Judgment 4


Remember that I have been telling you that our corrupt government is rigged for the rich to benefit? Remember that I told you that the upper class trash can't steal enough from enough people fast enough? Remember that I told you that the corrupt upper class trash have turned our governments into a money laundering racket?

This video shows some of that but it is much worse than this. I have been watching this crap for half a century and I am now trained to manage this evil crap.

Most of that "free stuff" goes to the rich who can afford to pay for it but they are too cheap to pay for it so they get the government to use your tax dollars to pay for it. All of those celebrities, professional athletes, media, bureaucrats, academe, and many others who speak against Trump are also free loaders and they don't want Trump taking their free stuff you pay for from them.

That is why they hate Trump and you, they want their free stuff paid for by you. "How dare you keep them from getting the free stuff you paid for?" That is why so many well to do lefties are Commierats. The only "policy" they care about is their bank account and Trump dared to interfere with their sacking America.

Note that the politicians themselves benefit heavily from such programs, which is one reason why they magically manage to cumulate tens to hundreds of millions of dollars with salaries of less than a quarter of a million dollars. They and their puppet masters get most of the free stuff and not their voters, their stupid voters get the crumbs. The upper class trash are the worst free loaders, taking home billions, not the people living on Welfare. The people living on Welfare are just a distraction and cover for the upper class trash stealing from you.

"Hey, don't look over here at us free loaders, look over there at those freeloaders."

This is why so many rich people hate Trump. He did away with much of their free stuff so they worked to turn the middle and lower classes paying for their free stuff against Trump. Now they can once again sack America.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil." It is all about the money, baby.

It is like I have told you, if you take all of the wealth the upper class trash has stolen from the people, it could easily pay off the national debt in part because most of the debt is owed to the upper class trash.

Think of this, our government borrows money from the upper class trash and pays interest on that money to the upper class trash and then gives most of that money it borrowed from the upper class trash back to the upper class trash as free stuff and then has to pay back the money it borrowed from the upper class trash with your tax dollars.

That is like you borrowing $10 from me, paying me $1 interest on it, giving that $10 to me as free stuff, and then having to pay me back the $10 you borrowed from me, with the tax payers paying for all of it. That is a really great deal for me because I loan you $10 and get $21 dollars back and I don't have to pay taxes on the $11 profit because of tax laws and tax shelters. That is a tough deal to beat.

It is called money laundering, people. They use programs, laws, and other government slight of hand to launder the money from the people to themselves, always for the common good, of course.

What a racket, huh? Mad yet?

And that is just one of many ways they steal money from you.


The upper class trash royals are forcing us to repeat history again because of their obsession with wealth and power and this kind of history always sucks. One reason is because crime becomes rampant, you know, just like it is happening right now in the blue cities. The type of crime we are about to see a massive increase in caused by the left includes violent crimes like beatings, robber, rape, and murder so you better prepare for the worst because it is starting right now.

They are right now subjecting us to their barbarian paganism where they will get to live by their one satanic law of "Do as you will," which will include anything they feel like at the moment.

This isn't something that might happen, this is something that is already happening, was started in 2012 and is getting worse quickly. Remember that, when the Apostles asked Jesus if they should buy a sword, He said, "No, buy two swords." Obey Jesus.

First, setup proper defenses by protecting your homes and family. Arm yourselves and put together plans for defending against bad guys and, when necessary, escaping to a predetermined safe location to regroup. Always have a plan Z for when everything else fails.

EVERYONE in your families MUST learn to fight and fight mean, especially the weaker people in you families like women and children because they will be the most likely targets. They should never go out alone from now on.

You MUST all learn to quickly cripple or kill bad guys and be willing to do so, it will be kill or be killed time. If you find yourself in a position where you can bite their balls, you are in a really bad spot and better bite their balls. You MUST all learn to fight with your hands and feet, with knives, with clubs, with guns, and with any and all other types of weapons. You MUST all learn where the weak or critical points are on the human body and how to attack them for quick destruction.

Remember the street fighting rule that the only clean fight is the one where you walk away without a scratch on you and do what is necessary to win because you will be fighting for your lives so the loser will often die. The only street fighting rule is survive.

You MUST get ALL of your women, five years of age or older, who do not have their tubes tied, on IUDs as soon as possible.

The chemical companies and doctors who take kickbacks from those chemical companies don't want you to know that IUDs are the best and most affective form of birth control and bad doctors who take kickbacks from those chemical companies will not want to put your women on IUDs because 1) the doctors won't get monthly kickbacks from the chemical companies like they do with birth control pills and 2) your women are much less likely to get pregnant than with any other form of birth control so the doctors won't get kickbacks from Planned Parent Hood for selling dead baby body parts, when your women get pregnant and have an abortion.

