Upper Class Trash Royals

If you have not read my last essay, you should go back and read it before you read this essay.

I covered some of the basics concerning these evil things but last night I realized that there is more I need to share with you so hang on.

I told you that there are about 300 families making up most of what we call the "one per centers" and that doesn't sound like much until you learn a few more things.

First, they are all encouraged to have large families ranging from half a dozen to more than a dozen children per couple because, the more children they have, the more people that family will have for controlling ye ole peasants, you know, you.

For example, with more children, you get to have more illegal stock market accounts I told you about in my last essay you can use to control the stock market, which gives you more power and potential gain in wealth.

Plus you will have more people for your family management team, which means that team can do more things, you know, like when Hunter commits a crime and Papa Joe gets 50% of the take.

A very good example is the Kennedy family from when I was young. JFK had 11 siblings in his family and we will get back that family later because their family drama is what got me digging into the upper class trash in the mid 1960's plus that family makes obvious some of the diversity in morals, values, and ethics within just one family and why many royals just go along with the corruption of the rest of the royals, called survival.

Let's do some of my conservative math about the size of the royal family and remember it is one big crime family with different clans in it and at any time there will usually be about 4 generations living and working together.

We will assume a conservative starting family size of only 8 children instead of a dozen or more. That family will have 8 couples (inbreeding with their royal family cousins, of course) who will have 8 children per couple for 64 children or 72 total family members. Those 64 children, the second generation, will only have an average of 8 children per couple for a total of 512 grandchildren, which will provide 512 couples who will have an average of 8 children per couple for a total of 4,096 great grandchildren with a total family population of about 4,680 family members.

Now remember that there are 300 families so there will be at least 600,000 offspring (you multiply half of the 300 families times the number in the 4 generations because those families will be sharing those couples) within just 4 generations and that these people have been inbreeding and reproducing for more than 3,000 years. Know that they are most of the one per centers and one percent of 320 million is 3.2 million so there are at least 3 to 5 million of these royals in just the US with some being just lower upper class and upper middle class.

When you consider that they are spread around the world but mostly in Europe, North, Central, and South America, Australia, and New Zealand, there are at least 10's of millions and possibly more than 100 million of them around the world to infiltrate into and take over everything they want plus remember that their combined wealth was estimated a few years ago at being over $500 trillion dollars so they can also buy off a lot of corrupt peasants for more control, power, and stealing.

I already pointed out a few of these people to you like almost all of our presidents since LBJ, Jim Carrey, Bill Maher, Newsom, Grisham, Cooper (CNN), and others. They are like evil cockroaches, they are everywhere and into everything and that is no coincidence because they intentionally take over everything they can use to control you, you know, like the universities, media, and Hollywood.

Do you get the picture yet?

Remember 2 things about this royal family. First, they are almost all raised by Satan's one law of do as you will and they are absolutely ruthless. They will eat their own and enjoy the meal. But there are some black sheep, though not too many.

JFK and Bobby Kennedy were two such black sheep. When JFK was elected as president, he and Bobby worked together to take out the corrupt members of their own crime family and JFK ended up with a couple of bullets in the back of his head. Later, when Bobby ran for president vowing to continue his war against the upper class trash in his family, he also ended up with some bullets in the back of his head.

On the other hand, their brother Ted Kennedy turned out to be one of the corrupt upper class trash and he is one of many reasons I left the Commierat Party.

Later JFK junior was about to publish some of the best dirt ever on the family in his magazine the next day, he was flying his private plane to his home, and his plane mysteriously exploded in the air out over the water with no real investigation into what might have caused that freak and very unlikely explosion to this day AND that information was never published in the magazine. Planes don't just blow up in the air for no reason.

Ronald Reagan may have or have not been a royal but he did go after this crime family and ended up with the same incapacitating symptoms caused by a poison I knew the CIA had been using against prominent enemies for years. Gee, what a coincidence.

