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WWII Situation

I have realized that few Americans realize how dire the situation was for the US and Canada on December 6, 1941, the day before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor because the history classes and YouTube videos don't accurately portray just how dire the situation really was.

But, the US was not unprepared because Japan began its expansionist moves in Asia and the Pacific Ocean by 1905 with annexation of places like Korea and a Russian Island followed by hostilities in Manchuria in about 1932 and then in China (a US ally at that time) by 1937 so that the US Military had been monitoring the military actions and communications of Japan for at least a decade before Pearl Harbor, which is why the US had already secretly and quietly broken Japan's communication codes and properly evaluated her military strategies and tactics.

We knew by the mid 1930's what Japan's plans and goals were so the US began to quietly and secretly ramp up for war by manufacturing weapons and munitions for our allies who were already fighting and the US quietly bleeding off some of those weapons and munitions for our military. Very few noticed that the US Military was secretly ramping up for war.

The US also had spies in Germany and knew what her long term plans were by about the same time and later caught Germany and Mexico negotiating Germany invading the Southwestern US from Mexico with the help of the Nazi Spanish royal rulers in Mexico.

This is all very important and lays the ground work for what and why the US did and what the enemies were doing that I have not seen historians connect the dots on.

The US Military watched Japan and learned about aircraft carrier warfare and began building aircraft carriers, unlike the other western powers, and historians today still have not figured that out. By the late 1930's the US Navy already knew that it wouldn't be long until the aircraft carrier replaced the battleship as the primary naval weapon and began building aircraft carriers to replace US battleships.

What do these historians think, the US Military just sat there playing with themselves with wars raging on both sides, didn't pay attention, and didn't learn a thing?

No, of course the US Military was watching, learning, and preparing because by about 1935, they knew war was imminent for the US. You know, militaries tend to watch others waging wars to learn about those combatants and what they do.

By the end of October 1941 the US Military knew Britain was just months from surrendering to Germany, which would have made it possible for Germany to cut off US weapons and munitions being supplied to Russia, With Stalin hiding in the Ural Mountains 100 miles east of Moscow waiting to make a last stand against Germany, with Rommel steadily beating Montgomery back inside of Egypt towards the Suez Canal and Turkey driving down against Montgomery from the North into what is now Israel so that Monty would have been forced to surrender when Britain fell or sooner, with British and Indian troops having been driven about 20 miles back inside of East India by Japan but still providing supplies they received via Australia from the US to the Chinese Army cornered in Southwest China by Japan, and Australia and New Zealand losing ground in Papua New Guinea, from which Japan was planning to launch an invasion of Australia and New Zealand, which would have cut off all US supplies to India and China.

Basically, Britain, Russia, Monty, India, China, Australia, and New Zealand were all going to be forced to surrender to either Japan or Germany from within a few months to less than a year, leaving just the US and Canada to face Japan, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Mexico, and most of the Central and South American nations.

Remember that all of the Spanish royals in Spain were Nazis supporting Germany, as were most of the members of the Spanish Royal Family ruling the nations of Mexico and Central and South America, which is why some of them gave sanctuary to the German Nazis following WWII.

Also, the US commies had turned US sentiment against the US "getting involved in the war" to keep the US out of the war while Germany and Japan finished off our allies so that, somehow, the Pentagon had to change most US people's feelings about getting involved in that war before it was too late, you know, tick off the American people against those enemies like they had done to get the US involved in both the Spanish-American War and WWI by accusing the Spanish and then the Germans of killing Americans by sinking two different ships "so, hey, let's get the Japanese to kill some Americans by sinking some ships" and it worked again. Gee, what a coincidence.

This is the picture that the US Pentagon was faced with by at least September 1941 and they KNEW it was critical that the US change the opinions of the US people so we could get into this war they were definitely going to have to fight anyway before all of those allies fell.

That is why I believe that the US Pentagon set up Pearl Harbor and the US Pacific Fleet, except for the fleet carrier forces, as an easy and very tempting target for the Japanese military and then provided the Japanese military with film footages of that easy target via "news releases" in blatant violation of standard security procedures.

Hey, Japan's military knew they were going to have to fight the US Pacific Fleet soon because they had already almost finished conquering everything else in Asia and the Pacific and the US had just made the fleet an easy target with all of the intel required for such an attack via news releases for Japan to plan the attack, so who could resist such a give me target?

Pearl Harbor was bait on a deadly US hook and Japan took the bait but the first part of that war up to Guadalcanal was not fought the way you are taught.

You have to understand that, right after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Japan quickly took Wake Atoll, the Philippines, and was moving to take Midway Atoll. This was the beginning of an easterly offensive through the Pacific Ocean against the US and that is what almost all historians miss.

Why were the Japanese staging this easterly offensive?

Because they planned to use Midway as an offensive stepping stone to take the Hawaiian main islands and Pearl Harbor to use as a naval base and stepping stone to invade California.

Think not?

Did you know that following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japan sent at least half a dozen subs along the US west coast and Canada's west coast to spy and even test defenses in a few places?

Several of those subs had sea planes to map out defenses along the California, Oregon, Washington, and Canadian coasts.

Did you know that the carrier force sent against Midway was accompanied by two other Japanese naval task forces?

The carrier force was sent to find and destroy the remaining 3 US carriers in the US Pacific Fleet, an invasion force accompanied the carrier force to the south to attack, invade, and secure Midway Atoll, and a second invasion task force was sent to set up forward operating naval bases in the Alaskan Aleutian Islands.

