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Remember that I have been teaching you that the single greatest cause of problems in our world is the lefty academe sitting out of touch with reality in their white palaces smoking their dope while dreaming up great sounding stupid fairy tales?

This video shows you some of that and the damages they cause with impunity while refusing to admit they caused those damages, you know, always blaming someone or something else, so they can sell you more of their great sounding stupid ideas.

They are the greatest cause for most of our problems and the most responsible for the fall of the Western civilizations but also caused the fall of prior civilizations such as Rome and Greece.

In this video, Thomas tells you about how the academe fairy tales began causing massive social upheavals that cause damage and deaths.

What he doesn't tell you is that these lefty great sounding stupid ideas and the resultant crusades were the Christian hating pagan lefties trying to disprove and destroy Christianity and Biblical Law. I very clearly remember them raging again and again against Christianity saying things like Bible Law "oppresses us" and holds us back.

What they meant was that biblical Law kept them from committing the sins and crimes that caused all of those problems, like so many unwed mothers caused by adultery, which is forbidden by biblical Law. The fact that their beloved and irresponsible adultery was causing so many social problems like fatherless children is why the lefties fought for and got abortion legalized so there wouldn't be fatherless children instead of stopping the adultery they loved so much.

"Hey, just murder the unborn kids off for the crimes of the parents and you won't have any fatherless children." Now the evil things are trying to make it legal to murder the children even after they are born.

Actually discourage or try to stop adultery to prevent so many fatherless children?

Oh no, not the pagan lefties, they love their irresponsible adultery so just solve the problems caused by the crime of adultery by murdering the innocent unborn babies caused by their crime of adultery.

And you believe lefties care about anyone other than themselves? Really?

Their altruistic justification for the means of abortion was "Women's rights to decide what happens to their bodies," ignoring that they were not destroying the women's bodies but the bodies of their innocent children. If they were ripping the arms, legs, and heads off of the women, it would have never become law.

People, the liberalism and then progressivism has been nothing but a pagan war against God, the Bible, and Christianity from its inception and it was always lead by ye ole academe with their great sounding stupid ideas that keep making things worse, destroying our society, culture, and nations because they love their sins more than anything else.

The lefty academe are the biggest cause of our problems and I have been telling you that for years.

My Daughter

Remember that I told you a few days ago that my daughter got COVID 19 and was doing better until a bacterial infection in her right lower lobe of her lungs caused by her wearing a mask sent her to the hospital with bacterial pneumonia?

Then I found this video talking about what they are calling a "super cold" that is hospitalizing people "with bacterial infections in their lungs and sinuses" but they don't know what is causing it.

Let's do some bio-math to see if we can figure out what is going on here.

More than one hundred million people have been breathing warm, moist air into their masks for more than a year, which is really great for growing bacteria right in front of their noses and mouths to be easily breathed into their sinuses and lungs, which will cause bacterial infections in their sinuses and lungs just like I have been warning you about for more than a year and, by the strangest of coincidence, right when the weather starts to get colder, which increases the potential and effect for bacterial infections in their sinuses and lungs, there is a new pandemic of bacterial infections in people's sinuses and lungs causing an overload of our emergency rooms.

Gee, you don't think that just maybe it is these people slowly growing cultures of bacteria in their sinuses and lungs because of the worthless masks suddenly being empowered by the cooler weather you are now breathing into your lungs and sinuses, do you?

That is my guess. These unscientific, unconstitutional, and illegal mask mandates just came home to roost and I am wondering how many will die from these mandates before the tyrants are stopped?

I warned you about this a lot and now it is happening just like I have been telling you. The lefty tyrants used a fake pandemic to cause a real pandemic that is killing people.

People, it was made known last year that Fauci even wrote a paper that said that most of the people who died during the Spanish flu died from bacterial pneumonia caused by wearing masks so he knew the masks were going to cause this bacterial sinus and lung infection pandemic. What Fauci did is criminal, especially for an MD who knew better.

