Who Is God?

Remember that I told you that in February 1968, on my way to my first archaeology class, I decided that I wanted to find out 1) whether there really is a god, 2) if there was a god, who that god is, and 3) what that god wants. I started a quest to find out the truth using the science I had just started studying and being as scientifically objective as possible. I wanted to know the truth and went on a quest in search of the truth.

Therefore, while I was using science and history to see if there is a god, I began reading about and studying up on the different religions to see which god might be THE god. I did at least a little research into all modern major religions, some of them extensively, and then also most ancient religions or mythologies including but not limited to Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Middle Eastern, and Norse mythologies and American Indian religions from North to South America. This was my quest looking for the truth. I wanted to know the truth.

This article is about what I learned from more than half a century of study and research concerning God to find that truth.

First, does science and history prove there is a god?

I told you that, when I first began studying science that they openly stated that the concept of evolution was created to prove that God does not exist and very specifically that the God of the Bible does not exist.

What? Were they not interesting in proving that none of the other gods in other religions don't exist?

No, their aim was to very specifically prove that the God of the Bible does not exist because, I have learned that, in their hearts, they know He is the one true God and they hate Him. Yeah, I found that very interesting from the start and that was a massive red flag but that was only the beginning of my search for the truth.

I quickly learned that there were some very major problems with evolution proving that God does not exist. First, there were and still are no beginning moments or events for the beginning of our existence because the "Big Bang" was already very questionable and no one could explain how the first living cell came into existence based entirely on accident and coincidence because, mathematically, it was scientifically impossible to the point of being beyond absurd. These problems are so bad for evolution that the evolutions don't even want to talk about them.

I have already explained both of these problems in detail in the blog earlier.

This is critical because, without a beginning, nothing else matters and all of their evolutionary stories are just pagan religious fairy tales that mean nothing except that the proponents are a bunch of pagan religious fanatics believing what they want to believe in spite of the evidence. You have to have a beginning before anything else means anything, which is why the Bible starts with our begining.

Second, by the early 1980's they had proved that evolution cannot prove that God cannot exist because God could have just as easily caused evolution to happen so the best they could do was to prove that God MIGHT NOT exist, which also means that God might exist.

This is also why they quit telling their students that evolution was dreamed up to prove that God does not exist, you know, because evolution had already failed at that.

Therefore, in the early 1980's, the evolutionists shifted their efforts from proving God does not exist to proving God MIGHT NOT exist, which was another massive red flag. So, at that time, my search was beginning to shift more towards finding out who God is and what does God want.

By the early 1990's they had proved that it is scientifically impossible far beyond what science normally considers impossible for evolution to have taken place by accident and coincidence so that almost all evolutionists began to believe that evolution required a "superior intelligence" to cause evolution to happen. Therefore, evolution had itself evolved and become another form of creation. That was another massive red flag and we were developing a real red flag parade.

People, a superior intelligence great enough to cause the creation of all of this cosmos and life on this planet is the very definition of a "god being" because it would be normal for us to call such a vastly superior being God. That should be common sense but most of our God hating scientists calling themselves atheists and not wanting to be called "religious fanatics" are lacking common sense and not being objective and honest with themselves or us.

I hope you realize that, by not admitting God exists when the evidence proves He MUST exist because you are afraid of being called religious fanatic, makes you a religious fanatic because your are continuing to believe your chosen religion in spite of the overwhelming evidence. You just stopped being a scientist and became a religious fanatic.

If you believe that a vastly superior intelligence caused all of our existence to happen, then you believe in a god being and cannot be an atheist. Also, if said god being caused this to happen then said god being must be real, he must exist, he must live, and he must be God so it suddenly cannot be a religion but must be reality and science is supposed to be the study of reality regardless of what you want to believe. It was at this time that I became a confirmed creationist because of the evidence.

As scientists, if the evidence proves that God must be real, then we must study God.

They refuse to admit that their "superior intelligence" is God because they know in their hearts that He isn't the God they want Him to be and they hate that God.

Therefore, by the early 1990's, science has so conclusively proved that God MUST exist that almost all evolutionists believed that He must exist even though most of them wouldn't admit their superior intelligence has to be a god being, which is completely unscientific and not being objective. They don't realize it but what they are doing is worshiping the god, Superior Intelligence, which is at least a little funny.

Now that science has conclusively and overwhelmingly proved that God MUST exist, the next question is, "Who is God or the god being the scientists call the 'superior intelligence?'"

In my studies of religions from all over the world, I learned some interesting things about humans and religions. One of the most important things is that we humans are too simple minded to make up very complex beings so we tend to make up polytheistic religions with gods for everything such as a god for war, a god for love, a god for trees, and a god for the seas.

A really great example of this is Hinduism, which has more than 1,000 gods and goddesses. That is mind boggling.

These are all simplistic fake gods made up by humans because we cannot make up extremely complex beings. A partial proof for this is modern literature in that all great writers of fictional books use real people for their characters because we humans cannot make up beings as complex as even humans much less a much more complex being required for a monotheistic religion.

After decades of research, I learned that, because of this human trait, you can write off all polytheistic religions and gods because they are just fake man made gods and religions. Their gods are too simplistic to be real beings.

