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Strategic Theory

Remember that I told you that, when you go to war, you start by taking out command, control, and communications for the enemy. That is strategic theory or the way the US Military would professionally conduct a war, not the way they have been conducting wars since Korea with their hands tied behind their backs by corrupt politicians.

Let's take a hypothetical case and say you are going to war against the left to stop this insurrection and treason, you know, stop them from committing their crimes against the people because none of the oath takers will keep their oaths and do their jobs to stop the criminals.

The very first thing you do before one soldier puts on his boots and loads his gun is to gather as much intel as you can.

You want to know who ALL of the upper class trash are who constitute command because, if you take out command then the troops can't get orders from them for a coordinated war effort. This tends to create chaos within their war effort.

You need to know where they live (including all mansions), where they work, where they recreate, where they can hide, and who they might run to for assistance when trying to escape.

You want to know who all of the leaders are within control. These are the vermin who control the troops to wage war against you and without these vermin, the troops will have no coordination or even upper level orders for their war effort against you. The best the troops will be able to do is fight a defensive war giving you control of the momentum. Note that they will still be able to conduct relatively ineffective local actions, which your troops will take care of.

You need to know all of the same information for these vermin that you need to know for their vermin bosses in command.

You want to know everyone involved in communications from the top down. In today's world this will include all phone services, even telegraph, all forms of the media including printed media, TV, and radio, and the Internet, especially big tech that can be used to send messages from command or control who managed to survive your attacks on them and are cowering while giving orders via the communications. If the troops can't get orders, then there can be no coordinated efforts and most will be sitting there trying to figure out whether they should do something or wait for orders.

You need to know all of the same information for these vermin that you need to know for their vermin bosses in command.

The proper and professional way to fight such a war is you kill from the top down and you would start such actions at between midnight (the West Coast) and 4 am (the East Coast), while they are sleeping and you know they will be in a bedroom. If you kill from the top down, it shortens the war by a lot and saves a lot of innocent lives. If you take out all of command, control, and communications, the war is more than half over.

Therefore, after you have gathered said intel, you would put together coordinated missions using squads such as SEALs, Green Berets, MARSOC, Delta Force, and Marine and Army squads with kill lists and weapons such as rifles, grenades, cruises missiles and bombs or air-to-air missiles to take down private jets to simultaneously take out all of the very top vermin involved in this war against you. They are your enemy. For the communications you would also use electronics warfare weapons such as ECM to "jam" their communications or just cut off power to those communications so they can't warn each other before they die or after they escape.

You would do all of this at exactly the same time, what the military used to call "zero hour" across the entire US and even outside of the US, when necessary. For example, all attacks along the West Coast would begin at midnight their time, the Rocky Mountain States time zone the attacks would begin at 1 am, the Central time zone the attacks would begin at 2 am, the Eastern time zone the attacks would begin at 3 am, and for the last few states east of that time zone, the attacks would begin at 4 am. Hawaii and Alaska can be isolated so you can wait until their midnight because you can just jam or shut down all warning messages and intel going to those states.

Once you have spent a few days taking all of that out and you are sure you got as many of those vermin as you can, then your troops can begin efforts to isolate and destroy their troops or go after their troops with your local troops when the enemy begin local actions.

The last thing is called "cleanup" because you gather intel to find those who managed to escape and eliminate them.

That is the nutshell version for a war done properly.

Olympic Games

With the left clearly having taken over the Olympic Games and permitting men called transgenders, who are pretending to be women, to compete against women, everyone should boycott the Olympic Games. Don't watch them and don't go to them, if you do, you are supporting their oppression of women with men pretending to be women and beating up on those women.

If you want to know the truth about this transgender fraud, just go to college and study genetic engineering to learn how the DNA and RNA work in your cells. They are the ROM or read only memory hard wired into your cells. They determine the functions of your cells regardless of what else you do such as poisoning your cells with chemicals and trying to create a chemical imbalance in your cells to change their function.

Remember that the DNA is the ROM in your cells and as long as you have an XY chromosome set instead of 2 X chromosomes, your cells will be permanently programmed to function as male cells. That is a biological fact because the Y chromosome will ALWAYS program the cells to function like male cells and we do not have the technology to change those DNA chromosomes, mostly because you would have to change those chromosomes in more than one trillion cells per human.