People, the pandemics (two of them) the lefties have created just with the mask mandates are a pandemic of bacterial pneumonia and a pandemic of sinusitis. The bacterial pneumonia can kill you and almost killed my daughter.

The sinusitis can get into your blood in your head and make its way into your brain and spinal cord causing cerebral meningitis and spinal meningitis, both of which will almost certainly kill you.

Fauci knows this and is, therefore, knowingly committing manslaughter by murdering hundreds of thousands to probably millions of you and you think he shouldn't be hung? Really?

He is a worse criminal than the infamous Nazi doctor, Joseph Mengele, MD, of Auschwitz.

Excuse me but I am now even more furious than ever before. I have been warning you about the bacterial infections those masks would cause for more than a year and now it is happening in mass.

And you think the worst of them, starting with Fauci, shouldn't hang for their crimes against these people?

An easy prediction is that you have not seen the worst of the problems these evil criminals have and will cause because of their crimes against you.

You stupid people keep wearing those worthless masks and it won't be long until we have many fewer stupid people.

How many more of you are going to die before you quit wearing those masks, stand up to these tyrants, and say, "Enough!"

Everyone of them should go to prison for a variety of crimes such as practicing medicine without a license, malpractice, and manslaughter.


Remember that I have told you that Fauci using "data" as science was wrong because data can be manipulated to make it say whatever you want it to say where as science can't?

About 8 minutes into this video the guy gives you a great example how data can be manipulated to say whatever you want it to say by what you put into or take out of what they call "the basket". Gee, what a coincidence.

Another example was that, when Obama was president, they did this to keep the increases in Social Security and Welfare down as low as possible by taking out the most inflated items in their economic "basket", which caused everyone on fixed income to lose significant ground to inflation, which caused them to be more poor.

Data ain't science, baby, so when you hear Fauci talking about data, you know he is lying to you. If he were not lying to you, he could just explain how and why it works, which is science.

BTW, the guy in that video also teaches you some other good and important things that you need to pay attention to. They discuss a number of problems the lefties are causing. This is a good video.

Alec Baldwin

I keep seeing people talking about Alec Baldwin and that he didn't follow the rules for gun safety but they keep missing one very important rule he didn't follow that my grandfather, Pat Brady, taught me.

"Before you use or handle a gun, always make sure it is properly loaded or unloaded."

If Alec had done that when he received the gun, he would not have shot anyone because he would have found the live round.

When I was a kid, EVERYONE who was handed a firearm from someone else ALWAYS checked to see if the weapon was loaded before doing anything else with the weapon so that, as a 10 year old kid, I knew better than to handle a weapon without first checking to see if it was loaded.

You can blame all of the people you want but, if you didn't check that weapon upon receipt, that is your fault.

Ultimately, the responsibility for gun safety falls on the user of the gun so the buck stops with Alec. Plus Alec was the director and, ultimately, everything that has to do with weapons safety is his responsibility and this is especially important because they had two accidental discharges of weapons on Alec's location just prior to Alec discharging his weapon.

What? Alec didn't learn from the two prior mistakes that their weapons safety program was lousy and fix it?

When I was in the Air Force, I was trained in weapons safety twice, once in basic training and once when my shop in Korat, Thailand "volunteered" me for perimeter defense because I was the newest first year recruit in their shop so they had less to lose by me being away for training and such. If you are the newest first year person, you get volunteered for everything.

One thing I was trained in was the requirement to "clear" a weapon before giving it to someone else except during combat. To clear the weapon, you remove all ammunition and keep the weapon open for visual inspection by the person receiving the weapon so they could easily and clearly see it was not loaded so it could not be accidentally discharged by the person receiving the weapon.

The lefty geniuses running most of Hollywood have had a lot of US veterans and they never learned that lesson for weapons safety? Really?

Fauci and Lefties

You have to understand that Fauci, all lefties, and all dictators are altruists, which means that, to them, the "ends justify the means." What that means is that the end result justifies or makes it alright to do anything you want to achieve your end goal.

