I Told You So 378

Space Aliens

Remember that I told you years ago that the upper class trash are going to play their space alien card on you where the "space aliens" will tell you to submit to the absolute rule of the upper class trash because dey knoze what is best for you?

I got this from Newsmax by staff;

"Discovering there's intelligent life beyond our planet could be the most transformative event in human history -- but what if scientists decided to collectively ignore evidence suggesting it already happened?

That's the premise of a new book by a top astronomer, who argues that the simplest and best explanation for the highly unusual characteristics of an interstellar object that sped through our solar system in 2017 is that it was alien technology.

Sound kooky? Avi Loeb says the evidence holds otherwise, and is convinced his peers in the scientific community are so consumed by groupthink they're unwilling to wield Occam's razor.

Loeb's stellar credentials -- he was the longest-serving chair of astronomy at Harvard, has published hundreds of pioneering papers, and has collaborated with greats like the late Stephen Hawking -- make him difficult to dismiss outright."

"Hey, is be's a probessor from Harbard, it gots to be true." You just know you are going to hear that from stupid people soon.

Did you notice that they backed off on this while Trump was president because they didn't want space aliens telling you to submit to his absolute rule?

Avi doesn't have any evidence, meaning it is just another academic fairy tale that will eventually be proved wrong.

You watch, now that the commies are back in control, it won't be long and we will be wisited by dem spacey aliens tings and dey will tells us to submit to our upper class trash royals so dey can takes cares ub us and the stupid people will swallow it hook, line, sinker, fishing pole, and boat. "Oh yeah, we must duze what dem spacey alien tings tells us to do because dey is are be smarty pants and we is are be too supid to tink for our selbes."

I get so tired of the lefty crap. They just never stop. They have invented infinite insanity because their insanity is never ending.


Remember that I have been telling you that this is a coup or an insurgency to establish a dictatorship?

This video tells you that Time Magazine is bragging that they did just that to "save the election" or rig the outcome to what the left wanted. The magazine literally admits this was a conspiracy by the lefty politicians and the upper class trash mega wealthy oligarchs to "save the election", you know, to keep the people from electing Trump so the lefties could finish setting up their commie dictatorship in the US so they could finish setting up their commie global dictatorship.

Gee, who would have figured I was right all along? Believe me yet now that Time Magazine is telling you I was right? What, the left is bragging that there really is a conspiracy? Do you now believe what I have been telling you that they turned COVID19 loose on you to control this election and it is all about control and power? Do you believe me yet that they are now consolidating power for their Nazi dictatorship?

Note that Tim and company also point out that the lefties just confessed to being fascist.

Do you believe me now that this is obviously a coup forming a dictatorship and there will not be any more valid elections? Do you understand now just how corrupt this nation's government is? Do you believe me now that even the courts are corrupt and complicit in this insurrection and treason?

They are now bragging to have committed treason.

Now, why would they possibly be bragging about having successfully staged a coup and committed treason?

Because they have absolute control of everything, including the Pentagon, and no one can bring charges against them or stop them. That is a massive red flag because they are telling you what they did and that you can't do anything to stop or reverse their coup. They are not just bragging, they are laughing at you and mocking you like the immature children they are saying, "Nah, nah, we beat you and you can't do anything to stop it, ha ha."

You know who they are mocking the most?

The stupid people, who keep believing their lies. They are openly calling the stupid people fools. You stupid people need to pay attention because the people you helped set up their commie dictatorship are openly laughing at you and calling you fools. I guess the upper class trash don't need you fools anymore because they have their dictatorship thanks to you.

Maybe, just maybe, you better secure your red zones.

I have one question for you stupid lefty commie traitors, "What flavor of Zyklon B poisonous shampoo do you want in your Nazi showers in your commie reeducation death camps, lemon-lime, cherry, strawberry, or original?" Hey, be sure to inhale deeply so the pain of your death won't last as long because it will be over with sooner now that they no longer need you because they have their dictatorship you helped them establish. The purge begins.

Climate Change

Remember that I have been telling you that the global warming and then climate change stuff is just to control your lives to enslave you?

This video shows you how concerned the upper class trash are about climate change. You know, like that mega yacht doesn't pollute more than the city I live in with a population of less than 30,000 people. I won't pollute that much in my entire life but I am not supposed to drive a car so they can have their mega yachts.

Oh yeah, climate change is real and they are really concerned. (/sarc

People, get a clue, it is about the upper class trash not wanting to share "their planet" with you lowly peasants and has nothing to do with their made up crisis of climate change. It is a con to control you and enslave you and now that they have their absolute power, they can show it all off.

