I Told You So 394


Remember that I told you that the UFOs are not space aliens like the left want you to believe so they can have the space aliens (read humans in makeup) show up and tell you to submit to the absolute control of our "intellectually superior upper class trash because dey noze whut is best for us?"

I got this from Newser via CenturyLink by Bob Cronin:

"There's no evidence that aliens are behind the flights, but there's no evidence that they're not. There's also no data to attribute the sightings to secret US weapons programs or unknown technology belonging to China or Russia, per the New York Times, but the report said those remain possibilities."

"those remain possibilities"?

Note that they didn't get that the above phrase was also about those "UFOs" could also be US craft. That went right ever their heads.

In other words, it is classified, we didn't lie to you about it absolutely not being secret US weapons research and development, we just said "there's no evidence" because the evidence is classified and we can't show it to you, and we ain't telling you. You have to listen very closely to everything they say.

I told you so.

Watch this video and very early in the video the "x-spirt" UFO nut tells you something that confirms what I have been telling you for years and is very important but he fails to realize its true meaning. He tells you that the "Navy only really began reporting around March 2009 and the Air Force began November 2020".

Hold it, 2009 was when Obama was in office and just before I began warning you about this and the Air Force began reporting just months ago with all of the lefty moves to seize power. Gee, what an interesting couple of coincidences.

Tucker has also figured out what I told you that it isn't the Ruskies or Chicom but then they go off on a tangent about it being spacy aliens, oooooo. "Why, it gots to be spacy aliens because Hollyweird said so. Why spacy aliens was eebin in moobies so it gots to be true."

People are believing the military said these "UFOs" are not US secret weapons. No, that isn't what they said. What they said is "there is no evidence for secret US weapons", which really means, if it is classified top secret, they don't have any evidence they can share with you because that would compromise national security, therefore, as far as you are concerned, there is no evidence for you to be able to see.

They did NOT say that these aircraft are definitely not US Military aircraft. They never said that. What they said is there is no evidence, you know, because they keep all of the evidence hidden.

Also note that the x-spirt UFO nut said that, if these UFOs were Russian or Chinese, the US Military would be all over them but, if they might be spacy aliens the US Military wouldn't be all over them to find out who they are and whether there is a threat? Really?

People, if the US Military even thought these craft might be spacy aliens, they would be very much all over them to find out who they are and if there is a threat. The only time the US Military WOULD NOT be all over these craft would be if the craft belonged to the US Military and the US Military IS NOT all over them to find out who they are. They openly dismiss it all as if it is no big deal, which should be a massive red flag telling you the craft belong to Uncle Sam.

The US Military's actions of doing nothing speak much, much louder than all of the words everyone is saying. OBVIOUSLY, the US Military does not see these craft as a threat or they would be very much all over them with space satellites and everything else at their disposal. Hint, hint, hint. The US Military's actions of doing nothing tell you that the UFOs are US property.

But, hey, duh UFO nuts don't want to beleeb dat because dey just gots to be spacy aliens, dey seen it in duh moobies.


The most significant difference between God and me is that God can do without me but I can't do without God. God can do EVERYTHING without me and I can't do ANYTHING without God.

I really like watching these smarty pants super rich people like Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bezos, and others who so arrogantly think they are better than the rest of you because they stole more money from more people than you can earn. They really arrogantly believe that they are the greatest things to walk the surface of the planet in history.

Let me share a little reality with you that God shared with me. EVERY person in the history of this world has died, including all rich, kings, queens, pharaohs, Caesars, czars, dictators, and religious leaders, and, when they died, they lost or left behind EVERYTHING they had on this planet just like the poorest people in history INCLUDING their bodies. They didn't take a thing with them, not their mansions, palaces, castles, yachts, jet planes, expensive cars and chariots, or other great wealth such as the solid gold crowns and thrones they stole the gold from the people to make. Our museums are filled with the loot they tried to take with them.

Yeah that worked well.

Gee, do you think that maybe that is why the Bible teaches that we will all stand butt naked before God with the poorest on Earth as finely and lavishly adorned as the richest and mightiest in history?