Now the God haters will tell you that this automatically eliminates Christianity because of the Trinity but that is not true. In Judeo-Christianity there is only one God who is so complex and powerful that he can manifest himself in different forms at the same time. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost are the same being in different forms doing different jobs. The Bible makes this very clear and, in the Book of Revelation it tells you that, after Judgment Day, Jesus will return to being one with God the Father.

The truth is that the God of the Bible is so complex that we humans cannot even begin to comprehend the totality of His existence, therefore, this god being could not possibly have been dreamed up by humans.

Therefore conservative Biblical Judeo-Christianity is a monotheistic religion with an extremely complex and powerful being just like would be required for the creation of the cosmos and everything in it.

This means there are only 3 religions I have found for which their deity can be considered for being the true god being and these are conservative, Biblical Judeo-Christianity, Islam, and the Occult or Satan worship. As a matter of fact, in my studies, I became convinced a long time ago that the gods for all of the different pagan cults are just fronts used by Satan to get you to worship and follow him under any name to draw you away from the God of the Bible and Satan has and still is proving that today but we will get back to that in detail later.

Now you have to understand that Islam claims to be a monotheistic religion but its origins are that Allah, originally Ali Allah, was only one of more than 360 gods in Sabianism with Allah being the simplistic war god. Therefore, from its origins, Islam is a polytheistic religion that just eliminated all of the other gods so everyone would worship their war god and that religion is man made so we can ignore it.

That only leaves conservative Biblical Judeo-Christianity and Satan Worship or the occult.

Now you have to understand that many people ignorantly believe that Judaism and Christianity are two different religions but even most rabbis know better. They are the same religion worshiping the same God with the same Bible and waiting for the coming of the same Messiah. The big difference is that most people practicing Judaism believe that the Messiah has not yet come and will come soon while Christians believe the same Messiah has come and will come again soon. I have heard Hebrew rabbis say that the first thing they will ask the Messiah when they see Him is, "First or second coming?"

This means that Judaism and Christianity are two different sects of the same religion, which is why God haters hate both of them.

Did you know that Satan Worship and Judeo-Christianity confirm each other as being real?

This means we have two opposing religions that confirm the existence of the other religion's god. Satan worshipers believe that the God of the Bible is real and they hate Him a lot. They believe that their god, Satan, has not YET prevailed against the God of the Bible but will soon prevail and this is in spite of the fact that they know that the God of the Bible is the creator of everything, including Satan.

The Bible teaches us that Satan is real, he is a false god, he is the "father of lies", and is the creator of all pagan gods. It also teaches that Satan and his demons are rebelling against the God of the Bible in what we would today call an intergalactic insurrection and war, he is failing, and will not prevail.

Gee, what a coincidence that we have two opposing religions that confirm each other with only slightly different stories from opposite perspectives about what is going on and will happen.

Oh yeah, what about Satan creating all of these pagan gods to get more people to follow him and turn them away from the God of the Bible?

Satan is proving this to be true today with the New Age movement. That movement has already combined all religions EXCEPT conservative Biblical Judeo-Christianity (but also including lefty poser Christianity) saying that all of their gods are the same god or god being. Think about that and what it means.

People, if you combine your religion with all other religions INCLUDING Satan Worship and say that your god is the same god as their god, you are saying that your god is Satan. Hello!!!

With the exception of conservative Biblical Judeo-Christianity, every current religion on this planet including the American Indian religions have combined their religions in the New Age religion with Satan Worship and are admitting that their god is the same god as all the other religions including Satan Worship. The New Age religion is Satan proving my theory and what the Bible says to be true and telling you that all of the pagan gods are just fronts for Satan.

Hey, I believe him, don't you?

Also note that there is only one religion that has been and still is being rejected, hated, and being waged war against by the New Age religion and all of the religions that belong to it and that is the religion of conservative Biblical Judeao-Christianity. Gee, what a coincidence.

So guess who the only being is who could possibly be the true god being?

It should be obvious that the God of the Bible, Yahweh/Jesus, is the only being who can possibly be the true god being or the "superior intelligence" who created our universe and all life on Earth. End of debate.

Now the question is, "What does God want?"

It tells you in the Bible what God wants and it would take a book to really explain that in detail but the nutshell version is that God created our cosmos and all life on Earth because He is a loving creator being and to have companions, called stupid humans, to spend eternity with. We stupid humans screwed that up by disobeying God so God decided to give us a second chance following our expulsion from the Garden of Eden but we stupid humans screwed that up so God decided to give us a third chance following God purging the planet of all of the humans who chose Satan over God with the flood but we stupid humans are very consistent and have continued to screw that up for about 4,400 years now, to pay for our crimes against His Laws God came as Jesus, lived a perfect crime free life and died to pay for our crimes, providing us with the choice to pay for those crimes ourselves or repent of our crimes and accept the payment God made for us, and we are at about the end of time, our individual testing, and God's patience. Soon we will have Judgment Day and those who chose eternal damnation with Satan will go there while those who chose to spend eternity in Paradise with God will go there. End of story.

That is what science, history, the Bible, and even Satan Worship have proved. That is the end of that quest and that is just the net shell version.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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