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Climate Change

Remember that I have been telling you that the global warming/climate change fear mongering is just bogus science to make some rich people even more wealthy and to control you?

This video does a pretty good job of pointing that out. It is a very good watch.

It has gotten to where rich people are dreaming up new scare tactics to make them money right and left, which is fraud, and they should go to a federal prison for a few life times.

Every time some rich jerk or academe jerk starts a new crusade to save something, grab your wallet and run because their only concern is getting your wallet.

I have told you and told you and told you that the ONLY thing these beasts care about is themselves and their bank account, they keep proving it, and more are finally starting to listen.

Here is a video that further proves this attitude of the upper class trash in setting up their global dictatorship with you being their surfs or slaves just like I have been telling you for years.

They tell you their plans with their attitude, which is that they will live lives of luxury at your expense while you either live in poverty as their slaves or die.

The upper class trash spawn of Satan don't care about you. All they care about is themselves and their bank accounts.

Hey, they already told you that they plan to depopulate you anyway.

Didn't you listen? Don't you believe them? Do you believe me now that this entire globalist thing is really planned genocide with you being the ones who get murdered so they don't have to share "their planet" with you?

Just remember something I told you years ago that you better bet the upper class trash know. If you shut down the power grid in this nation, better than 90% of the people in this nation or any Western nation will be dead within less than one year because we have become so dependent on electricity in so many ways.

Within one to two weeks, there will be rioting in the streets fighting over what food is left without refrigeration at the stores, water at your tap, communications to call for help, and more. Our big city civilization cannot survive 3 months without electricity and we cannot support the lives of better than 90% of the people without electricity, especially with increasing numbers of people dependent on the Internet for making a living.

Within one to two months, the big city people will flee their cities to raid smaller and smaller cities for food and water to survive, wiping out those smaller cities. The smaller cities will be forced to build walls manned by small armies to stop these raiding armies from the big cities in hopes of surviving. It will be kill or be killed.

Easily, almost all of the people who survive will flee to the country and know how to live off of the land. If you don't know how to live off of the land, you will die.

Think I am wrong?

Think of ALL of the many ways in which you depend on electricity to live. This culture cannot survive without electricity and that gets true for more people every day.

In the Air Force we had to study this for nuclear warfare because an EMP would take out a power grid.


The left love to tell you that the US Military lost the Vietnam War, which is a lie. This video shows what really happened in detail. I was still in the military at that time and knew what was going on.

But the lefties love to hate the US Military so they love to tell everyone that the US Military was defeated by little North Vietnam. Hey, what is another lie to the commies?

People, this was treason and a betrayal of our ally. These Commierat crimes against this nation to destroy this nation go back more than half a century and have been getting worse until now.


I keep seeing "Christians" posting about using dope, being tolerant of other people's sins, and committing adultery and hearing my granddaughter tell me about how almost all of her "Christian" friends in all of the churches are homosexuals, committing adultery, and using dope and I feel very alone. I know how Elijah felt hiding in that cave thinking he was the only man of God left, while I sit here hiding in my cave surrounded by poser Christians in a small "conservative" community that brags that they have more churches than bars. It ain't the buildings that count, it is the people who are in those buildings.

I wonder how many of those churches are going to be turned into mosques, when Obama imposes Sharia Law on us? Most of them?

If what I am seeing is representative of this nation, we are so screwed as a nation but I keep seeing God stopping Satan's spawn so I must not be alone. There must be other true Christians out there.


This blows my mind. What is this, Medieval Europe?

First, governors and mayors, who have no medical training or knowledge practice medicine without a medical license by forcing large numbers of people to do things of a medical nature. Oh you, you don't have to go to college for 12 years and get a medical license to practice medicine, all you have to do is be a goboner or mayor and you too can practice medicine without a license.

"Oh, but they consulted with an MD."

So now you only have to talk to an MD for a few hours and you can practice medicine without a license?

"Oh, but it was an emergency."

Doctors are not trained to handle medical emergencies but biologically and medically ignorant politicians are?