The thing that makes altruism so dangerous is that the individual gets to decide what the end result is and it can be anything from a political agenda to making them more wealthy and powerful.

The means is what you have to do to achieve your desired end result. With altruists, if you can justify doing anything to achieve your goals, then you can do anything you want to achieve those goals or use Satan's "Do as you will" law.

All of the worst people in history, especially dictators, were altruists. They felt they were truly justified in doing the horrible things they did to other people, including genocide.

Another scary thing about altruism is that many college professors teach altruism as being good because it increases your chances of getting what you want regardless of who you hurt or kill. Most altruists will kill or cause harm to anyone and everyone to get what they want because they have no mercy or compassion. They will usually murder or sell their own family members into slavery, you know, like Stalin murdered members of his family to consolidate his power.

When you understand that, then you can begin to understand evil people like lefties. If they can justify the end result by claiming it is for the "common good", then they can feel they can't do any wrong no matter what they do. That is pure evil.

BTW, the conservatives are now calling for Fauci to go to jail because Fauci is an altruist and did some terrible experiments on dogs and children. Fauci has no compassion for anyone or anything but himself and only pretends to have compassion to justify his crimes.

Also, they are catching Fauci in lie after lie after lie and the idiot lefties are surprised.

What? Didn't they believe Fauci when he said he is a liar?

I believed Fauci when he said he is a liar, which is why I don't believe anything else he says. I told you that Fauci has zero credibility.

You watch the lefties drop Fauci like a hot potato now that they know he funded cruel research on puppies. That is an easy prediction.

Global Prayer Vigil

Why a global prayer vigil?

Because all good people around the world are being oppressed, enslaved, murdered, and robbed by the upper class trash. The upper class trash plan to and are right now trying to murder off everyone around the planet in a global genocide to depopulate "their planet" so they don't have to share their planet with you and not just in the US.

Therefore, my idea is that, if people all around the world pray for God to save us all, it will be for God to save ALL of us and not just some of us. I care about all of us.

What I am trying to do is to get all true Christians to spiritually unite into one Christian global spiritual body of Christ, one Christian global church of God, and one Christian global people for God where we all pray for all of us instead of little groups praying for those little groups and a few others. We all pray the same prayers for everyone to stand united for everyone with Jesus as our head of our global church, you know, just like it will be in Paradise.

If Satan's spawn wants globalism for their good at our expense, we will give them Christian globalism for the good of everyone with the power of global prayer united in spirit, mind, and heart.

So, let's all work together to organize and maintain a global prayer vigil to save all of us from these evil people.


I have spent most of my life helping other people whenever I could. I enjoy helping other people when they need help. That is why I write this blog, to help other people.

It amazed me that, since I have been sick, especially extremely ill and impoverished, that few people have helped me when I needed it and most got tired of what little help they gave.

I don't ask people for help unless I just absolutely need it and, even then, I offer to pay them something and most refuse to help without making any excuses.

I have come to realize that a lot of people are not worth helping because they don't care about other people the way I care about other people. It is one of many lessons God has taught me by putting me in this situation that I could not have learned without being extremely ill and poor, where I need the help of those I used to help. Most, when they know how bad my situation is, don't even offer to help and, if asked, are too busy to care.

It has helped me realize just how right Jesus was when he said that wide is the road to Hell and it is heavily traveled and narrow is the road to Heaven and it is lightly traveled. I much more clearly see that now.

Most people will go to Hell because they are selfish and don't care about anyone but themselves but it is also true that plenty will make it to Heaven, I just have not found too many of those.

This extreme illness and poverty have been a real lesson into the hearts of people. There are some very good people and a lot of very bad ones with no hearts at all.