Remember that actions speak louder than words and their actions are telling you that their words are lies. Pay attention to their actions.

"Hey, what can you do about it now?"

BTW, they just found another rich lefty who "hanged themselves" in their basement. Those rich lefties sure hang themselves a lot, especially when they are not needed anymore.

US Military

I have been watching something concerning the military, there are shadows moving in the background and I went to bed last night thinking about this. It seems that the commies are telling me with their actions that things are not as bad as they appeared and the commies want us to believe they are.

First, there are some things you need to understand about the US Military. There is a thing we call "need to know" and, if you don't have a need to know certain classified information in order to be able to do your job, you are not briefed on or taught that classified information. This should tell you that most members of the US Military have not been taught the classified information I was trained in or briefed in because their jobs do not require them to know that information to do their jobs. That is standard military operation.

The reason for this is because the fewer people who know about something, the fewer mouths can tell about that something and create a breach in national security. This was drummed into our little heads the entire time I was in the military, A.K.A. keep your mouths shut even to other military people, including officers, because they don't have a need to know what you know. Heck, my squadron commander didn't know what I knew.

Now you have to understand that, in ECM, we had to work with or be able to work with all electronics warfare systems on both sides of the iron curtain from submarine warfare to satellite warfare and also in relation to espionage or high tech spying. That is much more need to know than better than 90% of the people who serve in the Military, which should tell you that better than 90% of the officers and enlisted men and women in the military were never trained in most of what I was trained in and received briefings on from the Pentagon because they didn't have a need to know that information.

There are even lot of people with top secret security clearances in the Pentagon who don't know what I was trained in because they don't have a need to know that information to be able to do their jobs. Just because you got a certain security clearance does not mean you were trained for everything at that level of clearance. It is like I told you, that is standard military operation.

One reason why we had to be trained on so much for ECM was because, in a pinch or emergency, we could be called TDY (temporary duty) to work on or with any of that intel and we had to know enough to be able to work with a more experienced person in doing a job, such as pulling panels on an SR-71 and swapping black boxes to make classified systems work. To do that, you have to know at least the basics of how those systems work because, after you swap black boxes, you have to run up the system and do a systems check or "ops check" to make sure it is working right or you swapped out the wrong black box.

One such operation I found myself suddenly in the middle of was working with an R&D engineer with a top secret security clearance when I got to work one night because the Ruskies had just sent SAM3s to Vietnam that had a new function to override our existing ECM, shot down a few of our buffs, and we had to quickly beat that function to save more B-52s from being shot down. I stood there watching that man solve that problem and, with him knowing I was going to have to be trained in the new technology to work on it, he explained it to me because I had a need to know.

Even base commanders, pilots, and special operations people don't have a need to know what I was trained to know so they never know that intel. That is important to understand.

This created an interesting situation for me in that I couldn't tell my wife anything about what I did and I couldn't even join in telling war stories with other military members, after I got out of the service, because they 1) would not have understood a thing I was talking about and they 2) had no need to know about those classified war stories. For more than 40 years after I got out of the service, I didn't tell anyone anything about what I did because it was still classified. I just put all of that behind me, kept an eye on what was going on with the military, and went on with my life, while other soldiers got to talk about their great war stories. That meant I was ostracized by their veteran culture and some of them even believed that I wasn't even in the military because I didn't tell any war stories.

It wasn't until about 8 to 10 years ago that I found out that some of what I knew had been declassified and I could now talk about it but there is still quite a bit that I have not told anyone about in more than 50 years because its existence is still classified. I only told you about the "star ships" when I realized that the commies are going to pull the alien card on you to fool you into submitting to their dictatorship and I knew that you now have a need to know just enough so you will know those ain't space aliens so you won't believe the commie lies because those commie lies are a threat to US national security.

Now, what am I seeing that has me thinking?

First, it is obvious that, after Jimmuh Cartuh breached national security to get reelected by disclosing the existence of a weapons technology called stealth, which has created a threat to US national security because of the enemy finding out from Jimmuh that technology is real, the enemy began working on developing the same technology, which none of them had started working on to develop, the military has not been briefing presidents on quite a bit of such intel.

You see why it is important to keep things even just existing a secret?

For that reason, if you know about a US weapon system, it is obsolete and we have better.

If the enemy doesn't know that a technology can exist, they won't spend the money to develop that technology, keeping you ahead in the game.

Since then, the US Military has not briefed any of the presidents on such technology, except for maybe Reagan and probably didn't brief him on all of it for security reasons. We don't need corrupt presidents disclosing certain intel that will compromise our national security so they can win elections.

