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Organized Crime

Why can't the law enforcement stop a lot of these crimes like drugs, human trafficking, the Internet scams, hacking, and others?

When I was in the military and trained in espionage in the early 1970s, we knew we could stop the drug smuggling into the US within just a few months but we also knew that Congress had passed a law forbidding the military to intervene in the drug trade and other forms of contraband like human trafficking. This was no big secret in the military operations community.

Also, in the 1970s, before the left completely took over the MSM, I saw several different law officers interviewed independently of each other in secrecy who all stated that the law enforcement could quickly stop such crimes in the US but the upper class trash was having their political puppets stop any and all investigations into those crimes because all such crimes were being managed by the upper class trash who make a fortune from those crimes.

You see, everyone involved in smuggling drugs, people, and other contraband into the US, you know, gangs, cartels, other criminal organizations, and others, work for and pay a percentage to the upper class trash and their political and bureaucratic puppets. It is also very likely that all of these top level hackers stealing from you are working for organizations owned by the upper class trash which is why you never hear of these hackers being caught unless they are acting on their own in competition with the upper class trash hackers. There are just too many coincidences.

"Hey, do as I say and not as I do."

I have been watching this international crime since the 1970s and it is very obvious that it is run by the upper class trash, who make hundreds of billions from it every year. Stealing and other crimes are the only ways that the upper class trash know how to make significant money.

I realized a long time ago that, unless there is a massive revolution, you are not going to catch these criminals and stop these crimes...but God can.

Food For Thought

On Judgment Day you are going to see everyone you knew including all of those who you "lost" because they went on before you and those you left behind. It will be the greatest reunion in history though most are not going to like it.

Don't be surprised if the Queen of England dies soon because, when an older person loses a spouse they have been married to a long time, the stress can cause them to also die shortly after.

I noticed that the Queen was so stressed out by Phillip dying and the fighting within the family that she attended the funeral off by herself to get away from that stress. Keep an eye on this.

Also, here is an easy prediction, if the Queen of England dies soon, all hell will break loose in an international royal power struggle. You will see alliances quickly form among the royals and open warfare between those alliances. You will quickly find out who the hiding royals or "commoners" are. A lot of royals will die along with millions of surfs, peasants, peons, and other slaves.

Remember that Obama is a member of the British Royal Family and will be involved in that power struggle.

Hard Lessons

God has used my circumstances, problems, terrible health, and poverty to teach me a lot the hard way and I want to share some of those lessons and how God uses such things to teach us.

About 15 to 20 years ago, my health induced poverty got so bad that I had to begin rationing food because Welfare wouldn't pay me enough in food stamps to eat well on. I had gained weight because my sleep apnea caused me to be hypoxic or have low oxygen blood level at night and burning fat is an aerobic or oxygen requiring process so my body couldn't burn much fat and just stored what little I was taking in.

After we started the treatment for my sleep apnea so I was getting more oxygen at night, I have lost 60+ pounds just by having enough oxygen to burn the fat, which you tend to burn better than 90% of your fat at night while sleeping.

This prolonged food rationing also caused my stomach to shrink so I just can't eat much food plus I can't exercise much so my food stores in my body kept me from feeling hungry. For at least 15 to 20 years, I have been only eating one to two meals a day and they were just small meals.

Then, late last year, they started this stimulus stuff and I was suddenly making a little more. I am still living in poverty but, for me, I was suddenly doing a lot better, especially for food stamps. I could suddenly eat better but my bad health and inactivity were keeping me from wanting to eat.

Without realizing it, I began to buy little things I had not had for more than a decade and had always enjoyed but I often just couldn't eat that much so it started getting stocked up in my freezer and cabinets. A little over a month ago, I realized that God was stocking me up without me realizing it for what is coming so I thought I would consciously do so, God willing and, boy, has He been willing.

Remember that I was living in poverty for the last 20 years and didn't have money to order much of anything from anywhere so I had gotten out of touch with any such systems so this last month has been a big learning process for me because a lot can change in 20 years.