You don't have to know anything about biology or medicine to practice medicine. All you have to do is lie your way into office and you too can practice medicine without a license. You can even seize control of everyone's medical care from their doctors and force them to do things of a medical nature that you command or mandate.

People, that is even worse than Medieval medicine. At least those people had to learn what little was known about medicine. Not today's politicians. All dey has to do is say so and dey is are be your docker and can order you to do anyting dey say.

OK, if you are going to practice medicine with or without a license, then you should be accountable under malpractice laws so that, if your medical decisions cause harm to anyone, you are liable and these quacks caused a lot of harm to a lot of people.

But it gets better.

I just saw that a judge ordered someone to get the COVID 19 vaccine, which means that, if you are a judge who knows nothing about biology or medicine, you can also practice medicine without a license.

Hey, why go to college and medical school for 12 years when all you have to do is get a 4 year law degree and get a job as a judge and you too can practice medicine without a license?

Are our doctors stupid or what? Why spend 12 years in college to get a medical license when you can just be a governor, mayor, or judge with a 4 year degree in anything to be able to practice medicine?

Yep, these power mad, ignorant quacks have definitely set modern medicine back at least a few hundred years. I would rather be under the medial care of King Arthur's Wizard, Merlin, than these quacks.

Every one of these quacks practicing medicine without a license should at least go to prison, especially those who caused harm to other people.

Hey, if you practiced medicine without a license by ordering others to do things of a medical nature, you would go to prison, why shouldn't they?

Creation Science

Remember that I have been teaching you about creation science and that what you are being told about evolution and creation science is wrong?

You have to keep in mind that they used to admit that evolution was dreamed up with the intention of proving God does not exist, which should tell you that evolution has always had an anti-God bias to it, which would taint analyses by those who WANT to believe in evolution. Those people refuse to be objective concerning the evidence and will always bias it.

This video shows some of those biases, especially concerning being objective about what the evidence says. He points out that evolutionists ignore evidence that disproves what they want to believe. It was the evidence that caused me to believe in Biblical creation.

Note that their scientist did something very professional by testing his testing methods to make sure they test accurately but the biased scientists ignore any results that show they're wrong.

Conservative Offensive

This video is short but really great because it shows that the conservatives are not just fighting back but are going on the offensive. To win this thing, you have to take the offensive to gain control of the momentum until you finish off the enemy.

If you just play defense, they will keep regrouping and launching attacks against you to wear you down and eventually win by default.

In this offensive against the left, the conservatives have finally organized and are playing hardball. This should open a lot more eyes and turn more people away from the lefty lies.


Have you ever wondered what have been the most successful lies in history?

For Satan, the most successful lie has been that, "If you do what I tell you, you will become gods." He first told that lie to the angels with one third of the angels believing him and rising up in rebellion against Yahweh, God, to become gods, only to end up in a prolonged (intergalactic) war with God facing eternal damnation, if they don't manage to get humans to wipe out humans in order to make God a liar and, therefore, not righteous so God cannot judge them on Judgment Day and banish them to the Lake of Fire forever. (That is the nutshell version of what is going on.)

Did those angels become gods when they did what Satant told them to do?

No, they are facing eternal damnation.

Then Satan told the same lie about becoming a god to Eve in the Garden of Eden ("if you eat this fruit, will you not become like God?") to get her to eat of the forbidden fruit in disobedience to God to cause the fall of man causing death to enter into the world.

Did Eve become a god when she ate the fruit?

No, because Satan lied to her just like he lies to everyone.

You see this lie in all pagan cults like the Occult, where Satan has convinced them that, if they seize control of the world with a global dictatorship and kill off everyone who does not worship him, he will come and make them gods.

Hinduism is based on people reincarnating to higher levels to become royalty and then gods and Buddhism is a spinoff of Hinduism.

All of your royalty have believed for thousands of years that they are earthly gods ordained to become gods in the afterlife with all of the ancient rulers like Pharaoh, Caesar, all the kings, queens, emperors, czars, and others being worshiped like gods and even modern royals being "respected", you know, you have to bow before them in respect, which is really just a form of worship. Today's royals believe they are gods who were born into their god family and meant to rule over you lowly peasants and slaves.

