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Sailboat Cruising

Remember that I told you that I am seeing increasing numbers of sailboat cruisers quitting?

This video shows a number who have quit and this is the short list. There are a number of different reasons but the most common seems to be that utopia didn't happen the way the magazines said it would.

Cruising turned out to be much more work and more stressful than the people thought it would be, causing disappointment.

Be careful what you wish for and do your homework before committing to any adventure or hobby.


Remember that I have been telling you that the MSM have been lying to you for more than half a century?

This video shows just one example of their news being nothing but propaganda. I can't remember when it wasn't propaganda.

I keep telling you that you can't blindly believe a thing the media tell you.


Mark sent me this e-mail:


There is little doubt that we are being monitored-at least by computer checking out all our communications including our browsing history. I read this at Frontline:

'The NSA gathers intelligence under Section 702 of the FISA Amendment Act, which allows the NSA to gather data on non-U.S. citizens outside the U.S. It also gathers tens of thousands of 'domestic communications' by and from Americans in its normal gathering of foreign surveillance, according to Wednesday's declassified court finding.

'According to documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, the government has also been collecting Americans' phone records in bulk, and scooping up their emails, browsing history and social-media activity.'

Big Brother is now a fact.


First, I like to give credit where credit is due because it is a professional courtesy. I thank you, Mark, for this feedback.

Second, I was trained in this by SAC in the US Air Force by 1976 long before e-mails, when the NSA was doing this with phone calls and snail mail and I have watched it closely since then so I know very well how the system works.

Third, if you, an American citizen, have contact with anyone from another nation, you know, like on FB or Twitter, the NSA is permitted to monitor your communications to make sure you are not a threat to US national security, which means that, with all of you being in contact with people from other nations via the Internet, they can monitor all of you all of the time. That is all of the reason they have to have to be able to monitor a US citizen.

It is important to understand that this is necessary because such contacts often turn into acts of treason by citizens in exchange for money.

Most of you probably did not notice that the NSA created a new head quarters building which had the capability to monitor more than 1,000 times more people during the Obama administration. There was a reason for them building that building during the Obama administration called 7.5 billion people globally. I paid attention to that building because I knew what it meant.

Believe me, if you know, if you have made a phone call to or received a phone call from (like with telemarketers from India), if you have sent or received snail mail to or from, if you had contact with just one foreign national on the internet in any way, or if you made contact with any foreign nationals in any other way, the NSA is monitoring ALL of your communications, especially if you know or have ever known anything that was classified or sensitive or know any person who has known anything that was classified or sensitive, you know, like me, they are legally monitoring your butt for good reasons but possibly not just for good reasons.

With people like me, who still know things that will still be classified at least 50 years after I die, they monitor EVERYONE from any nation, including the US, who I have contact with in anyway, to make sure I am not using them as an information "mule" or carrier to other government agencies or spies in other nations. You better bet they read my web site every time I post a new essay or make any changes in any way and use special programs to look for special codes in my site I could be using to transmit sensitive information.

Espionage was extremely advanced and complex 50 years ago when I was trained in it and it is much more so today. But, hey, if you don't want anyone finding any skeletons in your closet that will get you in trouble, don't put those skeletons in your closet. I do my very best to remain legal all of the time and to pose no threat to the security of this nation partly because I am trained to know how to do that.

Also, I am less concerned about NSA than I am about corrupt, greedy, power mad corporations like Microsoft, FB, Twitter (I don't have a Twitter account), YouTube, Amazon, or any others monitoring me for money or any other reasons. Those unregulated criminals who don't care squat about US national security and even hate the US concern me much more than the NSA. They are a much greater threat to us and I know they are also monitoring me and have proved it a number of times over the last 20+ years because, when I see them monitoring me, I recognize it from my SAC training the way I was trained to recognize it so I could inform my Air Force supervisor so the military could take care of it.

Remember that I told you I was trained to recognize and deal with KGB agents so I could inform my supervisors when I was being worked by such agents so the OSI (the military's FBI) could take care of it?

