I Told You So 417

US War

Remember that I told you that the lefty upper class trash are gambling or betting that not enough of you will fight them for your freedoms and rights?

I am wondering whether they know how many people are needed to win a war, especially since battles and wars have been won by the smaller armies.

In our wars, especially the modern wars, almost never more than about 3% to 5% of the population actually fights in a war. This was true for the US Revolutionary War. That would be 10 to 16 million people in the US today, which should be plenty to win the war against the commies, especially since most of the conservatives would be US veterans, most of whom are combat veterans.

We easily have enough conservative to moderate veterans and other patriots who would fight so I am feeling the upper class trash are guessing wrong, very wrong.

I think they know they are guessing wrong, which is why they are so stubbornly trying and failing to disarm the American people. They are clearly trying everything they can think of to disarm us and are not only failing but losing ground with other already existing laws favoring the left being done away with by the courts. People are now seeing the evil reasons for those laws having been passed and are fighting to do away with those laws.

What they are doing is like paddling your boat upstream and moving backwards but they just keep trying harder and harder without realizing that, the harder they try, the faster and further they move backwards, you know, like losing Virginia and almost losing New Jersey along with losing people in other states like DAs. They have this belief that, if they just do enough of what isn't working, it will start working so they keep doing more and more of what isn't working.

It seems like every time they fail at something like this last election, they just get more and more desperate and do more and more things that motivate more and more people to vote against them.

Note that the reason why the left keeps losing almost every time is because God is fighting for us to keep the lefty commie traitors from achieving their dictatorship. God is permitting the lefty traitors to win just enough to keep them trying in order to show you just how evil the left really is. This is why we need more prayers and I thought of trying to get a global prayer vigil going.

BTW, the Commierats losing this election in part because of the conservative monitors and the people rebelling will just cause the left to try to find ways to rig the elections more. You better prepare for this or you will lose the next election. The left will just make things more nuts.

The lefties are not going to quit their power mad insanity and just give control back to you. They will just make things more and more nuts.

Listen, with the lefties losing more and more at everything they try and them getting more and more frustrated and desperate to set up their dictatorship, it isn't if but when are they going to realize that the only way they can set up their dictatorship will be to use a violent coup to just grab power.

You better pray and prepare for that shooting war because them constantly losing and getting increasingly frustrated and desperate tells me it won't be long and they will start killing to get what they want. Remember that they have already resorted to violence more than a year ago so they will easily resort to more and worse violence to get what they want.


Remember that I have been warning you that the royals want their slaves and planet back?

In an article from American Thinker by Jeffrey Folks, he refers to them as "intelligentsia", you know, like the intellectually superior people, instead of as royals but tells you a lot about them. Intelligentsia is just another term they dreamed up to hide that they are royals.

He tells you pretty much what I have been telling you. He says they want their "serfs" back and are working to destroy the middle class or return all of you to poverty.

"From the beginning, the intelligentsia, the modern-day descendants of medieval scholars and scribes, sought to undermine the middle class and to preserve the hierarchical class structure with which they identified. That is the same autocratic class structure that Hillary had in mind when she labeled ordinary Americans "deplorables" or that explains the creepy hypocrisy of Biden's working-class persona."

Gee, what a coincidence. Remember that I have been telling you that the medieval academe were also royals but lower ranked royals and he calls them scholars and scribes.

He also tells you that "While the idea of 'lords and ladies' may seem like ancient history, the fact is that the reactionary thinking of the court intelligentsia is still very much with us. The leaders of today's Democrat party view themselves as more intelligent and entitled than the mass of deplorables whom they were born to govern."

You know, they are royals who think of themselves as royals and that they should have absolute rule over you lowly serfs and peasants. Remember that Lords and Ladies were what the royals called themselves because they were royal titles.

It is a pretty good read explaining in different words and terms the royals are using to hide they are royals what I have been telling you for years.

Here is another article at American Thinker by K.S. Guardiola, which tells you pretty much the same thing using different words and terms.

You just have to keep in mind that most royals have used a variety of terms over the years to hide that they are really royals so you would not realize what is going on. In the second article, the royals are referred to by some of the terms I have used sometimes like the elites and the article also tells you they are waging war on the middle class to destroy it because they want their serfs, peons, peasants, slaves, or whatever they are calling you today back under their absolute control.

It is also a good read and explains more.

Gee, what a coincidence, two different articles using different terms telling you what I have been telling you for years. Other people are now seeing and teaching what I have been warning you about for years.

Then, after I wrote the above, the next morning God tapped me on the shoulder while I was getting dressed and said, "Hey, stupid, what about this?" and stupid listened.

You have to keep in mind that there are a huge number (millions) of Euro-American royals all over the world and many of them want to rule the world because they are power mad partly from so much inbreeding so that, if the opportunity presents itself, you know they will all make a grab for power and there will be many more who want the power but are cowards and will want to hide behind a curtain called a power mad, delusional, psychopathic "front man" as king or queen of something.

Watch, if Obama and Farrakhan take out the Blue Bloods to the British Royal Family and die in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, there will be a power vacuum and utter chaos on a global scale, which will result in the greatest power grab in history dividing up just about everything. That will set off civil wars in almost every nation.

You can already see that with Newsom (French Royal Family) and Lujan Grisham (Spanish Royal Family) and don't be surprised to see other members of their branches to the Euro-American royal family support them in their power grab to increase the family's power and their own power.

Don't be surprised to see ye ole Euro-American royal family fragment into 2 or 3 dozen or more lesser kingdoms, especially with such things as Scotland and Ireland wanting their independence from England, Trudeau (French Royal Family), wanting his own Canadian kingdom and many others. It is going to be nuts, people.