President of what nation, the one that just got conquered because of a stupid, corrupt politician disclosing classified intel to get elected?

I am pretty sure they didn't brief anyone since Reagan on most of what I was trained in or any other such intel because, with them being buds with the current traitors, they would have told about that intel to aid with planning their coup and it seems apparent they didn't.


Because the lefties just ordered the military to disclose certain intel to them, telling me that they don't know that intel.

But, hold it, don't those traitor generals and admirals in the Pentagon know that intel and, since they already committed treason and can't be hung more than once, why have those traitors not told that intel to their traitor partners in crime?

That tells me that, almost certainly those officers have been watched all of their careers because of their political persuasion (you know, being best buds with commie traitors) and were never told that classified intel or they would have almost certainly told their partners in crime that intel. That is only normal human behavior for criminals.

Now God told me years ago that, when this problem happens, better than 80% of the officers and men in the military will be patriots and that has been confirmed by the recent release of information that better than 80% of the military are patriots. Gee, what a coincidence.

Therefore, the Pentagon is committing treason because Obama and his pals promoted traitors in the military to the top and into control of the Pentagon, which I remember him doing early in his administration to gain control of the Pentagon.

Remember Obama trying to force all military members to swear an oath of loyalty to Obama and they refused?

In case you have not noticed, we are connecting dots here and you have to pay attention to little stuff like that.

Another important dot here is that those Pentagon traitors of Obama's didn't tell their political traitor pals certain important classified information, almost certainly because they don't know that information.

This tells me that, when those traitors got promoted by Obama, they didn't get briefed about that intel by the rest of the military as a matter of national security. The traitors were intentionally kept in the dark throughout their entire careers plus they probably never had a need to know before now.

That means that those traitors and their lower level traitors they are pals with within the military don't know that stuff, which helps explain the purge they are now starting. It seems like those officers know there is some important intel they don't know and no one is telling them that could be used to stage a counter coup to stop the commie coup and insurgency so they are wanting to get rid of better than 80% of the people in the military to prevent that counter coup.

Remember that I told you about the people in the military who have been watching this gradually developing coup by the left while making plans to eventually stop that coup and that those people have to wait until just the right time to make their move for it to work?

It seems those people are still there and the lefty commie traitors know it and plan to get rid of them. Oh, the people now at the top are traitors but not most of the military.

If those people are still there and these traitors cross the patriots' red line, things will get very interesting very quickly.

What will most likely happen?

Those patriots know that they have to very, very quickly take out traitors from the top down to stop the coup and regain control of the government. This means their special operations teams will have to suddenly go on a series of missions to take out the traitors and they won't be able to arrest anyone to try them later because teams can't quickly move from one operation to the next all night long to take out other traitors if they have to drag around screaming prisoners.

Their only affective method of operation will be to quickly hit the target, kill the target, and quickly move to the next target, leaving a trail of dead bodies and you better bet the lefties know this and don't want to be part of that trail.

So I am keeping an eye out for more dots concerning this and you should too. Closely watch what the lefties are doing because that will tell you more than most people realize. Right now, the lefties have absolute control of the government and Pentagon but they are still scared.


They know something you don't know and are trying to purge the military RIGHT NOW because they are afraid of most of the people in the military but that won't do them any good.


What will these patriots do, just go home and let the commies keep their dictatorship?

Me thinks not. They will either join existing militias, secretly backdoor these purged patriots into "black closet units" within the military without the commies knowing about it, secure the red zones and stand their ground against the coup within those red zones, or start their counter coup and, based on what God has shown me, they are not going to start their counter coup until after Obama leaves to invade Israel.

Most likely they will do what God told me they will do. They will secure the red zones and stand their ground until Obama leaves to invade Israel to get a few hundred million Muslim fighters to help him overwhelm the remaining US Military and its militias controlling the red zones.

And, people, the patriots know that they have to quickly take out the lefties' best weapon, which is the lefty commie traitor media.

About 2 am, one morning, those traitors will suddenly hear choppers landing in their yard, this will be quickly following by 2 big booms as their front and back doors are kicked in, then there will be the rumble of angry boots heading towards their bedrooms, then the boom of their bedroom doors being kicked in, some shots will be fired, their brains will get spread out all of the room, and they will be suddenly burning in Hell, while those angry boots quickly rumble off to the next target. End game, US people.

Keep an eye on this.

Besides, I am still furious at the traitors in the Pentagon. I would hope some gators eat them but it would probably make the gators sick.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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