Yeah, the OSI also monitors me and I even went out of my way to make sure they would monitor me to provide a layer of protection for me and to help me solve a crime a long time ago and the OSI don't play nice with bad guys.

Remember that I have told you that I know a lot about a lot of things and such knowledge comes with responsibilities that most of you don't want. One of those responsibilities is that others are going to watch your butt very closely. I would not be surprised that they know every time I fart.

BTW, we have had that technology for more than half a century. All they have to do is use satellite heat or infrared technology to monitor the temperature of the air around you and when it suddenly goes to 98.2 degrees F, you just farted. I know that is funny but has been true for more than half a century. You would be amazed at what we could do half a century ago and we can do better today.

Here is a funny one to think about. You are the US Military looking for troops hiding in vegetation where your cameras cannot see them and, when they fart, you just found them because of the sudden change in temperature of the air around them. You would be amazed at what we can do.

And you ignorant preppers think you can hide from them?

No, you can't. They can see every time you breath out air that is 98.2 degrees F and count your respiratory rate along with air volume exchange so they know how frequently and hard you are breathing.

Yeah, we knew where Osama Bin Laden was a long time before they killed him and were just using him to find and kill his lieutenants for years to prevent more attacks against the US and I watched them do this for years knowing what they were doing. When Osama didn't have more than a few lieutenants left and we didn't need him anymore, we killed him. He was a dead man walking long before he ate those bullets. It wasn't if we were going to kill him but when.

Mean while, I sat and laughed at the idiot news journalist and other media queens talking about us not being able to find Osama.

I have told you repeatedly that TeeBee people are some of the most ignorant people I have seen with college degrees. They know nothing about the military, they know nothing about science, they know nothing about anything except what they are told and paid to tell you. No IQ is required to make in TeeBee or Hollywood, only whether you can read a script or teleprompter and do you look purdy. They are ignorant clowns who could not pass the prerequisites for the science courses I took in college and I thought were easy.

Hey, 50 years ago I was trained to know HOW we knew where all of the Ruskie nuke subs were all of the time during the Cold War and you better bet we use even better technology to know where all of the Chinese subs are today.

You can't begin to imagine what we can do, if the corrupt lefty politicians don't tie our hands. The lefties are the greatest threat to this nation, not China.

I can't wait for God to save us from these human demon criminals and their Marxist tyranny.

Think about this, if the NSA has all of the goods on you, it means they also have all of the goods on all of the bad guys and know who they all are. The bad guys have much more to worry about than you do. The thing that is important is whether NSA is under the control of the good guys are bad guys.


Remember that I have been telling you for years that, after China has conquered the world, they will get rid of our upper class trash, you know, make them organ donors, steal their business technology, and use their own slavery to put those American businesses out of business by undercutting their prices.

Watch the Chinese expert in this video bragging about how China is doing that RIGHT NOW.

Gee, who would have guessed?

Not the greedy upper class trash who were too focused on using China's slavery to increase their short term profits to think beyond their noses.

When China has learned all of their businesses and technology, they will simply cut the stupid upper class trash off from China's slavery, forcing the Western prices to increase or their businesses will lose profits, while China uses her own slaves, the stupid upper class trash technology and business smarts, to sell the same products and services at lower prices than the West can manage, driving the greedy Western upper class trash out of business.

And you think these upper class trash criminals are smarter than you because they have more money than you? Really?

These upper class trash fools are RIGHT NOW in the process of losing it all and are too stupid to know it.

Upper Class Trash Taxes

Remember I told you that you can't tax the rich because 1) they shelter their money in a number of ways and, 2) when they do have to pay taxes, they just pass those taxes onto you.

I have told you about this a number of times and also told you that I was trained to hide their money when I got my MBA. In getting my MBA, I, like everyone else who gets an MBA, was not trained to manage mom and pop businesses, I was trained to manage corrupt upper class trash businesses, corrupt nonprofit corporations, and corrupt government agencies all for the corrupt upper class trash.