I wouldn't be surprised to see what is left (if anything) of the British Royal Family ruling over just little Wales, which is where they are really from (Phillip is the Prince of Wales), with someone else ruling over England.

The British Royal Family making this power mad grab for the rule of the entire planet could very easily end up like the story about the little dog walking across a bridge with a bone in his mouth, he looks down into the water seeing his own reflection, thinking it is another dog with another bone, barks to scare the other dog into dropping its bone and running off only to drop his bone in the river and end up with nothing.

By the time this insane global royal power grab is over, there probably won't be a British anything for anyone to rule over. They could all end up being dead or the British Royal Nothing.

I also expect Australia to turn into half a dozen or more kingdoms with the power insanity I see going on there. You know that none of those nut jobs will want to share or give up power so you could end up seeing a mess of feudal wars between those power mad whackos.

Also, remember that I told you that Trump is a member of the British Royal Family and will have as much right as Obama and most others to the crown. When you see the signs God has given us so we will know when Obama will make his move, someone better get Trump and his family to safety because you can bet Obama will want to eliminate that competition for power.

This will also mean that, by international law, Trump will have as much right to rule over any part of the British Royal territories as anyone else, you know, like Canada, especially if Canada or any other nation attacks the US. Hey, ye ole conquer and annex thingy.

Also keep in mind that there is some division within Trump's family so don't be surprised to see one or more of them grab for some power, you know, to be king or queen of Tim Buck Two.

This mass insanity will expose all of the remaining crazies and open the remaining closed eyes. You are going to see how big and nuts the Euro-American royal family is. You will find out who the good ones are and who the bad ones are very quickly.

Whether you want to believe it or not, we good people are going to have to fight for our lives and freedoms. This is going to be an insane mess caused by an insane group of power mad royals and I guarantee, almost none of you will have any reverence for any of them by the time the dust settles with many of you putting out death warrants on at least some of them. It will be open season on ye ole bad royals.

This is going to be a brutal and cruel fight with no holds barred and anything goes. Ye ole power mad lefties are about to plunge this planet back into and maybe even beyond barbarianism to pure savagery. It is going to be like fighting rabid dogs; kill or be killed, and you can thank ye ole inbred, power mad royals for that.

BTW, if you think parents got upset about the commies teaching their kids lies and hatred, wait until 5 to 11 year olds, who have almost no risk from the virus, start dying from the vaccine.

You just know that another great sounding stupid idea by the left is about to backfire on the left. They are too stupid to do anything right or even to quit doing stupid stuff because they think they are smarter than they are and the people are dumber than they are.

Government Employees

Remember that I have told you that the reason why most people go into government is because they are too stupid to earn half a much money legally?

This video shows you that the prosecution team is really stupid and inept. I am wondering how many times it took them to pass their bar exam, a hundred times or did they just buy a passing grade?


Remember that I told you that Fauci has caused harm to more people than all 200 Nazi doctors who were hung combined?

This video shows that, at least partly because of Fauci's lies, more than 100 million people have been put out of work and that is only one way in which Fauci has caused harm to tens of millions of people.

Combined, all 200 Nazi doctors that were hung for their crimes against humanity didn't even come close to causing that many people harm. Think about that.

Note the false message that Biden gave on TV and you KNOW that the stupid lefties will blindly believe it because 1) one of their pagan gods said so and 2) dey seen it on TeeBee so it gots to be true.

Question it and think for themselves?

No way, that would be blasphemy in their fanatical pagan cult. Some people, no matter how wide you open their eyes, they will refuse to see what they don't want to see.

But, hey, be sure to thank Biden for putting that many people out of work with his mandates because now they will not have the excuse that they have to go to work so they can't join the fight for freedom and they will also now be angry.

Isn't it wonderful how the left is building our freedom fighting army for us?

Hey, we sure couldn't build our army that big on our own so thanks, lefties, for being our best possible army recruiters. They have freed up over 100 million people to fight for us and, if only half of them will fight, that is still more than 50 million fighters. An army of that size, many veterans and all angry, should scare the crap out of the left.

I am wondering just how big Oath Keepers is getting right now and in the near future.

10, 20, or 50 million?

Keep up the bad work, lefties, our army is getting huge and you know that Biden's evil energy secretary, like an arrogant fool, laughing about our higher prices just ticked the people all off more. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Man plans, God laughs.

Do you believe me yet that the lefties are evil satanic spawn and human demons?

Killer Vaccines

Remember that I have been telling you that a big part of this emphasis on forcing people to get the killer vaccines is about money?

This video tells you that much because Pfizer's profits have better than doubled because of the forced vaccinations of people.

You know that everyone involved in forcing people to get the vaccine, while making it so THEY don't have to get the killer vaccines, is taking big bribes from these chemical companies. I want to see those people's offshore bank accounts because you know they are huge.

To show you how stupid greed makes people, they are greedily wanting to start inoculating children, who have almost no threat from COVID 19 with a vaccine that causes medical problems and they are not smart enough to know that, when these children start dying from the vaccine, with things like heart attacks and blood clotting, it will cause a massive backlash by the people but dey don't cares because deys is going to make bunches more money.

God said, "The root of all evil is the love of money."

You just know that is going to anger even more people into fighting the lefty tyrannies plus it will prove that the vaccine is not about health but is about money and killing you off.

Do you see why God is permitting the left to succeed as much as He permits them to succeed?

It is to motivate you to pay attention and fight back before it is too late by getting you angry at the left. If God protected you 100%, you wouldn't get angry enough to take a stand for good and God to fight back plus we still have to be held accountable for our sins to get us to stop sinning.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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