When I first became poor and things were worse than they are now, I went to one of the biggest churches in town and asked if they do anything to help the poor. I was amazed that you couldn't even go into the church to talk to the preacher. They had a side door where you went up to a security window like in a bank and the attendant had to call the head preacher over. When I asked him if they helped the poor, he very coldly said, "No, we don't do anything like that here," and walked away. I will never forget those words from a fake man of God.

I was stunned because God made one of the main edicts of the church to be to help the poor when the church was founded 3,500 years ago. This told me that this was not a true church of God and it was not being lead by true Christians but poser Christians or Satan's infiltrated spawn.

As I looked around at different churches for help, something I would not have done, if I had not been so poor, I found it was the medium size churches who even had limited programs for helping the poor. The small churches didn't have any resources and the big churches were putting all of their resources in their greedy pockets because they didn't have any hearts. Satan has almost completely destroyed the church by infiltration.

We do still have good churches but we have many more satanic churches pretending to be Christian churches. Those will be the churches converting to Islam when it benefits them.

Now I completely get by because God takes care of me with a little more than just enough just in time. He spoils me little bits here and there but I have learned to appreciate those little bits because it could always be worse and has been a number of times.

For example, I only make $715/mo from Social Security plus a couple of hundred in food stamps. I had to make some extra purchases last month and still managed to save a little more than $150 out of the $715 AND I do it by faith in God because I just trust God 100% so I don't even keep a budget, which took me a while to get used to doing. I just buy what I need plus a few tiny luxury items like ice cream and God makes sure I always come out ahead every month.

My heart weeps for mankind and, believe me, we deserve these hard times, which will sort out the good from the evil. God is cleaning house on His church, getting rid of the fake Christians and fake churches.

It is amazing what God can teach you with extreme poverty and illness. There are going to be a lot of fake Christians burning in Hell and Jesus told us that when He said that many who believe they are saved will burn. You can find them in most of your churches.

BTW, from what I am seeing, many of you will soon find yourselves in poverty learning these and other things.


I have been warning you lefties that, as soon as they can, the upper class trash will get rid of you.

This video shows that this new lefty bill has hidden in it the provisions for giving away unlimited green cards for illegal aliens who will work for much less, "especially in the tech world".

Bwahahaha!!! You techies who have been aggressively working for this communist dictatorship are right now being sold out by this communist dictatorship for slave labor to increase their wealth at your expense. You can all kiss your high paying jobs goodbye because the illegal aliens are going to get them and be paid less.

Here is an easy prediction; how long will it be before the liars in the lefty media wrongly called journalists are replaced by cheaper foreign workers?

Welcome to reality, fools!!! Your lying lefty upper class trash leaders were planning all along to betray all of you just like I have been warning you. SUCKERS!!!!


This video should scare the crap out of you because they are right now talking about "educating you" if you dare to not obey their mandates.

People, this will be their first excuse for sending disobedient people to their reeducation death camps and then they will send others who do not obey other mandates.

Ye ole Marxist reeducation death camps are ramping up for you right now just like with Linen, Stalin, Hitler, Moa, and all others. You will either obey everything they say or they will "reeducate you" and many of you won't make it out of those death camps alive. Suddenly, it is becoming very obvious what their plans have been all along, you know, just like I have been warning you.

Anyone for some Zyklon B shampoo to use in your showers?

It is starting here just like in all other Marxist states. Your lefty professors were lying to you.

How many are going to die this time? 100 million? 7.8 billion?

Gee, I thought our Marxist were smarter, different, and special and they would make it work differently than any other Marxist state but I guess they are not as smart as they think they are. Hey, if you Marxists still think you are smarter than all of the other Marxists before you, just go look at the empty food shelves in our stores and think, "Venezuela II".

And God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools."

This is getting really ugly, people. You Marxists just might want to pull your stupid heads out of your butts, clean the Marxist crap out of your eyes and ears, and take a good look around. This ain't going to be utopia like they said it would be. The upper class trash have been planning this to happen all of the time so you would get so hungry that you would sell your guns for food.

We really need that global prayer vigil right now.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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