That lie and the love of money have caused every war in history resulting in the insane deaths, oppression, and poverty of billions of humans and the destruction of their civilizations, holding mankind back for thousands of years. That lie is right now resulting in the destruction of our modern civilization to further enrich the upper class trash royals.

Wow, what a magnificent lie that has murdered so many.

And the millions who believed that lie and murdered those many other millions, have they become gods?

No, they are all burning in Hell because Satan lied to them too.

What has been the second most successful lie in history?

The lie the chemical companies have been telling for more than 100 years that those little free roaming feral cats devastate ecosystems because it has caused hundreds of millions of people to hate and kill off free roaming feral cats causing the pandemic growth of bugs, rodents, birds, and snakes forcing you to buy at least hundreds of billions to trillions of US dollars worth of the chemical companies' toxic chemicals to kill off what the house cats eat and would naturally control their populations if you didn't kill off the house cats.

Gee, wow, what a coincidence that these lies always benefit the upper class trash royals but only until they die and burn in Hell.

Maybe we should learn to question everything the upper class trash and their puppets tell us? Do the upper class trash tell us anything today that isn't a lie?

Yet, most people just blindly believe the lies the upper class trash tell us because "I seen it on TeeBee so it gots to be true," you know, the same TV the upper class trash own and control but that is just a magic coincidence.

I can't wait for God to set up his Christian theocracy or monarchy (which is what a true Christian theocracy is) because God can't lie to us. He has to tell us the truth or He would not be righteous. Besides God doesn't have anything to gain by lying to us because He already owns everything.

I sure get tired of being lied to all of the time. As a matter of fact, I hate reading and watching the news to write these essays because it means I have to read and watch all of Satan's puppets' lies, which make me want to puke.

Land Sales

It has become obvious that the upper class trash are now buying up homes, using your tax dollars, to make you homeless so you will be forced to live in their housing so that, if you don't do what they say, they just kick you out on the street to live. It is all about control, power, and greed and you better bet that, once they own all of the land, they will drive up rent until you are poor. That is what they meant by "you will own nothing and be happy" or else (strongly inferred).

I noticed that the fool real estate companies and sales people are bending over backwards to sell everything they can to the upper class trash at above market prices to maximize their short term income not realizing that, once all of the land is owned by the upper class trash, they won't sell any more land to anyone and will put themselves out of business and work to only end up living in the upper class trash homes, paying really high rent prices or become homeless.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Listen, people, when they own all of the land, they will increase land taxes so high you won't be able to pay your land taxes and will be forced to sell your land to them for your land taxes. They are using tax free trust funds or tax shelters to buy all of the land so they won't have to pay the land taxes you will have to pay.


Remember that I have been telling you that, when Obama takes over and enforces Sharia Law on us, most Christians, you know, the poser kind, will convert to Islam?

I just saw a meme that makes it look like Yahweh and Allah are the same god and you better bet that is a big part of the excuse the poser Christians will use to convert to Islam to avoid the persecution of Christians by Muslims. Yeah, kind of stupid but they are the stupid people so expect the stupid from them, especially when they get scared, you know, like with COVID 19.

To avoid persecution, the poser Christians will hop that fence like a runner going over a hurdle in the Olympic Games.

Speaking of the occult, I just saw an ad by a monist (atheist) that said, "The universe is only reality that is uncreated first cause, sovereign, eternal, and infinite. ONE, an infinitely intelligent substance..., From a singularity to a limitless universe..."

First, by 1998 scientists had concluded that the universe is rapidly expanding and will expand until it flies apart, therefore, it cannot be eternal.

Second, the scientists have also proved that the universe is not infinite or limitless based on the amount of background gravity because an infinite universe would cause infinite background gravity that would crush the universe in an instant.

