I Told You So 374

Corrupt Government

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties and RINOs have turned our government into a money laundering racket to launder money into their and their friends pockets?

After this latest COVID 19 "relief bill", do you believe me yet? If not, what is it going to take?

Listen, they all divided up almost all of 2.4 trillion of your tax dollars and gave you a great big whopping $600 of your money back. Gee, what a deal!!!

Are you stupid enough to still believe they actually care about you? Do you believe me yet that the only thing they care about is themselves and their bank accounts?

You didn't even get $1,200 this time. They are so greedy that they couldn't even let you have $1,200 of your own money. What a joke, a really, really bad joke on you. If you still believe their lies about them caring for you or anyone else, you are an idiot. They just told you in the biggest way possible that they don't care about you.

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash have turned our government into a money laundering racket, laundering your tax dollars into their pockets? What do you think about this COVID 19 "relief bill"?

The upper class trash just gave almost $2 billion of your tax dollars to other nations in "foreign aid", you know, for a "good cause", while increasing numbers of you are losing everything you have. One thing you people have to learn is that the upper class trash NEVER have good intentions no matter what they say. Their intentions ALWAYS are to enrich and empower themselves at your expense. Quit giving them the benefit of the doubt and believing their lies.

This foreign aid stuff is necessary during a war to help weaker nations fight against enemies but the only reason a nation needs foreign aid during peace is when they have a huge natural disaster or they are corrupt, which being corrupt is better than 95% of the time.

Almost all of these nations we are giving foreign aid to have weak economies because their governments are corrupt and giving them foreign aid just encourages them to be more corrupt so they can get more foreign aid to stuff in their greedy pockets.

The Bidens showed us the real reason these upper class trash and their political whores are giving trillions of dollars of your tax money in foreign aid to other nations is because those nations give the upper class trash kickbacks the upper class trash use to launder your money into their pockets, you know, just like the Bidens got kickbacks from Ukraine and China for the billions of your tax dollars the Bidens gave to those nations and the Bidens were not the only ones who got millions to more than a billion dollars in kickbacks from just those two nations. All of the other top politicians in Congress, the top bureaucrats in government, and others got kickbacks also.

People, when these criminals give your tax dollars to other nations for kickbacks, they are sacking your nation, eroding its economy and military strength, and making it easier for other nations to surpass the US militarily in strength and conquer and finish sacking our nation. Unnecessarily giving money to other nations is a threat to US national security and is an act of treason.

Think about it, these same criminals moan and groan about giving $700 billion to the US Military for weapons development and maintenance of troops but turn right around and give nations that are our enemies like China $2 trillion in free money for kickbacks? Wouldn't it be better to give that $2 trillion to our military to strengthen it and keep our enemies like China weaker?

Do you still believe that we should send them all to prison or a gallows and return everything they have stolen to you, the people?

Almost all of what they own or control, they stole from you AND they have you locked down so you are losing the rest of what you have and will end up in poverty. If you take back everything they stole from you, it will pay off our national debt, in part because most of that national debt is owed to them, and give you money to fix most of your problems.

Shouldn't they get locked down in prison and be the ones who end up in poverty?

If someone steals your car from you, they arrest the car thief and give your car back to you.

Shouldn't they also arrest these thieves who have stolen all of this money from you and give that money back to you?

And God said, "Do unto others what you want others to do unto you."

Maybe it is about time for others to do unto them what they have been doing unto you?

They are just pirates, bandits, slavers, and thieves...and murderers...pretending to care about others.

So how much longer are they going to keep you locked down in poverty and fear so they can steal more from you next time?

It ain't about a virus, it is about stealing everything from you and stuffing it in their pockets. It is about impoverishing, oppressing, enslaving, and murdering you and your family. It's a con, a racket and you are their eternal mark. They are not going to quit until you make them quit. Hey, they are on a power and wealth roll, they ain't going to quit now.

Then there is Swalwell. After helping the Chicom gather intel on the US Military, I wonder what his offshore bank account looks like. You can bet it ain't empty. People, the Chicom spies didn't keep working with Swalwell for all of those years because he wasn't giving them intel.

One thing about this lockdown crap, there won't be any competition and it will be wide open for me to use the money God will give me to start up any business I want to create jobs for you. I bet that opened an eye ball or two.

Man plans, God laughs.

Remember that I told you that we could easily run this nation and the church on just a flat 10% income tax like the Bible says?

People, if we do away with these billions and trillions of dollars in corruption in both our government and our church, you could easily run this nation and the church on just 10% of all, including the rich, of our incomes combined.

But the problem with that is that the tax system would be so simple and transparent that the rich would not be able to hide their income from taxes and they would not be able to hide the many different taxes they use to steal from you so the upper class trash would lose money while you save money so you know that no democracy or republic will ever put that into law. It will take a Christian theocracy to clean up our tax system that much.

