God told me it is time to teach you why the upper class trash are teaching you stupid commies to hate math and to believe that math is racist. The rest of you also need to pay attention to this.

The short answer is because they don't want you to do or listen to the math about who the upper class trash royals plan to murder with their "depopulation of their planet" because you will quickly find out that they are lying to you stupid commies and I am going to prove it.

All of you stupid lefties out there have been taught to believe it "kain't be yuze cuz yuze is are be a good widdel commie." Hey, let's find out, let's do the math, you know I love math. We are going to do this analysis based on THEIR publically stated goals of leaving a MAXIMUM of 500 million and 250 million people on the planet alive and their current actions.

We also know that even some of the stupid people recently found out the upper class trash royals are racist but we will take a look at that in a little bit to better understand what that means.

First, let's look at the global populations as of 2020, you know, just last year.




Latin America and the Caribbean

Northern America (US & Canada)


Wow, that is really interesting. It kind of tells you right off who they are mostly likely to murder with their global genocide. Let's see, they are clearly going have to murder everyone in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Oceania. All of you people are toast, especially your stupid leaders.

Even with just the people in Europe and North America (US and Canada) that is more than 1.1 billion people, which is anywhere from more than twice 500 million to more than 4 times 250 million people so, even if you live in North America and Europe, at least half of you to more than three fourths of you are planned for genocide by ye ole royals, you know, ye ole mass graves thingy.

Oh gee, now I understand why the upper class trash royals are teaching you stupid people to believe math is racist because it will open you stupid widdle eyes to the truth and they don't want you stupid people to know the truth.

And you think they are not the genocidal Nazis like I have been telling you they are? Really?

But it gets better and they are telling you that it gets better but most of you are not really listening to what they are telling you. You just might want to pay attention.

Remember that they recently started telling you that "everyone will own nothing and you will be happy" or else? What are they telling you?

They are telling you that everyone they plan to leave alive except for themselves, you know, the upper class trash royals, are going to be impoverished slaves and be happy to just be alive or you will soon be dead. The upper class trash royals are telling you that they, the upper class trash royals, are going to own everything and be even happier than you. How nice of them to want to impoverish and enslave you so they can live lives of luxury on your hard working slave backs.

But it gets better because we now have to ask, "if you were them wanting to murder all but a handful of people who will be happy to just be alive while being impoverished slaves, who would you keep alive?"

To understand that, you have to understand human nature and psychology. No human can go from having any half way decent wealth to living in poverty and be even remotely happy about it.

Just look at all of these spoiled rich escapists who want to run off in the woods to "live off grid" and hide. They are all planning and figuring out how they can take as much of their lives of luxury with them as possible because they ain't willing to give up everything to be able to hide from the evil upper class trash and stay alive. Even these people are not going to be happy with nothing.

The only people who could live in poverty, you know, own nothing, and be happy to just be alive, are people who are coming from poverty and are, therefore, use to living in poverty. That won't be any big change for them and we humans cannot be happy with negative changes.

All of white people who are living relative lives of luxury with nice homes, cars, toys, and going on nice vacations; you are ALL scheduled for genocide in the upper class trash royal reeducation death camps, you know, where they have your mass graves waiting for you. None of you spoiled rich commie brats in the US, Canada, or Europe are planned to be kept alive, not one of you because you won't be able to live lives as impoverished slaves and be happy and the royals know it and they just told you that, for you to be kept alive, you MUST be happy as an impoverished slave.

Gee, you think that is why they keep forcing you to let them bring in all of these impoverished illegal aliens from third world nations to replace you, you know, for them to be their impoverished slaves and not you? Oh, think not?

"Oh no, I is are be a loyal, faithful, brainwashed commie, dey ain't going to stuff my commie butt under ye ole commie bus, dey said so, while lying to the rest of you too."

Really? Then maybe you can explain why the royals are right now stuffing the most loyal, the most faithful, the most obedient, the most active commie traitors butts under ye ole commie bus, you know, Antifa?

If the upper class trash royals will stuff the Antifa loyal, faithful, obedient commie butts under ye ole commie bus, they will stuff all of the rest of you commie traitors under ye ole commie bus because they don't need any of you anymore because they have their dictatorship established and all of you spoiled rich commie brats have been taught to be violent to help them gain complete control and they are not going to want violent slaves who will rise up against them in the future. Heck no, you are one of the biggest threats there is to them because they taught you to be violent revolutionaries.

Basic human nature should tell you that the royals plan to kill everyone in North America and Europe and bring in obedient impoverished people from third world nations to be their obedient, impoverished slaves. They are already doing that right now, people. Wakeup, open your eyes.

Those impoverished third world people they are right now bringing into your countries to replace you will be their impoverished slaves. The royals KNOW that you are not going to go from living in nice homes with nice cars and nice toys while going on nice vacations to living as impoverished slaves without a fight that could topple their dictatorship.

"But, I taught dey is racists so why would dey keeps alive slaves dat ain't white?"

Yeah, they are racist, about who will be in the ruling class and will share power but not about who will be their slaves and inferior human live stock. Hey, the upper class trash are going to keep cows, pigs, chickens and other live stock too.

So all of you law enforcement, including the FBI, military, educators, journalists, propagandists, middle class, other upper class, and others they are currently USING, you are all scheduled for genocidal termination into one of their commie mass graves. If you are not a royal, you are not one of them. Deal with it.

But it gets better because not even all of the royals are protected from ye ole commie bus ride.

Think not?

Then why are the royals, you know, prince William, prince Phillip, and prince Harry, right now trying to stuff ye ole Queen of England's butt under ye ole royal commie bus and she is fighting really hard to not have to take that bus ride?

Hey, it should be common sense that, if they will stuff ye ole Queen's butt under ye ole commie bus, they will stuff ANYONE'S butt under ye ole commie bus. Oops, that makes all of you vulnerable to getting ye ole commie bus ride.

God said, "Do unto others what you would have others do unto you" and ye ole Queen is getting her doings.

People, the royals are making all of these moves right now and even telling you what their plans are and most of you just don't get it because you don't pay attention, which is why God sent me to open your eyes to what is going on. Oh, they are still using some of you right now, until they don't need you anymore, and then your butts go right under ye ole commie bus too, you know, like those lefty commie traitors in the Pentagon who just sold out their people for the upper class trash.

Yep, that kind of explains why my predictions rates are so very good. God has taught me a lot and is still teaching me more so I keep writing more.

People, the math teaches that it should be blatantly obvious that the only people these upper class trash royals plan to leave alive "to save their planet", you know, from grungy widdle you, will be a select few of the royals and their impoverished third world slaves. The rest of you will get murdered with their global genocide because they are the real Nazis and you are just the lowly peasants, you know, disposable, inferior live stock to do with as they please and have been for thousands of years. Nothing has changed in their evil minds.

Now do you understand why the upper class trash royals are teaching you stupid lefties to hate math and call math racist?

They hate the truth so they hate math.

People, all of this is going on right now as their next move will be to finish setting up their global dictatorship and they have been telling you what their plans are for decades. They have been conducting their global genocide for decades with their many wars so they are already working to depopulate their planet of you lowly peasants. Pay attention, please.

People, based on their current rate of activity, you don't have long because they don't plan to take 10 more years to finish setting up their global dictatorship and murdering off everyone they don't want to share their planet with, you know, like Christians.

Believe me yet that it is now fight or die time for all of you?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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