that sound sane or rational?

The politicians can aid doctors but they cannot play doctors.

I have been noticing that there are a number of quack doctors prostituting their license to practice medicine by giving bad medical advice to lefty media to help promote their lefty agenda, you know, intentionally committing malpractice by intentionally giving bad medical advice for political reasons and/or money.

When I studied science, we used to call these hacks "academic whores" because they prostitute their degrees by saying whatever you pay them to say. This fraud has to stop and should be criminal.

Speaking of science, here is a video providing very important information concerning COVID 19 that confirms what I have been telling you. Remember that I have been telling you that you cannot believe or trust the lefty media.

Here is a story about 35,000 doctors standing up against the "medical practices" of corrupt, power mad politicians who have no qualifications for practicing medicine. The doctors are trying to stop these medical practices because the medical practices by our politicians are really bad and don't work. Surprise, surprise.

But, hey, dem smarty pants politicians knoze more dan dem well educated doctors.

They just keep proving me right. My science is good science.


Remember that I have been telling you that big corporations are having their products made overseas to increase their profits by using slavery?

This video shows quite a bit about this evil practice. Note that he keeps talking about the big corporations fighting so they can continue using slavery to increase their profits.

These are the same businesses who want to set up their global dictatorship so they can start using you as their slaves.

Maybe we should sell these greedy, evil people to China to be slaves?

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

He also points out that these big corporations are being really stupid by pointing out that, when China reverse engineers those businesses' electronics devices, China won't need those companies anymore and those companies will be permanently put out of business.

And you think these fools are more intelligent than you because they have more money than you? Really?

They are so stupid they can't even see the obvious.

But, hey, they are making a killing now so who cares about making money in the future?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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