I Told You So 393


I just realized one more reason why God has me here living in poverty. Only good women, in this case to obey God, a Godly woman would marry a poor man, when she could marry a rich man.

That woman God said He will send to me and I will have to marry will be well off and dating a man who is worth $2 million, at least on paper, and she will have to chose between obeying God to marry a poor man, me, and marrying the rich man she is dating. You know that will be a tough test for a woman.

Dump the rich guy and marry me? How many women are godly enough to marry a man as poor as me living in an old trailer in the poorest neighborhood in our town called "Walker Town" because of our east side being Walker Road because God told them to?

When I was a kid, this area was called "Dog Patch" because of the poverty here.

That explains the dream God showed me later where she will send her older brother, younger brother, and younger sister, whom I have never met, down to "talk to me", you know, believing that I asked for God to cause her to marry me of my own accord, and asking me to tell God that I don't want to marry her so she won't have to marry me. That is when I will have to explain that I didn't want to marry her and God made me ask for her to be my wife. I don't have a choice in this thing.

Now that is what you call a marriage made in Heaven because God put both ends of it together with neither one of us wanting to marry the other. All I did was tell God, you know, swear an oath to God, that I would not get married again until He dropped a woman into my lap and told me to marry her so He did. Oops! I really didn't think God would do that and was just using it as a mental crutch to keep from falling in love and marrying another bad wife that would turn my life into a living hell again. I didn't want to marry anyone. I had already been single and celibate for 6 years and was loving it.

I wonder what she did or said that caused God to make her marry me?

That will be interesting because you know that will be one tough test for her to obey God, especially with me being 29 years older than her so she is right now only 43 and I am 72. I have two sons older than her and my daughter is one year younger than her and I clearly remember telling God that, of all of the women I knew, she would be the last one I would want to marry.

Guess which one God is going to make you marry?

You know she is going to think, "I am going to have to take care of and support this impoverished old man instead of a rich man taking care of and supporting me and my kids?" Hey, at least she won't have to live with me too long before I die, right?

Think about a woman taking that test and how many could pass it.


Let's connect some more dots.

Did you notice how they came out with the vaccine super duper fast?

It was like they already had the vaccine before they turned the virus loose on us. Gee, what a coincidence.

Did you notice how they kept violating their own mandates?

It was like they had already been vaccinated or knew they were lying to you and didn't have to worry about it. Gee, what a coincidence.

Did you notice how the virus kept spreading but only when and to where they wanted it to spread?

It was like they were intentionally spreading it to terrify the people to control the people. Gee, what a coincidence.

Gee, you don't think this was all planned out by Fauci and company in advance, do you? Gee, do you think that might be why Fauci and company are trying to stop an investigation?

People, this is what the military calls using biological warfare to stage a terrorist attack against the people in order to conduct their insurrection against those people AND is a crime against humanity, which is a capital crime.

Archaeology 101

Remember that I told you that the blue cities and states are turning into future archaeological sites because people are abandoning those cities and it will eventually reach a point to where there will be too few people to support the annual cost of the infrastructure like water and sewer forcing everyone who is remaining to abandon those cities?

This video tells you about that problem at about 2.5 minutes into the video and guess what, the blue cities, especially Portland, are reaching the point of no return and everyone having to leave town because you can't live without water.

It looks like Portland could become the US next archaeological site because, as has been going on for thousands of years, the lefties have destroyed another city that will end up being abandoned just like thousands of others before it. You are watching history repeat itself because of the upper class trash continuing to destroy civilizations for thousands of years because of their greed and lust for power. The only thing that stops the upper class trash is death and history proves that to be true.

Do you believe me yet?

I told you so.

Corrupt Government

Remember that I have been telling you that our government is corrupt and moving to oppress and enslave you to enrich themselves?

In this video Candace Owens really lays it down really fast about the lefties seizing power to enrich themselves.


Do you know why our lefty universities teach socialism and a hatred for capitalism?

Because they don't want to have to compete for your money under capitalism by providing a quality education. They want the government to just give them your tax money under socialism whether you attend their brainwashing institution or not.

Hey, why earn it when you can steal much more but the fools don't get it that, when the upper class trash get what they want and murder you all off, they won't need those stupid lefty academe any more either so the stupid academe will get a trip to the upper class trash socialist showers with some Zyklon B shampoo. Basically, they are not as smart as they think they are and are outsmarting themselves because of their greed.

God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Man plans, God laughs.


The more I see how other people act today and their attitudes, the more I wish I didn't have to marry the woman God said I have to marry though I keep reminding myself that God promised He will "make us both very happy". I still love being single and keeping it simple. I love the peace, the quiet, and the sanity.

Also, God showed me that, for the first little while, there will be "issues" in our marriage until God steps in and takes care of it so that God will literally be making us both happy. I won't be the one making us both very happy and she won't be the one making us both happy, it will be God just like God told me.

Personally, I am not looking forward to the problems caused by those "issues" and I know what some of them will be but I keep reminding myself that God said He will take care of the "issues" and make us both very happy.


The left is not just trying to kill sports, they are trying to kill the Olympic Games and everything else with their transgender lies. By allowing men pretending to be women to compete against women in the Olympics, the left will take away all meaning from the Olympics and few will want to watch the games, especially not women.

They are killing all sports in all ways. I am waiting for them to stop giving out medals for winning and placing in the Olympic Games and just give everyone "participation medals", which will finish off the Olympics and sports. First, they corrupted sports with drugs, cheating, and corrupt officials and now the lefties are finishing sports off.

God told me a long time ago that He wants me to build a business around building Christian sports and I wondered for years how I was going to gain control of sports to build sports. Now I know that the left is destroying sports and will leave a sports vacuum for me to use my training in athletic administration to fill. I will be able to use my training and experience to completely rebuild sports from scratch.

