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Danger at Sea

Remember that I told you that I have read about boats being attacked and even disappearing because of sea life like giant squids and that the media tend to cover those attacks up?

This video is about one sailboat being attacked by a pod of Orcas or killer whales. In the video he is guessing or speculating about what the orcas are doing and trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, you know, dey was nice widdle orcas.

There are dangerous animals in this world and they are not all human, though the most dangerous are human.

Note that he spoke for a while about the orcas biting off parts of his boat and leaving them floating in the water. That sounds a lot like the way orcas kill whales, they pretty much bite them to death a little at a time and let the whales bleed out.

It is very obvious that he is under attack and in trouble and I was wondering why he didn't put out a mayday call for help and to warn others entering the area.

Now, from experience, you can bet that the lefty media will either not cover this story, try to discredit the story, blame the boater for inciting the orcas, or give it a very brief and limited reporting so they can say they covered it knowing that most people will quickly forget about it. The lefty media don't like to report on people being attacked and/or killed by wild animals because it ruins their reporting about all wild animals be darling angels that wouldn't ever hurt a human and, if they do, it is always the human's fault. After all, they wouldn't want you to think that you might have to kill an animal in self defense.

I have been aware of this stuff going on for almost 50 years now.

Usually, if they find such boats, there isn't anyone on it, the crew is missing.

1/6 Insurrection?

Mark sent me the link to this news story which confirms everything else about the "1/6 insurrection" being staged, you know, with the cops removing the barricades, peacefully escorting the people through previously roped off areas, "journalists" with cameras waiting for the protesters in route and at key locations, the members of Congress having been "escorted" to a safe part of the Capitol Building with "journalists" with cameras there to record them "hiding" and "in fear of their lives", you know, just too many coincidences but the stupid people fell for it.

In that story, it tells that the cops attacked the peaceful protestors and the protestors were just defending themselves when the cops got violent. The article tells us that there were other "coincidences" like the cops attacking peaceful protestors with stun guns, tear gas, and pepper spray with some even physically attacking peaceful people, which is battery and those cops and their leaders should go to jail for the crimes they committed. With the fiasco that took place inside of the Capitol Building, it tells me that Pelosi and Schumer were behind this and should go to prison too.

Mark also stated, "Another false flag. This is similar to the Reichstag fire in Nazi Germany." Very true.

For those of you who don't know, Hitler and his thugs staged "an attack on the Reichstag", setting if on fire, you know, just like the lefties staged an attack on the Capitol Building, and then blamed the commies to turn the people against the commies and for Hitler and his socialists. The Reichstag was Germany's capitol building. Gee, what a coincidence.

These lefties in the US are taking ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING right out of Hitler's play book proving the lefties are the Nazis and the stupid people are falling for it again. They are even wearing black uniforms just like Hitler's SS and it ain't no coincidence. All of their propaganda and information control is taken from Joseph Gobbles' programs, Hitler's information minister, you know, like Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bezos, and others. The left is doing EVERYTHING just like the Nazis did and the stupid people are falling for it.

Do you get the picture yet?

Remember that God showed me in a dream that, at this time, 20% of law enforcement and the military would be lefty traitors and bad guys and 80% would be good guys. For an easy example, if there were 500 cops there, that means there were 100 bad cops working together to stage this trap to attack the protestors and make it look like an insurrection.

Everyone involved in this crime against the people should be facing criminal charges with the top people facing the gallows.

Why the gallows?

So none of their accomplices can pardon them to turn them loose to commit more crimes against the people and this nation. Dead upper class trash don't commit more crimes and their corpses discourage others from committing crimes. The death penalty was given to us by God to protect the people from more crimes.

Chemical Companies

Remember that I have been telling you about many ways the chemical companies lie to you to get more money from you?

This video shows SOME of the watered down truth about vaping, which is making chemical companies a lot of money. It was originally sold as a safe replacement for smoking tobacco, pot, and other drugs. Note that they included things in their witches brews like nicotine and THC to get you hooked on their products by giving you a high or buzz.

He states that they are just beginning to do the research on the effects of vaping and they don't know the "long term effects", when, heck, they don't even know the short term effects.

They are now saying that the nicotine and THC are causing some of the problems. Please note that he is being a little deceptive with some of his statements to try to make vaping not look so bad.

People, if you study biology and use common sense, I knew when the chemical companies came out with this "safe form of smoking" that it wasn't going to be safe and it would only take time to prove that. If you suck almost any chemicals into your lungs, especially warmed or vaporized, you are going to do damage because those chemicals, especially warmed, which will increase chemical reactions, are going to react with the chemicals making up your lungs and make changes to the chemical structures of your lungs or do damage.

They admit they don't know the long term effects of vaping on your lungs but I can make an educated guess based on everything else people suck into their lungs and it ain't going to be purdy. Many, if not all of you, will die younger than you would have, you will also be much more susceptible to lung problems and infections, read breathing ain't going to be fun, and you will probably end up with a small hose blowing oxygen up your nose for the rest of your life to survive a while longer. A significant portion of you will probably commit suicide because life will really suck.

