I Told You So 379


Remember that I have been telling you that the left really does do conspiracies?

This video shows that their moves are so organized that they clearly are conspiracies where the lefties are clearly planning and organizing everything they are involved with. These people on the video call these instructions "activist tool kits" showing that these instructions are known by the people directly or indirectly involved.

People, if the activists have instructions, it was organized and planned and is part of a conspiracy. It is no longer a conspiracy theory but is a conspiracy fact but, hey, we know the conspirators hate facts because facts expose their conspiracies.

Note that any time anyone tells the ugly truth about the left, they try to discredit that truth by calling it a conspiracy and call the people telling the truth, conspiracy theorists, you know, like dem lefties is are be too supid to work together or conspire to do der evil. Dey just accidentally and coincidentally is are be doing duh same tings at duh same time in duh same place and der voters is are be so supid dey keeps voting for people dey tinks is are be so supid. "Nah, cain't be no conspiracy, cuz we is are be too supid to work togetter to do our evil."

Yet it is so obvious that they do work together and conspire to do their evil but the stupid people believe the lefty lies because they want to believe the lefty lies.


This is a very good video showing a variety of forms of corruption by the government and other criminals. It is well worth the watch. This guy did his homework but it would take much longer to even begin to expose all of their corruption.

Right now, the lefties are doing everything they can to as quickly as possible finish destroying the US including the military. They are in a major hurry to finish off the US so they can freely set up their global commie dictatorship.

BTW, have you noticed that the left give awards to corrupt lefties to prove they are right and just, you know, like the Emmy they gave Cuomo and now they have given the liar, Fauci, an award from Israel to make it look like everything he did and said was right and true?

The lefty games and deceptions make me want to barf. They just don't stop with the lies and sick games.

Remember that I keep telling you that the upper class trash politicians can't steal enough from enough people fast enough?

This video shows how cities are now abusing fining people to steal more and more from more people faster, even their homes, making those people homeless. They are especially stealing from the poor who can't afford attorneys to save their butts, which is discrimination of the poor.

Gee, I wonder why homelessness is growing so rapidly? And you think these corrupt politicians really care about the poor? They talk the talk but they sure don't walk the walk, do they?

I recently had an underground water leak that happened at night so that, by the time I found out about the leak the next morning, I had run up a $900 water bill. I knew the city had a program to help people with such leaks called "leak abatement" and did everything I was told to do in applying for the abatement. (They use more water than I did when they service just one fire hydrant.) With me making only $715/mo on Social Security, that was just a wee bit of a tough bill to pay so I was at least hoping I could be able to pay it in payments without the usual late fines and penalties to keep driving it higher.

They sat on my application for more than 2 weeks without contacting me once, after I filed the forms, and, by the strangest of coincidences, I got the rejection in the mail based entirely on a technicality on Saturday of a three day weekend with the turn off date and fine and penalty date being that following Tuesday so that I didn't have any time to do the technical thing they didn't tell me about before, which I had to do and still be able to file the abatement request again, before I would be fined, penalized, and have my water turned off, with the water turn on fee being at least $150 to $200, which would have increased my bill to over $1,000, which would have been even tougher to pay.

They had clearly intentionally trapped me. I knew they had me in a tough spot and figured they were going to get my land and thousands of dollars of extra money because I am poor, which is discrimination against the poor. I have seen this happen to people before.

God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil." He didn't lie.

I prayed about that for 2 days and finally got $300 from my daughter, a single mother, who is on the same water line with me, so I could pay that bill before they trapped me by driving up the bill so high I wouldn't be able to pay it and they could seize my home and sell it, with more fines, interest, penalties, and administrative fees added on, to get as much of the sale price of my home as possible, making me, my daughter, and my granddaughter homeless.

Do you see why God has made me live in poverty to teach me such things so I can share those things with you?

BTW, I now believe everyone around here who has told me that the City of Alamogordo government is very corrupt. The government convinced me of that. They should be ashamed of themselves but criminals have no shame.

BTW, my first thought when I saw what they did to me was, "These people are part of the reason why God created Hell." I can't wait to see these people standing before God on Judgment Day and see them held accountable for all of the people, especially the poor, they caused harm to, especially the city employees pretending to be Christians and making other Christians look bad.

