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Something I have been watching is that both Rand Paul and Ron Paul have MDs, they are bound to know that Fauci is lying all of the time, and they don't just expose him for his lies.

My question is why? Are they afraid he will then expose them for their crimes or do they have some kind of upper class rules or agreement not to expose each other so openly? Are they really good guys or just poser good guys?

Something is going on here that is keeping them from exposing Fauci as one of the worst criminals in history and you can bet it isn't good. There may be no good guys in Congress and it is all just show to fool and appease the masses.

Keep an eye on this because they should have exposed the truth about Fauci's fake "science" more than a year ago.

I exposed Fauci's fake science more than a year ago, why not them?

The Test

Remember that I have taught you that the Bible says, "Life is a test"?

Remember that and watch this video. The events happening on this planet are leading to the final rule of Jesus after the day of Judgment but you do need to be aware of and be involved in the events of this world because, how you behave in relation to those events is your test.

Know that everything God will have caused me to build and every penny God will have gifted me with to use will all disappear in an instant on Judgment Day, which is why I keep telling you that I must walk away from all of that, when God tells me to as part of my test.

Those things are just tools God gives us to use while we are here, which is why He said, "To whom much is given, much is required and to whom little is given, little is required." If He gives you more tools, you are expected to do more work as part of your test in life.


Over the last 1.5 years, we have seen significant corruption in our legal system and now the Kyle Rittenhouse case is really putting that corruption on display.

Someone needs to send that DA a job application form from MacDonald's.

I had a discussion with someone the other night with them telling me about more of the corruption in our government and legal system and it has gotten really bad though it is obvious that there are still some good attorneys and judges.

Colonizing Planets

I have been wondering what God was going to do to get Christians to move their businesses and homes to other planets to colonize those planets or leave their jobs here on Earth. Human nature teaches that most people would have a tendency to remain on Earth with their businesses, jobs, and/or homes.

I just realized that many of them won't have businesses, jobs, or homes to move or leave behind because the lefties are destroying or stealing them. This means they won't have many if any reasons to stay here either so that they will have more to gain than to lose by moving to other planets for a completely fresh start away from all of this destructive paganism.

The lefties are solving that problem.

I think it will be amazing how many people will be very willing to travel to other unknown planets to start over because everything works to the good with God.

Satan's lefties are trying to destroy everything and kill everyone to set up their global dictatorship and God is going to use that to have His Christians colonize other planets.

Man plans, God laughs.

Plus God will be giving me a large amount of money to start needed businesses (along with my M.B.A.) on those other planets to hire people to move there and work.

That is also why God is making me marry that woman so she and her family will help me start and manage those businesses.

I figure that I will start and build up some businesses to where they can function on their own and then sell them to raise the capital to build new businesses.

I expect quite a few of those people I hire to move there, work to save money, and then start their own businesses or even buy the businesses I start and they are working for so I will have to hire more people from Earth, you know, those space alien Earthlings.

I bet you didn't realize that someday, you would be the space aliens.

I think we should put up a big sign at our spaceports saying, "Welcome, Earthling Space Aliens!"

You can bet I won't be the only person starting businesses there to hire people to move there from Earth.

Based on the types of businesses God had me research and design, I will probably start some commercial farms, ranches, orchards, fishing industries, sports programs, and riverboats to carry people and goods up and down rivers along with sailboats to carry people and goods long shore lines.

Interestingly, I thought I was researching all of those businesses to find a business I could start here with pocket money. It is interesting how God works.

It will take us a while to get an oil industry up and running so, for the most part, we will have to start with sail and steam along with animal and human power for transportation. The wood industry should be one of the first we get started and then metals, oil, and electricity.

You have to find and process the resources before you can use them.

We are going to need some good preachers to start some churches for the people.

So, who will start the "First Intergalactic Christian Church"?

The first thing our space force will have to do is generate computer maps of each planet for both military and civilian use, then place satellites in orbit for navigation, weather, and communication, and then they will have to setup our own Internet.

Our Coast Guard will have a complex job of terrestrial coastal safety but also inland and space safety and rescue. Plus they will have to work with the space force to manage safe interplanetary travel.