The forward bases in the Aleutian Islands were to be used to stage invasions of Canada's west coast and the US states of Washington and Oregon.

This was all a coordinated offensive move against the US PLUS Japan taking Hawaii would have cut off US supplies to Australia, New Zealand, India, and China resulting in their immanent and much sooner demise, leaving only the US and Canada to fight Japan.

If Japan had won the carrier battle at Midway, their next move would clearly have been to support the invasion and conquest of Midway and then the conquest of Hawaii to cut off supplies to Australia. Then that carrier task force would have been used to support and protect building up forces in Hawaii and Alaska to invade the US west coast and Canada and then to support that invasion.

When the US won the carrier battle at Midway, it put those offensive plans by Japan on hold, withdrawing the naval forces but leaving ground forces at the new bases in Alaska, and, when the US took Guadalcanal, Japan was forced to withdraw most of her forces from Alaska to stop the US offensive in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, stopping the Japanese offensive against the US.

Man plans, God laughs.

One critical naval battle and taking Guadalcanal changed the direction of that war, stopping the Japanese offensive against the US.

The US came that close to having to fight that war on our turf and millions of US citizens being killed. It was a good but close move by the US Pentagon to prevent the invasion of the US.

Listen, Japan was already planning to stage that invasion of the US but only after they had finished off Australia, New Zealand, India, and China so they could concentrate most of those forces on invading the US and Canada but the Pentagon kind of messed up those plans just a wee bit by tricking Japan to fight all of us at once and on their turf instead of on our turf, saving millions of US and Canadian lives.

Plus California already had a lot of oil production by then and Japan needed oil.

I bet they didn't teach you that in history because I had to dig and connect a lot of dots to learn that.


I have told you before that the lefty upper class trash started their depopulation program decades ago, probably at least 50 to 60 years ago when they got abortion made legal but it wasn't just abortion that they began using to depopulate the planet.

They also began to support and push homosexuality to help depopulate the planet and I have not seen anyone write about this.

You have to understand that homosexual sex doesn't produce children and the more people who become homosexual, the fewer children people will have so the population either won't grow as fast or, if they can convert enough people to homosexuality, the population will begin to decline as it has for the left. Right now it is the lefty population that is in serious decline, while the conservative population, especially among Christians, is actually growing, which is one more reason why the left is working so hard to destroy Christianity.

This is why they got it made legal for homosexuals to adopt children because they knew that homosexuals would teach or cause children to become homosexuals by child rape, which would further decrease the number of children being born.

Then they built the drug culture because, if people are dying younger because of drug overdoses or just not having children because of being preoccupied with their addictions, the population would also see a decrease, you know, like the left is seeing now.

Then they began using proxy wars by the communist countries like the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Cuba, and others because wars kill a lot of people off. The lefties not only don't care about the soldiers but love to see them die in large numbers because that helps the lefty upper class trash depopulate "their planet" faster without you realizing what they are doing.

People, pay attention because the lefty upper class trash have been causing all of these things and more that either decrease life expectancy or decrease reproduction to depopulate the planet along with them also setting up their global dictatorship or monarchy for more than half a century.


Even after all of the royal drama with Meghan trying to make it look like they have given up their titles, which it turns out they really didn't, hiring someone else to write a children's book for her to make her look more motherly, and announcing she will be running for president in 2024, Meghan is turning into a flop because her book has flopped with only 3,000 book sales because even most lefties won't buy her book.

What? The wonderful American Disney princess isn't popular, even among the left? Boy, the Queen really blew that one, didn't she?

This is just another great sounding stupid idea by the lefty upper class trash that is failing. With so many failures, you would think that the lefty upper class trash would realize that just maybe they are not as smart as they think they are but they are too arrogant to even think that could be possible.

BTW, you want to know another interesting failure by the upper class trash?

In their simple mindedness, they thought that all they had to do to control the US was take over the Federal Government and now their plans are being stopped by the states. They didn't realize that, before they made their grab for federal power, they had to first take over control of at least half of the states and the most important states AND THEN seize control of the Federal Government, showing their true colors and intentions.

Why are they failing?

Because the inbred imbeciles didn't study the structure and function of the US governments well enough to understand our government's complexities and safeguards.

And you think they are smarter than you because they have stolen more money than you can earn?



When Biden met with Putin, he gave Putin "a list of things to not attack in the US with cyber warfare".

Was that secretly a list of things that Biden wanted Putin to attack to help Biden destroy the US and they were just coordinating Putin's attacks? I mean, come on, if someone is attacking your nation, would you give them a list of targers and tell them to not attack those targets?

You know that the first thing they will do is attack those targets.

Question II:

Is the upper class trash using bit coin as a sucker punch to impoverish as many of you as possible while saving their wealth?

Keep an eye on this; if they get enough people to invest their wealth in and start using bit coin and then they crash bit coin, then everyone depending on bit coin goes broke while they, you know, the upper class trash safely stay in mostly US dollars.

Note that the upper class trash could be doing this the opposite way but, with the radical fluctuations I am seeing with bit coin, it would probably be with the upper class trash using bit coin to impoverish others by making bit coin become worthless and not the US dollar.

Keep an eye on this. You know they are doing something with it and you just can't trust the upper class trash with anything.

Which do you think the upper class trash are going to crash because they are printing an insane number of dollars?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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