I Told You So 383


All of this drama between the Queen and Meghan, you know, after Meghan said she is going to run for president in 2024, seems to be increasing Meghan's popularity in the US.

How do you know it isn't just show to make Meghan look like a poor widdle victim so the stupid people will feel sorry for her and vote for her? How do you know it isn't the Royals throwing you off by causing you to believe Meghan and the Queen are at odds so you wouldn't believe that they are actually working together to bring the US back under the control of the British Crown?

Think about it.

BTW, everyone is falling for the Royal drama show and they are being played like fiddles. They don't get it that this is just drama to make Meghan look like a poor widdle victim so the stupid people will feel sorry for her and vote for her.

The lefties can't win on policy so they win with show and emotions. You know, we could do with a lot fewer stupid people.

Not only is the Royal Family using this tuff between Meghan and the Queen to increase Meghan's popularity in the US just before she runs for president but I have noticed from news in Australia that the Royal Family is also using this show drama to increase the popularity of the Queen in the Common Wealth nations as the Queen is bringing those nations back under the control of her scepter. This thing is a win-win for the British Royal Family.

In the US, the media are playing it with Meghan being the poor widdle victim but in the UK and Common Wealth nations, the media are playing it with the Queen being the poor widdle victim.

Basically, everyone is being played by the royals, as usual.

Hillary just joined this attack against the Queen. She said that the monarchy needs to be "more dynamic and forward looking", you know, stuff ye ole Queen's butt under ye ole royal commie bus so one of them can become the new king or queen. Hey, there is no love lost in that evil family.

Hey, no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor.

Poser Christians

Remember that I have been warning you about poser Christians and telling you that God is right now getting these destructive people out of His church?

This video talks about an issue the poser Christians have brought into the church to cause Biblical ignorance so that the people can be taught a false Gospel. Just remember that these poser Christians will soon convert to Islam and leave the Church so we can rebuild God's church.

In the video, he shows you some of the problems this poser Christianity causes, especially with ignorance and confusion that makes teaching false doctrines much easier.

Satan's spawn want to get rid of the Old Testament but it is the Old Testament that Jesus taught from because the New Testament didn't exist when Jesus was alive. Everything Jesus taught came from the Old Testament and not one lesson was from the New Testament. Think about that.

To understand God/Jesus, you need the entire Bible and not just part of it. Of course, Satan's spawn don't want you to understand God.

Revolution II

Remember that God told me and I told you about the safe zones that are now happening and being called red zones?

This video shows that Texas and increasing numbers of other red states are fighting back against the commie dictatorship securing their red zones, just like I have been telling you to do, and they are doing it in many ways, as shown by the video. It is revolution time, baby.

I love what Oklahoma is doing by requiring all presidential executive orders to be constitutionally compliant or they will be null and void within Oklahoma. Also, more than 1,200 jurisdictions in 37 states are refusing to be compliant with any unconstitutional laws or executive orders concerning the Second Amendment.

1,200 jurisdictions is a lot of red zones that will protect a lot of people.

Something else I am seeing is that red counties in blue states are also staging a revolution within their blue states to fight against this dictatorship. Increasing numbers of conservatives are getting madder and madder and not taking this lying down.

You conservatives are doing what I have been telling you to do even though I doubt that more than a few thousand of you may have red this site. This is comforting information and makes me feel better about you, the people. United we stand, divided we are their slaves.

Mean while, remember that I have been telling you that, after the lefty upper class trash have established their dictatorship, they will purge their own people they don't need any more?

The lefties are not just focusing on getting all of the conservatives and moderates out of political offices but are also focusing on getting more lefty commies into offices being held by Commierats that are "not far enough to the left" or purging their own members from political offices. For example, in Nevada, the far left commies just won all of the seats being held by other Commierats in the DNC in an election causing all of their DNC staff to quit. Their civil war against each other is escalating, the purge is happening just like I told you it would, and the commies are winning.

The DNC is now in an upheaval because of this civil war and the ultra lefties taking over the party. They think that the DNC in Nevada is now likely to begin losing elections to the GOP. Don't be surprised to see a third party form from the DNC because of the ultra left commies taking over.

People, we are getting so very close to the events God told me are coming, with increasing numbers of them like the red zones already being here.

