I Told You So 391


During the late Trump administration I told you that major corporations were laying off people to destroy the economy to make Trump look bad.

Now that Biden is in office, those same corporations are hiring back those employees to recover the economy to make Biden look good and they can't figure out why the economy still sucks.

Yeah, these criminals really care about people, don't they?

It is obvious but the stupid people who got dem duh right degrees from duh right unkneebursities can't figure it out. They destroyed and are still destroying tens of thousands of small businesses to eliminate competition that can't hire back their employees. Oops!

In spite of 9 million new hiring's by businesses owned by the upper class trash, there are still 13 million unemployed and the geniuses don't get it. Another thing the geniuses are too stupid to get is that is 13 million unemployed people who are now not making enough money to buy as much at their upper class trash stores so they are losing more money as the economy tanks because of their greed and lust for power. Gee, another great sounding stupid idea by the corrupt left fails and backfires on them.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil," and these greedy people are very evil because of their love of money.

People, if you destroy enough jobs, the economy is going to tank, I don't care how smart you think you are.

The solution is also obvious, well, except for stupid people who dot duh right degree from duh right unkneebursity. You take the money made by the upper class trash by destroying those businesses away from those upper class trash and give it to the people whose businesses they destroyed so those people can restart their businesses and hire back those unemployed people and the economy will boom again.

Hey, when the cops catch someone who stole something with that something, the cops return what was stolen to whom it was stolen from. They should do the same thing here...and put the upper class trash thieves in prison.

A Big Con

The left conned us into "being tolerant" of homosexuals and now the homosexuals are using us having been tolerant of homosexuals and those homosexuals using that to get into positions of power to bully you into also being homosexual, while brainwashing your children into being homosexuals because dey just gots to be able to screw anyone and everyone they want. Hey, if the left can't seduce you, they will bully and terrorize you to get what they want, you know, like they just did with COVID 19.

Now, if you refuse to play a homosexual whore for their sexual pleasure, you will be called a homophobe and shamed into submission. You will let them have perverted sex with you or they will bully you into submission so they can force you to have sex with them. It is using psychological warfare to rape you.


Remember that I told you that the Euro-American royals are working to take back their planet and slaves? Remember that I told you that this recent G-7 meeting in Britain was the puppets reporting and answering to the Queen of England?

They took a picture of all of the puppets or political leaders standing on a stage with the British Prime Minister in the middle front, the position of power, with Britain not being the most powerful nation in that group. Then they took another picture on the same stage with the Queen of England sitting in a chair (her throne?) in the same position of power.

Oops!!! I told you so.

Gee, I wonder if that is why they just happened to have the G-7 meeting in Britain at this time with them setting up their global dictatorship and tax?

That sure is a lot of coincidences.

Take a good look at that picture because that is your royal monarch with her royal children and puppets. She got her colonies, planet, and slaves back.

Where are the founding fathers when you need them?

The royals never quit, they just regrouped, reorganized, and kept trying to get their colonies and planet back.

You think not?

This G-7 meeting, intentionally held in Britain while they are grabbing for global power, was a show of power by the British Royals and the Queen made known who is the boss on the world stage and it ain't Joe Biden, who was laughed at, mocked, and insulted by the Brits, you know, our traitorous allies.

The Queen was making it known that she is in charge of this planet because she finally got her colonies back along with all of their power. Oh, she has not finished consolidating power and control over her colonies but she has enough control that she feels safe in making it known that her gaining that additional power makes her your global monarch and you her surf or slave. The royals are back in business as usual.

Unfortunately, we don't have any Founding Fathers left. Everyone who can do anything to free the American people from British Royal rule again is either a coward with no spine or a traitor and a true Benedict Arnold in the worst way possible. Only God can save our butts now.

Just watch and you will see the Queen exert her control and power over the rest of the world more and especially over the US, as her lefties consolidate power over the US.

Do you believe me yet that the Republic of the US is dead and just not finished kicking yet but the lefties/royals are doing their best to take care of that right now. Hey, you colonist surfs better know your place. Get down on your knees before your queen, slaves.

And after we shed our blood to save their butts so many times. "Never more, quoth the raven." Next time, the Germans can have them.


Remember that years ago I warned you that the left was putting up fake YouTube channels to put out their propaganda?