People, you manage mom and pop businesses very differently than you manage upper class trash businesses, nonprofit corporations, banks, and government.

This video tells you a little bit about that.

Get it straight, you CANNOT tax the rich because they have rigged everything so you cannot tax them. Don't believe the rich lefty lies about taxing the rich and redistributing that wealth to you because it is not ever going to happen. ALL taxes will always end up taxing you either directly or indirectly but never will tax the rich.

Note that at the middle of the video, Biden is just telling more great sounding lies but, hey, the stupid people will believe those lies and fall for it. They always do because dey sounds so wonderful so dey gots to be true.

Tucker then gives an example of one of those stupid people and the stupid people come in all colors and both sexes.

People, this $2 trillion con job is about nothing but money laundering your money into their pockets with great sounding lies. It is not about you but is about their bank accounts. That is why AOC is talking about $2 trillion not being enough and they need to increase it to $10 trillion so she can steal more from more people faster.

It is just like I have been telling you, the rich upper class trash and their puppets can't steal enough from enough people fast enough. Hey, with $10 trillion, they will steal at least 5 times as much money in the same time with the same lies.

Remember that I have told you that the criminals and stupid people are in charge. They are so stupid they can't earn half as much money as they can steal and they are trying to make it to where they are stealing thousands times more than they could possibly earn AND they always come up with these "crises" to scare you into letting them steal more and more from you.

Also remember that I have been telling you for years that all of this printing monopoly money and spending monopoly money is going to cause inflation?

Tucker shows that it already is causing massive inflation, it will get much worse, and it will hurt the poor more than anyone else, not help the poor like they want you to believe.

He also showed you that these stupid rich people are making so much money they don't know what to spend it on so they are making really stupid investments, which will eventually burn them really bad. With so many bad investments, when this economy blows up, it will implode like a black hole and most of these stupid people will lose their butts because, to save their butts, they will suddenly liquidate everything in a mass dump or sell off their "investments" in mass causing massive price drops causing them to lose everything.

Man plans, God laughs.

Muslim Attack

We just had our second Muslim terrorist attack killing people in just a few days but this last one was very interesting. I got this from The Washington Times by Valerie Richardson:

"Social-media mavens on the left were quick to cast blame for Friday's U.S. Capitol attack on White nationalists and Trump supporters - until the suspect was linked to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

Noah Green, 25, described himself as a 'follower of Farrakhan' on his now-deleted Facebook page, which included a 'Nation of Islam Certificate of Completion,' as shown on screen grabs.

Capitol Police said he was shot and killed after ramming two officers at the main security gate. Officer William Evans, an 18-year veteran of the force, died of his injuries."

What? Farrakhan's Nation of Islam is staging violent terrorist attacks to overthrow our government? Who would have thought?

In spite of the fact that Farrakhan has been preaching the violent overthrow of the US Government for more than 50 years. Nah, that don't mean nuttin', it is just a coincidence.

I have been warning you about Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam for years and now they have made it common knowledge that they are both directly involved in this mess and the violence. They just keep proving me right.

Suddenly the black Muslims from the Nation of Islam are back in this fight and are killing people.

Keep an eye on this because this just jumped up a notch.

I keep waiting and praying for God to save our butts. It won't be pretty and it will hurt a lot but it will end better than the road the lefties are taking us down. I know God has His reasons for why this is taking so long and He is letting Satan's spawn go as far as they are but it sure would be nice if God moves soon.

People, when God saves our butts, we will probably have 50 to 150 million die in just the US and probably hundreds of millions to several billion globally because of our sins and mostly the people who caused this mess but, if God doesn't save our butts and the lefties get everything they want, they have already told you that they plan to murder off all but a maximum of 500 million people globally, which would be more than 7 billion people will be murdered by the lefties. That means that the lefties are RIGHT NOW working to murder almost all of you and they have been telling you so for 3 decades. Think about that.

So, how is that tolerance thingy working out, you know, the left conned you into believing and made it possible for them to create this mess?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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