Doctors are human and there are good humans and bad humans so know that there are good doctors and bad doctors, you know, like those doctors who lie about people dying from COVID 19 so the government will pay them $3,000. Yeah, there are a lot of bad doctors but there are still some good doctors out there.

If a doctor refuses to put your women on IUDs, walk out and find a doctor who will use IUDs because you don't want your women to get pregnant with rape babies. Even if they can fight, they can be overwhelmed by superior numbers and raped. Protect your women.

The IUD is secretly considered to be almost 100% affective, less than 1 in 100,000 women get pregnant with them, which is much better than even tubals because tubals can come undone and permit the woman to get pregnant. Women have been successfully using IUDs in one form or another for at least 2,500 years. The Greek prostitutes used small, smooth river stones for IUDs and they worked very well.

The reason for protecting girls 5 and older is because I have read about a number of times where 5 year old girls got pregnant and it is better safe than sorry. A pregnancy can kill a girl that young.

You need to have both a strong defense and a strong offense to protect your family.

God Moving

I have realized that one thing God is doing by dragging this out is He is causing the left to document who the traitors are so we can use those documents to find, prosecute, and punish those traitors for their crimes. God is permitting the traitors to feel safe enough to come out of their closets to do things in a way that provides documented evidence as to their treason.

For example, with the courts not doing their job to uphold the US Constitution and, therefore, aiding in this treasonous coup, it is now officially documented who the bad judges are and who the good judges are. There is now documented court evidence of their treasons.

We now know who the traitors are in the Pentagon, among our politicians, among our bureaucrats, among our law enforcement, among our media, among our college professors, and others. After we have regained control of our country, following these wars, all we will need to do is use that documentation to identify, find, arrest, prosecute, and punish these traitors. They are no longer hidden infiltrators quietly working from within. It is now documented who they are and what their crimes are.


I have been watching videos about academe suddenly realizing things about poor people that the people who grew up poor already knew about, when, for years, the academe believed things about poor people that were completely wrong.

The academe living in a academic bubble are oblivious to everything outside of that bubble while dreaming up theories about those same things outside of their bubble.

Maybe these x-spirts should leave their academic bubbles and dope behind to go out and get in touch with reality before they write any more great sounding stupid ideas for their righteous crusades that always cause problems. Hey, academe, reality is over yonder, go check it out.

Basically, they don't know what they are talking about while purporting themselves to be x-spirts about what they are talking about.

This video and many other videos show that Thomas Sowell is one of few intellectuals or academe who are in touch with reality. He very clearly shows the problems with intellectuals trying to run things with their great sounding stupid ideas and why those ideas are stupid because they are based on bad information and analyses. He tells what I have been telling you about the academe for years.

One of the problems he doesn't mention is that the academe put themselves and are put by their institutions under pressure to generate really great sounding stupid ideas. Dey gots to publish, people. If they can produce great sounding stupid ideas that can be used to start crusades that will make themselves and others rich and famous, they are a great success regardless of how they great sounding stupid ideas workout.

They are not judged as much on outcome as they are on how great sounding they can make their stupid ideas. If their great sounding stupid ideas cause a crisis, then those great sounding stupid ideas are quickly forgotten and replaced with the next great sounding stupid idea. They are not held accountable for the results, especially damages caused by their great sounding stupid ideas.

"Hey, if it sounds great with lots of big words, it gots to be true, especially if you see it on TeeBee."

Remember that I told you how the great sounding stupid idea of diversification dreamed up by college professors caused so much harm and significant losses for major corporations that the CEOs were forced to quickly institute the policy of divestment to save their businesses?

I have watched this crap go on for more than half a century and they never learn. Quit listening to the lefty college professors because their great sounding stupid ideas do nothing but cause harm and make them rich at your expense.

We Are Damned

I was holding out hope for this nation until we lost this last election and then I still held out hope that God would save us more than He had told me He will. No longer, hear the word of God, "You, America, are being judged."

I had a very telling discussion with a 15 year old girl yesterday that was a real eye opener. She professes to be a Christian, attends one of the largest "Christian" churches in this town that has a TV ministry, and she told me that, out of the small group of young people her age that attend her church, she is one of only 3 who will openly profess to being heterosexual and is put down and called a homophobe by the other "Christian" children in her group because she just professes to being a heterosexual.