One thing is that today I realized that, today the Pope visited northern Iraq but, yesterday, the Pope visited a number of sites in the south of Iraq, including Ur, where Abraham was born, and miles further south from Baghdad than Babylon plus the media are not even mentioning most of the many places the Pope visits. If you look at a map, you will see that the Pope had to pass by Babylon at least twice, probably at least took a brief tour by aircraft, and may have stopped there but I have not seen the media report on it.

It is very clear that the Pope is there to bring enough unity between the two main sects of Islam, especially in Iraq, and the Catholic Church so they can begin building Mystery Babylon and it looks very much like that has been achieved.

Ever since I began to point this out and help you follow the progress of this, their sites have gone quiet and that, plus me being briefly censored by Google last year, tells me that they are watching me and probably intentionally keep their plans and progress quiet. They don't want you to know the evil they are up to. Keep an eye on this and, if any of you see any news about this I can share with others, please let me know.

I used Google Earth to try to see what is there but the date for the Babylon ruins image is 2004, which is really outdated and won't show any improvements since 2019. I also went to Babil, which is listed as the "Babylon Governant" and it was completely blanked out. You couldn't see the ground or anything on it.

Sooner or later the news of what they are doing will get out to the people.

We are easily within just a few years of the Battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39, maybe less than one year, and a few years more from the beginning of the Tribulation. You just might want to get right with God really soon. Even if you don't die, you are going to increasingly need God's help here on Earth and He isn't going to be as willing to help people who do not love Him more than their sins.

If you reject God, God is going to reject you.

End time Bible prophecy gets more real every day.

BTW, Mark gave me a heads up on this video that I must have just scrolled right by, so thank you, Mark. I really appreciate the help.

BTW, I hope you realize that all of this cancel culture crap about books like Dr. Seuss and certain animal animations like Porky Pig are just distractions to keep your attention away from them consolidating power to finish setting up their dictatorship. You are being played and most people are falling for it.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash do not care about anyone regardless of what they say, they only care about themselves and their bank accounts?

Watch this video and you will see just how little they care about people and how much more they care about money.

They are pure evil.

I have been warning you about this for years because I have been watching it for decades.

Do you believe me yet?

Remember that I told you that they are going after all of these criminal governors to get those governors out of their way so they can get the power themselves?

De Blasio, after stating he wants to run for governor, is demanding Cuomo resign. Talk about eating your own. De Blasio just can't wait for Cuomo to get out of his way so De Blasio can get that power.

Do you believe me yet?

Government Owned "Scientists"

I saw a video where Fauci said they have to gather and analyze the data to be able to tell what they should do.

This is pure bull crap because the science tells you what to do but they don't want to use science because science can't be manipulated and data can be manipulated to make it say whatever you want it to say.

Why, didn't Fauci pay attention in his science classes?

The science says that masks, social distancing, and lockdowns cannot work but then the lefties would not be able to use masks, social distancing, and lockdowns to control you if they used real science.

People, that is why we have science and any well trained scientist should know that what the lefties have been forcing you to do to control you cannot work and, if you pay attention, while most of you were doing what the lefties were forcing you to do, it kept getting worse, proving that what they were telling you to do was not working.

If you know science so that you know how things work, you don't need data to tell you how things work. You would only need data to manipulate so you could use it to force the people to do things which have nothing to do with science and cannot work.

Think not?

Notice that, 9:30 into this video Ron Paul states that the left has proved that Fauci is the "lefty chief propagandist", you know, head liar. It is like I have told you, you can't believe a thing Fauci says because he is what we used to call an "academic whore" because he prostitutes his college degree by saying whatever he is paid to say regardless of the science. The lefties all know they are lying and what they are doing has nothing to do with science.

Note that later he said, "It is going to continue as long as the people put up with it." That is what I have been telling you.

Big Boy Toys

Time for a little fun.

If you think they are doing really incredible stuff with trains, especially HO scale, just look at this video to see what these rich guys are now doing with slot cars.

This is pretty amazing.

BTW, the model train setup I designed and thought was pretty significant ain't even holding a light to some of the ones I have seen on videos. I'm just an amateur and I am not even going to try to compete. I designed mine to be an educational visual aid for my kids and I am sticking with that.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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