I Told You So 399


Remember that I told you years ago about an increasing movement among men to not date or get married because increasing numbers of women "are not worth marrying"?

Too many modern women have been taught feminist attitudes and behaviors like promiscuity that are not good for a marriage in order to make them easy sex targets for the lefties, especially the upper class trash.

This is causing increasing numbers of men to stop dating and marrying today because, except for sex, there is nothing good in dating, but especially marriage, for men.

This video shows men discussing this in detail with each explaining their reasons for not getting married to today's women.

I personally realized these problems with modern women by 1990, took a vow of celibacy with God, trained myself to be celibate, and have enjoyed life much, much more than when I was married. Sex is just not worth the hassle of living with most of today's women, especially since most of them have been taught to hate men. Let them buy their own homes, cars, meals, clothes, presents, and other things.

Why do I want to marry someone who hates me? Why do I want to spend my money on someone who hates me?

I found that by about 30 to 40 years of age, all of the women who make good marriage partners are married leaving only the lefty garbage, which I would rather die than marry one of them.

Lefty women are not taught to be partners in marriage where you both work together as a team to make life be as good as you can make it for BOTH OF YOU. With lefty women, it is all about them living lives of luxury and happiness at your expense, you know, just like all lefty socialists and slavers. That selfish attitude will turn any marriage into a living hell for men.

Hey, I have more time to spend with Jesus, who loves me.


Remember that I have been telling you that people will not revolt if they have too much to lose but will only revolt when they have more to gain than to lose?

The people of Cuba have finally lost enough with the worsening economy that they now have much more to gain than to lose by revolting to bring down their communist government and they are revolting in mass.

The evil, greedy, power mad upper class trash are so greedy that they never learn that, if you take enough away from the people, the people will always revolt and that is what is going on in Cuba right now.

It is also going on in other nations around the world at an increasing rate, including in the US, but the upper class trash never learn and can't steal enough from enough people fast enough so they will always eventually cause rebellion.

Keep an eye on this globally.

College Professors

I just saw an article about a white college professor who made a white student stand up and shamed that student for being white saying that the student was an inherent privileged white racist.

Unfortunately young kids are intimidated by their teachers and college professors. If that arrogant jerk had tried to shame me that way, I would have turned it back on him by asking, "If all whites are privileged white racists, then you are a privileged white racist professor? Is that why you got hired to be our college professor instead of a minority?" and then turned to the class and said, "Let's go talk to the university president about firing him because we don't want to be taught by a privileged white racist, do we?" Then I would have lead the class in protest over to the president's office to demand the firing of that professor because he was bragging about being a privileged white racist.

All of you kids need to know that, when any white teacher or college professor tries to shame you for being "privileged white racists", you turn it back on them to shame them and get their lunch and then have their job by lunch time.

You need to start petitions to get rid of all privileged white racist teachers and college professors and then go after the privileged white raciest politicians, journalists, and bureaucrats. If their white bosses won't fire those privileged white racists, then you get those privileged white racist bosses fired too.

That will put an end to that crap really fast.

Why are the white teachers, college professors, politicians, journalists, and bureaucrats who believe that all whites are privileged white racists not being fired for being privileged white racists? Do you want privileged white racists teaching you and your children? Do you want privileged white racists running your government? Do you want privileged white racist journalists telling you what to believe?

Turn their privileged white racists bull crap back against them to get rid of them and tell them to go get a job cleaning toilets, sweeping floors, and taking out the trash. If the liars clean toilets for a while, maybe they will stop thinking all whites are privileged white racists like they are.


Remember that I told you that the Spanish Royals were Marxists and Nazis?

With the people in Cuba rioting to be freed from communism, Mexico just offered to help the Cuban communist government, you know, help put down the people rioting for their freedom from the oppressions of communistm. Gee, what a coincidence.

All of the commies are coming running to help Cuba keep their people oppressed under communism. China is now preparing to help Cuba keep their people under oppression.

You have to understand that the Cuban people rioting for freedom is devastating to the lefty Marxists because Cuba has been their holy banner and their one great example of Marxism working because the people were bullied into silence and the left used that silence as proof that the Cuban people were very happy with their communism but suddenly the truth is coming out that they never were happy with communism but, don't worry, the left is fighting back with more lies about the rioting actually being because of COVID19 and the US.

Hey, got to keep the stupid people fooled with more lies.

Did you notice that the French people spent Bastille Day celebrating by rioting in the streets to get freedom from their Marxist government the US commies want the US to be so much like?