On Judgment Day we will all be judged by God based on our actions and not based on what we stole or earned on Earth. Not one member of the royal families will wear an exotic crown when they stand before God, not one. Everyone will be judged by the same Biblical Law and be held accountable for their actions regardless of how rich and powerful they were on Earth so that none of them will have a thing with which to bribe the judge, God, because God owns it all and just loans it to us while we are here.

Can't you just see these pompous, arrogant, condescending rich upper class trash ALL standing butt naked before God being judged, not by what they owned on Earth but by what they did to you so that you will finally get justice against them?

You won't be able to tell any of the rich from the rest of us based on what they wear or own because they will all wear and own the same things you wear and own. Hey, it is finally going to be true equality. Everyone of them will look just like the poorest people in history and be judged by the same laws for the same crimes with the same penalties. Now that will be fun to watch.

It is amazing some of the stupid things people dream up to believe that no one will find out what sins they committed here on Earth, this is always done by those who have the most to hide, and it is just wishful thinking. For example, there are people who believe that everyone will stand before God at the exact same time and the Angels will read everything everyone did at the exact same time so "no one will hear what I did because dey will be listening to what they did," which flies in the face of scripture.

People, God said, "Everything will be made known." This means that every person in history will hear everything everyone else did and everyone else will hear everything they did or else everything cannot be made known, you know, to everyone, and God would be a liar but God is not a liar.

You know all of those rich upper class trash royals and others you have been taught to look up to and adore?

You are all going to get to hear every little bit of the ugly truth about everyone of them including but not limited to every lie they told, everything they stole, every person they oppressed, every person they enslaved, every person they raped, and every person they murdered.

Listen, the Bible says very clearly that they are only to take one tax of 10% of your income to run both the church and the government. There are NO other taxes allowed in Biblical Law. Every penny the upper class trash took from you in taxes that was greater than 10% of your income, including all land taxes, sales taxes, and other taxes, by Biblical Law, is stolen money and you will get to find out the truth concerning what those criminals did with your stolen money.

BTW, remember this stuff about "human trafficking"? What do you think happens to those people?

If you do some digging, you will find that some of them are sold to sweat shops so the upper class trash can save money on production to increase their wealth by stealing the wages of those workers, A.K.A. slavery, some of them are sold to the middle to upper class trash to use as personal sex slaves and will either be dumped on the streets as prostitutes later or murdered to keep them from talking, and some of them are bought by the occult churches to use for human sacrifices, especially the children.

On Judgment Day, everyone of those people will get justice because we are going to find out everything that happened to everyone of them and who did it. All of those raped children Epstein was murdered to protect the upper class trash by keeping it quiet, it ain't going to stay quiet forever. On Judgment Day, everyone will find out everything that those evil upper class trash were paying Epstein for and who murdered Epstein.

That is part of what God meant when He said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out." Everyone of your sins and the sins of the upper class trash will find you and them out on Judgment Day, everyone of them. That is why I say that Judgment Day will be the greatest history class in history.

You will find out the truth about what all of those "great conquerors", kings, queens, and others did that you are falsely taught to respect. You are going to learn all of the absolute truth about what people like Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Caesar, Pharaoh, and the rest really did and you won't think they were so great when that history lesson is over. You will learn EVERYTHING the royals have been hiding about their family with their revisionist history for thousands of years.


I am waiting for everyone around the world to find out that those masks are not only absolutely useless but even helped spread the disease and the people were played for suckers by the upper class trash. 100 years from now, the people will look back on us and laugh at us for being fools with the leaders who forced people to wear the masks being evil tyrants.


Remember that I have been telling you that Fauci is being shoved under ye ole commie bus as more and more information is coming out about his involvement in the virus?

This video helps give you an idea why. More and more of his criminal activities are being exposed and he is increasingly becoming expendable and a threat to the upper class trash who have been involved in this.

Watch this video that shows that Fauci is now on the dodge hiding from Congress. Don't be surprised if Fauci and some of the others involved in this mess "commit suicide" soon, you know, with a couple of bullet holes to the back of their heads.

People, these corrupt politicians and bureaucrats are just fronts for the upper class trash and I have been showing you that for years. Whenever they get busted and become a threat to the upper class trash, they tend to end up dead or quietly negotiate a deal for a brief time in prison to prevent a trial to prevent exposing the upper class trash.