God said we are supposed to care for the poor, not screw the heck out of them because we can.

People, it is not and should not be the job of government to increase or maximize revenues to stuff into their greedy pockets but that is exactly what the lefty upper class trash now believe is their job.

Gee, you don't think the politicians and bureaucrats stealing is why they wanted to get Christianity out of government, do you? I guess "Thou shalt not steal" was getting in their way? Are you ready for a Christian theocracy to prevent this evil pagan crap yet?


Remember that I told you more than a decade ago that the upper class trash started the EU to be the beginning of the Biblical one world government to be set up as their global dictatorship but it does not fit with prophecy so it will be brought down by God?

Then Brexit happened and I told you that the EU cannot possibly last much longer, maybe a few more years.

This video shows that the people of Europe, in almost every nation, are increasingly for leaving the EU and returning to their former nations with even many of those nations splitting up, you know, like Spain, France, Belgium, and Italy. I explained this years ago and it is still slowly taking place because God is shattering their pagan global dictatorship dreams.

Man plans, God laughs.


Remember that I told you that Obama will blame Israel after he nukes Chicago?

The Biden administration just refused to say that Israel will still be an ally. Me thinks that is just a wee bit of a clue that Israel ain't going to be their ally.

You know they are getting ready to screw Israel and are just figuring out how to do it, which will create tension between the US and Israel, which will cause a lot of people to believe that Israel did nuke Chicago when Obama blames Israel.

I am also watching to see who else Obama invites to his formal ball in the Sears Tower because, if he invites leaders of other nations and they get nuked with Obama blaming Israel, you just know that will cause the people of those nations to support their nations joining Obama to invade Israel. You know, if Obama invites the British Royal Family, then everyone under the authority of the British Royal Family, including the entire Common Wealth and more, will be mad enough to help invade Israel. If Obama invites Trudeau, Macron, and Merkel, then all of their nations will also support invading Israel.

It is also important to note that this betrayal of one of our best allies, while crawling in bed with our worst enemies, will not build a stronger bond with our remaining allies and will only encourage our enemies. That won't end well for the US.

Also remember that God always punishes a nation that turns on Israel. That won't end well for the US either.

Economic and Financial Corruption

I have been warning you about the economic and financial corruption of the upper class trash royals for a few decades now and Mark sent me a link to a story published here by Rush Limbaugh before he died.

People, it is much, much worse than anyone, including Rush, has told you. The upper class trash royals control everything, especially with them back in power now with the US Government. It is just getting more and more obvious because, with their new dictatorship in the US, they don't need to hide stuff as much and can be more obvious.

You want to know how to become rich?

The best way, especially today, be born into the upper class trash royal family. Most of the rest of you are screwed...by the royals, of course. Sometimes I get tired of being proved right about Satan's spawn.

BTW, I am watching lefties on FB posting their hate for Rush but, if you dare post the same hate speech for any of their corrupt leaders, it will be hate speech. I have been convinced by the left that being a lefty is a hate crime because they hate everything good, you know, just like God said thousands of years ago, "They will call good evil and call evil good."

Talk about a sick bunch.

BTW, do you think that Rush enjoying smoking those expensive cigars is what gave him cancer and killed him? Gee, you don't think Satan used him liking those expensive cigars to get rid of Rush early, do you?

The rest of you smoking those expensive cigars because of the high they give you and/or to impress others should learn from this but I won't hold my breath. People, just because you pay more for cancer sticks does not mean they will not give you cancer and I don't care how much money you have in your bank account, it ain't going to protect your butt from the damage you cause to your body.

The rich die too and some day Gates, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Soros, Pelosi, Schumer, the Queen of England, Xi, Kimmy Boy, and the rest of the mega wealthy will die, they will have to stand naked before God without their wealth and answer for all of their evil. Hell isn't going to be any cooler for them because they had a lot of money and power on Earth. You can't bribe God because everything already belongs to Him and He is just loaning it to you during your short visit on Earth. That is why God said you are supposed to be a good steward of what He loans you.

Obey God, be a good steward and take care of the body He is loaning you.

