I Told You So 403


Remember that I told you that this vaccine thing was about control, money, and probably also depopulating the planet? Remember that I conservatively told you that the chemical companies are making at least $4.8 billion per year per vaccine if everyone in the US gets the jab?

They would probably make more than $5 billion per year and they are already up to the third shot so that, if everyone in just the US gets all 3 vaccines, those greedy, lying chemical companies would make more than $15 billion in just one year. They are already talking about indefinite "booster shots" that will make them billions every year.

Everyone involved in this con should at least go to prison for life or be hung. You can bet they will all burn in the Lake of Fire forever.

Are you getting the picture yet about how evil these greedy, power mad people are?


Remember that I have been telling you that our republic is dead and it just has not finished kicking yet so we better get our act together before it does finish kicking?

This video shows you that I am not the only one who has now realized this.

What, you think that state is talking about seceding because our republic is in good shape and thriving?

Yeah, right. They also see the writing on the wall.

Now, what are you going to do about it because, if you don't do something before the left finishes off our republic, you will quickly become dead or a slave.

People, the Hebrews lost their nation, Israel, because they committed the same sins you are now committing and you thought you wouldn't get the same results or lose your nation for the same actions? Really? Why did you believe something so stupid?

Ah yes, because of Satan's most important lie, "It won't also happen to you because you are special, you are different, and you are smarter than them so you will MAKE it happen," which prevents stupid humans from learning from history and condemns us to always repeat history. If it were not for the stupid people believing that lie, Satan's other lies would have stopped working thousands of years ago because people would have learned from history and stopped doing the same stupid stuff like Marxism again and again and again.

Well, here we are committing the same sins that caused Israel to lose their nation and we are now losing our nation in spite of what Satan's infiltrated preachers told us, you know, we are special, we are different, and God won't punish us for our sins the way He punished everyone else in history for the exact same sins. Gee, what a coincidence.

Don't believe me?

Go ask any lefty why Marxism will work for them when it has not worked one time for anyone else and they will tell you, "We are special, we are different, we are smarter than they are and we will MAKE it work." I don't know how many times I have heard lefties say that satanic lie in the last 60+ years.

Ask them exactly why, in detail, the other Marxist nations failed and they will say it was because the other Marxism wasn't "real Marxism" and their Marxism will be "real Marxism". Then ask them the difference, in detail, between the other Marxism and their "real Marxism" and they can't explain that because they don't know, they just "know" they will make it work.

Then ask them how, in detail, they will make it work and they don't know what they will do differently but they fanatically believe they "will make it work". Dey is are be smarty pants.

They are ignorant religious fanatics and Marxism is their religion with Karl Marx and their government being their gods. They don't know crap and, if you try to discuss or debate it with them, they will get angry at you for trying to make them think, which, in their fanatical religious cult, is blasphemy.

"Why, how dare you try to get them to commit blasphemy by thinking for themselves when they are supposed to just quietly drink the Kool-Aid?"

That is the main reason why I call them the stupid people and they are beyond any doubt, the most fanatical religion on Earth.

So, do you still believe the satanic lie that you are special, you are different, and you can do the same thing Israel did by committing the same sins and get different results? Do you still believe you won't be punished and lose your nation because of your sins the way the Bible says you will and everyone else in history lost their nations for committing the same sins? Do you still not know that those sins themselves will not destroy your nation? Do you still think God is the liar and not your satanic poser Christian preacher?

People, you did the same thing Israel did that caused them to lose their nation so you are going to also have to lose your nation and build a new nation just like Israel is finally doing right now because God is "patient and long suffering" and is giving them another chance but they have not learned from their mistake and are still committing the same sins that caused them to lose their nation so, just like the Bible says, they will lose their nation AGAIN during the soon coming Tribulation, when they are forced to capitulate to the Muslims.

Don't believe me?

Go read the book of Revelation where it says that Israel will surrender to Islam and that won't be because they didn't sin. Hey, maybe they didn't stir their satanic Kool-Aid well enough before they drank it.

They will lose their nation again because they are still committing the same sins that caused them to lose their nation thousands of years ago because they REFUSE to learn from the Bible and their mistakes so they have kept repeating those mistakes for thousands of years, which is why I don't listen to them about God and the Bible, you know, after more than 3,000 years, they still don't have it right.

Now, the question is, will you learn from their mistakes, you making the same mistakes and losing your nation so you will stop making those mistakes or will you end up in the mess they are in right now and for how long?

Do you get the picture yet?

Repent of your sins, turn back to God from your sins, and call on God's name or it will just keep getting worse until you do. People, what the Hebrews are doing is between them and God and what you are doing is between you and God.

With God punishing both Israel and us Christians for our continued sins, do you still believe the lie Satan has running around in our churches that we won't be punished for our sins because we are special, we are different, and are smarter so we can do as we will? Gee, I wonder why Satan has that lie running around our churches, to destroy the Church of God?

