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Death Camps

Here is a little eye opener.

Did you know that our corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, media, upper class trash, and MDs don't have to send you to death camps to kill you off? Why?

Because they have turned the US and the world into one big death camp and they are right now murdering you off in their global death camp with their mandates that are "for the common good," you know, that little Marxist lie.

Think about that. Right now, the US is being used by the left as their death camp to murder you off. This nation is our Auschwitz and Russian Gulag. This way, no one will notice the left sending you to die in their death camps because you are already there.

People, Fauci and the other lefties have caused harm to and murdered more people in the US than all 200 of those Nazi MDs did in the German Nazi death camps, they have done it in less time and they hung those 200 MDs for crimes against humanity. Think about that.

Now do you understand why I believe that Fauci and his accomplices should be hung for their crimes?

Other criminals were hung for less. They KNOW they are murdering people and they keep murdering people.


Remember that I have been telling you that when the royals get enough control for their dictatorship, some of the royals will begin to grab for power and control from the others, which will result in a power struggle between the royals?

Is the left tearing down a statue of the Queen of England in Canada the start of such a power struggle by one or more of the other royals that will almost definitely turn into another war between the royals?

Keep an eye on this.


This video is important news because the smaller nations in the area around China MUST unite and stand together to keep China from picking those nations off one at a time. Whether the US is involved in this war or not, those nations much unite as allies to survive.

Keep an eye on this.

The Bible

This video tells a very important truth for everyone, Christian and non Christian, to know.

You will find that lefty college professors use the telephone game to prove that the Bible has changed when it has not changed so you need to know what this video tells you.

Note that archaeology has PROVED that the scriptures have had no significant changes for the reasons shown in this video.

Also, following the time of Christ, the gospel went from being spread around the world by the Hebrews to being spread around the world by the Gentiles. Because we are in the "End Times", that process is reversing so that the Gentiles are moving away from the Bible and God and increasing numbers of Hebrews are moving back towards the Bible and God but there will always be both Gentiles and Hebrews walking with God.

Keep an eye on this.

Poser Christians

Remember that I have been warning you about poser Christians?

This video teaches you some about poser Christians just like I have been teaching you for years.

He teaches you some about this but there are other reasons how Satan fools people into believing they are Christians when they are not to prevent them from actually searching their hearts and becoming Christians.

One way Satan fools people is by convincing them that they are Christians because they go to a Christian church or liberal church that says it is Christian, tithe, and even help out in the church by doing things like teaching Sunday school.

Another way is many people believe they are Christians because their parents said they were Christians so "I must be a Christian, especially if I got to the same church my parents go to."

Another way is that they live in a nation that lives by Christians morals, values, and ethics so they assume they must be Christian.

Another way is that their church, like the Catholic Church, actually tells people they are Christian because those people go to that church that says it is a Christian church to keep those people going to that church.

There are many different reasons that many people use to falsely believe they are Christian and you can bet Satan helps them to keep them from realizing they are not Christians so they might convert to Christianity.

If you really want to understand Christianity and how to be a true Christian, you look at it the way I teach Christianity and that is that salvation and being a Christian is God's amnesty plan where He, as Jesus, paid for your crimes against His Laws so you don't have to pay for those crimes BUT you must repent of your crimes and turn from those crimes BACK TO God before you can accept His amnesty program.

It is similar to our amnesty in that you must repent or turn from your crimes before you can accept amnesty and not have to pay for your crimes. If you don't stop committing your crimes before you accept the amnesty, then there is no amnesty and you are still a criminal who must pay for your crimes.

Does this mean that you can lose your salvation if you sin again after accepting salvation?

Not with God's amnesty program but you cannot accept that amnesty until you at least try to stop sinning.

Repentance is the first thing you MUST do before you can accept God's amnesty plan. Without repentance, there can be no amnesty because you didn't turn from or give up your sins for God. The Bible tells us that God will not save a sinful nation but will punish that nation until it repents of its crimes against God's Laws.

Now, because these poser Christians have not repented of their crimes, they cannot have Jesus in their hearts and, when they begin to be persecuted for being Christians, they will not stand the persecution and will convert to whatever religion the persecutors want them to convert to and I have been warning you about this for years. Those poser Christians will turn on and stab their former true Christians in the back so you need to be aware of this. Without Jesus in their hearts, they will not endure persecution for Jesus.

My Hypothesis

Remember that my hypothesis about what caused the flood on Earth was a massive meteor shower striking the planet within hours and not within millions and billions of years and that shower was caused by a planet in orbit just outside of Mars exploding?

At about 38 minutes into this video, for which the link was sent to me by Mark (thanks, Mark), This scientist explains the basic structure of Earth's core as being iron/nickel and then he states that about 20% of the meteors we have tested were iron/nickel.

