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Remember that I told you that God told me that Obama will lead an invasion of Israel after he seizes control of the US Government?

I got this article from American Thinker by Civis Americanus:

"It came to light during the past couple of months that Black Lives Matter Global Network's co-founder Patrisse Cullors called for the destruction of Israel in 2015 - an agenda shared by the terrorist group Hamas. The Daily Mail is not a particularly reliable source, but Cullors speaks for herself in the linked YouTube video.

'Palestine is our generation's South Africa and, if we don't step up boldly and courageously to end the imperialist project that's called Israel, we're doomed.'"

That video shows her saying that at 49:30 to 50:30 into the video.

Remember that the New Black Panthers were founded and are being run by the Nation of Islam as a front organization and the New Black Panthers founded Black Lives Matter as a front organization for them in 2012 with the help of Obama and 2015 was when Obama was still president.

Keep an eye on this because Farrakhan, you know, Obama's "role model" (Obama's words), has been preaching the destruction of Israel since at least the 1960's.

Gee, what a coincidence or two or three or more.

BTW, Obama is getting more and more involved politically because everyone else is failing. Keep an eye on this.

Free Trade

This free trade deal between Australia and the UK is just the British Royals bringing Australia back under ye ole British fold as part of the British Royals rebuilding ye ole British Empire, you know, especially after the British Royals finally got ye ole American Colonies back.

By the strangest of coincidences, the UK made that deal with Australia in Britain right after the G-7 meeting in Britain.

"Nah, dis cain't be no conspiracy because none of dis was planned out because our lefty leaders is are be too supid to work together to do der evil. Why, dey just accidentally and coincidentally do duh same tings in duh same place at duh same time and we lefties is are be so supid we keeps voting for people we tink are dat supid."

You watch, now that the Royals feel they have their American colonies back, the royals will now make free trade deals with the rest of the common wealth nations to also get them back in the British Empire.

Keep an eye on this.

Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden is suddenly such a great artist that he is now selling his paintings for $500,000 each without having even had a public showing yet. Why, Hunter must be such a spectacular and renowned artist that stupid rich people will pay half a million dollars for each painting sight unseen. "Dey just knoze duh paintings is going to be wonderful."

Gee, you don't think that is a new way for the Bidens to launder millions of dollars worth of bribes, do you, you know, you buy one of Hunter's paintings for $500,000 and Papa Joe will use his position as President of the US to do a favor for you?

It really looks that way so keep an eye on it.

How are the Bidens going to launder bribes next? What is Biden going to sell to Putin in their next meeting, B-21 bombers or F-22s or maybe a few spare nukes?

I wrote the above before the Biden-Putin meeting and got this from Breitbart by Joel B. Pollak:

"President Joe Biden gave Russian President Vladimir Putin almost everything he could have wanted at their Geneva summit. He elevated Putin above other leaders, including American allies; and failed to force any real concessions on Russian policy."

He gave Putin even more than I thought he would. From what I am now reading, it appears that Putin kicked Biden's butt in that meeting and we will find out for sure in the next few years.


The lying Marxists keep telling their stupid people that, unlike all other Marxist regimes, 1) their Marxism will work because they will do it differently and 2) all of those other Marxist regimes were not true Marxist regimes, while doing everything the same as those other Marxists regimes.

What? The royals are doing everything the same as those other Marxist regimes but their regime is different? The royal Marxists are doing everything the same and going to get different results?

Only in the minds of the stupid people.

Remember that I have been telling you for years that the commies have been using things like conservationism to grab all of the land they can to control you, the people, the way the royals owned all of the land to control the surfs, peasants, and peons, you know, your ancestors, who were their ancestors' slaves. They started doing this more than 100 years ago under President Teddy Roosevelt, who grabbed a lot of land in the name of protecting the land, called conservation, you know, for a good cause, so that made it alright. Gee, what a coincidence.

What? You mean the great Teddy was a Marxist working to set up a Marxist dictatorship?

I know, let's connect a couple of dots.

Did you know (everybody else does) that FDR (President Franklin Delano Roosevelt) was a socialist/Marxist who started a lot of today's socialism in this nation and got ye ole socialist ball rolling in the US big time? Did you know he was great buddies with two other prominent Marxists, Stalin and Churchill? Where do you think FDR learned his Marxism from, daddy?

Gee, what a bunch of coincidences.

Yep. Oh, they don't teach that part of history.

People, our lefty commie traitor upper class trash are doing the same things that Linen, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Maduro, and the rest of the evil Marxist all did and they are going to get different results? Really?

They are RIGHT NOW grabbing all of the land so "you will own nothing" and be happy little slaves, they are filling their pockets with great wealth stolen from your pockets via their taxes so they will be very wealthy and own everything, you know, just like just like all other Marxist leaders and the European Royals owned everything. Gee, what a coincidence.