Fauci, Biden, and the rest are just evil fronts who have sold you out and are disposable to the upper class trash whenever they are no longer useful or become a threat. I have been telling you that for years. With the heat that is increasing for Fauci, don't be surprised if he does an Epstein on us.

This is what kills me about these corrupt lefties. They see their buds and fellow criminals on the left keep turning up dead when they either are no longer useful or because a threat to the upper class trash and they keep working with the upper class trash as fronts for anywhere from tens of thousands to millions of dollars because they love the money more than common sense. Their justification is that they always say the person who got snuffed was stupid and it won't happen to them because they are not stupid, well, until the gun gets put to the back of their heads but, of course, that can't happen to them because they are not stupid. They are stupid enough to sell their souls to the devil for money but not stupid enough to get killed.

They are stupid enough that they deserve what they get when they get it.

These criminals ALL think they are smarter than they really are and think everyone else is dumber than they are until their games fail and then it is always someone else's fault they failed.


I tried to warn you years ago about homosexuals before they started this current lefty con of forcing you to permit the transgenders or homosexual queens force themselves on you and your females because, "after all, they are women because they say they 'identify" as women."

Remember that I told you that being married to a woman who had been an active lesbian most of her life and still liked to hang out with her homosexual friends from all over the nation made it possible for me to spend 5 years studying their behavior as a biologist trained to study animal behavior without being an active member? What did I tell you 5 years of studying homosexuals taught me?

1. Homosexuals are obsessed with sex and they prove that by differentiating themselves from you based on sex. They are sexual perverts, meaning their sexual behaviors are perverted or "not normal". Based on my observations with a number of different groups, they easily spend better than 90% of their time talking about sex.

2. Contrary to what you are told, better than 90% of homosexual males are actually bisexual or what they called "AC-DC", meaning they "go both ways" or have sex with both sexes so they are sexually attracted to both sexes and better than 50% of lesbians are also bisexual. It was the homosexuals who told me these things but they don't want you to know that because, then you would realize that homosexuality is a matter of choice and has nothing to do with DNA or any other biology.

3. Transgenders are just homosexual men pretending to be the women in their sexual games, are called "homosexual queens" and, if you put that together with #2, you should know that better than 90% of those queens or transgenders are sexually active with both men and women so you should not permit homosexuals males pretending to be females in female restrooms and locker rooms because they will be sexually attracted to those females.

4. Also remember that the lefties, which includes almost all homosexuals, are trying to legalize pedophilia, which should tell you that they are pedaphiles, which should tell you that many "transgenders" are pedaphiles who want to screw your little girls.

Think I am wrong?

Check out this news story about a transgender or queen or homosexual male pretending to be a female, you know, committing fraud, who exposed himself to little girls in a women's spa.

Oh, gee, what a coincidence.

The real reason these "transgenders" or queens want to have free access to female restrooms and locker rooms is because they also have sex with women, want to see lots of naked heterosexual women they otherwise would not get to see naked, and think those women will be turned on by their male private parts the way other homosexuals are, and they will get laid by at least some of those women. They don't realize that most heterosexuals are not as obsessed with sex as they are so they won't get the same responses they get from homosexuals.

Now, years later, do you finally believe me?

You have to understand that the reason the "LGBTQ" community is "upset" by this is because it exposes them and their true intentions before they finished getting all of their laws passed so you can't stop them from all being able to screw your kids. They know that a premature exposure of their true intentions will cause you to stand up and stop them but one of them is so obsessed with sex that he couldn't keep his pants up around the little girls, which is going to mess up the plans for the rest of them.

Man plans, God laughs.


You wonder why I remain neutral most of the time on FB?

Because I like to watch and study other people to know what is going on in their heads and I just saw a post by a woman I know is a witch and she said to "talk to the moon and let the universe know what you want".

You learn a lot by watching and listening to others because, if you understand what other people believe and how they think, it is much easier to anticipate their actions. What you believe and how you think determines what you will do.

You see, the occult worship things like the sun, the moon, the planet, the universe, nature, and everything in nature.


I only worship God but I watch everyone to see who they worship because that tells me whose side they are on, tells me what they will do, helps prevent me from getting bad surprises from them and it tells you what people are telling other people. Pay attention and be aware of what is going on around you. The military calls this "situational awareness".

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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