I Told You So 381

Inbreeding and Drugs

Remember that I have been warning you about the increasing infertility in us humans primarily because of our inbreeding and it being exacerbated by our use of drugs? Remember I told you that our infertility being caused by our inbreeding makes evolution impossible because we cannot continue as a species for more than a few thousand years because of what inbreeding does to the body, no species can?

I got this from Newsmax by Theodore Bunker:

"Falling sperm counts and changes to reproductive development could lead to a fertility crisis that would threaten the future of the human race, according to Mt. Sinai Medical School epidemiologist Shanna Swan."

Why am I not surprised by this?

Oh yeah, because God used science to show me this a long time ago. I have been warning you about this for years because I have been watching this for years.

Do you believe me yet that we humans are about to inbreed ourselves into extinction and the upper class trash global plans are the worst thing we humans can do? And you think they are smarter than you because they stole more money than you can earn? Really?

If they get their way, there will be no life on this planet in 50 to 100 years, none, not so much as a weed.

Jesus has to come soon to heal all organisms' bodies, our planet, our sun, and our remaining galaxies, you know, like God showed me in the Book of Revelation that all but our galaxy and galaxy M31 will cease to exist soon. There is no other possibility and science is proving me right about this more and more.

You just might want to turn from your crimes against God's Laws, turn back to God, and accept His amnesty plan (salvation through Jesus) before it is too late. You better pray long, pray hard, pray often before it is too late.

BTW, it won't be too much longer and all of the evil members of the upper class trash royals will be burning in Hell where they can never again cause anyone harm, that, for the good people, will be a good thing. God has to do that soon before they destroy the planet.

Ye ole fecal matter is right now hitting ye ole fan and you just might want to get right with God.

Consolidating Power

Remember that I told you that the left is right now consolidating power for their dictatorship so they can never lose control and power again?

I got this from Newsmax by Eric Mack:

"House Democrats' H.R.-1 'For the People Act 2021' is not a COVID-19 relief bill, because 91% of it is for things other than addressing the virus - mostly a bill to help Democrats stay in power - according to Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, on Newsmax TV.

'The left wants to cancel Newsmax, they want to cancel President Trump, and now they want to cancel fair elections,' Jordan told Thursday's 'Spicer & Co.' 'This bill nationalizes elections, nationalizes all the problems we saw in the last election.'"

Believe me yet?

People, wake up, this is a lefty commie dictatorship and they are RIGHT NOW consolidating power to keep from ever losing control again.

It didn't take long for them to prove me right this time, did it?


Remember that I have been warning you that the left is pushing this UFO thing to fool you into believing there are space aliens so those "space aliens" can tell you to submit to the absolute power of the upper class trash royals "so the royals can take care of you" so those royals can get their global dictatorship to get their planet and slaves back?

I got this from Newsmax by Solange Reyner:

"The FBI is 'aware' an American Airlines pilot reported seeing something unusual fly overhead at a high rate of speed, reports ABC Journal."

Remember that I told you years ago what those "UFOs" really are? Also, did you notice that the UFO thingy died down quite a bit while Trump was in office but, now that the lefties have control again, the reports are suddenly starting up again?

I guess the upper class trash didn't want their fake space aliens to tell you to submit to the absolute control of a government run by Trump?

Gee, what a coincidence.

Land Control

Remember that I have been warning you that the upper class trash learned a few thousand years ago that, if you control the land, you control the people so the lefties are using grabbing public land for "conservation" to control you?

The royals were especially good about this in Europe, especially in Britain. In Britain, under their surf system, there was very little land the royals didn't own, most people had to live on royal land, and, if you lived on royal land, you were a virtual slave to whichever royal family had control of that land along with to the king and queen.

Under the surf system, Britain had what was called "free towns" they let families live in, if those families did something like the head of the house did something very important towards helping win a battle, you know, like died helping win the battle. In those towns you were just a little more free than elsewhere.

I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"The Democrat-led U.S. House of Representatives on Friday passed legislation that would protect nearly 3 million acres of public land across four Western states and ban future uranium mining around the Grand Canyon.

The package of eight bills, known as the Protecting America's Wilderness and Public Lands Act, passed in the House mostly along party lines 227-200 and would permanently set aside more than a million acres each in Colorado and Arizona; 821,000 acres in California and 132,000 in Washington."

The more land they grab, the less land you have to live on, and the more they can control you. Also, it decreases supply in relation to demand, which causes land prices to skyrocket so you 1) can't afford to buy land and 2) you can't afford to pay taxes on the land so you have to sell it to them. It also justifies them increasing the rent you pay to them so they can steal more from more people faster. It is just one more con to control you, you know, for the common good.


