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Nothing New

Remember that I have been telling you that there is nothing new under the sun just like the Bible teaches?

One recent morning about 3 am I was awake and God showed me some interesting things.

Remember that I enjoy studying history and archaeology and have studied the history and archaeology of every continent on the planet.

God showed me some things that went on before and are going on right now. Most of the time, when they tell you about the demise of nations and empires, they love to talk about the massive invasions by big armies but those normally follow years of decline for the invaded nations caused by corruption, you know, just like what is currently taking place in the US and the rest of the West today.

For example, in the Middle East during the Bronze Age, there were a number of rich and powerful empires stretching from the Persian Gulf to Libya and from Northern Turkey down into Egypt. Their fall began with the rebellions by their own people caused by the greed and oppression by their upper class trash royals, just like the rioting we are seeing in the West and around the world today.

From the time their decline began until those empires mostly ceased to exist, most of their upper class trash royals, probably more than 80%, were killed off and most of that killing was caused by their oppressed people rising up in rebellion, you know, just like the British Colonies did in America during the late 1700s. These rebellions started with protests in the streets being squashed by the nations' armies (their law enforcement) until the people finally figured out that fighting their own armies in the streets wasn't getting them anywhere and that, to solve their problems, they had to sack the castles of the upper class trash royals just like I am waiting for today's protestors to realize.

Over a period of decades, the different people in different towns of those bronze age empires began waging war against their upper class trash royals, killing many of them in their homes and streets. It wasn't until their government corruption in conjunction with their rebellions weakened their nations that surrounding tribes realized the opportunities and began invading, conquering, and sacking the communities of these nations. This caused these nations to become weaker as the invading tribes became more wealthy and powerful. The nations dwindled in size as the invading tribes took more and more cities and killed more and more of the upper class trash until the tribes were the new nations.

Now, why were so many cities like Ur, Nineveh, Babylon, and many others left intact enough for there to be these really great archaeological ruins of those cities today?

This was caused by the corruption of the upper class trash in those cities destroying those cities and their economies, which caused people to flee to other less oppressive cities until those oppressed cities became so depopulated that there were not enough people left to steal from to maintain the administration and infrastructures such was water and waste control. At some point, the remaining people were simply forced to abandon those cities, leaving much of their cities in ruins but still intact. Those ruins were gradually covered by dust until we dug them up.

You can see this today with so many blue cities like Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, and others in the US losing citizens with increasing numbers of abandoned buildings because of the corruption, oppressions, and excessive taxes. This video shows this exodus taking place right now in many major US cities run by the corrupt lefty upper class trash. RIGHT NOW, these corrupt politicians are turning these cities into tomorrow's archaeological sites just like they have been doing for thousands of years and will never stop doing until they die.

If you don't believe me, all you have to do is drive through the streets of those blue cities or look at pictures online and look at the thousands of vacant and abandoned homes and businesses. Those dying cities are quickly becoming tomorrow's Ur, Nineveh, and Babylon archaeological ruins. You are witnessing history repeat itself because the upper class trash will not leave other people alone.

This problem has gotten so bad that the UK fines people leaving UK $5,000 to discourage people from fleeing the mess the upper class trash royals have made of Britain. In Commiefornia, they are trying to figure out a way to continue stealing from people and businesses who are right now fleeing Commiefornia in mass. It's deja vu, baby.

People, this mess has been going on for thousands of years, always caused by the corruption of the upper class trash royals taxing and oppressing the people to the point that the people begin fleeing and then the remaining people turning to rebellion killing many of the upper class trash, and then ending with the abandonment of those cities, mostly intact but crumbling. The only thing keeping most of these blue cities and states alive today is the federal government stealing from the rest of the nation to keep funding the dying blue cities and states.

What happens is what we see going on in the West right now. The upper class trash destroy cities because of their greed and corruption, they and their stupid supporters finally leave or flee those cities to other cities, where they begin infiltrating and destroying those cities too just like we see going on in the US right now.

These people, we today call lefties, are a disease or cancer that destroys civilizations with their selfish greed and then move on to destroy the next and then next civilizations.

We are already seeing this in the West with increasing rebellions protesting the oppression by the upper class trash royals, with increasing numbers of people fleeing those communities, and it is only a matter of time until the people realize that the upper class trash are the problem and they start sacking the upper class trash "castles", mansions, and palaces and killing the owners the way their ancestors finally did. This will soon open the door for invasions from neighboring communities and then more major armies like China, Iran, North Korea, and others.

Before this is over, we could easily see from about one third to more than half of the people killed off with more than two thirds of the upper class trash lefties being killed off in the rebellions and wars they are already causing.

The only thing new or different about this is that modern technology is making it possible for all of this to progress faster and faster so it won't take as long to turn these cities into archaeological ruins.

I expect that, when the first citizens start their rebellions in the upper class trash neighborhoods by sacking their mansions and that gets posted on the Internet, it will quickly spread everywhere. History teaches me that, if God doesn't intervene in some unusual way, it won't be too much longer before we start seeing videos of well hated upper class trash like Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bezos, Soros, Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer, and many others being drug through the streets to their death.

This is all because the upper class trash arrogantly refuse to learn from history because they like to believe it is alright for them to make the same mistakes their ancestors made that cost them their lives because "They are smarter than their ancestors and they will MAKE it work." (I have heard lefties make this statement.) The only thing these evil human demon spawn of Satan tyrants will make happen is their own deaths because of their insane and irrational greed and lust for power.

Do you believe me yet that a lust for wealth and power are forms of insanity?

