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Remember that I have been telling you that we have lost our republic because we turned our backs on God for our sins?

This video tells you that is true. Time is up and we have lost our Constitution and Republic because we turned against God for our sins. Our nation has been taken over and destroyed by an evil enemy that plans to butcher us all.

I believe God gave us one more chance with Trump and many turned that chance down for their sins. Now, the rest of you must call out for God to give us one more chance with most turning back to God. It is past time for revival, people.


One thing that kills me about our own corrupt upper class trash is that they have to be able to see the numerous rich Chinese who keep being imprisoned or killed because of corruption and the corrupt Western upper class trash, who think they are above being killed for their corruption, if China takes over their nations and the world.

Let me get this straight, they see China executing her own corrupt rich people but don't think China will execute corrupt rich foreign people?

Yep, that is how stupid our rich upper class trash are.


This video speaks about the incredible diversity of life at the organism level, at the cell level, and at the environmental level. These are all different levels for life, they are all very complex, too complex to happen by accident and coincidence, and too dependent on too many things to happen by accident and coincidence.


This video shows what I have been telling you that the left is consolidating their dictatorship by coming after you, the American people. They are openly declaring war on you to eradicate all of you in order to make sure that they never lose power again.

This isn't a war you get to start or are going to have to start, this is a war that was started against you decades ago without you realizing it and is escalating rapidly to a genocide of everyone who even mildly disagrees with them. This isn't a war you can ignore and pretend it doesn't involve you because they are making it involve everyone who is not them or who they might think is a threat to them in any capacity, whether you are a threat or not. As long as they believe you are or might be a threat to them, you are fair game.

The fact that no one is saying anything negative about Brennan's remarks should tell you that they all agree with those remarks. Basically, they want to murder everyone who they think may be a threat to their power.

Food For Thought

The lefty activists are going to knowingly get at least tens to hundreds of millions of people killed so they can get free stuff.

Yep, they definitely care about other people, don't they?

Well, they say they do.


Remember that I told you that all of this crap about masks, social distancing, and lockdowns had nothing to do with science and that the infection and death rates were grossly inflated because it was all about control and power?

Starting the day before Biden was sworn in, the infection and death rates suddenly began to decline everywhere, the lockdowns started stopping, and much of the scare tactics cut back.

Gee, what a coincidence. It must be magic because it sure ain't science.

Do you believe me yet that Fauci, the governors, mayors, media, big tech, and everyone else involved in this terrorist attack against the people should go to prison or be hung after the harm they caused millions of people and the many who died because of these people's actions?

That is exactly what COVID 19 was, it was a terrorist attack against the people and you let it work.

More Math

I am so very frustrated and am now questioning the intelligence of many conservatives. OK, I understand that God has not made you prophets so maybe that is why so many of you can't see what is coming so I will show you more of the future, the really, really ugly future so many conservatives are ignoring and I mean it is ugly.

First, we have to look at the situation as it was just PROVED to you by our corrupt government and the upper class trash who now own our corrupt government.

Why did Trump lose the election?

Because enough states rigged their elections for Trump to lose the election, the courts, especially the Supreme Court, are rigged with enough traitors so they would not keep their oaths to do their jobs to uphold the US Constitution to stop the rigged election and stop the coup of the US Government, the DOJ refused to keep their oath to uphold the US Constitution to stop the rigged election and coup of the US Government because it is rigged with enough traitors, because Congress refused to keep their oath to uphold the US Constitution to stop the rigged election and the coup because it is rigged with enough traitors, and because the Pentagon is rigged with enough traitors that refused to keep their oaths to uphold the US Constitution to stop this coup; in other words, because the ENTIRE US Government is rigged with enough traitors who refused to keep their oaths to uphold the US Constitution to stop this coup and the American people were intimidated into not standing up to stop the coup because they bought the commie bull crap that for you to be violent to stop their coup and keep your freedoms is bad but it is OK for them to be violent to stage their coup and steal your freedoms, therefore, the people were fooled or sucker punched into not stopping the commie coup, therefore, the commie coup of the US Government SUCCEEDED!