That is why, biologically, transgender is and always will be fraud. It is nothing more than men pretending to be women at the expense of women, which is fraud. Transgender women are nothing but homosexual drag queens, end of debate.

Fraud is a felony so everyone involved in this fraud, including the lefty media, corrupt politicians, experts lying to you to keep their jobs, and everyone else, is aiding and abetting this fraud and belongs in prison, especially the people trying to force this fraud on you. They are criminals committing a crime.


Remember that I have been telling you that the blue cities are dying and heading towards becoming future archaeological sites?

This video gives you an idea of how bad it has already gotten. Those big cities are literally dying and even almost dead.

Wow, gee, those progressive lefty ideas are really working well and the fools cannot learn because they refuse to admit they are wrong and you can't learn from your mistakes if you refuse to admit you made mistakes. They destroy the cities where they live, flee to red cities with their dangerous lefty ideas, ruin those cities and then flee to other cities to ruin them.

The lefties are a satanic cancer that destroys civilization that keeps being fed by our lefty run educational system and media and nothing will stop these vermin but death so they just keep spreading their death and destruction until war breaks out and kills enough of them for the conservatives to regain control and start building a new culture and civilization.


You know what they are doing by persecuting cops when they arrest a bad guy and the bad guy dies?

They are bulling and terrorizing the cops to intimidate them into not arresting or defending themselves against the lefties for fear of being prosecuted so the lefties can feel free to commit any crimes they want.

Islam Conversion

Remember that I told you that the left "converted to Islam" in 2012?

I got this from the Washington Times by Kery Murakami:

"Mrs. Pelosi said the committee will in part examine the root causes of that day, including 'White supremacy, antisemitism and Islamophobia,' all issues Democrats have accused Mr. Trump of having whipped up."

Hold it, she is saying those people who rebelled against the left were guilty of Islamophobia? Why, did the left convert to Islam in 2012 the way I told you they did? After all, weren't those people protesting the lefties?

Yep and this is just the latest proof for that. You have to pay attention to the details because they have meaning.


Are the white upper class trash turning everyone against middle and lower class whites so they can justify murdering off those whites and maybe even everyone but blacks and return to using blacks as their slaves?

After all, it was the Christian whites who freed the slaves and caused the royals to lose their black slaves so, if you want to keep your black slaves, you better kill off all the conservative whites who will fight to free the black slaves again. That way, the only whites will be the royals, which will make it much easier to tell slaves from royals.

Please notice that the white upper class trash are NOT turning everyone against themselves, they are pretending to be the good guys and selling it well, and they are only turning people against middle and lower class whites.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that the left has destroyed the Republic of the US, they have set up their Marxist dictatorship, and are consolidating power to make sure they will not lose power and control again?

This video tells you that the government has pulled Giuliani's license to practice law because of him working against the lefty run government for Trump. Watch this video to the end because he shows you just how terrible this action is for our legal system. It is just like I have been telling you, the left has corrupted our legal system.

Also, I think I told you that many doctors were afraid to take a stand against Fauci because they felt or knew that, if they did, their licenses to practice medicine would be pulled by the governments they are licensed by.

One doctor did take a stand late last year and his state pulled his license to practice medicine preventing him from being able to make a living in medicine.

People, this is the kind of stuff that tyrannies like the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Communist China, Cuba, and other such dictatorships did and still do to suppress dissension by the people.

And you think this isn't already a dictatorship with the government doing such things to suppress dissension? Really? Just how much more tyrannical do our governments have to get for you to accept that the lefties are RIGHT NOW in the process of setting up their Marxist dictatorship?

People, this is no longer the Republic of the United States of America but is the United Soviet States of America, a communist dictatorship run by the left.

Do you believe me yet?

Note that the left does this to scare other professionals into not taking a stand against their Marxist dictatorship. It is an act of terror because the left is terrorizing these people into submission to the Marxist rule of the left.

"How dare you professionals to take a stand against us lefties by telling the truth!"


In my "Christian Testimony 13" essay, I stated that, when I see someone post they have one deadly problem like cancer and are asking for prayers, my first thought is, "is that all you have?" I was not being cold, it is just a reflex reaction that has become habit for me.

