I Told You So 397


Remember that I have been telling you that the left has set up their dictatorship and they are right now in the process of consolidating power?

Don't believe me?

They just pulled Rudy Giuliani's license to practice law because he dared to stand up to the left and fight back.

People, that is the very essence of tyranny and makes this a dictatorship. You do everything they say or they will punish you.

That is also why most biologists and MD's won't openly stand up against Fauci and his accomplices in their COVID 19 crimes. One doctor did last fall and his state pulled his license to practice medicine in violation of his freedom of speech. That is tyranny.

Hundreds of people were peacefully escorted through the Capitol Building in protest of the lefty government and they were branded insurrectionists and traitors with many of them still unconstitutionally in jail without an arraignment or bail. That is tyranny.

Then I found this video which tells that the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) just met with Maduro of Venezuela at about 10:30 into the video, which should be a massive red flag. Note that it does not bother those commies to meet with a ruthless dictator.

Everyone in this nation knows that the socialist government in Venezuela is a Marxist dictatorship and the Commierats are meeting with a known terrible Marxist dictator about what?

Oh but don't worry because it cain't be no conspiracy because commies don't work together or conspire to do their evil. What they will do at the same place and the same time will all be magic accident and coincidence.

This should concern everyone especially with the Commierats having set up their own Marxist dictatorship and right now working to consolidate power. You just can't get more obvious than that.

Note that some members of Congress are members of the DSA. He tells quite a bit that proves these Commierat members of DSA could not be committing a more obvious act of treason against the US and the people.

Do you get the picture yet? Do you still believe this is not a commie dictatorship consolidating power? Do you believe me yet that the left is RIGHT NOW staging the insurrection and not the right? How much more obvious do they have to get for you to believe it?

You better repent of your sins, turn back to God, pray long, pray hard, pray often for God to save your butt, join a militia, secure your red zones, and lock and load.


To really understand God's Law, you have to understand human behavior because God used His knowledge of human behavior to control our behavior. To understand human behavior you have to study history, biology, and human beings concerning their behavior.

God caused me to begin studying human behavior for survival when I was a kid because I was a runt and my family was extremely transient meaning that I was bully bait and I learned that by the time I was 7 years old. I quickly learned to study other people to be able to see who potential bullies were and I got to where I could recognize them very quickly and the study of human behavior has continued throughout my life.

I am going to give you two good examples of how God wrote the Law to use human behavior to control what we do.

Did you know that God did not make either what most people wrongly call polygamy, which is really polygyny, or having two or more wives or slavery a sin or crime?

God had a reason for this. For polygyny, you have to understand that, at the time God gave the Hebrews the Law, quite a few of them, especially the very wealthy already had two or more wives.

What would have happened if God had made polygyny a sin or crime against His Law out in the middle of that desert?

The men, especially the very wealthy, would have dumped all of their wives and their children except their latest wife, leaving those women and children without support and impoverished in the middle of the desert. Most of them would have died.

Now, you have to understand what happens when a man marries another wife?

Easy, they have a new bedroom toy to play with so they tend to neglect the old toys or their first wives because, if you marry a second woman, ye ole flame has gone out in the first marriage and you are looking for a new flame.

So, how did God brilliantly handle this?

God wrote in His Law in both Exodus and Deuteronomy that, if you marry a second wife, you MUST maintain the first marriage relationship, which requires a lot of time because it takes a lot of time to keep one woman happy, twice as much time to keep two women happy and suddenly polygyny goes from new fun with a new wife while neglecting the first wife to being a big time burden because you are REQUIRED BY LAW to maintain both marriages properly and not neglect any of your wives. Note that God will not teach you how to sin or commit a crime.

God brilliantly wrote the Law to DISCOURAGE men from marrying two or more wives but did NOT make it a sin or crime.

Now, hundreds of years later, the very wealthy (it's always them screwing things up) Hebrews broke that Law by marrying many wives into a harem and neglecting all of them except the wife they wanted to screw right now.

How did the Hebrew clergy handle that? Did they start enforcing that Law requiring the men to properly maintain all of their marriages, which would have quickly turned into a living hell for those rich sex fiends?

No, the clergy committed blasphemy by adding to the Law that polygyny is a sin or crime because the Law very clearly states repeatedly that "You will not add to or take away from the Law" because it is you saying you know better than God so you are elevating yourself above God, which is the first and worst crime and they continue to do so today, which is why I tell you to not go chasing after the Hebrews to learn scripture unless you want to commit blasphemy.

Jesus even repeatedly preached against adding your customs and traditions to the Law for the same reason because, by then, the Hebrews had added quite a few of their customs and traditions to the Law with many of their customs and traditions being more significant than the Law.

Today, the Hebrews actually have an annual meeting where they go to commit blasphemy by adding to and taking away from the "imperfect" Law so, if you want to really learn how to commit blasphemy, go let the Hebrews committing blasphemy teach you about their version of the Law. Hey, it will give you something to think about while burning in Hell.

The second thing that God did not make a sin or crime is slavery and I wondered about that for decades until God showed me why.

What would have happened if God had made slavery a crime out in the middle of the desert?

The same thing, the rich people with all of those slaves (poor people don't have slaves) would have dumped them into poverty without any meaningful possessions in the middle of the desert to die. So God wrote the Law to discourage slavery in order to protect existing slaves.

