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Martial Law

I just remembered something I know I told you about during Obama's administration and forgot about myself.

By law, if the president declares a national emergency, he can then declare martial law and suspend the US Constitution, Congress, and the Supreme Court and he is your supreme leader.

Now, the Pentagon will give him a time period, pending the national emergency, to resolve the matter and return the government to being the Republic it was before the military will force him to return the government to being our Republic but that doesn't matter if the people in charge of the Pentagon are the president's boys and complicit in his crimes.

Right now, Biden is having trouble getting the red states and most conservatives to abide by his unconstitutional and illegal mandates so the way around that is for him to declare this as a national emergency, which they are currently building up to, then declare martial law, suspend the US Constitution, Congress, and the Supreme Court and der Furher Biden is our supreme leader, king, czar, emperor, pharaoh, and anything else he wants to call himself, if he survives the revolt.

Now, if Biden does this before Obama kills him, then Obama and Farrakhan will only need one nuke to kill Biden to take out the entire government and for the Pentagon to declare Obama to be our supreme leader because Congress and the Supreme Court will have been suspended by Biden so that Biden will be the government.

If Biden doesn't declare martial law and suspend the US Constitution, Congress, and the Supreme Court, then Obama and company will have to use at least two 10K nukes to destroy our government so Obama can be appointed dictator-in-chief by the Pentagon and the timing and planning will be crucial because those nukes will have to be detonated within about 10 to 15 minutes of each other so no one will have time to rush the other parts of our government to safety, when they hear about the first nuke being detonated.

It is amazing what you can learn from the military.

Also I have been wondering what intel caused the FBI to drag a Geiger counter through smugglers' tunnels checking for nuke residue.

Did they get intel that a nuke was going to be smuggled into the US and they were checking to see if it has been? Did they get intel that a nuke has already been smuggled into the US and they were trying to find out where it came in so they could begin tracking it to find it? Or what?

Obviously they got intel about a nuke being smuggled into the US or they would not have been checking smugglers' tunnels for nuclear residue.

This tells me that the prophecy about Obama nuking Chicago is in progress, in the early stages, and they have already done the planning and obviously have been positioning the right people in the right places in government to help with this coup. Think Austin and Milley for examples.

The most important questions right now are when and who are they going to murder off to seize control of the US and who knows what other nations?

We know where because God told us that more than 13 years ago.

Will it be this year, next year, when?

Right now, I would like to be a fly on the wall for that FBI investigation but it would be my luck they would swat my butt. I always think about the latter when someone says they would like to be a fly on the wall.

Also, what does the US military know?

I was just reading through my prior prophecy writings when I got to "Dream 10" posted in October 2013. I had forgotten that Obama and Valerie had tried to nuke Washington DC and Charlotte, NC during Obama's presidency to take out the US Government, the US Military had stopped them, and then detonated an intercepted 1K nuke under water off shore of South Carolina to dispose of it. I now remember that they already tried once but, hey, you know that Satan's people never quit.

I also remembered that Al Quaeda had smuggled 10 nukes into the US at about the same time so I guess the Feds quietly got them all.

I still have not figured out why they were going to nuke Charlotte, NC. If you know, let me know. I checked the different military and federal facilities in Charlotte but they may have changed since them.

By them trying to nuke Washington DC, it tells me that they knew that, if they got rid of Congress and the Supreme Court, he could be dictator, you know, just like I have been telling you.

The reason the military didn't even try to prosecute them was because, with Obama being our first black president and a Commierat, they knew the lefty media would start a Commierat revolution that would have made it impossible for them to have a fair and successful trial and it would have cost them their jobs, giving Obama even more influence over the stupid people.

Note that they had multiple nukes last time so I would expect them to have even more nukes this time. You can bet it will be better planned out.

The military won't stop them this time because, via Biden, Obama has his people, Austin and Milley, in charge of the Pentagon, who are probably also involved.

It will help if you also read "Dream 11" that I posted in November 2013. It will give you more hope and let you know there are good people fighting back. They just are not in control at the tops of the government agencies.


Remember that I taught you about lefties being altruists. That should concern all of you because, with altruists, all they have to do is have a great sounding excuse for doing whatever they want for them to feel it is good for them to do anything they want to anyone or anything.

For example, all they have to do is say that something is for "the common good" and it is alright for them to do anything they want to you and your family, including robbery, rape, enslave you, or murder you. They don't even have to prove how or why it is for the common good, just say it is and they feel they are justified in everything they do.

Therefore, it doesn't even really have to be for the common good, all that has to be done is that they say it is for the common good.