Unfortunately Macron and his commie pals still have their heads because the people have not yet figured out again that fighting in the streets against the cops who insist on being the upper class trash thugs against the people will not get them freedom, only storming ye ole upper class trash castles and taking a few heads will get you freedom.

Believe me yet that the lefty Marxists will never stop and the only thing that can stop them is death and eternal damnation?

I also told you that Mexico wants to get back the Southwest US that Mexico sold to the US but they don't want to have to pay for it so they have been sneaking soldiers into the US to fight from the inside when our Marxists make their move.

I sure hope the rest of the US people open their eyes before it is too late. I do see that more people are getting more angry.

Illegal Immigrants

The lefties are telling you that people from all over the world have an equal right to come to the US and live here but now they are telling Cubans fleeing communist tyranny to not come? What? Did they lose their rights to live here by standing up to a communist dictatorship like our lefties are setting up? Maybe it is because our commies don't need more people to be afraid of?

Think about that.

Have you noticed that one dangerous thing I do on this site is to get you to think for yourself?

Think about that too.

George Floyd Memorial

You really think there is no God and that He does not intervene?

Tim Pool is not an atheist but is a general theist because he believes there is a God but he has no clue as to who God is. He tells you that in this video and then tells you that the George Floyd Memorial was struck by lightning and that he really checked it out to make sure. From what Tim said, he just thinks God sits on His butt and does nothing that could be considered intervening in our affairs but the Bible says differently.

People, if you understand the Bible and know God, you should know several things about this. First, according to the Bible, it is almost certain that George Floyd is burning in Hell right now and you will find this is true on Judgment Day.

Second, this was clearly God making a point that George Floyd is not to be worshiped or a role model. This was very clearly no coincidence and was very clearly a statement by God to the lefties and everyone else.

You can bet that as the left makes things worse, you will see more stuff like this as statements from God to warn the left and very few will listen before God's hand is on us in judgment. God gives people plenty of warning before He brings judgment on them. Get used to it because that is an easy prediction.


Remember that I told you that, if you have your products produced in a foreign country using slavery, you are guilty of slavery because you are making that slavery possible and profitable by financing that slavery making you complicit in their crimes against humanity. The people who profit from slavery are the people responsible for slavery.

This video shows an increasing interest in stopping major corporations from profiting from slavery but they limit it to just confiscating the products produced by slavery and what they need to do is imprison everyone in that corporation responsible for using slavery to make their products AND confiscate all of their wealth they made using slavery. Technically, because they are making slavery possible by financing the slavery, they are guilty of slavery and are slavers or slave masters.

These evil beasts, once again mostly Democrats, should be held accountable for their crimes against humanity to increase their own wealth.

It is just like I have been telling you that these greedy upper class trash just can't steal enough from enough people fast enough and the only thing they care about is themselves and their bank accounts.

Voting Laws

Mark sent me this true and funny statement about the new conservative voting laws:

"Election reform does actually suppress the vote.

It prevents dead people, illegal aliens, foreigners, under age folks, etc. from voting and it prevents ballot harvesting, unlimited mail in ballots, people voting several times in different precincts, packing the voter rolls with fake people, children, the deceased, and even pets, etc., etc., etc.

Without these things the poor socialist, progressive Democrats have difficulty winning elections.


That is exactly what the left means about the new election laws suppressing voting, the lefties can't vote as many times each with the new voting laws. Why they are being suppressed and only being allowed to vote once each.


I love the people who insult Christians for saying that God made some bad person pay for their bad behavior and they usually respond that it "wasn't God, it was Karma", showing their ignorance, especially when atheist say this.

Karma is a Hindu/Buddhist pagan goddess who went around causing harm to people that Hindus decided they didn't like or who caused them trouble. Today, the West ignorantly believes it is just a concept but, even then, it is a Hindu/Buddhist concept.

If you say you believe in Karma, you can't be an atheist because you believe in a pagan goddess and atheists are not supposed to believe in any deity but most atheist believe in the pagan goddess, Karma, showing their ignorance.

I don't and cannot believe in the Hindu/Buddhist pagan goddess who "holds people accountable for their actions". I can only believe in the Biblical God/Jesus who holds people accountable for their actions.

You "atheists" who believe in Karma need to check your religion, you're ignorant pagan religious fanatics.

Which brand of atheism do you believe in, Hindu or Buddhist?

Many people are so ignorant that they make my brain hurt.

They claim to be atheists or Christians but say they believe the pagan Hindu/Buddhist goddess, Karma, will punish people for the things they do to other people? Really?

Most people who say Karma will take care of someone don't even know what they are saying.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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