I am seeing more and more of those channels and it is getting really bad. Now, with the controversy with COVID 19, they are putting up channels with doctors, who could easily just be marketing people pretending to be doctors, while putting out the upper class trash lies.

It is getting harder and harder to get the truth on the Internet because the left controls most of it.

Your Money

Remember that I told you how people like Elon Musk and other mega rich use your money to do the "incredible things" they do, you know, all of those super duper big deals, by the corrupt government giving them your tax money for free?

Technically, all of those things they do, you know, like buying up all of those homes so you can't buy them, belong to you and should be taken away from the mega rich and given or sold to you at a discount.

We will take care of that after the revolution.

BTW, these greedy and power mad upper class trash royals impoverishing you by stealing from you is going to quickly mean that you will no longer have too much to lose to stage that revolution and these smarty pants upper class trash are too stupid to figure that out. They are impoverishing you to control you but what it will actually do is set you free to fight for your freedoms and rights.

If these upper class trash royal criminals steal much more from you, you will have more to gain than to lose by fighting a revolution for your freedoms and rights and the inbred royals are too stupid to understand that. That is the worst thing these smarty pants idiots can do, to set you free from your worldly belongings to fight a revolution against their royal oppression again.

Man plans, God laughs.

Me thinks that, this time, you won't leave as many royal heads on shoulders as last time. Yeah, I have noticed that many more of you are getting even more ticked with each crime the royals commit against you.

And, if you are really smart, when the shooting war gets going and the royals send in their troops to fight and oppress you, you will send plane loads of guns and ammo to parachute the guns and ammo to the people in other countries the royals have already disarmed so those people can also fight the royals, you know, force the royals to spread their troops out thin enough it will be easier to beat them again.

That is part of how we beat them before, with the people staging revolutions around the world at the same time, and that is part of how we can beat them again. Spread their troops out by helping others in other nations also fight them. They are planning on taking you out by ganging up on you so you take them out by ganging up on them.

We the people, ALL 7.6 BILLION OF THE PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD, unite to fight against the few million royals with a revolution in every town, baby.

Yeah, I have studied just a wee bit of military history and science and, when Carl fights a war, Carl doesn't play nice. I learned that lesson from Nam. Nice guys lose wars and, if you lose a war where you are fighting for your life, you won't live to fight another war. I learned from street fighting that, when I fight, there can only be one rule, survive. You do what you have to in order to survive so you can continue to protect your people. Dead people don't protect anyone.


Mark sent me an e-mail about the Ungod Cult you should find interesting.

"The evolutionists' ungod cult is losing the battle but they have not given up. Their pseudo-science is still in all the textbooks used in public education. They still have the fake news media, Hollywood, and woke companies. They still have the fact that many stupid people are adherents to their religion of evolution. They still have their peer reviews (however, the peer of an idiot is still an idiot). Evolution is their religion, free sex is their worship, and abortion is their sacrament.

The 'Is Genesis History' series has done a good job of refuting evolution. I enjoy their videos. Del Tackett is the producer of the videos and he also has series entitled 'The Truth Project.' I like to watch his videos."

Yeah, Satan's spawn never quit, they just keep telling their lies and stupid people keep believing those lies and supporting Satan's spawn. But, hey, their evil cults will all burn in Hell with them. You won't find any of those satanic cults in Paradise.


Concerning my article and the video I linked to about shoplifting, Mark wrote:

"In the shoplifting video, I read quite a few of the comments. It seems that all of them were ready to say her stealing was acceptable because she was homeless. In comment, I wrote, 'She will shoplift again. Unfortunately we have trained too many kids that they can do no wrong, and they are always right even when wrong. The problem I see with almost all of the comments here is they fail to admit the she is a THIEF, regardless of her circumstances.'"

Mark is right because I was taught by street criminals that all you have to do to get off with being caught committing a crime is to pretend to be the victim. "Why, I steal to feed my children" whether they have children or not.

People, I learned in dealing with criminals at all levels that criminals are criminals and they all steal for the same reason that the people on the street call "fast, easy money." It is faster and easier to steal than to work and earn it, which is exactly why our corrupt politicians and bureaucrats steal, fast, easy money. They are too lazy to work and earn it so they just steal it...and then play the victim so the stupid people will feel sorry for them and let them off easy. They all know how to play the stupid people for suckers.

"Oh, poor widdle me!"

The ugly truth is that they all made the knowledgeable decision to steal and could have certainly survived without stealing.

