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Commierat Civil War

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties would go after each other?

It seems the Commierats have started another civil war but this time it is within their own party. I see at least three factions turning on each other and it is getting nasty or interesting, pending your perspective.

Turley lays it out pretty well in this video, though he doesn't seem the get the entire meaning yet.

On the extremely far left, you have the hard core white commies, on the not quite as extreme left is the white socialists, and waging war against them both is BLM or the black community, which has finally figured out that the white upper class trash are racist. It looks like they are going after each other so hard that they are forgetting about the conservatives so the conservatives are sitting back watching the show.

The lefties are like starving cannibalistic piranha eating their way to the top of the pond. I realized that more than 30 years ago.

It is just like I have been telling you for years, greedy and power mad people cannot share power and wealth with more people than they absolutely have to so they are going after each other even though they still have not finished consolidating power because they think they are close enough that each group thinks they can finish the job on their own. It is the typical evil people internal power struggle.

What is really funny is that the Commierat Party would be better off right now if Trump had won the election because the upper class trash could have still used hating Trump to unite the Commierat Party but dey was is are be smarty pants and stole the election, which is destroying their own party. They are their own worst enemies.

Man plans, God laughs and so am I. I am not going to ask if the lefties could get any dumber because I know they could.

After I wrote the above, God woke me at midnight, 2 am, and 6 am to show me and remind me about some things. God connected dots for me so I can connect those same dots for thee.

Remember that I have been watching and following Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam since the late 1960's and, following the LA riots of 1992, the FBI stated that ALL black gangs in the US belong and answer to the Nation of Islam. Believe me, people, they are everywhere and into everything imaginable, including all of the media.

Remember that in the late 1960's I found out that Farrakhan was infiltrating his people into all of the different key agencies for our government but especially law enforcement, military, and espionage to be trained by the best in the world and bring some of them home to set up the same agencies for the Nation of Islam. His government and military are trained by the best in the world and may be the best in the world because it doesn't have the corruption of the US Government PLUS he still has his people infiltrated into the US Government, you know, like the secretary of the military is one of his.

Remember that, while Obama was president, he would go to Farrakhan's home in South Chicago at least 5 to 10 miles south of Chicago and a different political entity, leave his Secret Service agents out front in a car with Farrakhan's bodyguards patrolling the house and spend ALL day inside with Farrakhan and his people.

Remember that Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Jesse Jackson, Whoopee Goldberg, and Al Sharpton are members of the Nation of Islam, always hanging out with Farrakhan while pretending to be Christians, you know, like I taught you about Satan infiltrating his spawn into our churches to fool us.

Remember that the Nation of Islam played ye ole shell game by starting up, funding, and managing the New Black Panthers as a proxy to distance the Nation of Islam from the crimes the New Black Panthers were committing and to fool most people into not knowing that it was all being directed by the Nation of Islam.

Remember that the New Black Panthers did not distance their violent crimes far enough from the Nation of Islam so they had the New Black Panthers form, fund, and manage the Black Lives Matter or BLM organization in 2012 under Obama, meaning that BLM doesn't do ANYTHING without at least the permission of Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam and probably do everything following orders from Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

Remember that Obama is using one or more people to control Biden and everything Biden does, which explains why Biden appointed a member of the Nation of Islam to be the secretary of the military to give Obama and Farrakhan control of the US military, staged the withdrawal from Afghanistan to cover bringing tens of thousands of Muslim terrorists to the US to beef up the Muslim army in the US, and many other things that benefit Obama and Farrakhan.

BTW, with Obama and Farrakhan being two of the most powerful Muslim leaders in the world, who do you think those Muslim terrorists will fight for, the Nation of Islam or the white upper class trash, who helped bring them here?

Remember that, months ago, BLM started calling the white lefties racists, the worst thing they could have called them.

Remember that the BLM are telling people that the vaccine mandates are "racist" so the blacks won't take the vaccine, which tells me that Farrakhan and Obama know that the vaccines are really the upper class trash waging chemical warfare against the people of this planet.

Hey, the lefties are waging biological warfare and chemical warfare against you and will soon wage nuclear warfare against you. Nothing is beneath these human demons.