The upper class trash depend on the complexity they have created in our tax system to create enough confusion that most people can't see through it to see who is and is not paying taxes and how much everyone is paying so the upper class trash can protect themselves while screwing you.

Don't believe me?

Go to college and get an MBA to be trained in using that tax system. That will be a real eye opener. Get it straight, ALL OF YOU spend at least 50% to 80% of your incomes on a myriad of taxes with the rich upper class trash not even spending 1% because of their tax shelters.

Remember when the Clintons paid less than $500 thousand in taxes the year they brought in more than $200 million in revenues?

People, that is a tax rate of less than one quarter of one percent and they are all doing it. Hey, that sounds fair to me.

Are you ready yet for a Biblical flat 10% income tax as the ONLY tax you pay?

You will have to first clean up your corrupt government and hang the worst of them before you can do that. Your corrupt leaders will have to stop giving billions to trillions of dollars "in foreign aid" to other nations for kickbacks, you know, sacking your nation.

People, just look at the blatantly obvious corruption and they just keep getting more and more obvious about it because they don't think you will ever get mad enough to stand up to them and take your nation back. They just stole $2.4 trillion in one heist and you can bet they are already planning the next heist for even more because greedy people can never have enough wealth. They will keep terrifying you with their lies about COVID 19 to continue to justify their lockdowns so they can continue to justify their "COVID relief" heists so they can steal more from more people faster.

How much will the next heist be for, $3, $4, $5 trillion or more? And what will you get, $300? How long are you going to put up with this crap?

Hey, it is a great racket so steal all you can while you can. They have turned this into a financial feeding frenzy and are not even trying to hide their corruption any more. They don't care anymore if you know how corrupt they are because they have completely rigged the election process. They don't need any votes any more, they can print all of the election ballots with their names on them they need. The Republic is dead, baby! They don't have to answer to you and, in a republic, the leaders must answer to the people.

"Who needs your votes, baby? Just print up a truck load of ballots and we win!"

People, the upper class trash and government officials CANNOT be above the law. They MUST live by the same laws you and I have to live by. If they commit a crime, they MUST do the time.

Judicial System

Remember that I have been telling you that our judicial system is so broken that the upper class trash are above the same laws they force on us?

This video is just one piece of evidence as to how bad the system is broken.

Do you believe me yet that you are going to have to remove bad judges and DAs before you can get your nation back? Do you understand why all of these upper class trash traitors must be tried in military courts until the house is clean? Do you understand why I have been telling you that, when this war escalates to full killing mode that you can't arrest any of the upper class trash or their puppets and must just shoot them on sight (SOS)?

If you arrest them, their corrupt pals will just turn them loose and you can't turn dead people loose. If they do get prosecuted and sent to prison, their pals will just turn them loose on you again. They ain't getting out of the grave yard any time soon.


Remember that I have been telling you that, as long as people have too much to lose, they will not revolt but, when they have more to gain than to lose, the people will revolt?

About 300 armed people staged protests for about 4 hours at the state capitol in Oregon. Some of those people proclaimed that the upper class trash is ruining their lives and they have nothing left to lose. Gee, what a coincidence.

As more people lose more of what they have, you will see increasing protests and it will only be a matter of time until the revolution goes full blown with bad cops and upper class trash being killed and the upper class trash are too greedy, power mad, and stupid to figure this out.

This war is already taking place and is rapidly escalating as the oppression and poverty are rapidly escalating.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, lock and load, and secure your red zones.

Here is a video which explains some of the problems these corrupt politicians are causing with their unconstitutional and illegal mandates. He also says that this will continue until the people stand up and stop it.

It is also interesting that he points out that many of the leaders in this revolt are small business owners who have lost everything. As more of them lose everything, more of them will have nothing to lose by staging a revolution against this tyranny.


Remember that I told you that dark matter does not exist and God showed me what accounts for most (better than 90%) of our background gravity in the cosmos?

Well, they have been having trouble with the theory of dark matter being disproved again and again so they just came up with another theory to disprove sometime in the future, like all of the other theories they have disproved over hundreds of years. Note that they said that dark matter MAY not exist. That is so that, if this new theory fails soon, they can run back to the already failed dark matter theory until someone can dream up something else.

Basically, they don't know so they just keep making up guesses or fairy tales called theories and disproving them. I guess it gives them something to do and argue about.

God told us where that background gravity is coming from and I told you years ago. Our cosmos is surrounded by a massive rotating ring of water that makes up 90% of the matter in our cosmos and that is causing the background gravity they can't explain. I keep waiting for one of their telescopes to find that ring of water. They have not yet found the outer edge of the cosmos but they are getting closer and then, boy, will they get a surprise.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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