You have to understand that, before the Law, if you bought a slave, they were your property for life, you could treat them anyway you wanted and many slave owners were cruel and brutal, sometimes beating their slaves to death.

God wrote the Law so that, if you purchased a slave, you got to keep that slave a few decades to get your money back and a little profit but then you had to take that slave to your front porch, you know, in public for everyone to witness, and give that slave a choice between continued slavery and freedom.

Suddenly slavery wasn't as great of an investment because you could lose them after only a few decades AND you had to treat them nice and with respect or they would choose freedom. This eventually did away with ownership slavery in most nations but ye ole corrupt upper class trash royals devised ways to get around this.

In Europe, the royals had their royal cousin academe, who also had slaves, come up with new forms of non ownership throwaway slavery so that they technically didn't "own" the slaves so they didn't have to give them up, could work them for the rest of their lives, didn't have to treat them well, and the royals didn't have to take care of their slaves when they became incapacitated so they could just dump the slaves on their impoverished families any time the royals wanted.

In England, the royal academe developed the surf system, in most of Continental Europe, they developed the peasantry system, and in Italy, they developed the peonage system, which spread across Southern France and throughout all of Spain and Portugal, who brought that slavery system to the Americas.

One of the psychological tricks the royals used was to change the name of the slaves from slaves to surfs, peasants, and peons to fool the slaves, you know, just like the left keeps changing names and definitions of words today but please note that they still beat their slaves even though they didn't technically own them. Satan's spawn never stop.

Those slavery systems persisted until the people finally raised up in rebellion against the evil royals in the 1700's, when the royals had their royal cousin academe dream up another form of non ownership throwaway slavery and changed its name to communism/socialism/Marxism/progressivism and the stupid people are still falling for that slave system today.

Gee, you think that maybe that is why Marxism/communism/socialism has never worked for the people and only worked for the upper class trash just like ownership and other forms of slavery always have and always will?

I bet that opened an eyeball or two. Hey, I don't care what you call it or the slaves, if you oppress the people, steal the fruits of the works from the people, beat the people, and can freely murder the people, it is still slavery.

BTW, today the upper class trash have their products made in nations like China where slavery is legal and claim that they, the upper class trash, are not liable or responsible because dey ain't der slaves in spite of the fact they make that slavery possible by financing it.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash royals are evil? Do you get the picture yet?

Not the few good royals like Trump, just the greedy, power mad upper class trash royals.

Now, do you better understand why God wrote some of His Laws the way He wrote them?

God doesn't want you using polygyny to use His women He loves like sex toys and He doesn't want you using His people He loves as slaves so He wrote the Law to discourage those things but not criminalize them to protect those who already were living under those conditions so they won't just get dumped. It is absolutely brilliant.

Note that some blacks have written about the hardships caused by them suddenly making slavery illegal in the US following the US Civil War and them just dumping their slaves to be on their own.

And you thought, like me, that you were a smarty pants. Yeah, right. God dwarfs our intelligence and makes us look dumber than rocks, especially Satan's spawn.


I warned you about something I pointed out last year that is happening right now. Major corporations began laying people off to make the economy look bad for Trump and are now hiring those people back to make the economy look good for Biden just like I said they would.

There are also other factors involved in this fake booming economy as shown by this video about how most of this fake booming economy is really just businesses opening back up and people going back to work, after the lefties shut everything down.

This fake booming economy is just things trying to get back to normal after the left shut everything down for a year.


Remember that I have been telling you that all of the black gangs in the US are Muslim under the control of the Nation of Islam run by Farrakhan?

There are also international Muslim organizations operating in the US as this video shows one such group from Morocco (Morocco is a Muslim nation) but they dodge the fact that this is a Muslim organization because pointing that out isn't acceptable to the left, you know, it exposes some of what they don't want you to know about.

In Islam, they believe that they are not to be held accountable to any nation's laws and only to Islamic Sharia Law. Also, under Sharia Law it is acceptable and even encouraged for Muslims to commit crimes against non Muslims, especially crimes of stealing, fraud, murder, and rape, you know, just like these people commit. Gee, what a coincidence.


Remember that I told you that the COVID 19 virus was provided to the Wuhan Lab by US college professors?

At about 9 minutes into this video he points out a US college professor who has been working with the Chinese on these things for 20 years, including COVID 19, and is just a wee bit suspicious, you know providing funds for a number of Chinese research labs.

Note that he is a professor at Columbia University.

Do you believe me yet? Gee, you don't think Fauci is trying to stop the investigation into where COVID 19 came from to cover this up, do you?

After the story about COVID 19, pay attention to the story about China collecting DNA information from women around the world.

Gee, I wonder what they are planning next, you know, with the help from people like Fauci?


Remember that I have been telling you that China's economy is weak and could easily be destroyed during a war because she is too dependent on external supplies that can easily be disrupted and she would not be able to sell much to anyone outside of China cutting off her cash flow so her economy would not be able to support a sustained war? Remember that I told you that China will likely break up into two or more different nations following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 because of existing factions within the Chinese Communist Party?

In this video they address these issues but miss the points I make, do show her economy is weak and there are differing factions within the CCP. The man speaking makes it clear that he is concerned China's economy will implode taking the Australian economy down with it.

If China starts a war any time soon, she will destroy her economy, lose the war, and there will be insurrections within China just like I have been telling you.

Could China start a war as a stupid act of desperation just like our commies are doing right now?

Yeah, but it will destroy her.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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