When I was a kid, we lived in third world poverty and didn't have to steal to survive. We went hungry a few times but we survived and didn't steal. My mother and father taught me to respect the law and everyone else. Stealing from people is disrespecting those people.

I told you that, living here in poverty that most poor people in the US can't even imagine, I saw about half a dozen opportunities to make big money of at least $100,000 a year stealing from others but I CHOSE to not steal because I would rather be a respectable poor person than a thief. I can still look at me in the mirror and not have to lie to say I am not a thief and God has taken care of me for it.

I KNOW that, if I had stolen, God would have made sure I would have been in prison by now. You can bet that those opportunities to make big money stealing from others, while living in poverty, were tests from God that I made sure I passed. Someday, God will reward me for that, He said so, while God also punishes those who fail that test by stealing because of their love of money.

Remember that God told me He would make me rich so I could help rebuild our economy?

That test was to make sure I would not put money before God or others before God makes me rich and, God making me rich will be, in part, God rewarding me for not putting money before God and others. God knows He can trust me to do what God wants me to do with a lot of money.

The difference between me and the criminals is that I love God more than I love money.

Poverty is not a valid reason to steal, just a lame excuse to steal that stupid people fall for.

Is the picture of what God told me He wants me to do getting clearer yet?

New Mexico

Remember that I told you that the Spanish royals in New Mexico have seized control of New Mexico's government and are consolidating power to reform their Spanish monarchy, after almost 200 years of trying to reestablish their monarchy?

I just realized that there is a great big fat hint that the upper class trash do NOT intend to permit the Spanish royals to reform their monarchy in New Mexico and, boy, are these greedy, power mad Spanish royals going to be upset when they finally figure this one out.

You have to understand that, when under Spanish rule, there were 3 territories established across the Southwest. These were:

1) Texas (pronounced Tay-haus), which ran from the Gulf of Mexico to the River of Texas in the center of modern Texas, just west of San Antonio, and from the Rio Grande in the south to about Oklahoma in the north.

2) Alta California, which ran from today's Baja California in the south to the territory of Washington (Washington State) in the north (claimed by Russia at that time) and from the Pacific Ocean to the San Andres Mountains in the east.

3) Nuevo Mexico, which ran from the San Andres Mountains on the west to the River of Texas on the East and from the Rio Grande in the South to Canada in the North.

So, what happened?

After the Mexican-American War of 1846 to 1848, the US purchased the territories of Nuevo Mexico and Alta California from Mexico for about 2.5 to 5 times the market value at that time. The greedy, power mad people running Texas at that time, decided to make a phony map of Texas claiming almost half of the territory the US had just purchased, claiming everything east of the Rio Grande and Santa Fe, New Mexico was actually part of Texas.

After considerable debate the idiots in Congress decided to give the criminals running Texas half of what they were trying to steal plus El Paso.

A few decades ago, the criminals running Commiefornia decided, "Hey, we can play that game too" and drew up a phony map showing Alta California as being everything west of the Rio Grande, wiping out Nuevo Mexico completely.

So the lefties combined both maps obliterating Nuevo Mexico and you can find that phony map on the Internet.

What should this map tell you?

That the lefty upper class trash have absolutely no intentions of permitting the Spanish royals to reestablish their monarchy in Nuevo Mexico because the greedy, power mad upper class trash want everything.

Listen, people, if the upper class trash would share with anyone, why would they set up a global dictatorship?

The Spanish royals in New Mexico are screwed and too stupid to figure it out until it will be too late. They better enjoy their power while they can because the other royals are about to screw the Spanish royals royally. Hey, at least it will be a royal screwing.

Don't believe me?

Go study those phony maps created by the lefty upper class trash royals, you know, the British Royals, and explain to me where they show the new monarchy of Nuevo Mexico that, according to their maps, never existed so the New Mexico Spanish royals couldn't possibly have a legitimate claim. Yeah, baby, the British Royals don't plan to share their colonies with anyone else, definitely not the Spanish royals.

Man plans, God laughs.

And you think there won't be a resumption of wars by royals against royals for more wealth and power after the royals have retaken control of "their planet"? Really?

They have already drawn the battle lines, people. Yep, this is getting interesting.


I keep watching to see what people are talking about concerning Fauci. They are finally figuring out what I spent the last year plus telling you, which is that Fauci was not using or talking about science. He was lying his butt off for political and/or monetary reasons.