For 20% of the meteors to be made up of iron/nickel, those meteors had to come from the inner core of a planet because the meteor material is not going to be compressed into iron/nickel in the almost zero gravity of space.

What this should tell you is that, for that many meteors to be made up of iron/nickel, a planet had to explode within our solar system just like I told you.

Gee, who would have figured?

That planet exploding would have created a rapidly expanding sphere of debris and would have struck one side of our planet and the facing side of our moon within hours just like I told you so that would have fractured Earth's crust and "broken up the fountains of the deep" just like the Bible tells you. It should also tell you that Earth's orbit was such that Earth was on the same side of the sun as that exploding planet at the time that planet exploded for that debris to strike Earth and its moon.

That confirms or supports my hypothesis about what actually caused the flood. Hey, my science is good science.

Note that later, he states that they don't know what the actual cause or catalyst was for the flood but you do because you read my blog. If you have read my entire blog, you should know that God caused a planet in orbit outside of Mars and around our sun to blow up, which caused a massive meteor shower to fracture Earth's crust, permitting the super heated water beneath it, you know, the fountains of the deep, to gush to the surface of the Earth causing the great flood.

Also note that, earlier in the video, he told you how they got 6 different scientists from different fields of study to put together a complex hypothesis concerning the flood dynamics. That should explain why God caused me to study all of the hard sciences and other things so I could run the extremely complex scientific models in my head to develop the different scientific hypotheses for different sciences over the last 50+ years or more than half a century you have read about on this blog. I could have only developed so many different hypotheses for some many different sciences by having studied all of the hard sciences. God knew what He was doing.


Remember that I told you that Hitler and his political part were the "National Socialist Party of German"?

At the end of this video they show you a modern building that is a museum named the Museum of the National Socialist Party that documents the history of Hitler's political party and all of their crimes so Germans won't forget.

Gee, what a coincidence.

Yeah, just like I have told you, the Nazis were ALL practicing socialists or Marxists contrary to what the lying lefty college professors, teachers, media, and others tell you and these Marxists, commies, socialists, and progressives running around today calling you Nazis are the real Nazis.

BTW, that YouTube channel teaches a lot of interesting things, especially about WWII.


The video documents one of many annual events where the upper class trash meet to conspire against you. This particular meeting by the media should tell you why all of their news is always the same with the same talking points to fool you.

Yes, the lefty upper class trash have numerous annual meetings to conspire or plot against you to control and enslave you but, hey, the magic coincidence theorists just ignore these obvious meetings by the upper class trash to conspire against you, blindly believing their lefty leaders are all accidentally and coincidentally doing the same thing in the same place at the same time by magic coincidence because they really are that stupid or think you are so they tell their blatant lies to you.

Note that he tells you about Allen and Company that underwrites all of these major lefty businesses and media that lie to you and steal from you. He tells you that the business is privately held so you cannot obtain any information on who owns or runs it or about its meetings or anything else. Gee, what a coincidence.

That firm is owned by the upper class trash and used as a front to finance certain types of businesses to set up their global dictatorship just like I have been teaching you for years. The upper class trash use thousands of such front corporations to hide behind while committing their crimes against you.

Remember that I have been warning you to not take your business public or sell it to the upper class trash because they will destroy the business and turn it to doing evil. Mark Dice (this is not the Mark who sends me e-mails) shows a very tiny bit of that in this video and I have been watching this crap take place ever since I was a kid more than 60 years ago.

Note that he points out that the upper class trash use buying up their competition to control what you hear and see so they can control you. Mark Dice shows you a number of examples of the upper class trash doing just that.

People, this crap of buying out your competition should be illegal but they also own the politicians who pass the laws the upper class trash write.

This annual conspiracy meeting isn't even the tip of the iceberg of what is going on.

Note that Mark tells you about the mass surveillance of US citizens by the CIA and I told you how that works years ago because I was trained to know how that works.


Remember that I have been telling you for years that these lefty ruined cities are quickly approaching the populations, because of people fleeing their cities, to where those cities can no longer maintain basic life supporting infrastructures such as water and sewage?

This video tells you about that growing problem in San Francisco, California.

It looks like the stupid and treasonous lefties are having a "We can destroy our city faster than you can destroy your city" contest.

Do you believe me yet that the corruption of our left is the primary cause of the fall of cities, nations, and empires in history?

You are watching history repeat itself right now because the greedy, power mad upper class trash and their puppets will never stop their greed and lusts for absolute power. You are currently watching the death of the entire Western culture being caused by the left so they can set up their global dictatorship.

The only thing that will permanently stop the evil and destruction of these evil sub human spawn of Satan human demons is eternal confinement in the Lake of Fire. Nothing else can stop them because they will never stop their evil because all they care about is themselves and their own wealth and luxury, for which they are too lazy and stupid to earn themselves so they persist in stealing from you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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