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Suez Canal

I just thought of something very interesting you should keep an eye on.

All of those ships that suffered losses because of one ship blocking the Suez Canal are insured so those insurance companies will have to pay out billions of dollars in losses, which is just a wee bit of money.

If I were those insurance companies, I would be litigating that stuck ship for damages but I would also be investigating to see if this was planned and intentional, which would be a crime. If this was intentional, it is a crime and those insurance companies can file charges and litigate the criminals for damages.

If the people who planned this are people who will gain from the insurance companies for damages, that is insurance fraud, for which charges can be filed and the criminals can be litigated for damages.

Also, if the people who planned this will benefit in any way, it is also a crime so that those people can be prosecuted and litigated.

This could get interesting. This isn't over by any means.


Russia has been resisting and trying to stop the lefty upper class trash royals from setting up their global dictatorship. Because of this, the lefties used the US to stage a coup of Ukraine government to use Ukraine for a jumping off point to invade and conquer Russia but that got stalled by Russia.

Now, with the lefties back in control of our government and the Pentagon, they have sent 4,000 US troops to Ukraine while having Ukraine start fighting with Russia again causing Russia to send 4,000 troops to Ukraine.

A lot of US troops are about to die fighting for the left to help the left set up their global dictatorship unless the left can be stopped soon.

Keep an eye on this.


I have come to the conclusion that, if the lefties just think, they lie. I can't stand their incessant lying.

Globalism Death

This video shows that Hungry, Poland, and Italy are forming a right wing alliance to counter the globalist movement in the EU and should break up the EU globalism just like I told you years ago.

The EU globalist effort is dying on the vine just like I told you would happen years ago because it doesn't fit with Bible end time prophecy and God can't be wrong.


Remember that I told you that the US works very closely with Israel in developing weapons systems?

This video shows and example of that and states so at the end of it.

It is very likely that, technologically, the US and Israel militaries are numbers 1 and 2 respectively.

Something you should keep an eye on is that since the left has established their commie dictatorship in the US and are now consolidating power, they seem to be in part turning against China.

Do the upper class trash now feel that they no longer need China to set up their global commie dictatorship because they have their dictatorship in the US and are consolidating power so they are starting to stuff China's butt under ye ole commie bus?

I told you that the upper class trash were just using China and playing them for fools and suckers until the upper class trash no longer needed China and then China was going under ye ole commie bus just like everyone else will when the upper class trash no longer need them.

Harry and Meghan

Remember that I told you that the Harry and Meghan drama about leaving the royal family and her running for president was all planned out before hand? Remember that I told you when they first started their royal drama that she was giving up her royal titles and coming to the US to run for president and then about 6 months later she announced she was running for president in 2024?

This video shows that the two of them were negotiating for more commercial deals in 2019 to help them finance their little con game to get her elected as president. Go figure.

Nah, the upper class trash lefty royals don't lie to you, con you, and fool you or do they?

You can't believe a thing they are telling you. Those who fell for it, you have been played and don't blame me, blame them. I tried to warn you.


I keep seeing major corporations going woke and then going broke because their CEOs and other top managers got dem duh right duhgree from duh right unkneebersity.

Anymore, getting the right degree from the right university means you have been brainwashed stupid and evil and the upper class trash prove this to be true almost every day. The right universities turn you into an evil, satanic globalist lefty.

I have learned that one thing the right universities do is teach their students to think they are smarter than they are and think that we are dumber than we are and it isn't working.

Also remember that I told you that the IQ test is Western education biased?

Well, some people have realized it is biased but they are not getting it right. They think it is racially biased and, of course, ye ole academe, who depend on the IQ to convince most people they are smarter than they are, came out in defense of the IQ test.

I can't wait until the people find out that it is educationally biased.

Take it to the Castle

Remember that I have been telling you that it would just be a matter of time until people begin to realize that fighting the police and military in the streets wasn't doing any good and history teaches that the people will start to take it to the castle?

I got this from Newser via CenturyLink by Evann Gastaldo:

"Bernard Tapie, the 'flamboyant and controversial' former owner of Adidas, as the BBC puts it, was attacked at his estate near Paris along with his wife.

Tapie, 78, and wife Dominique, 70, were asleep when four men broke in during the wee hours of Sunday. They assaulted the couple and tied them up with electrical cords, then stole jewelry and watches, including a Rolex, from the home.