Then I told you that Trump is a black sheep and he was starting to go after the family, you know what happened to him and I am absolutely amazed he is still alive. God must be taking care of that man.

I told you that almost all of our US Founding Fathers were black sheep in ye ole royal family but most of you probably don't know that many of them ended up being murdered by the family.

Listen, if they will murder their own family for greed and power, you lowly peasants mean nothing to them. They all have pet dogs they care more about than they care about you. To them, you are just another disposable animal, you know, like cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens.

Then you have to understand that, for thousands of years, there have been groups within that family who don't want to share power with any more people than necessary, much less be ruled over by others, not even family. History and human behavior should teach you that there are power cliques within that family, all secretly plotting against each other to seize control just before the dust settles for their global dictatorship.

If you pay attention, you can see these little cliques making grabs for power, you know, like just happened with close family recently trying to ditch the queen so they can be the king. We have also seen this with different groups here in the US trying to grab for power like BLM going against Commierat mayors and governors in Oregon and Washington State in just the last year.

The same thing took place during the European Feudal System hundreds of years ago.

If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

History teaches that, as they get closer to setting up their dictatorships in the different nations and globally, these groups will get more aggressive with each other and, instead of them coming together to set up their global dictatorship, they will break out in clique wars all over the world just like during the Feudal System, killing billions of people because it is just like I have been telling you, greedy and power mad people can never have enough wealth and power, so they will try to take all they can before the dust settles and things stabilize. The eventual warfare could easily be worse than any time in history with billions of people dying.

Then they have been teaching you that having more expensive stuff and money will make your happier.


Because 1) then you will buy more stuff from them, which will increase their wealth, and 2) they believe that themselves and have been trying to make themselves happier for thousands of years by stealing more money and stuff from you and your ancestors. If they are right, they should be the happiest people on the planet because they have more money and expensive stuff than everyone else on the planet COMBINED!

Are they happier than you?

Hey, I know, let's do the math.

Before the upper class trash began teaching us in the 1950's to care about getting more money and stuff instead of caring about each other, the US divorce rate was about 10% to 20% nationally. Since we began caring more about money and stuff than each other, the divorce rate in the US jumped to a little more than 50% by the mid to late 1980's, where it still is today.

Wow, that caring more for money and stuff than people really made us happier, didn't it?

But it gets better because that divorce rate is for all upper, middle, and lower class people. The divorce rate for the wealthy alone is more than 80%, which skews the national average high and should tell you that the divorce rate for the lower and middle classes has to be less than 50%.

What, you mean with all of the money and stuff they have, they are not happier than you lowly peasants?

Oh, it is better than that. It also means that most of them are such jerks that they can't even stand each other. Their extreme amounts of money and junk don't make them happier and it isn't going to make you happier either.

Also, when you check out at the store just glance at the gossip publications that make their money telling about the drama in the upper class trash lives that you won't find in most middle and lower class family lives. Think about that.

Also, one thing I have learned over the last 60+ years is that the more junk you own, the more time and money you have to spend taking care of that junk to keep it working and not lose it. Most people who are obsessed with money and junk become slaves to their money and junk, having to spend most of their time and money caring for their money and junk so they don't have the money or time to do other things. That is part of the cost of ownership I have been teaching you about that is called "opportunity cost" because you lose or it costs you the opportunity to have or do other things.

I have seen quite a few rich people who are constantly worried about someone trying to steal their money and junk so that they can't be happy. You can see them stress out every time they meet someone new.

Did you know that most of those big castles, mansions, and palaces are just lots of bedrooms, with some of them having more than 300 bedrooms? Do you know why?

Over the decades I have read a number of reports about the upper class trash having huge family orgies with hundreds of royals at a time, you know, big time incest in those castles and mansions and they have been doing that for thousands of years.

And you thought they were Christians because they said they were Christians and even built some churches for show to impress the peasants?

Why are these obviously capitalist royals so obsessed with encouraging and even forcing Marxism on you?