People, if you do not enforce a law, the law cannot work and the US Constitution is JUST A SET OF LAWS!!! It is not magic and cannot enforce itself. It MUST be enforced by the government and the government just proved that the government WILL NOT enforce that set of laws called the US Constitution, THEREFORE, the US Constitution is a meaningless set of laws and is dead, whether you like it or not. If no one will enforce the Constitution, then we don't have a constitution and this cannot be a constitutional republic without a constitution, THEREFORE, the REPUBLIC is dead. Therefore, this is now a commie dictatorship and, if you are paying attention, then you should see that the commies are consolidating their power and control of their dictatorship so they will never lose control again, ever. Wishful thinking ain't going to save your butts.

Why did the GOP lose control of the Senate?

Because enough states rigged their elections for enough senators to lose their elections and for all of the same reasons that Trump lost the election.

So, what will the Commierats do between now and the next election in two years?

They are going to stack the courts, the DOJ, and the Pentagon with more lefty, commie traitors and rig the elections by bringing in more pre printed ballots so they will take more seats in the House and Senate to gain more control so none of those entities will do their job of upholding the US Constitution for the 2024 election, which will be even more rigged so it will be impossible for Trump to win that election too.

They will also rig enough elections in enough red states to turn them blue so they will consolidate their power and control over more states until they control all of the federal and state governments to finish consolidating their commie coup and dictatorship...and then they will murder you all off to "depopulate" their planet just to make sure they never lose control again.

Get a clue, elections can never work again because our government has been taken over by enough traitors who will not do their jobs to protect the people of this nation by enforcing the laws of this nation. THEY CANNOT WORK!!!

Quit putting your faith and your hope in the rigged elections because they will just let you down AGAIN!

All the left has to do to have and maintain their dictatorship is put enough traitors in enough of the right positions at the top to maintain their dictatorship and intimidate the people into not standing up to take back their government until they can be disarmed because, if the US Constitution will not be enforce, then you just lost ALL of your constitutional rights, including the right to bear arms and freedom of speech. That was the first step in them being able to take your guns away from you.

Do you get the picture yet?

You continue to obediently live by the laws while they are above the laws so they cannot be held accountable to you and you will be held accountable by them. In short, they own your buts because even you won't stand up and uphold the Constitution to stop the coup, therefore, the coup has succeeded and you are now living in a dictatorship.


Look, people, they are proving me write because they enforce the laws on you but they keep turning each other lose on you to continue committing more crimes against you. They are above the law and are enslaving you with the law. They are succeeding at this because you are too righteous, holy, wonderful, and magnificent to break their law to regain control of your law.

Just maybe you should repent of your sins, turn back to God, and put your faith in God to save your butts instead of putting your faith in a dead set of laws and meaningless rigged elections that cannot save your butts?

You better repent of your sins or crimes against God's Laws, turn back to God, call on God's name to save your butts from Satan's spawn, pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones and lock and load.

The Bible makes it very clear that God isn't going to protect any people who are breaking His Laws so, as long as you continue to break His Laws, you are completely on your own and at the mercy of Satan and his spawn. That is your choice; obey God's Laws or obey your satanic slave masters. Those are the only two choices you have.

Now, what are you going to do for your children and remember that the commies just told you that they plan to take everything you have and plunge you all into poverty because they said that "NO ONE will own ANYTHING and you WILL be happy about it" so you are going to lose everything you have if you don't revolt and may lose everything you have if you do revolt. It is either your freedoms and lives or your stuff until you lose your stuff and lives along with your freedoms. It is now fight or die and they are now making that very clear.

That is your choice, choose wisely. I cannot make that choice for you and the spawn of Satan are forcing you to make that choice while God is letting you make that choice.

By the way, this last part of this essay was one of my 4 am writings because I could not get back to sleep because it weighed too heavy on my heart. If you don't care about yourselves and your family, God and I do, and we are waiting for you to wake up and care. It is clearly going to keep getting worse until you do wake up and care.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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