Biden is traveling to Texas to "survey the damage" caused by this freeze.

Here is an easy prediction: Biden will offer one amount of money to "help Texas" if the governor and legislature sell out the people of Texas and a lesser amount if they don't sell out the people of Texas.

Keep an eye on this because that is the way Biden loves to work, you know, with a little mafia extortion.


Remember that I have been warning you to take care of your bodies with good exercise?

I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"Two-thirds of people hospitalized for COVID-19 had at least one of four pre-existing conditions: obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and heart failure, a new study found.

The alarming results, published Thursday in the Journal of the American Heart Association from a study led by researchers at Tufts University, estimated the number and proportion of national COVID-19 hospitalizations that could've been prevented if Americans didn't suffer from the four major 'cardiometabolic' conditions.

Other studies had already showed each of the conditions was strongly linked to the higher risk of a poor outcome from COVID, Tufts University noted in a statement."

Note that they did not list age as a factor like they have been telling you but you must also understand that older people are more likely to have these bad health conditions because of them not taking proper care of their bodies when younger.

God meant it when he said for us to be good stewards or care takers of what He gives us, you know, like your bodies.

Does proper exercise make you bullet proof?

No, but it makes you much more bullet resistant and I have tried to use myself as an example for this. I told you that, because of the very high fitness level God caused me to obtain half a century ago, I have survived medical problems that the tests and doctors said I should not have survived and that I should have died about 15+ years ago, meaning that almost all of you would have died.

People, I told you that I have had about 12 to 13 medical problems, like 2 types of malignant cancer, which kill from hundreds to tens of thousands of people every year and that I have not read about or heard of anyone who has survived half of what I have lived through. It all took its toll and kicked the living crap out of me to where I am still using my training to recover from it all but I am still alive and recovering because of the great health God caused me to develop with exercise.

Be the good steward.

Listen, after all of the really horrid medical problems I had, they tested my cardio respiratory and cardiovascular systems and found they were still stronger and healthier than better than 90% of the people in this nation. That should tell you that, with all of the medial problems I have had and how adversely they have affected my body, I am still more likely to survive any disease than better than 90% of you.

You preachers need to think about how great your mission work will be if 90% of your members die from a disease because they were not good stewards and didn't take care of their bodies. Yeah, your church will really reach a lot of souls that way. (/sarc

You church members need to think about how great your church will function if all of your preachers and teachers die from a disease.

Maybe your churches should form fitness clubs to help your members and leaders get their butts in better shape?

Be the good steward because the fecal matter is hitting ye ole fan right now.

Listen, I showed you how the lefties worked with China to turn COVID 19 loose on you to control you and set up their US dictatorship. The last I heard, there are almost half a dozen people under arrest in just the US for that conspiracy so it ain't no theory.

I also told you that I am seeing signs that the upper class trash are right now getting ready to turn something like the Black Plague loose on us so you need to keep your free roaming feral cat populations healthy and get your butts healthy.

I would not be surprised to find out that some lefty college lab has a specially engineered protist like Yersinia Pestis (Black Plague) ready to turn loose on us the way they turned COVID 19 loose on us.

COVID 19 should have taught you that your best defense against any disease is good health and the healthier you are, the more bullet resistant you are. Get as bullet resistant as you can by getting your butts in shape.

Now, you better know that the upper class trash do not want you to get healthier and will do anything they can to discourage you from getting healthier by getting in better shape.

A good fitness program starts with a very good aerobics program, which is any exercise like walking, running, bicycling, swimming, skating, cross country skiing, and rowing that will move your body mass over a distance. This will do more to develop your cardiovascular and cardio respiratory systems than anything else.

You build on top of that with a good and complementary anaerobics program to build strength, speed, power, acceleration, and recovery. A good and well balanced anaerobic program will add to your aerobic fitness level.

Stick with those basics, stay away from fad programs, and you should be alright.

People, an untreatable and incurable strain of Yersinia Pestis could have a 90%+ mortality rate, which will make COVID 19 look like a punk and, if Yersinia Pestis gets into your lungs and becomes Pneumonic Plague, the mortality rate is closer to 100%, and you better bet the upper class trash royals know this.

Remember that they have been telling you that they want to "depopulate" the planet or murder off better than 95% of the people on the planet? And which organism do you think they would use to do that?

I am getting the feeling that the upper class trash is just using COVID 19 for a dry run and to perfect such things as intentionally spreading a protist and ways to use that pandemic to control those who survive.

You better get your butts in shape and keep an eye on this. I have been warning you about this for years and it is looking like it may happen soon.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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