Think about it. You get right with God or it keeps getting worse.

Just how much worse do you want this to get?

Upper Class Trash Muslims

Remember that I have been telling you for years that the lefties converted to Islam in 2012 under Obama and they have been proving it by being good buds with Muslims?

Hang on because the left seems obsessed with proving me right about everything. They just proved me right by handing Afghanistan and a number of Americans and Afghans who were our allies in this war against terror to our terrorist enemies, the Taliban, ISIS, and Al Quaeda, in what has to be one of the worst acts of treason in history.

But it gets better.

Joey Boy is going to hand Iraq over to another terrorist sponsoring enemy called Iran in the next few months, who will quickly turn Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon into their proxy terrorist states to use to wage their terrorists war against us.

Also remember that Iran is the head of Shiite Islam, which wants to destroy Israel and believes that Babylon in Iraq and not Mecca in Saudi Arabia is the holiest city in Islam and they want to rebuild Babylon as their global capitol just like the Western occult, who also want to destroy Israel and to build Babylon as their global capitol city.

Gee, there is no motivation there for the lefties to convert to Islam, is there? Hey, nothing like having the most important things in their beliefs and goals in common, is there?

"It is just a magic coincidence that the left is giving back control of four different nations to Muslims that are waging a terrorist war against the West and also wants to destroy Israel."

So, which other nations does Biden plan to give to the Muslim terrorists, Somalia and Yemen?

Probably, then Israel too.

Keep an eye on this.


I am wondering is this thing about bringing charges against a Clinton attorney the left trying to get rid of Hillary because she wants to be queen and they want someone else like Kruella? Is she being shoved under ye ole commie bus because she got too powerful or maybe she is no longer a useful tool?

A common strategy to get the top criminals in any criminal organization is to get the goods on one of the upper level members, bring enough charges against them to put them away for life or longer, and get that member to "go belly up" or turn states evidence on the top turkey. It looks very much like that is what they are doing to Hillary.

Keep an eye on this. This is getting interesting.

Upper Class Trash Royals

I have told you fair amounts about which upper class trash are running this planet but I guess I need to go more into detail about what I have learned and God has taught and shown me over the last 60+ years.

Try to stay with me because this is complex and I will try to keep it as simple as I can.

I got this in an e-mail from Mark:

"From the NYT: [Ron] 'Klain, who was the chief of staff for Vice Presidents Biden and Al Gore, is viewed in and out of the West Wing as the essential conductor of administration business, a surrogate for the president.' (reported by Yahoo News

From National Review: 'Republicans have taken to referring to White House chief of staff Ron Klain as 'the prime minister.' A New York Times profile suggests, with winks and nods, that Klain is the man actually in charge of the administration headed by a famously befuddled near-octogenarian. 'He's kind of the guy behind the curtain,' says Republican senator John Thune. If Biden's mind has a tendency to wander, Klain is the man who steers him back in the direction Klain wants him to go'"

When I was being trained to be a stock broker, they told me that there were about 300 families who run things on this planet and that those families work together to plan things out or conspire to do the things they do.

Much of this and more was later confirmed when I got my MBA.

BTW, all of those families are intermarried so they are actually just one great big global crime family and you have to keep in mind that there are black sheep within those families who try to be good people. The heads of those families like to maintain their family autonomy.

I told you that they taught me about 1.5 years before Black October that those families would crash the stock market in either October or November of that year and exactly how it would be done.

It all happened when they said it would and how they said it would. These are the corrupt upper class trash royals I keep telling you about and I have seen their actions confirmed again and again for more than 30 years now and the good rich people know who these people are and get information about their constant conspiracies. Yes, they really do work together or conspire to do their evil deeds or crimes against you.

They don't just have "A" conspiracy but have multiple conspiracies going on all at the same time and all of the time to accomplish different things.

They also have built up a very complex group of different types of organizations they use to do different things, like using nonprofit corporations so they can move money around without having to pay taxes on that money every time they move it and to hide behind in what the business and stock market worlds call "shell games", you know, like ye ole shell and pea game but their shell games are much, much more complex with hundreds to thousands of shells hiding the peas in their games.

You really should read "West's Legal Environment of Business" and see the many different types of organizations they use for different things.

But, first, let's discuss their family structures. They all have an "Inner Core" of about 10 or 12 top members in every family with a family leader, who run all of the rest of those family members lives (they have big families with lots of children as management assets) and use them in certain ways.

To control the rest of the family members, they raise them as spoiled children who become dependent on their families for lots of money and then, when those family members leave high school, they all get a special trust fund you will find in "West's Legal Environment of Business" where the head of the family maintains control of the trust but the interest from that trust, less the cost of keeping the trust up with inflation, goes to a specific family member and the head of the family can stop that interest from going to that family member or just dissolve the trust, if that family member does not behave like they are supposed to. It is legalized extortion.