I found out about ordering online through Walmart and started learning that they must have one really screwed up warehousing system and FedEx ain't that efficient either. If you order over $100 from Walmart, the shipping is free and I can afford that. Free fits in my budget.

As I watched, I realized that, one time the same product would be shipped from Phoenix and then either Albuquerque or LA or wherever. Also, part of the order would come from here, part from there, and part from wherever. There was no rhyme or reason to their warehousing or shipping system and stuff didn't seem to be coming from a centralized warehousing system, just wherever their puters located stuff to ship. It was kind of like their puter was throwing darts at an electronic map.

Then FedEx would take 3 to 5 days to get stuff from a few hundred to less than 1,000 miles away with little rhyme or reason for time in relation to distance except that they would ship to a "distribution center" and then from there to another one and then another one until it finally got on a truck to Alamogordo and then to my house.

For years I thought they probably used a more logical warehousing system where district warehouses put whatever they needed or ordered in a store on trucks and the stuff went straight to those stores.

It is not even close. It was kind of like throwing leaves into the wind and watching where they blew. They even recently lost an order, realized they lost it, and reordered all without making contact with me. That order was supposed to get here the 14th and is now supposed to get here today, the 18th.

In all fairness to Walmart, there were several cases where an order was either shorted or recalled and they just quickly replaced it with no problems. Their people do good work it is just that their system seems funky.

I am sitting here watching this crap going on and realizing that it must all be designed and managed by geniuses who gots dem duh right degree from duh right unkneebursity. It makes my brain hurt.

BTW, while I was doing this stocking up, God was causing my bank account to grow. I couldn't seem to spend it fast enough. I got my freezer stuffed (literally) and canned and packaged food just about everywhere I can find to stuff it. It will take me 6 months to eat that much food plus I still have money. God is stocking me up for some pretty bad times.

God taught me that what He means by "blessing us abundantly" is that He will give us more than we can spend or use.

You have to understand that suddenly going from poverty and rationing to having more food than you can eat in 6 months is a wee bit of a shock. I am having to change my thinking from subsistence budgeting to budget management for a possible disaster.

BTW, I won't take the last item off of a shelf to stock up because it is irresponsible to leave an empty shelf and cause others to do without to stock up. You have to stock up responsibly and slowly.

Last week, at about 4 am, you know, when sane people are asleep, I was thinking about God making me build that train set up, some of the items I had designed into that setup being on clearance sale, God having given me more money, and other things when I realized, "Is God wanting me to show my faith by spending a little of this money on a few of those items?"

Did He want me to show my faith in Him making it possible for me to build that train setup by purchasing a few of the items that were on clearance with the little extra I now had?

I decided to see and buy a few of those items and, boy, have I been learning from that.

USPS had and still has the bad reputation of being very inefficient so, when I ordered a few items from Woodland Scenics and they sent me an e-mail saying they sent it by USPS, I thought, "It will get here in a week." I was absolutely stunned, when 2 days after I placed the order, I had it in my hands.

I did a little research and found out that a number of years ago USPS hired a private firm to reorganize their package shipping service and they now have one of the most efficient package shipping services out there.

Now this also taught me that Woodland Scenic's warehousing system is very good because they had the package in the mail within a few hours. Some people actually have their act together.

I also ordered a few things from another company and four days later, I don't know if they have completed the order, have backordered stuff, or have it in the mail. I might find out tomorrow, you know, five days after I placed the order and it may get here tomorrow. I don't know.

Then I realized that my Walmart pants belts keep wearing out really fast so I decided to order a belt and a couple of other items from an outfit that sells to cops and military to get a belt that might actually last 4 or 5 years instead of months. That cheap crap made by Chinese slave labor is garbage but, for years, it was all I could afford to buy.