Remember that I told you that the left would go after Fauci for torturing and killing dogs but not for causing harm to humans?

This video is just the start of them going after Fauci.

BTW, what they are talking about I was taught in science as being "bogus science". That is research that doesn't really benefit anyone or prove anything but brings in ye ole government research grants to pay ye ole over paid salaries. I have been watching bogus research increase for more than half a century, especially with government funding, and it doesn't even have to be accurate with its "findings".

Bogus research is all about getting paid big bucks for doing very little if any work. If you know enough about science, when you see bogus research, it just jumps out at you. Bogus science is really bad in both the health and fitness industries because it can be used for money making fads that don't do anyone but the sellers any good. I have told you about some of it in the past.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Most, not all, government owned scientists are corrupt jerks we used to call "academic whores" that all they care about is the big easy bucks. You should see some of the crap they do and say for money. The same is true though for scientists owned by big corporations like the chemical companies. If you don't tell the lies, you don't get the money.

Not wanting to get involved in that racket was one of the main reasons I went into sports instead of into science. I wanted to help people, not lie to them and screw them. I really enjoy science. I love to learn it and teach it but I just can't lie to people and screw them for money so I guess I wouldn't make a good modern scientist.

Before I started college, my step-father told me, "Don't go into politics or law because you are too honest and won't make it." The same is true for government funded science.

I have loosely referred to a time I saw corrupt politicians and journalists openly discussing committing a crime in a hallway with me standing there and them not knowing who I was while other people causally walked by.

What it was is that 40+ years ago I had met a very powerful friend of the governor for that time and, over a period of weeks told him about an idea I had for an athletic event for a sport that was growing in popularity that would have made the state and me a lot of money over a period of years and to me it was just us being friends and idle chatter. He seemed to enjoy hearing about my ideas. Of course I wanted to make a bunch of money but I also wanted to help my state and he respected that.

He had weeks to listen to my ideas, ask me questions about it, and think about it before he offered out of the blue and to my surprise to get me a meeting with the presiding governor for that time, you know, his friend.

From the time he made an appointment for me with the governor, I had a few weeks to prepare my presentation and knew everything to say that would get the help I needed for start up that would help me get the sponsors I needed and the state would get much more back in taxes and other revenues than my startup would cost.

When the day of the meeting came, I met him in front of the capitol building for the State of New Mexico. We walked into the building together and were walking down a very wide hallway towards the meeting room when the Governor and his cabinet suddenly came out of a meeting room to my right and right in front of us so our groups just quickly merged with the two of us at the rear of the procession.

Suddenly, right in the middle of that big hallway with people going back and forth, they met about 4 or 5 people, including two very prominent journalists, coming from the other direction and stopped to talk business right in front of me.

I was stunned when I realized that they were all openly talking about doing something together I knew was illegal. I looked around at the people walking by us easily within earshot amazed at what I was hearing. I had heard politicians were corrupt but this was stunning and so open. They were not even taking the precaution of talking about their intended crime behind closed doors.

While listening to them, I realized I didn't want to get involved with this criminal organization or let them get their hands on something I felt so strongly about so I decided to intentionally blow the presentation knowing I was giving up millions of dollars for myself. Plus I realized they would corrupt my program.

I blew the living crap out of that presentation so that they saw nothing of interest to them and said so. I went home, showered, and felt much better about myself.

I have turned down a number of opportunities over the last 40+ years to make large sums of money doing things I knew were wrong and don't regret it one second, sitting here in poverty, and not losing any sleep because of it. I am not perfect but I am not a criminal either so that I have no problem looking in the mirror and saying, "That is a good man," without having to lie about it.

God taught me more than half a century ago that there are more important things in life than money and God, other people, and self respect are some of them. I like sleeping well at night without having to lie to myself about being a good person.

I hate corruption because it always causes harm to someone and I just can't cause harm to good people.

I have learned that a good rule to live by is that you stay away from corrupt people because they are bad people and what they will do bad to other people they will do bad to you the first time they think it will benefit them. You maybe their friend today but tomorrow they will do as they will to you.

Stupid People

Concerning the latest from stupid people, I got this from Newsmax by Eric Mack;

"More young, activist women are choosing to be sterilized as our nation's emerging adult generation is buying into climate-change propaganda that ''humans were a mistake,'' according to an existential psychologist scholar."

The good news is that, in a few generations, there won't be as many stupid people, who empower the upper class trash.

The bad news is that the upper class trash will realize that they are losing their power base and will be forced to be more aggressive in setting up their dictatorship before their power base quickly drops off more. The upper class trash will now be in a bigger hurry to setup their global dictatorship and be much more desperate.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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