See, God began preparing me for this more than 50 years ago because He knew what was going to happen.

Mean while you get to watch the death of our sports culture that was taken over by the lefty commies, who hate sports because they are too stupid and lazy to be successful at sports and too immature and jealous to watch others be successful.

Fighting Back

Remember that I told you that the people are fighting back?

This video shows that even the kids are fighting back. God is opening their eyes to the insanity of the left or Satan's spawn and they are seeing it is wrong and evil. The left's evil has become so obvious that even the children are seeing and understanding it.

The more radical the left gets with their power grab, the more it opens eyes and forces people to choose between God and Satan, with increasing numbers now taking a stand for God in fighting back against Satan's spawn taking a stand for Satan.

And you wonder why God is letting the evil lefties have some of what they want so the lefties will grab for the rest of what they want and expose themselves and their evil agenda?

And, if you think the left is not conspiring to do these evil things and it is all just a coincidence they are doing the same things in the same place at the same time, then you are a fool but I think that at least most of the lefties know this is a conspiracy and are part of that conspiracy against God and His people.

I have been seeing lefty trolls post things on FB to discredit the Bible, especially the New Testament, that are obvious lies. This is a war by Satan and his spawn against God and His people, with Satan's spawn pretending to be innocent and doing their evil for good.

God is letting Satan and his spawn force everyone to take sides for this war Satan and his spawn are forcing on us, while accelerating their war against us.

I do still wonder just how much longer God is going to permit Satan's spawn to keep waging war against us so please hurry up and make up your minds as to which side you want to be on forever so the rest of us can get on with life.

This video is another example of the people fighting back but pay attention to what he said early in this video about women being the leading force behind the French Revolution. Angry women did a lot of the killing of the royals during Bastille.

The lefty crimes are waking up the women, making the women angry, and the women are fighting back.

The question is, "will the women fighting back be the trigger point or catalyst for our revolution?"

Note that he states that this is people being angry enough to fight back in a blue area because they realize these satanic monsters are brainwashing their children.

The war the left is forcing on us is clearly accelerating and getting more and more out of hand.

So, how long until the people start storming the lefty castles?


This video covers several important topics.

The first is about masks becoming contaminated by a number of different bacteria, especially harmful bacteria like I warned you about. These bacteria can kill you and your children, especially with the bacteria growing within the masks where they WILL be breathed into the mouth, throat, and lungs.

That is worse than you taking a laboratory Petri dish with deadly bacteria in it, holding it up to your mouth and nose, and breathing in and out all day because, with the masks, the air you are breathing in will be coming from behind the bacteria and not from the sides and will help force those bacteria into your nose and mouth.

The second item is about the law they just passed in Colorado permitting cities to pass even more restrictive gun laws than the state. The strategy here is to get blue cities passing unconstitutional laws to overwhelm the courts so the laws will be more likely to stand instead of the people being able to just take the state to court. This is just another lefty dirty trick to get what they want and you don't want them to have or them getting around the will of the people and the US Constitution to set up their dictatorship.

"Hey, we can't beat you at the national level or the state level so we will take it to the city level and overwhelm you and the courts."


So, you still believe the lefty lies about there being no lefty conspiracies?

This video tells about a litigation case that has exposed and gave details about one such conspiracy to censor conservatives on Twitter.

Note that they give some of the details in the video that were revealed in the court case.

This proves what I have been telling you that, yes, there are conspiracies by the left, if you knew the left has conspiracies based on your observations, you are intelligent and observant, everything the left does is a conspiracy, and the coincidence theorists who mock conspiracies are either liars or the stupidest people on the planet just like I have been telling you for years.

The left just got caught big time with their hands in ye ole conspiracy cookie jar. Busted!!!

This conspiracy by big tech and the government has been made official in a court in detail and people should go to jail.


Remember that I told you that Hunter selling his "art" for extremely high prices was just a cover for bribery?

This video tells you the same thing days later than I told you. It is just so obvious, especially after all of the other corruption he and his father have committed.

Climate Change Fraud

You let them get away with the first unconstitutional and illegal lockdowns they did to control you, impoverish you, and steal from you so now they are going to do it again and for longer, though for a different reason.

Now do you believe me that these criminals should have gone to jail to stop them from committing their crimes against you again? Do you believe me that they will never stop until they die? Do you believe me yet that the lefties are right now in the latent stages of a coup or insurrection to seize control of the US Government?

Hey, COVID 19 was just a dry run, baby.

This time they will do the lockdown until they have finished consolidating power so that they have absolute power and control over you and you are their slaves, unless you stand up and fight back. When you go to war, the first things you have to take out are command, control, and communications.

Are you going to sit on your butts and wait to find out whether I am right about this the way I have been right all of the times before?

If you do, it will be too late. Someone has to do something now or the more fortunate ones of you are about to become slaves while the less fortunate will be murdered to depopulate their planet.

Father, please deliver us out of the hands of our enemies.

Still don't believe me?

This video shows another example and way the lefties are right now grabbing for power to finalize their dictatorship over you and enslave you.

Do you get it yet? Have you noticed that the left always disguises their crimes against you by using names that make it look like they are doing their crimes for the good of you or something else? For the people? Which people?

Oh yeah, the upper class trash people.

They always say that they want to take your guns away from you to make America safer.

Safer for who?

Oh yeah, safer for them while they stage their insurrection to set up their dictatorship to enslave you.

Do you get it yet?

They don't care about you. They want to enslave or murder you and keep you from killing them to stop their crimes against humanity and you.

You better get right with God right now!!!! You need God to save your butts from Satan's spawn.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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