Remember that I told you that by the strangest coincidence, the European academe, who were all red and yellow blood royals or "commoners" dreamed up communism just when the European Royals were losing control because the surfs, peasants, and peons, you know, your ancestors, who were the royal slaves, were revolting, you know, where you are required to submit yourself to the rule of the government, you know, THE ROYALS!!!

Gee, there sure are a lot of coincidences, huh? Get the picture yet?

The lefty royal upper class trash are staging an insurrection to get back their colonies, their planet, and their slaves while lying to the stupid people about you patriots staging the insurrection and the stupid people just keep drinking the royal Kool-Aid.

The lefty upper class trash royals are doing everything the same as all other Marxists dictatorships that failed so the results CANNOT be different...anywhere except in the stupid people's minds.

Just like I have been warning you for years, this is a global coup by the lefty commie traitor upper class trash royals to get their planet and their slaves back so they can murder more than 95% of you to make it easier and less expensive to control you slaves and maintain power just like they have been telling you and they are doing it RIGHT NOW!!!

Get the picture yet?

You just might want to get that picture really soon because you don't have much time left and you better get down on your knees, repent of your sins, pray long, pray hard, pray often that God will save our butts from the upper class trash royals again. Just a suggestion.

BTW, I got this from Newser via CenturyLink by Arden Dier:

"A former Mississippi state lawmaker was murdered Sunday outside a burned-out trailer where her sister-in-law was found dead only months ago. Ashley Henley-a Republican who represented District 40, including parts of DeSoto County, from 2016 to 2020-was shot and killed while mowing the grass outside the trailer in the Water Valley Boat Landing community of rural Yalobusha County, reports Mississippi Today."

A few days ago a black man went on a two state shooting spree randomly murdering white people.

People, this is no coincidence. The lefty upper class trash are turning lose their killers to murder conservatives. Their shooting war just ramped up to another level.

The fight is on and where are you, cowering afraid to be called names?

Some people are showing up to the fight and the rest of you better join them before it is too late.

I am watching this and there are other things that could be attacks on conservatives. Keep an eye on it.


I was watching this video titled "Are We Really Thinking For Ourselves" or "Is America Brainwashed" (they had two titles, one under the video and one on the screen) and realized that I need to teach you something I am regularly observing by all of the conservative channels on YouTube and the rest of the media.

Most people don't know it, but we have all been brainwashed to believe at least some of what the left wants us to believe and they are using that against us. For example, many of the YouTube conservatives always give the left the benefit of the doubt that maybe the left does have good intentions, when the left has proved again and again that they have absolutely NO good intentions. Some are slowly learning their way out of this brainwashing but it is a long and tedious process that can take too long, you know, they don't learn better until it is too late and they are headed for the showers with some Zyklon B shampoo.

You would be amazed at how much of what almost everyone believes is a result of decades of lefty brainwashing and it is holding the conservatives back from doing what is right, you know, doing what is necessary to save their butts.

Again and again and again, every day, all day long, I sit watching videos and reading while shaking my head saying, "they just don't get it, the left is lying to them and they just keep pretending that maybe the left isn't lying and they are just stupid." They think that because they have been brainwashed or trained to think that.

The truth is that the left is lying to you AND they are stupid, not one or the other but both.

A really great example here is what they did with cartoons starting back by at least the 1930's when, with almost all of the animal animations, the cats were the bad guys and the rodents and birds were the good buys. They were brainwashing little children sitting watching cartoons to hate house cats and love birds and mice so that, today, many adults still hate house cats and have no idea why.

Well, the left has been doing this with more than just house cats and more than just cartoons. Their lefty movies, TV shows, news, magazines, books, public schools, universities, and other propaganda were subtly brainwashing all of us. Those things all have very subtle messages telling you what to believe, how to think, and how to behave.

How did I get away from this brainwashing?

I didn't, God got me away from this using a number of things. First, God kept showing me again and again that what I had been brainwashed to believe was wrong. That began to open my eyes so that I began to question everything I was told or shown and do my own research to find the truth.

Second, God caused me to not belong to groups more than was necessary and then only loosely so that I was more free to think for myself AND to listen to God instead of man. God always put me in situations where I could stand back and watch all of the groups to see what they were thinking without being influenced by their thinking and peer pressure.

A great example of this is God having put me here in extreme illness and poverty out on the edge of town so I couldn't afford to belong to many groups and others didn't want to socialize with me because it makes people feel uneasy to be around sick and/or impoverished people so I have lived alone for almost a quarter of a century now, watching, researching, thinking on my own, and learning from God, you know, how God did with Elijah in the wilderness or desert, you know, like the wilderness or desert I live in. For almost a quarter of a century it has been just me and God.

Third, God gave me one heck of an education to teach me to do animal behavior research, espionage, and other such things so that I could study and understand what was going on and what people were doing.