You have to understand that, after they finally started running tests on me about 15 years ago, I spent about 6 years, maybe longer, dealing with regular tests, treatments, and dealing with the list of medical problems I told you about. It became very common for them to tell me, "Oh yeah, you also have..." (another deadly disease like malignant cancer [twice]) and it became a normal response for me to think, "What else do I have?"

Just imagine undergoing the treatment for half a dozen to a dozen things that kill from hundreds to thousands of people in just the US every year and them finding more. I started thinking that, if it was in the same galaxy, I got it.

So, when I see someone posting that they have something like cancer and want prayers, it has become a habit for me to think, "Is that all you have?" I keep waiting for the rest of their list of deadly things they want prayer for and then I have to remind myself that very few people have had even one quarter of the deadly medical problems I have survived because most people die with just one or two such deadly problems, which is why they are considered deadly. Those things kill lots of people every year. It still amazes me that I survived all of that crap.

For both better and for worse, I have had an extremely unusual life. When I was about 44 years old, you know, a few billion years ago, I had an attorney look over my resume for a case he was doing for me and tell me, "By the time you were 42, you accomplished more in your life than most people will if they live to be 80."

That stunned me because I just assumed everyone else was living their dreams too so I didn't ever think about how much I had done because I was too busy and focused on trying to do more. My focus was on my future, not my past and when he pointed out my past, I was stunned. I had not thought about what I had already done, only what I still wanted to do.

Truly, God has blessed me a lot.

Then you look at all of those medical problems God has to heal me from, with the doctors telling me I should have died more than 15 years ago, you know, I am a real live zombie or the walking dead, and you should realize that I have had the best of the best and the worst of the worst and I am not finished yet. There is still much more good and much more bad to come and, personally, I can do with less of the bad and more of the good.

You know what I mean?

Geeze, this has been a rough but interesting trip and the last 20 years have beat the living crap out of me. I call the last 20 years "God's basic training for what He told me He has for me to do", which I told you I told Him for almost 3 years I didn't want to do it and wanted Him to give that job to one of you. After almost 3 years, I reluctantly gave in to do what God wants me to do. It ain't going to be purdy and will dwarf the living Hell I am still going through now. I just try to keep reminding myself about the more good.

Years ago I told you about when my TV still worked and I would take a break from doing research and writing by channel surfing to see what they are telling you on TV. One day I came across Oprah using her show to have an international pity party with a bunch of spoiled house wives who were traumatized because "they had ONE near death experience."

I was stunned because I couldn't count all of the times I had almost died plus I grew up with old people who lived the hard life of finishing settling the State of New Mexico in the early to mid 1900's and they also had multiple near death experiences. To us, almost dying was just part of life. It was only when you didn't ALMOST die that it was a big deal.

I just thought everyone had multiple near death experiences and here were these obviously spoiled upper middle to upper class rich women whining because they almost died ONCE? Really? Have we become a nation of over protected people or what?

I am seriously thinking about writing a "Christian Testimony" about all of the times Satan has tried to kill me in the last 72 years. That jerk has been trying to murder me ever since before I was born so I have had dozens of near death experiences THAT I KNOW ABOUT OR REMEMBER. I figure that, on Judgment Day, I will probably find out about from dozens to hundreds more times Satan has tried to kill me because there are bound to be some I didn't know about because Satan missed by a lot.

One thing that I have learned from all of this is that Satan REALLY WANTS ME DEAD and that it is only by the grace of God that I am still alive. I have also learned that my life has been incredibly unusual because God has blessed me a lot and Satan has tried to murder me a lot for the last 72 years. I know of at least 2 times Satan tried to murder me when I was just months old, I wasn't even a year old. There were at least a dozen to two dozen times he tried to murder me by the time I was twelve years old.

For most people, that is a lot of near death experiences and I thought they were just part of life. "Hey, I almost died today, again." The last 20+ years have been an almost continuous near death experience and I recently realized that ain't normal. I thought, "Hey, other people have bad times too." I guess not that bad or that many times.

Besides, there is another dream God has had me put on hold until He tells me to tell you about it that will explain why Satan wants me dead so bad and everything else about me will fall in place. I will probably be told to tell you about that dream in the not too distant future.

I have to think and pray about that Christian Testimony essay more. Maybe it will help some of you. I'll see what God says. His will is my way. To live is for God and to die is to be with God.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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