Tapie has spent time behind bars and been involved in various scandals involving corruption, fraud, and even football match-fixing; in addition to his business ventures, he had a brief stint as a government minister in his native France and has been involved in the media, entertainment, and sports."

People, that wasn't a regular burglary. They intentionally tied the couple up and beat them before sacking the castle and you can bet that increasing numbers of people are going to realize this, especially with this making the news. You will see more and more of this now that this has made the news because of two reasoning's 1) if you want to deal with the upper class trash, you take it to the castle and not fight their cops in the streets and 2) you get more by sacking the rich than by sacking the poor.

I have been waiting for this to happen for years because history teaches it will happen and now it will happen more frequently until the riots are taking place at the castles of the upper class trash. The people will now take it to the castles and increasing numbers of the upper class trash will begin to die just like has always happened in history.

Note that the bad guys didn't have any guns so taking the guns away from the people won't prevent this, it will only delay it a while, you know, until the people get mad enough.

Once again, the upper class trash have outsmarted themselves and reached too far in oppressing and stealing from the people. Now it is the upper class trashes' turn, again. The arrogant, greedy, power mad fools just can't leave other people alone and will never learn from history because they always arrogantly think they are smarter than their predecessors so they will "make it work".

Interestingly, taking it to the castle once against started in France, you know, the home of Bastille. Now revolution will spread around the planet as more and more people take it to the castle, again.

Man plans, God laughs.

If you have seen it in the past, you will recognize it in the present. Deja vu, baby.

So I am going to enjoy sitting back and watching the people take it to the castle again.


They have told the lie that masks work for so long that increasing numbers of people are believing it is true in spite of the evidence to the contrary. Most people are wearing masks in blue areas and the disease is spreading as fast or faster than in red areas where most people don't wear masks.

I have shown that the true science, not the lefty fake science, says that masks cannot work.

This proves what the upper class trash depend on to control the people, which is, "if you tell a lie long enough, it becomes fact", well, at least to the stupid people. That is a very powerful weapon the upper class trash and their puppets use to control the stupid people and even eventually slightly smarter people.

A really good example here is that increasing numbers of people are saying that Hitler murdered only 6 million people because he murdered 6 million Jews and they are not telling you that he murdered another 6 to 7 million non Jews who were mostly Christians. Hitler actually murdered 12 to 13 million people in his death camps but the upper class trash have convinced most people that Hitler only murdered Jews and not Christians so they can lie to you about Hitler being a Christian when he was actually a Luciferian or worshiper of Lucifer.

This is why, when the truth is made known, the lefty media just ignore the truth and keep telling their lies. They know that, if they just keep telling their lies, stupid people will start believing their lies even when the truth is made known. Quit watching their evil brainwashing unless you just like to have yourself brainwashed to be their slave.

Wake up, people, question everything the upper class trash tell you with their schools and media, EVERYTHING. When the upper class trash think or breath, it is a lie.


I just came up with a flawless test for these lefty pagan nuts who either want to be gods or they think they are gods.

If we crucify your butt to death and you raise yourself from the dead in 3 days, then you are God. If not, then you were wrong, you are not a god, and it sucks being you burning in Hell.

So how many of you upper class trash nuts who believe you are gods want to take that little test?

Yeah, I didn't think any of you would.

So all of you upper class trash gods out there, prove you are a god, get yourself crucified to death (confirmed by an independent MD - not one you bribed to lie for you) and then see if you can raise yourself from the dead.

Vaccine Passports

Biden says he is going to leave vaccine passports to the private sector or businesses.

If businesses start requiring you have a vaccine passport to do business with them, bring charges and litigate against them for practicing medicine without a license because they will be committing a crime.

You cannot force people to do anything of a medical nature even with a medical license, much less without one. For businesses to require you to do anything of a medical nature, is them assuming more medical abilities than a doctor has. Litigate.


Remember that I have been telling you since Obama was president that printing a lot of money will cause inflation?

This video shows why and that it is happening right now. I am watching prices increase a lot while stuck on a fixed income and that is not a good thing, especially for the poor. You are going to pay for all of this "free stuff" out your butts and he explains why.

Mass Killing

There was just another mass killing by Muslim brothers who wiped out their entire family and then committed suicide. Their family is from Bangladesh.

That is three mass killings in a row by Muslims. Gee, what a coincidence.

I think we are seeing a pattern you need to keep an eye on.

I don't know why the last pair killed their family and then committed suicide though and why in Texas?

They are intentionally not telling us enough about these killings for us to be able to connect all of the dots yet.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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