She is home schooled by her mother and also told me that she was told by a friend of hers from the public school to stay away from the 11th and 12th grade boys from the public school system because they will openly sexually molest girls.

You parents have just been handed the opportunity by God to home school your children and many of you are missing it. God has your public schools shut down because Satan and his spawn have taken over your public schools and are seducing your children into paganism.

If these young men think it is alright to publically sexually molest females, they will rape them in private. You BETTER get your females on IUDs and do it soon or you are soon going to have females carrying rape babies. I cannot emphasize this enough right now, especially with the left already turning rapists loose on you and them writing laws making it even easier for them to commit whatever crimes they want to commit against anyone they want to commit those crimes against.

You better learn to fight and you better protect your women and children. You church leaders better listen to your children and find out what they are doing and saying. This church better forget their TV ministry and start preaching God's morals and values to their own people first.

It does no good to put out a fire in someone else's house while your house burns to the ground. Remove the beam from your eye before trying to remove the sty from the eyes of others.

This is the same town in which I was fired as a science teacher about 22 years ago, after I had learned that almost all of the upper class were involved in sexual perversions where, every Friday, one of those parents would host an orgy for kids 8 to 18 in their home, in which those parents got to have sex with any or all of those kids. One of the other parents would hold an orgy for all of the rich parents in that group at the same time. As I regularly did business in town, I regularly heard the same things from other people telling me the upper class trash perversion was very well known.

This is the same town that just proved to me that they prey on poor people in duress for profit like I told you in a previous essay. Years ago I told you that a small village just a few miles north of here is a key point for witchcraft and other pagan ceremonies.

This tells me that Satan has taken over too many of our churches and this nation is at least as lost as Israel was the day before Jerusalem fell to Nebuchadnezzar. I am now absolutely convinced that this nation and this town are damned, they are lost, they have already fallen to Satan, are right now falling to the spawn of Satan, and will soon end up divided, whether you like it or not.

You good people, the few who are left, better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load because God is not going to protect this nation as a whole and you better do everything you can to protect and save what you can before it is too late.

This town likes to brag that it has more churches than bars but those churches are not all true Christian churches teaching Christian values. There are some churches that are but the rest of the churches are not and things are so bad here that this town will soon be judged. Last year's rattlesnake infestation at the beginning of March was just a warning.

I now completely understand why these pagans fired me as a school teacher and it was a testimony to my being a true Christian. The children telling me about their wickedness were testing me to see if I was one of them and I failed that test.

I recently found out that this town just started capturing free roaming feral cats and was wondering why. I am now convinced the upper class trash are inadvertently capturing free roaming feral cats to increase the local rodent and rattlesnake populations so God can bring judgment on this town. Remember that I told you that Yersinia Pestis happily resides in the mountains and forests less than 200 miles from here, there are at least 5 or 6 know strains, of which only 3 are treatable and curable, and the other 2 or 3 strains are not treatable and curable and are just as deadly as they were 700 years ago.

It will take one trip in one car by one person for one of those strains to reach this town and its rodent population and a Yersinia Pestis or Black Plague pandemic in this town will devastate this town. Keep in mind that this pandemic will hit the homes worst where people are killing free roaming feral cats because those are the homes that will have the largest rodent populations living in and around their homes, especially those much larger rich people's homes where the rodents will have more room and food.

Something else I wondered about last year was that, at this same time, they had a brief infestation of rattlesnakes in the homes closest to the mountains where the richest people live and feral house cats kill rattlesnakes. The rich are going to be hit by two plagues in this town, Yersinia Pestis and rattlesnakes plus an abundant rodent population will provide an abundant food supply for the rattlesnakes, which will cause their population to explode because rattlesnakes can produce up to 25 offspring per female within just a few months with an abundant food supply and can produce up to 4 times a year with an abundant food supply. Do the math on that one.

Hear the Word of God, Alamogordo, "You want to get rid of my house cats, I will grow my rodent population to infest your yards, homes, and businesses and then bring in my Yersinia Pestis to infect my rodents, your yards, your homes, and your businesses to get rid of you and then I will use my abundant rodent population to grow my rattlesnake population to infest your yards, your homes, and your businesses (they will go where the rodents are to hunt them) to get rid of more of you until you beg for my feral cats to come back. Repent of your sins, turn back to me, and call on my name to save you from your evil you have brought on yourselves."

When the lefties flee this town because of the Black Plague they and their lefty ideas caused in this town, know that they will be carrying that plague to your homes. I am sure you will appreciate that.

