I Told You So 412


Remember that I was just teaching you about how the US commies are always scaring us into wanting to surrender to other commies like China and it is always a lie?

This video shows you an even uglier truth about China than I have been telling you about. I told you that their planes are grossly over rated and why, as are all of their other weapons like tanks and ships and he shows you that everything in the country is grossly over rated, everything.

This video shows that China is in a much worse shape than even I had thought. As a nation, she is dying because ye ole CCP are greedy, power mad idiots. I wouldn't hire any of them to manage an outhouse.

Do you realize that China has wasted hundreds of billions to probably trillions of dollars on roads, bridges, and building that are jut falling apart?

Listen, China is not trying to take over the world financially because she can do it militarily. Her military threats are her bluffing better than anyone in history and you can bet she knows her military sucks, which is why she is always buying weapon systems from Russia and then trying and failing to reverse engineer them to make them herself but they are never as good and most of the time just suck in quality.

When you are controlling how people think, they can't be good innovators because they are afraid to try to think on their own for fear of being punished so they will always turn out inferior crap.

I keep telling you that China is NOT our greatest threat but the US commies and upper class trash are the greatest threat to our own nation because they are destroying our own nation from within, which can make everyone else a threat when they sense our weakness caused by the left.

He is teaching you about the false perceptions put out by the left and why I keep telling you to question everything. When you question everything, you will be surprised at how much of what you are being told and taught is not true. Most of what most people believe is wrong because they never questioned it.

Then I found this video providing more proof that the US commies are our greatest threat to this nation. The upper class trash are literally and intentionally destroying our nation from the inside.

This is a ruthless war against the people by the upper class trash.


Remember that I warned you that, if we secede from the Republic, the Commierats will just use their control of the big cities to wage economic and financial war against the rest of us?

That is what they are doing right now in Commiefornia by shutting down most trucks from being able to access their shipping ports.

The upper class trash are waging an economic war against the rest of us and we have not seceded. Think just how much worse it will be if we do secede because they will be another country and we will lose all control over everything they do so they can do anything they want to us.

Seceding because you are too much of a coward to fight back is not the answer. It will only make the problems worse and make it easier for them to win. We either stand up and fight back or become their slaves.

BTW, remember that commies saying that they thought Venezuela turning commie was a good thing until it became obvious that communism also failed there and then the commies said they are smarter and will make it work here?

Take a good look at our empty store shelves just like in Venezuela and welcome to Venezuela II. I guess the smarty pants commies are not as smart as they think they are because their communism is already failing here too.

Only the greedy, power mad, corrupt upper class trash and fools would want communism. It is RIGHT NOW failing in the US too.

Queen of England

Remember that I told you not to be surprised if the royal brats took out ye ole Queen to get her out of the way so they could rule the planet?

Pay attention in this video about how ye ole Queen was doing quite well and then suddenly spent the night in ye ole hospital.

Gee, that wasn't very long after ye ole attempted coup, was it? Gee, you don't think that maybe someone slipped something into ye ole Queen's tea do you?

It wouldn't be the first time in royal history. Over the last 3,500 years, royals have probable murdered more royals than everyone else combined.

Note that they also talk about the royals not being honest about what is going on? Gee, I wonder what they are covering up? Is England about to get a new king?

Probably. Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I told you not to be surprised if Biden hands Taiwan to China?

I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Friday the Pentagon would continue to support Taiwan's military but declined to say if U.S. troops would defend the island against China, after President Joe Biden said there was an American 'commitment' to do so.

'As we've done over multiple administrations, we will continue to help Taiwan with the sorts of capabilities that it needs to defend itself,' Austin said at NATO headquarters."

That was a very important dodge concerning the US protecting Taiwan and may have been a message to China saying, "Come get it, it is yours for the taking."

How many of our allies can the US screw before we end up screwed too? Probably about the time we don't have any allies left?

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that the royals have been inbreeding for thousands of years?

This video gives you a glimpse into the ancient records the royals kept proving that they even married their own siblings "to keep it in the family". The reason for this record keeping was to provide proof to other royals that they were true royals and not poser royals. After all, none of them wanted to be fooled into marrying someone who wasn't a royal. That would be embarrassing and beneath them.

Prince Philip was not exaggerating or lying when he publically stated that they could track their family heritage all the way back to Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar. They have the ancient records proving their lineage because they were very meticulously kept by professional members of their family. This is why the royals know EVERYONE on this planet who is a royal.