Remember that the lefty upper class trash plans have been failing again and again and again with the left actually losing ground in this war against the people to set up the lefty global dictatorship, which is causing divisions within the Commierat Party with the commies and socialists waging a rapidly escalating war against each other.

Remember that in one of those dreams about Obama nuking Chicago and taking his army to invade Israel that God showed me that the white lefties will be second class citizens to the black Muslims. For that to happen, Obama and Farrakhan will have to kill off all of the key leaders of the racist white upper class trash.

Remember that a member of the Mexican Army told us about the US feds checking smugglers' tunnels for radioactive residue from a nuke, which told me the feds have intel about one or more nukes being smuggled into the US and they were checking.

Remember that we found out that these Muslim terrorists Obama is having Biden bring into the US are getting their nukes from Pakistan, which means those nukes will be 10K tactical nukes just like God showed me in that dream.

Remember that the leader of BLM just joined the power grab or "civil war" between the white commies and white socialists calling the white leftists racists and effectively declaring war on the white upper class trash, which tells me that Obama and Farrakhan got their nukes and are waging war against the white upper class trash. That statement by the leader of BLM was a coded signal to all Muslims in the US saying it is time to rock and roll, the fight is on. It is time to grab power the Muslim way.

Does that connect enough dots for you to see what is going on?

If not, then go back and read the entire site because there are at least a few thousand dots to connect on this site.

All of this, especially the most recent stuff, is telling me that it is going to happen soon. I don't know whether it will happen this fall or next spring but it will happen very soon.

You just might want to get armed, great trained, join a militia, get organized, secure your red zones or get your family to a red zone, lock and load, and pray long, pray hard, pray often because it looks like they got their nukes. It may just be one or it may be a dozen, I don't know but I do know that they need to take out the entire government, which includes the president, Congress, and the Supreme Court and I showed you how they can do that with just two 10K nukes. I have also been showing you that the Nation of Islam has infiltrated people into our government to seize control of our government when Obama and Farrakhan make their move.

As a reminder, all Obama has to do to destroy our republic is take out the president and vice president, Congress, and the Supreme Court and then Obama's secretary of the military would take control of the government and appoint someone as temporary commander-in-chief, you know, like Obama.

To take out our government, you just need to two 10K nukes and set them both off at the same time on a work day, like Monday, during work hours, when both Congress and the Supreme Court are in cession. You have one nuke in a car or other vehicle on the highway between between the Congress and Supreme Court buildings, which are both less than half a mile from that highway. One 10K nuke will destroy both buildings and kill everyone inside both of them. You use the other nuke to take out the president and vice president together some where like at a formal ball in the Sears Tower just like God showed me in the dream. In a Flash, you will have no government and the Pentagon will be forced to act by appointing an acting president until we can have new elections.

If I were the Pentagon, to prevent that, I would erect blast walls on both sides of that highway that would direct the blast of a nuke up and away from both buildings so the nuke would cause very little damage to either building. With that, you would still have a functioning government that could easily replace both the president and vice president within a few hours. I want to know why they never thought of doing that.

And you just know that their cover for nuking Chicago will be that "Obama wouldn't nuke his own home town, where he is building his presidential library".

You know, his favorite home town where he just bought that $12 million mansion at Martha's Vineyard? Hold it, has Obama ever purchased a mansion in Chicago?

Not that I know of and he never really lived in Chicago. Where he lived when he was in Illinois was South Chicago, which is a different town at least 5 to 10 miles south of Chicago and it is the only place where he owned a house in that area.

Then why is he building his presidential library paid for by your tax dollars in Chicago and not in South Chicago or Martha's Vineyard? Is he going to use the recent starting construction of his library to throw a formal ball in the Sears Tower to celebrate the building of the library?

If this is true, it will be the greatest terrorist attack in history, dwarfing Bin Laden's terrorist attack against the US, and make narcissistic Obama the envy and hero of every Muslim in the world. They will all want to follow Obama in a war to invade Israel and you better bet Obama knows it. Hey, if you want to prove you are the Muslim Mahdi, you go big, baby.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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