Those "highs", hallucinations, and other good feelings caused by drugs are actually the drugs having chemical reactions with the chemicals in your cells causing damage. Those "good feelings" are not normal chemical reactions inside your cells and are abnormal chemical reactions causing damage to your cells. It is kind of like your TV making funny pictures because something inside got fried.

People, if you put any chemicals in your body to "feel good", those chemicals will always have random chemical reactions with the molecular structures in your cells causing random damage to ALL of your cells. There is a tendency for certain chemicals to react with certain parts of your cells like the DNA, which is what causes the genetic damage to cause cancer.

I don't even like taking medication unless I know I need it, not even aspirin. I sure as heck am not going to ingest any recreational drugs to get a temporary high or buzz that will cause permanent damage. In more than 70 years, I couldn't count the number of people I have known and seen who later paid for the drugs they put in their bodies, especially their lungs but even their mouths or with needles.

Eventually research ALWAYS proves that every recreational drug causes damage and even kills but the dopers and dope sellers, including chemical companies, will always ignore or lie to you about that damage because they don't want to have to deal with that reality until it is too late and then it will always be someone else's fault and not their fault.

Don't believe me?

Go to college and study biology, plus, if you look back at history for just the last 60 years, you will find that for every recreational drug that has been used, the users and sellers have always said it doesn't cause harm only to find out that all drugs cause harm. Right now, the pot users are in denial about pot causing harm or killing people when all research by honest researchers has proved conclusively that pot does cause significant damage and does kill people.

The stupid people never learn, will always do their dope and whine that we should pay for their medical problems caused by their dope.

Just like I expected, they are now finding that vaping does cause harm and even kills people. Just wait another decade and they will have a better idea of just how deadly it is and all of the problems it causes.

But, hey, those chemical companies are making a lot of money lying to you, destroying your health and killing you.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil." He is right.

Lefty Media

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefty media lie about just about everything, especially if it can scare people into doing what the left wants them to do or support?

This video shows you just how bad they lie because, according to the FBI, their numbers for mass shootings are exaggerated by more than 10 times the true numbers to scare people into accepting or wanting the upper class trash to take guns away from everyone so the upper class trash can safely set up their commie dictatorship without getting their evil brains blown out.

When are they going to arrest these lying media for fraud and other crimes?

The lefty media don't even come close to telling the truth so why even bother using them and making them rich by lying to you and trying to seize control of your nation? By using those media, you are rewarding them for committing terrible crimes against you and this nation. Quit using them.


Remember that I told you that you shouldn't believe anyone, especially a politician who lies about being a woman. It seems that Jenner has already flip flopped on something. Surprise, surprise; next lie.

You can't trust a liar, especially if they are believing their own blatant lies.

People, if you want to find out whether a person is a man or woman regardless of what they say or want to believe or make themselves look like, just give them a DNA test. If they have an XY, they are a male and, if they have XX, they are a female, end of debate.

You have to understand that you have more than one trillion cells and the DNA is the same in all of them and controls the programing for every cell just like ROM does for a computer and that DNA determines whether your cells are male or female, which determines whether your body will function like a male or female body regardless of everything else they can do.

It is a fact that a male with all the right drugs, all the surgeries they can do to make them look like a female, and all of the right makeup, will still have about a 12% strength advantage over a female. They are not at parity because they WANT to believe they are at parity and they cannot be a woman, they can only pretend to be a woman, which does not make them a woman, just a male pretending to be a woman.

Everything else is lefty bull crap, which is not scientific in the least bit.

Remember that lefties hate math and science because they disprove everything the lefties want to believe so dey cain't be right, dey gots to be racist. Lefties live in another pretend world completely out of touch with reality with unicorns and fairy dust, which is why their plans always eventually fail catastrophically, usually causing harm to others and often death. Just because you want to believe something because it sounds so wonderful does not make it right.

The truth is the truth, facts are facts, and the lefties hate both.

That is why they hate God, the Bible, Christians, and Hebrews and want to destroy them all. That is why they love evil and Satan.


I went to the store today and saw a man with a small child in the grocery cart wearing a mask. As I thought about it I realized that, with children having an almost zero mortality rate for COVID 19, making them wear masks is really bad medicine because those children are much, much more likely to die from bacterial pneumonia or sinus infections caused by wearing the masks than they are to die from COVID 19.

For the x-spirts to tell people to put masks on children is really bad medicine, malpractice, and child abuse and for those x-spirts to tell people to put masks on children is a very serious crime for which they should go to prison.

This lefty crap built on lies has to stop because they are killing people and they know they are killing people.

You watch, after everything has come out, you will find out that these masks have caused much more harm than good and they should send everyone involved to prison.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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