"Keep your yap shut or we yank the silver spoon out of your mouth!"

I have known some of those family members and talked to them about such matters, including how their trusts work and then was trained to manage those trusts later.

BTW, before he died, Teddy Boy Kennedy was the leader of the Kennedy family and John Kerry is just a front man and lackey for the Heinz family because he married one of the upper level Heinz women.

For example, to control the stock market, they have stock market accounts set up for EVERYONE in their family which are all illegally managed by that family inner core so the inner core can do things in the market you cannot do to control the market.

For example, by law, if you own 15% or more of a company's stocks and decide to buy or sell more stocks for that company, you must first make a public announcement concerning your intended transaction so others don't get taken advantage of by your transaction, which will definitely change the price of the stocks in that company, you know, to protect you. BUT, if several different family members' accounts own a total of 15% or more but none of them individually own 15% or more and you buy and sell for all of those accounts, you don't have to make an announcement before you buy or sell more stocks in that company, which means you can control the price of that company's stocks by buying or selling much more of that company's stocks with a number of family accounts at one time, which is why it is illegal for you but not for them.

Laws for thee but not for me.

But, hey, who is going to arrest them when the "top cop" is in bed with them, is a member of one of their families, and is doing the same illegal things? If they are all doing those illegal things, then why make them illegal?

So you can't legally do the things they do to control the market to steal from you and they will arrest and imprison you for doing what they do. Remember that I told you that some of the big houses trained me and their trainee brokers to commit those crimes for them as a front man, after I had already read all of the stock market regulations and laws, which is one reason why I left that industry. You know, I just didn't really want to go to prison for them to make them more wealthy.

Each family has a representative or leader who meets with the approximately 300 representatives or leaders for the other families very much like the Chinese Communist Party has over 1,000 members for their meetings, you know, to plan things out or conspire with them.

Every family representative or leader has a "cabinet" of family members they work with, with each one of them having their own cabinet to work with. Just like any major corporation, their management is very layered and very complex.

Each cabinet member is in charge of specific jobs just like in any business or government agency. They have layers of upper and middle management within the families so they can do more things and to protect the highest members of the families from the crimes they are committing by isolating those upper family members from those crimes, you know, just like the Wizard of Oz hiding behind ye ole curtain pulling the levers.

Once they get down below a certain level, they just hire other people like you and me to commit their crimes for them.

For example, remember that I told you that George Soros is not acting on his own but he answers to and is financed by a British Lord who answers to and is financed by the Queen of England. This arrangement causes George to be the front man and take all of the heat for the crimes they are all committing (everyone hates him and not the Queen), while keeping the members of the Royal Family reasonably safe from prosecution and the ire of the public. Basically, most people are so busy hating Georgie Boy they don't stop to look to see who is pulling his strings, he is the curtain for ye ole royal wizard.

Ron Klain may be pulling Biden's strings but you better be asking who is pulling Ron Klain's strings and you can bet there are at least two levels of people above him.

Pay attention because the obvious reason why the New York Times, a lefty rag, wrote this story exposing Ron is because it became obvious that someone was pulling Biden's strings, people began looking for who it was and, if they looked too deep, they would find the upper class trash. Therefore the NYT gave up Ron to get you so focused on hating him that you wouldn't look any further and find out the rest of the truth. Ron is a front and distraction to protect the upper class trash.

Now these upper class trash use a complex set up of organizations they had their political puppets make legal as the shells for their games to hide their money and isolate them from their crimes.

For example, Georgie Boy Soros uses a trust fund that he "donates money to" and that trust fund donates that money to other trust funds owned and run by different groups to do different things like organizing and funding people in other nations to come to the US as illegal aliens.

Have you ever wondered how all of those thousands of people just happen to "accidentally" get together in the same place at the same time to leave for the US together? Have you ever wondered how they manage to eat, use the rest room, and get things they need while walking on open highways for a month or more without starving to death?

That is all organized and funded by a nonprofit organization, which is funded by Georgies nonprofit organization, which is funded by Georgie, who is funded by the British Lord, who is funded by the Queen of England.

Do you get the picture yet? Do you believe me yet?

BTW, I read about 6 or 8 years ago that they conservatively estimated that the Euro-American Royal Family COMBINED was worth more than $500 TRILLION and that isn't enough money so they have to keep stealing more and more from you? Really? Kind of greedy and power mad, aren't they?

They could buy the US national debt with their pocket money but they keep using our corrupt politicians to sack the dying US treasury before they finish the nation off, which will be soon because that is why they have suddenly increased their sacking of the US to trillions of dollars in increasing debt every year now, telling me they think they are about to finish the US off soon.

I have been behind too many closed doors and seen too much of their corruption so it makes me sick and infuriates me at the harm they cause other people.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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