I Told You So 375


Remember that I have been warning you military and cops that, when they are through using you to enforce their dictatorship on the people, the lefties will toss your butts under the commie bus?

I guess they are finished with the National Guard in DC because the lefties just ran them out of the Congressional building into a garage with two port-a-potties for 5,000 troops, while expecting the soldiers to continue to protect them.

That didn't take long, did it?

People, it is just a matter of time and time is quickly running out before these lefties, who feel they no longer need the military, will also purge the military and the military stupid lefty commie traitor leaders are too stupid to figure that out.

If the conservatives remaining in the military wake up soon enough, they will be forced to retreat to WSMR to regroup, reorganize, and start fighting back to take back the nation before they find themselves relieved of duty and on their way (with their families) to commie "reeducation" death camps.

As you will see below, the commies have already started their purge like all commie dictatorships in history and it is happening fast. The conservatives in the military don't have much time to pull their heads out of their butts and make the right moves.

That is not just the military but also includes others like law enforcement, you know, the FBI.

Next Election

It is blowing my mind, watching these conservatives who think they will win the next election. They didn't learn a thing from what just happened.

Listen, the left just got away with a very obvious and blatant rigging of the election and treason by successfully committing a coup to seize control of our government.

What do you think, that they will not rig the next election even more to get rid of more Republicans to give themselves more power? Really? Please explain to me just exactly how are you going to win an even more rigged election when you couldn't win this rigged election? Do you foolishly think that the same traitor politicians, judges, law enforcement, media, and military who openly sold you out for this rigged election won't sell you out for the next even more rigged election? So, what, you think you will just say "purdy please" next time and these power mad whackos will let you have your nation back? Just how stupid are these people?

Get a clue, now being able to get away with completely rigged elections, the left has their dictatorship in force and you think they will just give your nation back to you? Do you think there will EVER be another valid election?

What are these people smoking? What planet do they live on?

They need to get in touch with reality and reality says that the left successfully staged a coup so they have complete control of the nation so the Constitution and Republic are now both dead. THERE IS NO REPUBLIC LEFT, I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU WANT TO BELIEVE!!!! Reality also says that the only way the people will get their nation back is by winning a bloody war against the traitors. The lefties are not going to peacefully give you back control of your nation! Deal with it!

People, all of these aggressive moves being made by the left right now to get rid of all Republicans and conservative voters are called "consolidation of power", meaning, they are putting the final touches on their dictatorship to make it last forever so they will never lose power and control ever again. Yes, there is a name for what the left is now doing.

I am wondering whether we will have to endure two years of this commie tyranny and go through an even more rigged election for those people to wake up and realize that the left just destroyed the US Constitution and the Republic of the US is now dead? Are they that slow witted or is it just blind wishful thinking on their part keeping them from admitting the ugly truth?

That could be too late, people.

I am praying that, the way things are quickly deteriorating, hopefully enough people will realize the Republic is dead and this is now the United Soviet States of America before it is too late. If we can't save the nation, we need to save the people so we can build a new nation.

Please wakeup, people.

The Purge

Remember that I told you years ago that, when the lefty upper class trash have their dictatorship in place and don't need the lefty peasants and activists any more, they will purge them?

This video shows they are already doing this and Tim has not yet realized what is really going on. Also note that Twitter is now shutting down Antifa sites that it had refused to shut down before. They are also breaking up Antifa's ability to organize in fighting the civil war within the Commierat Party.

History teaches that ALL successful dictatorships ALWAYS purge better than 90% and as much as 100% of the people who helped that dictator get into power and, guess what, they are already doing that now. Antifa is going under ye ole commie bus right now!


Because, with the rigged elections, they don't need the lefty activists, propagandists, and others who helped them gain that power. With the elections now being completely rigged, the upper class trash don't need ANY of the lefties who helped them get into power. If they even have anymore elections at all, all they have to do is bring in phony pre printed ballots. The thing is that, as rigged as the last election was and with the next election being even more rigged, they won't even have to count ballots, all they will have to do is claim they counted ballots, you know, like their fake and inflated COVID 19 infections and deaths.

I can just hear the whining lefty activists, "But, dey said we were going to share in the power and get free stuff."

You know, the stupid lefties believed the upper class trash lies while helping the upper class trash lie to everyone else. People, if they will lie to anyone else, they will lie to you too and it is now obvious the upper class trash lied to their fool activists and propagandists.

The commie purge is already started and growing quickly, just like I told you years ago.

That didn't take long, did it? Believe me yet?

Listen, I have been telling you for years that the upper class trash commies use people to get their power and then throw those people away to protect their power. So, all of you lefties who refused to believe because the lefty lies sounded so wonderful, enjoy your commie bus ride to your commie "reeducation" death camps. Hey, it will be your last bus ride, fools.