So I sit here watching these big blue cities being turned into tomorrow's deserted archaeological sites and waiting for the upper class trash to once again kill themselves off by the millions because of their insane greed and lusts for power.

The irony here is that these upper class trash are trying to set up their oppressive global commie dictatorship so that you will have no where you can run to on the planet to get out from under their oppressive tyranny and, what this is doing, is creating a situation so that, when the people finally rebel to storming ye ole castles, the upper class trash won't have anywhere to run and hide from the people.

You have to understand that the way many of the corrupt greedy upper class trash royals survived these disasters they created in the past, was they fled the cities where they were known to cities to where people didn't know them so they could hide from the rebellion they caused.

Today, with the Internet, when a people rebel and the upper class trash flee, they won't have anywhere they can run to and hide because all the local people hunting them will have to do is post the upper class trash pictures and information online and everyone on the planet will know who they are and either kill the upper class trash or sell them back to the people who want to kill them.

I expect there to even become a class of bounty hunters who will use information from the Internet to hunt upper class trash criminals down and return those criminals, probably for a sizeable bounty, to the people who want to execute the criminals for their crimes against humanity.

I expect many, many more of the upper class trash to die this time and possibly even all of them. The only thing that will be new this time will be that the Internet could get all of them killed. The arrogant fools have no idea what they are putting themselves into this time.

US Aircraft

Remember that I have been telling you that we have much more advanced aircraft than what the US Air Force is currently using?

This video shows how old a number of our current "best aircraft" are.

What? Have we not been able to design and build better aircraft in more than half a century?

Of course we have but we prefer to maintain a secret advantage over our enemies.

How do we do that?

By not releasing knowledge of better technology we have developed until we have significantly better technology AND until the currently used technology has been caught up to by our enemies. At this time, all of that weapons technology is still superior to what our enemies are using so we prefer to not make more advanced technology known to our enemies because then they will change from trying to replicate or improve on our known technology to trying to replicate the new technology, which will only cause them to improve their military much sooner and faster, which will decrease our real advantage over them.

If they don't know that a technology exists, they won't spend their limited resources trying to create that technology, which guarantees our continued advantage.

This strategy is what we used to create a "black closet" weapons technology, which guarantees that, if everything else fails to stop an enemy, the black closet weapons will be more likely to succeed in stopping that enemy.

Don't put your faith in that weapons technology, just know that technology is there and put your faith in God to use it to save our butts.

So, we continue to use the old proven stuff that can still win to keep the existence of our better stuff a secret to prevent any enemy from trying to gain ground on that better stuff and possibly beat it. It is a strategy we developed in WWII and improved on during the Cold War, which is what caused the US to win the Cold War.


Remember that I have been telling you that they are not going to ever stop this fake COVID 19 con and bull crap?

This video shows that the upper class trash are increasing their plans to perpetuate this con to keep power and control over you.

Another thing is that they are planning to perpetuate this fake COVID 19 pandemic to also perpetuate the increased profits they are making from this con, you know, like doing away with competition from mom and pop businesses so you have to buy from them. They are also going to continue the mask part of the con because they are literally making hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars in profits forcing you to buy masks.

People, if there are just 3 billion people around the world who buy one new mask a month for a profit of $1 per mask, that is an increased profit of $3 billion per month or more than $36 billion per year and you know they are making more than that, especially from the stupid people so they definitely don't want to give up that money and you better bet the upper class trash are giving big bribes to everyone involved in forcing you to continue to buy their worthless magic widdle maskies.

Do you better understand why Fauci and others have gone from saying the magic widdle maskies work to saying you now need 2 or 3 of them because they suddenly don't work?

What a racket the masks have turned out to be!!!!!

Believe me, the upper class trash want to run this con FOREVER and the stupid people will go along with it.

These evil, vile, satanic human demon upper class trash criminals are not going to stop until you stop them.


This is a very good video proving creation and disproving evolution.

Remember when I told you about my intelligence and knowledge along with me running models in my mind?

One of the things I learned from that is the extreme complexity and organization I saw in everything, especially concerning living organisms convinced me that it is scientifically impossible for life to have come into existence because of accident and coincidence. All of this extreme complexity required for life can only have been purposefully created by a vastly superior being.

Knowing what God taught me, only an ignorant and/or stupid person could believe in evolution. I write this blog to help with the ignorant part but I can't fix stupid.


God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out." He also said, "Thou shalt not lie."

This video shows that the lefty media sins are finding them out because of their incessant lying.

What God is doing with the left is that He is keeping them from getting everything they want while letting them succeed enough to keep them trying and showing more and more how evil they are to open more and more eyes. When enough eyes have been opened, all Heaven will break loose on this planet.

Just remember that the Bible teaches us that God will win and Satan and his forces have already lost.

Commierat Civil War

Remember that I have been telling you for years that, when the left gets its dictatorship set up, they will turn on each other to fight for control of that dictatorship and power?

This video shows that is exactly what they are now doing with their rioting and other actions. They have Trump at least temporarily out of the way and they figure permanently because they know there won't be any more valid elections so now they can turn their attention to fighting each other for power and control of their dictatorship.

With both sides being funded by the upper class trash, you have to wonder who is fighting on which side in this coup within a coup for final control, you know, just like I told you would happen. This is going to keep getting worse until either one side wins absolute control or a third party gains control over both of them.

Mean while, I am wondering where the blacks are who were part of this fight just months ago? What? They suddenly don't want control and power over the racist lefty whites? Or are they letting the two racist white parties kill each other off and then step in to pick up the pieces and take control?

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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