Third, they are saying that the matter the universe is made of has infinite intelligence but there is no God. No, what they are saying is that the universe is their god and created itself out of nothing because they know that evolution by accident and coincidence is scientifically impossible just like I have been teaching you, therefore, they know something had to create our universe but refuse to believe it was the God of the Bible because they love their sins and hate God's Law so they choose to believe that the "infinite intelligence" of a non existent universe created itself. They hate God so much that they are willing to believe something that obviously stupid.

And they laugh at, mock, and call Christians stupid?

Fourth, the fool doesn't even know that physicists have proved that our universe did not come from a singularity or "the Big Bang" and that physicists don't have a "first event".

Basically, this is a cult that is built on the ignorance of evolutionists who know nothing about science but believe the bull crap they see on TeeBee.

Remember, people, that TV is owned by the upper class trash and will tell the lies the upper class trash tell TV to tell you.

Smart Bombs

Remember with Desert Storm how the idiot journalists were briefed on "new weapons systems" before the shooting started and idiot x-spirts like Dan Rather said things like, "If we had these smart bombs in Vietnam, we would not have lost the war"?

This video is an interview of an F-4 pilot who flew in Nam and at about 12 to 15 minutes into it, he mentioned that he used smart munitions in Nam, you know, just like I told you we did because I was trained in those weapons.

Gee, the x-spirt journalists got it wrong again because they didn't know what they were talking about, as usual. I told you that journalists are some of the most ignorant people I have seen with college degrees and almost never know what they are talking about.

Yes, we first used smart munitions in Nam and not in Desert Storm like you were told. You cannot blindly believe anything the media tell you. Question everything you are told and take it with a grain of salt.

Interestingly, one thing I have never seen anyone even mention concerning the F-4 is something I read in a monthly publication for flight crews for the F-4 while at Korat, Thailand. It was both a warning and instruction that, if both engines flamed out on the F-4, the crew had 10 seconds to either restart one engine or eject from the plane before the plane would roll upside down. With no forward thrust, that baby goes belly up in 10 seconds. At higher altitude, this wasn't as big of a problem because you had more time to recover the aircraft as at a low altitude, because, at the low altitude, when that plane turned upside down, you would be punching or ejecting into the ground at a very high speed so you would not survive.

This was particularly critical for the F-4 because it was the first plane with "zero/zero egress", which meant that the ejection system could propel the crew member high enough for the parachute to open for a safe landing at a zero altitude and zero speed or you could be sitting still on the ground and still safely parachute. I know because I was trained in that egress system because I had to sit in those plane seats to take out and put in ECM instruments for repair.

Though, while I was at Korat, that egress system killed one crew chief who accidentally activated it while standing in the seat to put the safety pins in the egress system inside of a hanger so that he didn't live long after he was slammed into the roof of the hanger.

Yep, in 72+ years I have been a place or two and learned a thing or two.

Note that I never told anyone, including either of my two wives, about anything I did in the military because it was all classified until the last decade or two and much of it is still classified so I still can't tell you about that stuff, just like that pilot said in that video.

That is why I sometimes tell you that, "You have no idea what we could do and they can do better today." Someday soon you will find out what I learned about space warfare.

Wild Weasels

This is the best video I have seen concerning the military during Nam, though there are some mistakes and omissions, and I worked the Wild Weasels in Korat, Thailand in 1973, along with other aircraft for ECM. The Wild Weasels were SAM (surface to air missile) killers.

The first mistake in this video is they keep talking about the Sa-2 SAM missile system (SAM2) but they were already being mostly replaced by the Sa-3 system (SAM3) by the late 1960s and the SAM2s were rarely used by the commies by the 1970s so our biggest threat was the SAM3s AND the SAM6, which was a "tracked" or mobile SAM mounted on a tank body with 6 missiles per unit. By 1972 the SAM2 was old school and we had it beat to pieces.

Contrary to what he told you, the SAM3 told us it had been launched because there was a "step up" in its radar signal or increase in power 10 seconds after launch so the ground crew could control the missile because their control signal was piggy backed on their radar signal so that, when they turned their control system on it increased the power output of their radar signal.