Secondary Education

Remember that I have been telling you that one of the biggest causes for our current problems is our educational system being taken over by lefty commie traitors?

Watch this video and see what getting one of the right degrees from one of the right universities is doing to our future leaders. These upper class trash universities are turning their students into stupid commie globalists who hate the US.

You still think our educational system is not a very big part of the problem? They are the main cause of our current problems right now.


Remember that I told you before Trump took over that no person could resolve our problems and then, after Trump had finally been beat by the traitors, the traitors would undo everything Trump had done within days by just issuing executive orders?

This video shows them telling you the same thing.

Do you believe me yet that you cannot stop these evil beasts peacefully?

They have already reversed everything Trump did and are doing much worse. It is going to require the hand of God and take a bloody revolution because death is all that can stop these criminals.

I wrote the following in an e-mail to Mark and decided to share it with you too:

"I agree about impeaching Biden making it worse but I think that was their plan from the start. It is pretty clear that they do not plan for Biden to be president for a full 4 years. I think they plan for him to only be president for one year or less before Kruella replaces him, maybe as little as a month.

If the left helps impeach Biden and removing him, after promising him a pardon by Kruella, which was probably also planned, it will make them look like they are not partisan and make it easier for them to impeach GOP presidents in the future. There may even be a deal in the making that the left will support impeaching Biden if the GOP supports impeaching Trump so Trump can't run again in 2024 because the left and much of the GOP are terrified of Trump.

I have been watching and I am certain that the left has some evil plan for Biden and Kruella. I am trying to figure out what it is and, if you have any ideas, let me know, but, then again, God may soon let me know like He has about so many other things.

I love the Hebrew saying, 'Man plans, God laughs' and that is what is going on now. God is clearly permitting the left to get what they want long enough to chase more people to the right by opening their eyes to the ugly truth about the left. They have been saying that increasing numbers have been fleeing to the right, which is why the left so blatantly rigged this last election, showing their true colors and that the majority of the GOP are in bed with the left. So many people have fled the left that the left simply could not have won without severely rigging this last election.

I don't remember where I saw it but they said that Bible sales have doubled or tripled in the last few years, especially last year. We turned our backs on God and He is driving us back to Him in droves and this will continue until God has gotten everyone He wants back in the fold then all Heaven will break loose on this planet.

I see God working towards fulfilling the prophesies He gave me but I can't see the exact road He is using."

That should open an eye or two.

They are forcing you to fight a war to stop them. The lefty upper class trash are only leaving you 2 choices, 1) fight them in a bloody war again or 2) submit to their rule as their slaves with almost all of us being murdered by them anyway, which they are now showing is their plan with them now calling for "getting rid" of anyone who voted for Trump. The left is telling you, it is fight or die because, if you don't fight, they will murder you.

People, it should only be common sense that, if the left is going to butcher the global population down to less than 500 million people globally, they are not going to leave 320 million people left alive in just the US. They will have to murder more than 250 million people in the US alone. Think about that.

Dividing the US

Remember that I told you years ago that God is opening people's eyes as to the evil the left is doing so people will make an informed decision or choice as to which side of God's line they want to be on, God's side or Satan's side?

People keep talking about the nation being divided and wanting it to be united.

Listen, God causing everyone to choose which side of God's line they will be on is God dividing this nation between good and evil. It should only be common sense that people choosing one of two sides WILL NOT unite a nation but will divide a nation so it is futile for you to try to unite this nation, when God is dividing this nation to separate out the good from the evil so He can get rid of most of the evil people and use the good people to build a new nation.

God did this several times before in the history of our nation to create our nation and to make it better. The first time is when the people chose between creating a Constitutional Republic and remaining servants to the British Royal Family.

The second time was when God caused us to choose between the Union and Confederacy to free the slaves.

God is now making us chose again between good and evil to stop the Euro-American global dictatorship and cause us to build a new nation, I am not certain whether a republic or a Christian theocracy. God is letting the left cause us to make this choice because the left is trying to force everyone to choose evil so they can set up their global dictatorship and murder more than 7 billion people, including almost all of us. Once again, God is using Satan's plans to defeat Satan's plans.

Get it straight that no one is going to unite this nation because God is dividing this nation for a number of reasons, one is because we turned out backs on God for our sins and must be punished by losing our current republic, another is because the royals were seizing control to set up their global dictatorship and commit genocide globally by murdering more than 7 billion people, and to prepare this planet for the soon coming Tribulation.

Note that the first two times this has happened in the history of this nation forced us to fight each other in very bloody wars and it will also happen this time because the left is forcing us to either fight or submit to their evil rule, under which, you will all either be made their slaves or die, with most being murdered by the left anyway.

Once again, we are going to have to fight a very bloody war on our soil because of Satan and his spawn's evil plans.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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