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I have been watching all of the Brits morning Phillip and realized that the British surfs or sheeple (not all Brits) are so loyal to their monarch overlords that, if the Queen is killed in Chicago and Obama blames Israel, most Brits will rush to follow Obama to invade Israel without question and join him in Hell. If he leads the charge against Israel, most of them will accept Obama as their new king.

They won't hesitate and will rush and even fight for a place on the front lines to clear the minefields for everyone else.

Many of them are mindless sheeple who will believe what they are told and do what they are told without question. They are every bit as bad as the US sheeple.

Nothing has changed and everything is as bad as it has been for thousands of years because evil and stupid people don't change.

Regardless of which country they come from, what color their skin, or whether they are male or female, the sheeple are neither hot nor cold and Jesus said He will spew them out of His mouth and I can see why.

Know that it is a combination of the sheeple and the thugs that empower the tyrants. The tyrants can't have their tyranny without both of them, the thugs to bully people into submission and the sheeple to submit and to use pear pressure to force others into submission. I am still trying to figure out which is the greater threat to a nation, the thugs or the sheeple. After all, without the sheeple, even the thugs will be useless.

Viet America

Vietnam vets, use what you learned about fighting commies in guerilla warfare in Nam because now you need it to fight commie guerilla traitors in the US. That fight is now here.

Suez Canal

Remember that I told you that they would go after the Ever Given ship for blocking the Suez Canal?

Egypt is holding the ship until they pay at least $1 billion and don't be surprised if there is an investigation that puts some very wealthy people in jail for intentionally causing that mess.

Archaeological Sites

Remember that I told you that the blue cities are quickly turning into the future's archaeological sites because so many people are fleeing them and, when those cities reach a point of no return because there will no longer be enough people remaining in those cities to pay for the infrastructure needed to remain in those cities, you know, no water, sewer, or garbage collection, there will be a quick mass exodus that will turn those cities into ghost towns that will become pillaged and then covered by dirt and dust just like too many major cities in history such as Babylon, Ur, and Nineveh?

This video tells you how bad our big blue cities are imploding and turning into ghost towns and future archaeological sites to be dug up hundreds to thousands of years from now. It is not if but it is happening right now and the only question left is how fast.

Hey, the upper class trash are very good at destroying civilizations because they have more than 3,000 years experience.

The big question right now is "how many people do each of the big blue cities have to have to be able to continue to support that city's infrastructure with their taxes?" When those cities drop below that number, that city is dead.

Many blue cities are getting close or are already there but are being propped up by federal money, staving off the inevitable. Without the federal money to prop them up, some of those cities would probably already be turning into archaeological sites.


Remember that I told you that communism never works for the middle and lower classes but ALWAYS works for the corrupt upper class trash by making them more wealth at everyone else's expense.

This video shows you a communist who is doing just that. Communism is working very well for her by enriching her but very poorly for the people she is pretending to care about, you know, like all commie upper class trash only pretend to care about anyone or anything other than themselves and their bank accounts.

Yes, communism works for the upper class trash, no, communism never works for the middle and lower classes.


China is getting more aggressive towards Taiwan as if she is preparing to invade Taiwan.

What is going on?

China is "testing the waters" for an invasion of Taiwan. They are testing Biden to see how far they can push him and whether it is far enough to get away with an invasion.

What Biden needs to do, but probably won't do, is very soon take a more aggressive stance in protecting Taiwan. He could do this in a number of ways such as basing troops, ships, and planes in Taiwan or basing a carrier fleet near enough to Taiwan to be able to aid Taiwan's planes to help Taiwan's and the US planes intercept the Chinese planes encroaching on Taiwan's airspace or any number of similar actions showing the US has had enough and China better back off.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I told you that the upper class trash never learn from history and they always eventually begin believing that their evil actions won't eventually cost them?

This video tells you the same thing I have been telling you that 1) the upper class trash now think they are smarter and superior to their ancestors so they think their actions won't backlash against them the way their ancestors actions also back lashed against them and 2) they think they can repeat history without paying the same prices their ancestors paid.

This man tells you those things and that history says the upper class trash are wrong again.

Note that they also point out that this conspiracy conference was organized by a lefty college professor just like I have been warning you for years about the academe. Your lefty college professors are a very big part of the problem that is causing this mess and coup. The lefty college professors are this civilization's enemies.


If I were a cop in a blue city, I would just walk away and get a good job. It is better to take a pay cut than to end up being tried for a crime because you killed a bad guy who probably would have killed you. No self defense allowed for cops in blue cities.

Go sweep floors and clean toilets before some corrupt lefty DA brings charges against you. It isn't if but when will it be your turn and you cops deserve better than that.

Quit being the lefty fools. The lefties who hate and persecute you don't deserve you risking your lives to protect them.