By 1972, we had developed the ECM that could beat the SAM3 better than 90% of the time (conservative estimate) but, during operation Line Backer, mentioned in this video, the Ruskies came up with a countermeasure to our countermeasures and I was directly involved in helping develop the new countermeasure to their countermeasure or ECM at Carswell AFB mentioned in this video. It only took us 2 weeks to beat the Ruskie countermeasure with the new US countermeasure.

During operation Line Backer, we were beating their SAMs so bad (except for that one new countermeasure) that the commies started using several different tactics to get by our ECM. One was that the idiot Nixon required that our B-52s use the exact same approach at the exact same altitude at the exact same times every day so all the commies had to do was to aim a bunch of SAM3s at the same place at the same time and fire the bunch of them in what we called the "shotgun effect" or poke-and-hope method because their radar was being beat by our ECM.

It was the shotgun effect that shot down most of our Buffs lost during that operation. I have never seen anyone tell you that either.

A second method they used was to have spotters watching for Buffs along those routes and those spotters used math to determine the altitude along with the direction of our Buffs and then a second spotter would time the flight of those Buffs from the first position to their position to determine the speed of the Buffs and relay all of that information to SAMs behind them so the SAMs could get more accurate shotgun effect shots.

Better than 80% of the Buffs flying those missions were D models flying out of Guam and, because of the idiot Nixon, they rioted for several days on Guam and refused to fly missions until they could change their flight pattern to save their butts.

For the Weasels, they were already using the APR-46 receiver in the F-105 "Thuds" by 1972 or earlier and they could track any military frequency including radio transmissions between aircraft plus they were using other ECM. The EWO was called the "Bear" and he used his ECM equipment to find, track, and target the SAMs and, when he picked a target, he told the pilot how to fly the plane to get lock on with his radar seeking missiles, which didn't lose track of the target when the SAM turned off its radar. Once that missile got lock, that SAM was dead meat.

They would usually pretend to be a regular combat plane until the SAM locked onto them, then dive towards the SAM until the Bear got lock on with his radar seeking missile, fire their missile, then the pilot would very quickly do the "S curve maneuver" to cause the SAM radar to lose track of the plane in conjunction with the Bear activating the ECM pod (ALQ-105) to jam their radar.

The average life expectancy from the time the Weasel engaged the SAM and until they broke away killing the SAM was just 10 seconds to win that fight or die.

The Weasels got so good by the time I was there that they used a tactic to shut down SAM sites in what we called "SAM suppression". What they did was send Weasels into the flight zone for a mission and start destroying SAMs. As soon as the SAMs realized the Weasels were in the area hunting the SAMs, the SAMs would turn off their radars and go out from the radar unit for a pee until the Weasels left right after everyone else left.

That should fill in most of the gaps for that video. Just about everything else was correct.

Note that, in ECM, our stuff had to work with or against every electronics warfare and espionage system on both sides of the Iron Curtain from submarine warfare to satellite warfare so we were trained in all of it and we had our equipment on almost all combat, espionage, ECM, AWACs, and other aircraft that saw combat, plus the Army had ECM, and the Navy used ECM so we were trained in all of those vehicles and their systems including radar (including land, air, and sea) and communications. We were even trained in ship sonar. We were also trained in conventional, nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare for both Cold War and Hot War, stealth technology, espionage, space warfare, trained to fight from top secret nuke proof underground facilities like Cheyenne Mountain following a nuke war, to know about "Uncle Sam's Black Closet" weapons systems, and how to identify and deal with KGB agents. We got at least monthly and sometimes weekly briefings from the Pentagon about everyone on both sides of the Iron Curtain like the Yom Kipper War. It was one heck of an education, one of the best the military gave so that we knew stuff that even the SEALs and Green Berets didn't know about.

I thank God for getting me in ECM for both SAC and TAC so I could learn all that I did learn. It really makes it possible for me to see between lines and through lies and to teach you what I need to teach you. It was only part of God preparing me to write this blog to help you and do the things He told me I have to do later. I guess you could say that my life has been God's basic training program for what He wants me to do.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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