It really frustrates me that so many conservatives can't see the obvious because of their brainwashing and programming to not see the obvious and that is destroying this nation almost as much as what the left is obviously doing because it keeps the conservatives from acting soon enough to stop the left.

Note that, at the end of his video, he tells you about the frustration he feels because of too many conservatives also being brainwashed, which I also feel.

People, pray that God will completely open your eyes, back up, take a good hard look, and question everything you see, hear and believe. That is exactly what the left does not want you to do. Ask for God to show you the truth and absolutely no lefty "group think".

Psychological and Economic Warfare

This video about the US Military shutting down its rail gun experiments shows a little of what I taught you hears ago.

First, the US Military does NOT let the public know about the development of new superior weapons systems because they do NOT want to enemy to know where we are putting our most important weapons development. Never forget that.

Ever since WWII, the US Military has had a program of doing bogus weapons research and development on a "new weapon system" and making that research public information to get our enemies to waste their more limited time and money developing a weapon system we can easily beat.

Note that, at the end of that video, he mentioned China's research to develop their own rail gun so this worked again and got China to waste time and money developing a weapon system that will not be a serious threat to us, when they could have spent that time and money developing a weapon system that could have been a threat to us. We have been doing this for 70 years and it still works.

I told you years ago that the rail gun was not an effective weapon system and now you see that it obviously cannot be.

The laser weapons the US Military is researching are the same thing and have caused both China and Russia to waste money researching and developing laser weapons the US can easily defeat with the US only having put lasers on one or two ships.

The US has had killer lasers since at least the 1970's so why do we not have the wonderful and magnificent lasers on all of our planes and ships?

Because they are lousy weapons that can only be used under the right conditions and are too easy to counter but, hey, the publically documented information about this useless weapon system has caused both Russia and China to waste a lot of their R&D money on laser research that could have been spent developing useful weapons.

Believe me yet?

Military History Channel

I found a new history channel that is really good because the guy does an excellent job of telling about WWII battles in extreme detail using maps in conjunction with actual photographs.

In this one video he points out that a major concern for the Japanese was to cut off the US supply route to Australia so the Japanese could more easily and quickly conquer Australia and showed that route on a map. I also told you that one concern for wanting to cut off the US supply route to Australia was not to just make it easier for Japan to conquer Australia but to also cut off supplies to India and China, which went from the US through Australia to India, which was a very important reason for Japan wanting to conquer Australia.

Also, remember that I told you that the US had broken the Japanese codes before the war and he points out that by the time of this battle, which was right after Pearl Harbor, the US intelligence was aware of the Japanese military planning because the US had broken the Japanese code.. Gee, what a coincidence.

Believe me yet that the US set up Pearl Harbor to draw Japan into a sucker punch to bring the US into the war before it was too late?

If the US had just waited 6 more months, Britain, the Soviet Union, Montgomery in the Middle East, India, China, Australia, and New Zealand would have been out of the war and it would have just been the US and Canada facing a German invasion force from Mexico with the help of Mexico and from the East plus a Japanese invasion force from the West and Alaska. Millions of Americans would have died and we could have lost the war with them being able to bomb our military industries and us not being able to bomb their military industries. The tactical and strategic shoe would have been on ye ole other foot with a very different and bad ending.

Yeah, no one taught you that, did they?

In this video the operation he mentioned at the beginning code named "Operate AL" was to set up the forward bases I told you about they intended to use to invade the US by way of Alaska, then Canada, and then down in through the North of the US to create another battle front for the US to fight to spread out her troops.

Note that this video tells the story from the perspective of Japan. He has another shorter video that tells the story for the same battle from the perspective of the US.

Note that, if Japan had won the Battle of Midway, their next move would have been to move troops for the invasion of the US by way of Alaska and Canada. When Japan lost the Battle of Midway and Guadalcanal, Japan was forced to withdraw her troops from Alaska to fight elsewhere. Therefore, the Battle of Midway stopped the invasion of the US by Japan.

When you dig deeper and use military science, it kind of makes history a little clearer than they teach you. Plus God keeps tapping me on the shoulder and saying, "What about this, stupid?"

Note that he points out that Japan lost this battle because their admiral had bad information or what we called intel. He acted based on that bad information and it cost him the battle.

These were excellent videos. If you think I am wrong, just read the comments for these videos. This man does great work.


If you pretend to be something you are not, you are committing fraud, which is a crime, usually a feloney.

If a man pretends to be a woman, especially for gain, that man is lying or committing fraud. Anyone and everyone who aids that man in committing fraud is complicit in that man's crime or aiding and abetting that man in committing fraud and is guilty of fraud so that they can also go to jail for fraud.

When that man commits fraud by pretending to be a woman to steal athletic achievements, especially medals, trophies, and athletic scholarships, from women, he is defrauding those women of their rightful properties and should go to prison.

Where are the good attorneys when we need them?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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