I found a really great watch I purchased from them a quarter of a century ago before I got so sick for $100, it lasted for a little over 20 years and it was only $34 so I ordered one. If it lasts 20 years, it will cost me less than $2 per year. I also ordered my belt and some boot strings. The boot strings went back order, the belt is being sent from the people they buy it from (I have no idea if it has been sent or is on the moon), and I think the watch is on its way either by FedEx or USPS because their e-mail said both.

Yes, that is right, they said it had been shipped by USPS and then by FedEx in the same e-mail. Even on their tracking site, it says the "method for shipping is USPS first class" but under status it says, "ship via FedEx ground" so it is probably coming by UFO by way of Jupiter.

Who manages these businesses? What are they teaching in those business schools today?

One out of about 4 or 5 businesses I ordered stuff from is actually doing a great job and the rest are more hit and miss than anything. It makes my brain hurt.

BTW, the train stuff I got was HO scale and, from what I had seen on the sites and in YouTube videos, I expected HO scale stuff to be larger than it was. I had never seen the stuff in person.

The crap is tiny! I was stunned at how small the stuff is and I am still a little shocked by it but now laughing at it instead of on the verge of freaking out. I couldn't believe that people are paying that much for adult toys that tiny. We clearly have a lot of people who have a lot of money.

The videos they show use close ups to make the stuff look much, much larger than it really is. A little car isn't even 1/6 the size of my puter mouse. A flea could drive the thing.

A good thing about it is that it will save me a lot of money on paint because there isn't much to paint. I was wondering why those sites sell such small bottles of paint. Hey, just use a colored magic marker or a crayon.

One thing I had been worrying about was having enough room on my layout for everything I had designed to put on it. Now my problem is, "Will anyone be able to see anything on the layout or will they think the stuff is bugs?" I have been laughing at that for several days now. People will have to use binoculars to find things on my layout. It is barely going to be 3 dimensional. I can't wait to see how small the houses are that I bought from the other site.

Maybe I can make some money by renting them out to bugs?

I have learned a lot about a lot of things over the last month. What a trip my life has been and it seems to never stop.

Mean while, the adventure continues because I still have orders out from about 3 different businesses, some of which went backorder and could take 6 weeks to get here. I have learned that I have to keep lists of things ordered to keep track of them. You can't just order stuff, sit back, and it all shows up at the same time like they show on TV.

Hey, at least it ain't boring. And I still have more money than I did a month ago and all I have left to spend money on is monthly bills with more money coming in soon and I am thanking God for all of it. After more than 20 years of poverty, it is a blessing that I can actually buy a few fun things over the Internet. It is like not being able to even ride a bicycle for 15 years and finally being able to ride one starting this last fall. Things are getting better because God is taking care of me.

I am having to learn to spend money for other than subsistence and to deal with online ordering and shipping. I will need that when God makes me start building the things He said I will have to build.

Suddenly, about the last month, God started really blessing me like I can't believe and I thank God for it a number of times each day. Up to about 4 months ago, it was tough. That change alone is a shock.

You people might want to stock up for at least 3 to 4 months because of what is going on, getting worse, and the plans the left has for us and remember that man plans, God laughs.

What you want to do is build a stock, rotate the stock by using the oldest stuff first, replace what you use, and, when things get tough, use your stock pile to buffer your rationing to make up for what you can't buy any more until things get better.

Figured It Out

After writing the above I realized the answer to a problem I have been having with me using bicycling for my physical therapy.

When I was finally recovered enough I could ride a bicycle again last fall to start using it for my physical therapy, it started out with me improving well but then I started going into over training and having medical relapses, when I should not have. I was being very careful not to cause over training.

I tried everything in the books plus a few things but I could only improve to a point and then relapse. As soon as it started getting cold, it really affected me badly so I quit riding when it was cold, once for about 6 weeks.

Then, when the wind started blowing, it also affected me badly because of the extra workload.

I was wondering what was going on and what damage had my prolonged illness caused that was causing this.

The above article reminded me that I had been rationing food for about 15 to 20 years, which would put my body in a state of prolonged famine and famine physiology explains everything. I had been rationing food so long that I just didn't think about it anymore.

