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Interesting Dream

I woke to an interesting dream where God was showing me that, if you build them right, you can dock or "nest" spaceships together to rapidly form or dissolve things like a mother ship, space port, battle fleet, for long distance travel or rapid deployment as individual ships, in units like patrols, squads, platoons, companies, battalions, divisions, and fleets, ships can come and go in an organized manner for any number of reasons, including patrol, battle, transport, strategic movement, and reconnaissance, to and from any part of the formation, and you can layer them into a huge nest or cloud that can be used for both civilian and military purposes.

It quickly makes any number of ships more flexible and independent or strategically dependent.

People, it is not normal for a person to have such high tech dreams. It is interesting but strange when you have such dreams.


I have been watching something and I am seeing that the upper class trash have a tactic other than just killing someone to get rid of them. They will attack or kill a member of a person's family, like a judge, bureaucrat, or politician, to scare that person into doing or not doing what they are told to do or not do.

For example they just shot a judge's son.

The upper class trash make savages look like civilized people. They are pure evil, the worst of Satan's spawn. They just won't hesitate to murder anyone.


After decades of looking for ANY SIGN OF LIFE on Mars, they just sent a spaceship to Mars to "look for life on Mars"...again. Well, at least they are persistent.

People, they KNOW that, if there was life on Mars at any time in the past, they would have already found absolute proof of it in the form of what we call biomatter or dead plant and animal tissue because biomatter would be EVERYWHERE. You could easily find absolute proof of life within minutes of getting there no matter where you landed. Wind would even deposit a film of biomatter on massive glaciers at the poles.

The fact that they have been looking for life on Mars for decades and have not found any proof, not evidence, but absolute proof, means life was never on Mars.

Don't believe me?

Go to college and study biology. You will quickly see they are lying to you because, if there had ever been anything alive up there, there would now be a lot of dead stuff up there.

I swear, you can't believe a thing government, the lefty media, lefty college professors, any government funded person, upper class trash or politicians tell you, not one thing. You have to question absolutely everything they tell you. If they told me the sun was going to come up or rise in the morning, I would check it out to make sure.

When the lefties breath or think, they lie.


Yesterday I saw a weather map of the 48 contiguous US states with arctic air covering almost all of the map and down into Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico. There were only a few small spots in the Southwest and Southeast corners that were not covered by arctic air. Plus you know there was arctic air in Alaska.

Normally, when arctic air plunges into the US, it moves through in a wave in less than a week and only covers about a quarter to third of the nation at one time. I have never seen arctic air cover that much of North America and so far south at one time.

My first thought upon seeing that map was that God is definitely punishing us while, at the same time, proving that we do not need to "cool off the planet". I am waiting to see how many stupid lefties get that and how the lefty leaders and media will try to dismiss it.


Why did Stalin kill off his lefty academe and journalists?

Because, in setting up a dictatorship, you control what people believe to control what they think to control what they do and the best tools for doing that are the academe and media. They are your most powerful weapons.

When you become a dictator, you don't want your academe and journalists, who helped get you into power, to help others do to you what they helped you do to others and the best way to prevent them from doing that is to send them off to your commie reeducation death camps to die because dead people can't teach the people to overthrow their government.

Do you get the picture yet?

What amazes me is that our brilliant, all-knowing, all-wise, natural elite, intellectually superior academe and media didn't learn that lesson from Stalin so you know they will have to repeat it.

Is that brain dead stupid or what?

You can bet that, when our dictatorship is in its final stages of consolidating power, the academe and media will be among those being purged.

What is most amazing about this is that, in every dictatorship I have been able to study since Stalin, the dictator has ALWAYS purged the academe and media but today's academe and media are so stupid they have not learned from this? And you think today's upper class trash academe and media are not inbred stupid?

Listen, Stalin purged his own equivalents of our top academe and Zucker, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bezos, Gates, and others and these twits didn't learn from that? Those rich fools are at least a 1,000 times more powerful than the people Stalin and other dictators since Stalin purged because of the Internet and they think they will not be purged too?

Believe me that they will be purged, especially with them making their moves for their own power right now, you know, like Zuckerberg and Dorsey are doing right now. You know all of the other upper class trash are watching them grab for the throne and are seeing all of them as a threat to their own power.