You better all kiss your butts goodbye because a bunch of you are about to lose them and you may not have time to kiss your butts goodbye later.

There is now absolutely no doubt in my mind that this nation and this town are now in full scale judgment by God because we turned our backs on God. I am now watching for our Nebuchadnezzar Obama.

Did you know that, when Nebuchadnezzar conquered Israel, he took the corrupt upper class trash captive as slaves back to Babylon and gave their lands to the remaining poor in Israel?

He didn't take the poor as captives, old Nebby took the corrupt upper class trash captive and even stopped on the way out of Israel to give the land of the rich he was taking captive to poor families.

I am resigned to the fate of this now evil nation. It turns out that Obama was right and that the US is no longer a Christian nation because it is being run by pagans. According to what God has shown me, we must endure until after our Nebuchadnezzar has left with his troops and been dealt with by God before we can fight to get some, not all, of our nation back and also conquer other invading nations, annexing some of those nations, and then building a new nation from the rubble the lefties are now creating.

People, the people in the North East of this nation, especially in the New York City area, are many of the worst lefties in this nation and it is a national lefty strong hold so God is going to let them keep part of this nation for the remaining lefties in the rest of this nation to flee to for sanctuary. God showed me this in several dreams years ago.

As a nation, we are damned and most of this nation will secede from the lefty part and build a new nation, after we fight a war to get most of this nation back from the lefties.

Your sin you are being judged for?

Tolerance of their sins, which has permitted them to steal your children from you by seducing your children into their paganism.

This is going to get really, really, really, really, really bad, people. This is going to be the worst judgment of a nation since at least Israel because God said, "To whom much is given, much is required," and God has given this nation more than any other nation in history so more will be required of this nation in judgment than any other nation in history.

I am now convinced that God caused Trump to lose this election so God can judge Washington DC, while saving Trump and his family. All things work to the good for God. God has to judge Washington DC because it is right now the most evil place on this planet with all of their lefty corruption. Washington DC is our Sodom and Gomorrah.

God already told me He is going to judge Los Angeles and Chicago with major disasters, therefore, God MUST also judge the other extremely corrupt lefty run cities like Washington DC, New York City, Denver, San Antonio, Portland, Seattle, Detroit, Phoenix, Santa Fe and Albuquerque, and other lefty run major cities. The Bible makes it very clear that, if God does not punish all of the corrupt blue cities, He will have to apologize to LA and Chicago.

I do not know for sure but it makes me wonder if God will also use this Commierat civil war and Nebuchadnezzar Obama (Nebby-bama?) to judge all of the rest of these corrupt cities? Is Obama going to nuke more cities than just Chicago to win this Commierat civil war? Will Obama turn Washington DC and the Pentagon into molten puddles to pay for their corrupt?

That would definitely make it possible for Obama to briefly seize control of this nation with his nation of Islam. Hey, just kill all of his opponents off. I guess that is one way to get rid of the corrupt deep state and a very affective way too. In Hell, they won't be able to hurt anyone anymore.

BTW, did you know that Islam came out of Sabianism, which came out of Babylon? Did you also know that the person, Nebuchadnezzar, who brought judgment on God's other great empire, Israel, also came out of Babylon? Did you know that Muslim Iran, which considers Babylon their most holy city, is pals with Nebuchadnezzar Obama? Oh yeah, BTW, did you also know that, since Obama is a member of the British Royal Family, which publically bragged they can trace their family line all of the way back to Nebuchadnezzar, Obama is a direct descendant of Nebuchadnezzar?

I bet that opened an eyeball or two.

Gee, what a bunch of coincidences. The man, Obama, God is going to use to bring judgment on the US worships the same pagan war god under a different name (Arabic) that Nebuchadnezzar, his ancestor, worshiped when he brought judgment on Israel. Me thinks that is more than just a coincidence. Talk about going full circle.

Do you believe me yet?

REPENT of your sins or crimes against God's Laws, turn back to God, beg His forgiveness of your crimes, and beg, beg, beg that He saves your butts because our judgment is RIGHT NOW on us!!!! They have laid siege to our Jerusalem (Washington DC), they have brought our cities low with their rioting, they are now moving to enslave you, and Nebby-bama is finishing off the rest of this nation. As a nation, our judgment day is here, people, and you being in denial about it won't save your butts.

Your sins, especially the sin of tolerance, have cost you your nation.

People, when the children in our churches are so perverse that a heterosexual child is condemned by the others, we MUST be judged by God.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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