Your job is not worth the hell it will eventually cause you. Let the unarmed lefties defend themselves against their beloved criminals.

Yes, I know that some of you have been on the force long enough that you are getting close to retirement so you keep putting in the time and hoping you won't have to kill in self defense so an evil lefty DA won't bring charges against you.

Think about it. If you get killed, you won't get that retirement. If you get tried for defending yourself, you will get fired, tried in court, your career will be destroyed, you will lose your job anyway, possibly get falsely convicted, and won't get that retirement.

Let the retirement go and walk away, find a new job, save up your money, and retire on your own or you can plan to work for the rest of your life like many other people are now doing. You can't do any of that, if you get railroaded by a corrupt DA. You will lose everything.

Just think how vulnerable all of those lefty politicians and upper class trash who hate you would be without you to protect them from their beloved criminals they keep feeling sorry for and turning lose on you. I would want video of that.

Especially if the left uses the fear of the mob and doxing the jury to scare the jury to convict either Derek Chauvin or Kim Potter, you cops MUST just walk away from those blue cities. Let the corrupt politicians, media, academe, and DAs have those cities without you to protect them and use for political purposes. It is stupid and crazy to remain a cop in a blue city. If you stick around, you will deserve what you will get.

Just think what would happen in those arrogant, cop hating and punishing blue cities without any cops, you know, if every cop walked away. The criminals would quickly realize that it is everyone for their own and all hell would break loose very quickly with criminals even invading the upper class trash homes, who are causing all of this mess, because the criminals can get more by sacking the upper class trash.

Walk away for you and your families.

Consolidation of Power

Remember that I have been telling you that the Commierats have set up their commie dictatorship and are right now consolidating power to make sure they never lose control and power of our government again?

This crap about them trying to pack the US Supreme Court can be about nothing but consolidating their power to shore up their commie dictatorship.

Right now, one of their biggest problems in consolidating power is that the courts keep stopping the commies' unconstitutional laws and mandates. The only way to stop that is put enough commies in enough courts to support all of the commies' unconstitutional laws and mandates that are being made for the sole purpose of consolidating their power.


It is very apparent that Biden is trying to start a war with Russia. It looks like he is trying to sucker Putin into staging a preemptive attack against the US and the EU so Biden can justify going to war against Russia.

You know, dem Russians is duh bad guys cause dey attacked us first tingy. Hey, the stupid people will fall for it.


This cruising channel is about a couple doing shore line cruising and the male is literally a professional at boat repairs. He made his living repairing boats before he started cruising. He teaches you a lot of details and tricks about maintaining and repairing boats.

Some of you will probably enjoy the channel just because of what he teaches.

Space Aliens

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties are doing the space alien thingy to get you to believe the "space aliens" when they tell you to submit to the absolute control and will of your "intellectually superior" corrupt upper class trash "so they can take care of you"?

This video shows them doing just that.

Note several things about this. 1) The person being interviewed by Tucker is not a scientist but is a media x-ee-spoit who probably watched too many sci-fi moobees so he knoze all about spacey aliens and 2) the objects are not shaped like pyramids like they keep telling you to cause you to think about the pyramid shaped space craft on the TV series, "Star Gate", in order to convince the stupid people dat dey is are be really spacey aliens. The "craft" are triangle shaped, you know, like delta wing aircraft.

There is a big difference and they don't know that?

3) Dee x-ee-spoits keep using scary terms like "swarming our war ships" to scare you, you know, you better submit to der will or dey will zap you into kingdom come.

You're obviously being played and the big question is, "Are you stupid enough to fall for it?"

Reading the comments for the video, I see that quite a few people are not being fooled and know they are being fooled and distracted. That gives me hope.

I have been warning you for years that the lefties would do this and they are now really ramping it up because the lefties are back into power. After all, the lefties wouldn't want der spacey aliens to tell you to submit to the will of conservative leaders.

Also note that these craft are illuminated and keep flashing, you know, to let duh hoomans know dey is are be here.

If you "see real space aliens" be sure to check out their Hollywood makeup. It would be funny if it rained while the spacey aliens were on camera and their makeup began to run.

Also, remember me telling you how scientifically and militarily ignorant journalists are?

The UFOs are ours and I told you about that years ago.

People, please note that almost all of our current best military aircraft were designed and built from the 1950s until about the 1970s.

Don't you think that, in the last 50+ years, our engineers and scientists could design and build top secret aircraft that would be much better than today's aircraft that the enemies of the US know nothing about? Gee, just maybe those UFOs are really top secret US aircraft just like I told you years ago?

Think, people, connect the dots and think.

2 Chronicles 7:14

"If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and heal their land."

This is exactly what I have been telling you for years that you MUST do to get your land back.

Do it or lose it all.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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