Then, how about the top officers in the Pentagon who are helping setup this commie dictatorship with all dictatorships regularly purging their top generals and replacing them with puppets? You have to wonder just how stupid those top officers are, especially with the lefties having made no bones about how much they hate the military and these officers actually believe they will not also be purged?

Did you notice that Stalin purged almost all of his very top officers to consolidate his power?

Out of more than 20, only 3 survived. Those are not good odds and our generals and admirals in the Pentagon want to take those odds?

Then how about Stalin murdering most of his top KGB or law enforcement and our cops helping support the formation of this dictatorship with the people forming this dictatorship having made it obvious for decades that they hate cops?

Do you see just how brain dead stupid the upper class trash are and the affects of their inbreeding? Are the upper class trash having a stupid contest or what? Remember that I told you that the rich and powerful need the protection of a republic government more than anyone else and do you better understand why?

They are the ones who are most likely to be purged and sacked when that government has been destroyed.

And you say, "Oh, but they won't murder their own family."

If you believe that, you have not studied history. Almost all of the wars from Persia to the Americas for more than 3,000 years have been that same family murdering each other for power and wealth. Asia had different families murdering each other for power.

You should study the Feudal Period because that same family butchered each other worse than a slaughter house kills chickens, sheep, pigs, and cattle. Some of that family would kill family to seize power and be dead within one or more days, regularly their reign would only last a few months before more family murdered them for power.

Many of them tried to hide in monasteries, nunneries, and universities to keep from being killed in their constant warfare against each other with some being drug out and killed anyway to make sure they didn't later grab for power.

It is obvious in history that, when power mad people get into their position of absolute power they become extremely paranoid of the other power mad people who helped them get into power. Everyone of any consequence is a sudden threat, you have no powerful allies. If they are not afraid of you, they will kill you.

You better bet that ALL of these upper class trash today have family cliques with "kill lists" of everyone they know they have to kill to not be killed by those power mad people because they KNOW that those other power mad people will kill them. Just look at how eagerly and quickly they shove each other under ye ole commie bus when it benefits them.

Once the upper class trash get their dictatorship, it is kill or be killed, quickly turns into a crazed feeding frenzy and history proves this to be true. I have been warning you about this for more than a decade and it is now starting to happen with increasing numbers of them grabbing for more power and "dying" for various reasons. That is why, as soon as they don't need their puppets, they kill them to prevent those puppets from killing the reigning dictator for someone else.

You should study the purges in places like the Soviet Union (at least twice), China (at least 2 to 3 times), North Korea (at least twice), Vietnam, Burma (numerous times), Iran, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Chile, and others. In almost all places, the leaders purged every time they got a new leader and, often, the leader was purged by the next leader.

Dictatorships are very deadly for the upper class trash but they keep setting them up because the upper class trash are so inbred stupid, greedy, and power mad that they never learn and they always think it won't happen to them because they think they are different, smarter than the others, and "will do it differently" but it always happens because of human nature in relation to the insanity of greed and lust for power.

And you think these greedy, power mad inbred nuts are more intelligent than you because they stole more money than you can earn? Really?

People, they are all suicidal crazy.

Don't believe me?

Just sit back and watch, they will prove me right. I expect to see people like Zucker, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bezos, Gates, and others die in things like plane and car crashes, step out of a tall building, commit suicide with a couple of rounds to the back of the head, fall down an elevator shaft, or maybe a guppy will sink the Bezos mega yacht, killing a bunch of them or maybe Obama will just throw a formal ball in the Sears Tower, nuke a bunch of them at one time and blame Israel.

If you see it in history, you recognize it in the present.


Remember that I have been telling you that I am seeing increasing numbers of children that are showing signs of inbreeding with such things as Mongolism, mental problems, and physical deformities?

God didn't lie when He said, "Your sins will be visited onto your children unto the third and fourth generation." Think about it and that includes the damage you are doing to your DNA with drugs.


Remember that I have been teaching you that we must have revival in this nation or pay the price? Remember that I told you to not put your faith in Trump but in God to save you? Remember that I have been telling you that we are right now being punished for not enough of us turning back to God?

The sermon on this video was preached in 2017 and tells you the same thing. This nation is increasingly in judgment, especially the blue zones, where the worst rioting, economic destruction, murders, and other judgments are taking place right now.

We don't have long so repent of your crimes against God's Laws, turn back to God, and call on His name.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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