You have to understand that it requires energy and nutrition to maintain molecular structures within your body so that, when you are not getting enough nutrition, your body will shed molecules you are not using or cannot sustain. This decreases the molecular structure and function of your body in many ways to conserve energy and nutrients for life functions.

This is a survival mechanism designed into our bodies by God so we can survive really bad situations as hunter-gatherers when food is scarce or in famine. You see this with people in a sustained famine when their bodies have gotten very thin.

Because of my "prolonged famine" or rationing of food, my stomach and digestive tract have clearly shrunken so they can't handle as much food, my endocrine system has decreased functions so it cannot provide the hormones required for the cells to maintain a higher metabolic rate, and my cell structures have been diminished so they can't sustain a higher metabolic rate. It took time to cause this problem and will take time to resolve it but now that I understand what my problem is I can begin working on it.

What this simply means is that I cannot ingest or process enough food to support much exercise and the molecular structures that would result and be required to sustain improving exercise. The cold and wind only stressed my body more causing me to "over train" because they both require more energy.

Proof of this is that, with me eating more food, I feel constantly stuffed because of the decreased size and function of my digestive system. The thing is that I am still only eating one to two meals a day but, because my digestive system is so small, I am still stuffed all day.

You have to understand that, if you try to quickly increase the food consumption for a person suffering from famine, it will over load their system and can even stress them out enough to cause death so you have to be careful with famine recovery. You don't just suddenly start having people from a prolonged famine stuff themselves because it can kill them.

That means I have to slowly increase my food intake so my body can slowly rebuild what has been torn down so I can ingest more food so I can process more food so my body can have more nutrients to rebuild with so my body can sustain more growth, while being lightly stimulated with exercise. This is going to take a while.

It is in moments like this that I thank God for teaching me so much about science, especially biology.


Remember that I have been teaching you that the lefty academe, especially in the "soft sciences", are largely responsible for the problems we are having and that are getting worse because of the academe?

This video shows that this is true and which fields of study are causing our current problems because they are where our corrupt politicians and bureaucrats tend to come from.

If you want to see just how simple minded, ignorant, and stupid the lefty academe and politicians are, just watch this video.


I just saw a video, where the title said, "Why does evil happen?"

Evil doesn't just happen. Some people choose to be evil and cause evil to happen because they choose evil over good. It is that simple.

Evil exists because evil people choose to be evil and cause evil to happen because they like being and doing evil.

God only permits evil for a while as part of our tests because, if someone is doing evil and getting away with it, you will be more tempted to also do evil, which is the test. If all evil people were very quickly stopped by God, then no one would be tempted to do evil, there could be no test as to whether you will choose evil, and all of the people who want to choose evil would just call God an unfair, oppressive dictator because He won't let them do evil.

Also, by God permitting evil people to do their evil for a while before they burn in Hell, it permits everyone else to see the results of people doing evil so they will know that God is just in finally stopping evil by incarcerating people who choose to be evil in God's eternal penal institution, the Lake of Fire.

God did not create evil and He doesn't cause evil, He just permits you to choose between evil and good to test you and prove that evil is bad. Satan, his demons, and their human spawn choose to be evil and cause evil. It isn't God's fault, it is our fault and, on Judgment Day, God will forever do away with evil by forever doing away with evil people who choose to be evil and cause evil.


Remember me telling you years ago that the lefties have been starting wars in other nations so the lefties can station US troops in those nations to get our troops out of the US so those troops cannot stop the lefty coup of the US Government?

This video shows that the US is deploying troops from the continental US (not from bases in Europe) to the Russian border while the US commies are right now staging their coup and consolidating power. Gee, what a coincidence.

This should tell you that Biden "starting a war with Russia" is 1) a distraction from the commie coup in the US and 2) an excuse to move US troops out of the US so those troops cannot stop the commie coup.

This is about to get nasty and the commies are stacking the deck in their favor before the commies cause it to get nasty.


More and more, most journalists convince me that most journalists are ignorant idiots.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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