People, you never saw me use Rush as a news source because we had a few disagreements but especially because he set a bad example for others, especially younger people, by smoking expensive cigars. I have been wondering for years how much longer until those cigars would kill him with cancer. Learn from his mistake and don't repeat it.

There are a few other prominent conservatives I try to avoid referring to because they also smoke expensive cigars for the rush or to impress others. That ugly practice is a waste of money and your life.

I will not compromise my Christian values for anyone for any reason. Be a good steward, take care of your body and be the best Christian example you can be.

Know that this soul ain't for sale, baby, because Jesus already owns it and He doesn't need the money He is loaning you.

Green Energy

Remember that I told you that I studied solar engineering in college?

What the lying lefties and those making money from "green energy" are not telling you is that green energy is not very dependable. Solar energy only works when the sun is shining and can reach the solar collectors and wind energy can only work when the wind is blowing. That leaves quite a bit of time when you won't get any energy.

The lying lefties would then tell you that you have to use a battery storage system for them to work when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing but 1) there are not enough materials or natural resources available for even half the homes, much less businesses, in the US to have such battery storage systems, 2) these systems develop all sorts of problems, and 3) when those batteries go bad, where are you going to get the natural resources for more batteries? Plus, those systems are really expensive so, for most homes, it will take you years to pay for them with your energy savings and, by then, you will have to begin replacing parts of the system and eventually the entire system, which will take you years more to pay off.

Green energy isn't a sound energy strategy and, once again, you are being lied to by the left.

Personal Preferences

I still regularly ask God for just a simple little cabin in the woods near a stream and a pond where I can grow my food, spend time with my pets, visit with friends, and, when Jesus has time from caring for you, we can spend a little time together. I don't need the streets of gold and pearly gates to make me happy. If God requires me to live under such conditions, I will do so but I really prefer simple and functional to having things covered in gold, silver, and precious gems.

When I hear "Christians" talking excitedly about the streets of gold and pearly gates, it make me cringe because I know they will probably try to steal them. Two of my grandmothers, independently of each other, warned me about those people.

When I first started designing a home I would like, I kept it down to a four to five bedroom house, where almost all of the bedrooms will be used for an office, bike shop, guest room, and hobby room, with a garage for 3 or 4 cars (a couple of oldies and a motorcycle plus one family van), and a small workshop. To me, that was luxury without me having to bust my butt being a slave to what I own by always having to clean and repair something much, much larger that would cost a fortune to maintain and own.

It was only after God telling me repeatedly for several years, often on a daily basis, to design something bigger and reminding me that, when I was a kid and before I knew about costs of ownership, I had thought it would be nice to live in a castle like I saw on TV, that I finally gave in and started designing a castle and even then it was as much in hopes of finding something I could use to start a business.

I enjoyed designing my castle but, if God were to tell me today that I didn't have to build the castle, I would thank Him. I am sure the castle would be nice for a family but it is going to be a constant chore to keep up with chores and maintenance. Imagine trying to keep something that big clean, forget about working.

I really don't want a dozen or more maids, servants, marshals, maintenance, grounds keepers, butlers, and a castle steward running around my home five to seven days a week because there isn't any way me and my family could manage such a dwelling. It would be kind of like your family having to live at your business with a dozen or more people running around with your family every day. There would never be any privacy, peace or quiet, which I don't find appealing. In my opinion, these rich people with multiple mansions are nuts...well, OK, we know they are.

Hey, having a home that big will just mean having more rooms to wonder why I went into them or make it more likely I will get lost and not find my way back to the kitchen until much later, after losing a few pounds from starving for a few days.

The more I think about it, the more appealing a cabin in the woods sounds because I really like to keep it simple and functional but God's will be done. The one luxury item I would want in Paradise would be a bicycle so I could go for long rides with Jesus. That would be really nice and it doesn't take that much time to keep a bicycle working.

Heck, after two super bad marriages because I made a couple of mistakes in choosing partners, plus the peace, quiet, simplicity, and freedom of being single and celibate for more than 30 years, I really don't even want to get married again, ever. But, God told me I have to get married so I will marry the person He told me to marry and be the best husband and father I can be. If He told me today that I don't have to get married again, I would thank Him and enjoy the peace, quiet, simplicity, and freedom for the rest of my life. God's will be done.