It is great to see that they are finally figuring this out, after all, it took them long enough and they are still figuring it out.

The big problem right now is that NONE of them have figured out what Fauci SHOULD have done and I told you about in detail months ago.

Why are they not figuring this out?

Because they are too ignorant about science, medicine, and military logistics, history, and crisis management.

When they figure out what Fauci SHOULD have done, it will become obvious that Fauci should be facing charges for AT LEAST criminal negligence because Fauci and his entire staff didn't do the job they should have done and did things that they should not have done and were very harmful to the people. Fauci and his entire staff belong in prison or hung.

Don't believe me?

Take the details of what I taught you about what Fauci should have done to the US Military and they will agree that is what Fauci should have done but didn't do, making Fauci criminally negligent.

I am wondering if these x-spirts will ever figure that out. But, hey, the x-spirts are just now figuring out that Fauci wasn't talking about science, you know, more than a year later.

Is it going to take all of these people more than a decade to finally figure out what Fauci should have done when I have already explained it to you in detail? Remember that I keep telling you that journalists are some of the most ignorant people I have seen with a college degree?

My brain hurts. I want my own planet. No wonder God has me writing this blog for you people.

Fun, Well For Me

This video is about new countermeasures for modern weapons systems, in this case, mine dectection. I really love countermeasures because it is a very deadly form of technology chess, you know, you have to out think the other guy, where I get to work to save American soldiers' lives.

When I see something like this new experimentation in countermeasures (knowing this isn't their best stuff and you won't see their best stuff in public), it just makes my blood boil. I automatically go into countermeasures mode and start using my knowledge of such technology to figure out how to beat these weapons systems. For me, it is fun and a challenge. That is just me.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Chemical Companies

Remember that I told you that the chemical companies give kickbacks to doctors for prescribing drugs to patients, which encourages doctors to prescribe more and more stuff to patients for more kickbacks?

And God said,"The love of money is the root of all evil."

This video tells you about how our healthcare is getting more and more expensive and gives two reasons why.

Pay attention to the second reason where he says, "doctors are REWARDED for doing things to people" and shows pictures of drugs. It is those doctors needlessly prescribing those drugs for kickbacks that is driving up the price of the drugs and making health care so expensive, which should be illegal and enforced.

Especially pay attention to when he points out that US patients are "over medicated" and gives you the details.

They just keep proving me right, people, sometimes more than half a dozen times a day, which is why I write all of these "I Told You so" essays.

Let me give you a personal example. When they first started testing me, I was referred to a quack...uh...I mean doctor who didn't so much as look into my eyes or mouth, sat down and played with his computer for about 10 to 15 minutes, and came to the conclusion that I should take a prescription that would cost me $150 per month.

I already knew what was going on, threw that prescription away, and saw another doctor. He was probably getting about $50/mo for each patient he wrote that prescription for so that, for just 10 patients, it increased his pay by $500/mo for doing nothing but writing the prescription and doing nothing for me. Plus, if that prescription caused problems with a side effect, he could make more money each month by writing another prescription to take care of those side effects caused by the first prescription and the second prescription would cause other side effects he would get to write even more prescriptions for.

It is called malpractice, is corruption, and should be prosecuted along with the drug companies giving the kickbacks.

Do you believe me yet? Do you see why the price of medicine is going through the roof and your health just keeps getting worse while those quack doctors and chemical companies keep getting more and more wealthy?

It ain't because of capitalism. It is because of corruption.

Hey, what do you expect when we took God, the Bible, and Christianity out of our schools and governments so that people are no longer taught and required to live by Christian morals and values?

When God was excommunicated from our schools and government, it left a vacuum where Satan just moved right in and took over with his one law of "Do as thou wilt" and the pagans are doing as they wilt at your expense with no restrictions to protect you.

Here is another example of what Satan's paganism is doing to our nation. Hey, do as you will, baby. That is what the lefty pagans are doing with no regard to the harm it causes you because the only thing they care about is themselves and their bank accounts.

I love this guy's rant. He really nails it in every area.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Are you ready yet for a Christian Theocracy set up to protect you from these greedy human demons that destroy people's lives every year for more money or do you want to watch this crap getting worse for the rest of your life?

Your choice, choose wisely.

Under a Christian Theocracy, Fauci's butt would already be in prison because lying is a crime.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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