To them, the most important thing about all forms of Marxism is that they all require you to submit yourselves to the absolute rule of the government, which they own and use as a front to commit their crimes plus the government owns everything, you own nothing, and you will be happy or else. Remember, they are the government so they will own everything, you will own nothing, and you will be happy or else.

Do you get the picture yet?

You have to understand that after a lot of French royals lost their heads in the French Bastille revolt, the royals have learned to hide behind their government to do their evil so that, if things go wrong for the government, it won't be them losing their heads.

The royals love the absolute power that Marxism gives them over the peasants because then they can do as they will to all of you and it won't be pleasant for you.

So, why would they convert to Islam?

Because, under Marxism, if you don't obey the leaders and they can justify it, they can kill you but, if you don't obey the leaders under Islam, they are required to kill you because you not obeying the leaders under Islam is apostasy.

Plus the Muslim leaders don't live under the same strict laws they force on their people so that, today, the leaders pretty much do as they will.

Plus converting to Islam makes them allies with the Muslims, which increases their ability to set up their global dictatorship and I have already showed you some of the things the upper class trash lefties and Muslims have in common, including that they both hate and want to wipe out Christianity, they both want to set up a global dictatorship, they both consider the number 666 as being holy, the upper class trash and Shiite Muslims consider Babylon to be holy and want to rebuild it to be their global dictatorship, and they are both waiting for the coming of the same messiah/Mahdi/Antichrist.

I am wondering why it took the upper class trash so long to convert to Islam. They have more in common than there are differences.

Biblical Law

Let me share what God has taught me about His Law.

First, you have to understand that everything in this cosmos or universe was made by God using matter God created from His own energy using the formula God taught Einstein so that everything in this cosmos belongs to God. God is only loaning us what we have while we are here and the same will be true in Paradise.

Therefore, if you steal anything from me that God loaned me, you are stealing from God and not just from me.

For example, if I loan you a car and someone steals that car, they are not just stealing from you but they are stealing from me because that is my car.

Therefore, if you steal what I have earned and God has rewarded me with by loaning it to me, you are stealing from God so it becomes a crime against God or what you would best understand as an intergalactic crime against God/Yahweh/Jesus.

That means that all of these corrupt politicians and bureaucrats who keep stealing from you with their taxes and everything else are stealing from God. God told them how much they could take in taxes, which is a maximum of 10% of your income to run both the church and government. If they take more than that, I don't care what excuse they use, they are stealing from God.

In the 10 Commandments, God told you that even wanting to take something God loaned to someone else or "coveting" that something, is a crime against God. Jesus also told you that to look on a woman and want to have sex with her is committing adultery in your heart. It is like conspiracy is a crime because you are conspiring or planning to commit the crime. To think about or want to commit a crime against God is to have already committed a crime against God.

This should tell you that all forms of corrupt government, especially dictatorships, are crimes against God.

Marxism/communism/socialism/progressivism, by its very essence, is a crime against God.

If they murder you, they are stealing from you the body God loaned to you for you to use while here on Earth, you know, like stealing a car, boat, or plane God loaned you. Your body is your vehicle God loaned you to get around in. Therefore, when you kill someone, you better do it by God's Law, which God gave you to tell you how to take bad people's bodies from them so they can no longer cause harm to other people.

Every crime you commit on this planet is a crime against God and everything you do should be in accordance with God's Law. Every theft, every battery, every rape, every murdered person including unborn babies, every slavery, every oppression, every abuse of your body with things like drugs and adultery, everything you do wrong is a crime against God.

You are given the responsibility to be a good steward and take good care of everything God has loaned you or "entrusted to your care" just like, if I loan you a car, you are responsible for taking care of that car.

With His Law, God tells you how to be a good steward to care for the stuff He has loaned you, including your body. You just might want to use God's "driver's manual" for life while you are here.

Do you believe me yet that these lefties are going to burn forever in the Lake of Fire for their crimes against God?

There are going to be a lot of very disappointed bad people on Judgment Day.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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