I Told You So 376


Remember that I told you the lefties are going to try to quickly get rid of the US Military, especially the patriots?

That didn't take long.

I got this from Newsmax by Solange Reyner:

"The siege of the U.S. Capitol has created a new urgency for lawmakers and the Pentagon to root out white nationalism and right-wing activism in the U.S. military."

The "White Nationalism" and "right-wing activism" are just lefty speak for all patriots or good guys. They only want to keep the lefty traitors who will obey any and every order in the US Military.

Someone better pull their heads out of their butts really soon before it is too late because the lefty commie traitors are RIGHT NOW trying to shove the US Military under ye ole commie bus.

Hello, out there. Do any of you good, patriotic officers have your heads out of your butts so you can see what is going on, read the writing on the wall, and hear my warnings?

"Lord, deliver us out of the hands of our enemies and deliver our enemies into our hands."

This is more of the lefties consolidating power for their commie dictatorship. The lefties are already betraying the police, National Guard, and military.

Wakeup, America!!!

Think about this: When the US Military finally grows some testicles and stands up to protect the American people, it will look better for them, if they have a civilian leader like Trump plus he will be a great leader for rebuilding the US after this war.

Plus you have to add to that that the commie leaders fear Trump, which will really help in a war.


Remember that I told you that the lefties are right now waging war against all Christians?

I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"The FBI and local police are investigating an explosion early Saturday at a Los Angeles-area church that had been the target of protests for its anti-LGTBQ message."

Hey, it is because of LGTBQ for this church and other lefty excuses for your church.

Do you Christians still think you can just hide in your comfy pews and the left will leave you alone?

Yeah, that will work until they blow your butts out of those pews or burn the church down around your butts.

Maybe you better quit listening to those pacifist preachers, join a militia, arm yourselves, get trained, organize, secure your red zones, and organize locally, regionally, and nationally to protect yourselves and your families?

Or you can just wait for them to murder your families. I don't think those pacifist preachers realize that it will be just a wee bit difficult for their people to keep paying tithes to those preachers after the church has been burned down, the people are dead, and the preacher is dead.

I hate it when Satan's spawn prove me right about such things. I have been watching and studying them too long and know them too well.


Watch China invade Taiwan now that Biden is president and Biden won't do anything to save Taiwan. China knows it.

Commierat Civil War

This is getting very interesting. The commies turned on Big Tech because they became too powerful and now Big Tech is turning on the commies. We now have a four way civil war within the Commierat Party, a veritable commie donnybrook.

I told you that Big Tech had gotten too powerful and the commies would take them down and now it is a fight between the commies and Big Tech. I am so going to enjoy this.

Right now, the Big Tech are going to try to use their excessive and abused power to force the rest of the Commierats into submission to them but they are about to find out that, since the elections will all be rigged to where they are just show, the politicians will stop being bought out.

"Hey, why take bribes that are crumbs when you can just send an army of thugs around to take it all?"

Don't be surprised to see Commierat thugs storm ye ole Big Tech castles to get all of their wealth, power, and lives. The only reason the Commierats need Big Tech now is to terrorize the people into submission and they are already doing that with COVID 19 plus, if the upper class trash take over Big Tech, they can use it to do the same things Big Tech can do.

Don't be surprised to see lefty rioting at the Big Tech businesses and their homes, eventually resulting in the deaths of the demagogues at the top.

So, who do you think will win, the commies or Big Tech?


Remember I told you that I am using the Internet to monitor what is going on in other nations?

I am seeing that the conservatives in those other nations know that the US election was rigged, the election was stolen, and the commies are staging a coup. Many of them do not like what they are seeing happen to the US and know it will get around to affecting them. They are concerned and, based on what I am seeing, it is causing more of them to turn against their lefty leaders in a global revolt.

That is why God has me writing this low tech blog that is flying in under the radar into all other nations. I am providing news, information, and a Christian witness in all nations.

I am also seeing a massive Christian revival on a global basis because of many things including the crap going on in the West, oppression by China, North Korea, Iran, Turkey, and others. Eyes are opening on a global basis and people are choosing with increasing numbers God's side of the line.

Our vile lefty upper class trash royals are causing a global revolution so that, when their global dictatorship fails, they won't have many places, if any places, where they can run and hide.

God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

One thing I am waiting for on the international level is for all non white rulers to realize they are scheduled for a free one way trip to the royal reeducation death camps. I am waiting for those eyes to open.

Red Zones

I am seeing increasing and rapid activity within the red states to fight off the unconstitutional laws now being passed by Biden's pen and the commie Congress but this will quickly reach a point to where the red states will be forced to just take a stand and refuse to submit to the now totally commie run government because, when the red state laws are taken to court, the US Supreme Court will refuse to uphold the US Constitution making those laws illegal.

We are looking at a soon virtual secession by the red states to protect themselves and their people.

If you don't believe me yet, you will soon very clearly see that the left have destroyed the US Constitution and our Republic. They make it more obvious every day.

For example, the House just passed a law that almost completely does away with freedom of religion and you can bet that, if it is passed and taken to court, the commie courts, including the commie Supreme Court, will uphold that law and others that negate the Constitution. Then you will believe me.

People, when that law is passed, it will quickly begin destroying Christianity so Christians better quit listening to their pacifist preachers, get off of their butts in those comfy pews and join this fight before it is too late. The lefties have already obviously started violent attacks against churches and you better bet your church will be next.

I am not telling you that the Constitution and Republic are dead because I want them to be dead but because it is true. Remember that I swore an oath to uphold both of them and it infuriates me that the commies have destroyed them with me being too sick to fight back. It is now too late for me to fight back because they are already dead, it will very soon be made obvious to all of you too, and the only thing we will have to fight for is our freedoms, lives, and to build a new and better nation, having learned from this mistake so learn everything you can to build the best nation you can. You are going to need it.

Know that, right now, all hell is breaking loose on this planet and I am praying for all Heaven to soon break loose.


I have noticed that the latest lefty talking point is "the people uniting".

What the lefties really mean when they say unification is submission to their dictatorship. The lefties are excellent at using great sounding words and phrases to tell their lies so learn to see through those lies quickly.

They are not talking about the people uniting to get along but about everyone submitting to their commie dictatorship. To these tyrants, that is "unification."

People, would you please quit letting the lefties distract you about the "next election"?

There will not be another valid election and all of this talk about the next election is just a distraction to keep you from realizing that the left has already established their commie dictatorship and all future elections, if there are any, will just be for show to pacify the people.

I don't care who is running for the next election, if they are not a Commierat traitor, they won't get elected. The commies will just bring in enough pre printed ballots to make sure that doesn't happen. The commies are right now rigging the system to make sure they never lose another election at any level. After the next election, except for RINOs, I will be surprised if the federal government or any blue states have one Republican in office because of that election.

Get a clue, the commies are RIGHT NOW consolidating their power and commie dictatorship. Pay attention! Just look at what they are doing and the unconstitutional laws they are passing. This is now a commie dictatorship and they are consolidating their power and I hate that but that and $3 will buy me a large soda at Sonic. We have already lost our nation because we turned our backs on God for our sins.

God didn't lie when He said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out." Our sins are finding us out RIGHT NOW!

God is moving but so is Satan so you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones and lock and load.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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