I never told you but God let me know a long time ago that, not too many years after I build that castle, God is going to require that I just walk away from it without taking the time to sell it to do the will of God, which means that castle is just a test to see whether I will obey God's will by walking away from that castle and many other things God will give me to do God's will and I know I better pass that test or it is going to suck really bad for me.

The test is, "Will I obey God to build it, when I really don't want to, and will I obey God to put Him first by walking away from it to do God's will?" Hey, everything on this planet will sooner or later return to being dust. You are going to lose everything you have when you die so invest in your eternal future and not this very temporary present.

God said, "Life is a test." He also said, "To whom much is given, much is required and to whom little is given, little is required." When God gives me more than you, He will require more of me than He will you because wealth and power are a responsibility and not an opportunity to just do as you will. God even required both Moses and Aaron to obey His Law and held them accountable when they broke His Law.

Who am I that I should not also be required to obey God? Am I to be so arrogant that I should think I am better than Moses?

I am not any better than anyone else and definitely am not even close to being as great as God. God may have given me more or better gifts than you, such as me being more intelligent than most people, but that only requires that I do better for God with that better intelligence than most people and not abuse what God has given me by strutting around arrogantly being a smarty pants. God's gifts are a responsibility to properly use and take care of those gifts. Be the good steward.

I am seeing a lot of people who are going to be very disappointed on Judgment Day, forever disappointed. Personally, I want to hear from God, "Well done, good and faithful servant."


Remember that I told you that all successful dictatorships always purge at least 90% of the people who helped that dictator get into power?

This video shows this.

This is an interesting video because he gives a reasonable detail of Stalin's purge but not complete, he just doesn't have enough time to do a complete detailed video of Stalin's purge. He leaves out that Stalin also purged a significant number of members of his own family and that even his daughter fled the Soviet Union because she knew it was only a matter of time until she too would be purged or murdered by her father.

It is important to note that ALL successful dictatorships have always purged at least 90% of the people who helped the dictator get into power with Stalin purging 100%, more than anyone else.


Because, if you help me get into power as a dictator, you can also get me out of power by putting someone else in power in my place. Therefore, when you are helping me get into power, you are an asset to me but, after you help me get into power, you become a threat and successful dictators always remove that threat with a purge. It proves that no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor and this video details that quite well. Note that Stalin purged even members of the academe, the media who provided propaganda for Stalin and the judges who sentenced others to death in that purge. No one of any power or influence is safe in a dictator's purge, no one.

They actually have Saddam's purge on film where he called everyone together in a large room under the complete control of Saddam who had helped him get into power, he read out their names, they got up, went outside, and you can hear the shots being fired. Throughout the years of his rule, Saddam regularly purged everyone who Saddam thought had gotten too powerful.

History teaches that all successful dictators purge at least 90% of the people who helped them get into power and they always will because of human behavior in relation to such power madness, always.

You better bet the upper class trash know this. While watching this current dictatorship form, I am waiting to see who the eventual dictator will be and to watch and see who they purge and you can bet they will purge almost everyone who helps them get into power, which will be God's justice on the wicked.

Man plans, God laughs.

You think the lefties are not staging a coup and setting up a commie dictatorship?

Watch this video and then tell me about it. Pelosi now has a power mad general in charge of their troops "protecting them".

You think big tech isn't also staging a power struggle and doesn't also pose a threat to the rest of the upper class trash?

Watch this video because everyone in the upper class trash is now making THEIR moves to make sure they end up in control and power. It is ye ole power struggle time, people. It always happens with a dictatorship.

I told you all of this would happen, didn't I?

When you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.


Remember that I have been telling you that the Euro-American upper class trash and their globalism is posing a threat to the entire planet, which is why Russia is building up her defensive military forces?

This video shows Russian jets intercepting NATO spy planes and escorting them out of Russian airspace. Having served in the military, I know that those NATO planes have electronics spy equipment on them. Gee, what a coincidence.

Russia is not doing any expansionism so she doesn't pose a threat to the West but the West is being aggressive towards Russia?

The iron and eye opener here is that, when Russia was communist pagan, she posed a threat to the capitalist and Christian West and now it is the communist pagan West that poses a threat to Christian Russia.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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