Also note that she points out that the Greek royals who ruled Egypt at that time socialized with the royals from both Greece and Rome. She probably also knows that the royals also socialized with all other royals from throughout their known world and even married into each other's families.

Yep, that is right. Almost all of the wars from the Middle East to the West for more than 3,000 years were almost all family spats where ye ole royals sent our ancestors of to die fighting each other for the royals' power, control, and greed just like they are trying to kill us all off now for control, power, and greed. Most of them have been very evil for a very long time so their wickedness isn't anything new. History proves that to be true.


Remember that I have been telling you that as long as Putin is the leader of Russia, Russia will not send troops to help with the invasion and destruction of Israel that will cause the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

This video shows a very close relationship between Putin and Israel. There is no way Putin will send troops to be part of that invasion contrary to what many preachers have you believing.

When the Bible talked about the Ruse, Gog, and Magog, that wasn't Russia, that was Turkey, you know, where Erdogan is calling for the invasion and destruction of Israel by all Muslims in one united force just like Islam says they must.

Putin is Orthodox Christian, not Muslim.

If you want a glimpse into what Putin really believes, watch this video. Pay attention to how Putin points out that what our lefties believe is the same that the Soviet commies believed and forced on others the same way our commies are trying to force those same things on us. Gee, I wonder where our lefties got these "new ideas" from.

Remember that I told you that our lefties were allies with the Soviet commies and worked to destroy the US so we would have to surrender to the Soviet Union, which is why they have been teaching that communism is superior to capitalism for more than a century?

This commie crap isn't something new our commies just made up because I have been seeing and watching it for more than 60 years in both the US and the Soviet Union.

Don't be surprised if we patriots end up fighting with the Russians against the commies and Muslims before this war is over because he is the enemy of our enemy. The Russians have come over to our capitalism and freedom side and our commies have taken our nation over to the side of the oppressive Soviet Union, which is why our lefties hate Russia just like they hate us because we are both Christians.

Upper Class Trash

I just saw a video about some top US media moguls that was very limited and didn't tell you a lot, except about a few families.

For example, in 1985 in Los Angeles I met the daughter of the head of the Cowles (pronounced Coles) family and he was considered to be the most powerful media mogul in the world at that time, owning such things as Time Inc. (Time Magazine), one of the major TV networks and a number of other big media. He was even more powerful than Ted Turner at the height of his life.

I knew her for about 2 years, during which time we had a number of interesting discussions with her giving myself and others insight into how their family functions. She had been put on a half million dollar trust fund where she got most of the interest (except what was rolled back into the trust fund for inflation) to live on but it could be taken away from her by her father any time he wanted so she got trained into a profession where she was making good money just in case.

Years later, when I got my M.B.A., I learned more about those trust funds and was also trained to manage all of the forms of corruption the upper class trash use to increase their wealth at your expense. Plus I have told you that they trained me to know about the top ruling families in the world when I was trained to be a stock broker.

I also met members of the DuPont family and have told you I began learning about and watching the upper class since JFK was murdered. There are some good people in those families but most are pretty evil, especially the ones running the families.

They are also members of the Euro-American royals but don't necessarily brag about it.

Did you know that the Rockefellers are members of the British Royal Family?

Yeah, they don't exactly tell you such things. You have to dig to learn this stuff.

I am convinced that God caused me to go to Commiefornia to build a bicycle racing program in Los Angeles so He could teach me about such things. I learned a lot living and working out there and met some very interesting people; not all of whom were nice.

I have been behind too many closed doors and seen too much, which is why I keep wanting my own planet.

Note that I also met quite a few good rich people, who didn't like to get involved with the upper class trash, the same as I have known both good and bad college professors and others. There are quite a few good people in all businesses and industries and I am sure God will soon use quite a few of the good people to build a new nation.

Eyes Opening

Remember that I have been telling you that God is permitting all of this evil lefty crap to open eyes and force people to choose between good and evil?

This video tells you that God is opening those eyes big time with 80% of moderates or independents turning from the left or evil to the right and good. That doesn't include the Commierats who have also been increasingly jumping ship because of what is going on.

This isn't just in the US but is also globally with the increasing protests and riots against the left and the upper class trash.

We are close, people, we are very close.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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