Our military will have to develop and begin training for planetary defense for all planets and planetary invasions along with terrestrial warfare.


Remember that I told you about the Republican who won the state DA job and would probably start prosecuting evil lefties for their crimes?

I just saw in the news that he is already putting his first case together against the school board for covering up cases of kids being raped. You know that, when he starts putting some of those power mad, controlling school board members in jail, it will cause a lot of parents to turn from being Commierts to Republicans because the last Commierat in that job didn't think their kids were worth protecting but the Republican does.

That is an easy prediction.

I also read that the Republican who won the DA position for Seattle is already putting together cases against lefty criminals that have been causing harm to people.

Remember that I told you that the Commierats would become more violent following their election losses?

The Commierat Antifa didn't wait long to attack peaceful conservative anti-vax protesters. Their violence has already escalated just like I warned you. They are not going to give up and will use whatever violence they need to get what they want. Be ready for it.

I told you that it would happen, it is already happening, and they didn't wait very long, did they?

Remember that I told you that the Queen getting involved in the political fighting would open eyes about ye ole royals?

It isn't just ye ole Queen who is drawing flack because the rest of their blue blood family is now in the fight and many people are not liking what they see. Ye ole British Royal Family are fighting on the side of the lefty commie traitors against the people just like I have been telling you they have been doing from behind ye ole curtain but now they are doing it in the open.

Eyes are opening big time and now it is to the realities of ye ole royals running everything and trying to impoverish and enslave ye ole peasants. Watch this backfire on ye ole royals and that could be what causes Obama to take out enough of them to get ye ole crown and control over their nations.

Trusting in God

One of the toughest things I have had to learn is trusting in God to take care of me. I grew up helping my grandfather on his dirt farm and my father in construction so I was trained to just go do the job and get it done right so you don't have to redo it. I was taught to be independent and self reliant. If something needs fixed or made, you fix it or make it.

God has used my extreme and prolonged illness to teach me to depend on Him, putting my faith in Him to take care of me instead of in me to take care of me. With extreme chronic fatigue syndrome, you can't do most things I used to be able to do. I have trouble now just figuring out how to do things, have very little strength to do things, my hands and fingers are not as good at doing things, and I just can't do anything very long, either physical or mental work.

I have to trust for God to "take care of it" for most things because I simply can't.

Just imagine not being able to do one tenth of what you used to be able to do. I even have trouble carrying a 30 pound bag. Heck, my daughter and granddaughters are stronger than I am now.

Remember that I had managed to progress up to where I could once again ride my bicycle a year ago but I quickly had a relapse?

For months, I tried to figure out what had caused the relapse because I had done everything right but my body wasn't responding right for some reason so I took it easier. I was taking it slow and easy.

Then I got a tooth infection and went to the dentist who said that both of my jaws were infected and not just the few teeth that I felt the pain in. I had been so sick for so long that I got used to the feeling of mouth infections and began to think it was normal because I hurt most of the time anyway. I often have to take aspirin just to get to sleep at night because of the pain. Plus it was a low grade infection that would not have been more than a discomfort.

The bacteria from that infection had gotten into my blood stream, spread throughout my body, and weakened my body.

I thought about that for a few months while getting what was left of my teeth from my prolong illness yanked to prevent further infections when one day I realized that I was still rationing food because of my poverty and you don't exercise while rationing food, what most people call dieting.

I had been rationing food for so long because of my prolonged illness and poverty that it had become normal and automatic so I didn't even have to really think about it and just forgot I was rationing food. It had become so normal that I just didn't think about it.

If you exercise while rationing food, you won't be able to get enough nutrition so your body will weaken and then it will implode physically or, in my case, medically relapse and my relapse created the weakness in my body that permitted the infections in my mouth to flare up causing the tooth infections that sent me to the dentist.

I relapsed back to where I was about 6 to 8 years ago, which ain't fun. Now, after a brief rest to make sure I get recovered, I have to start my physical therapy all over again.

Now I realize that I can't start exercising until I can solve my poverty problem so I can eat right, which our socialism doesn't permit, and can't work to solve my poverty problem until I can exercise to rebuild my body to where I can work to earn money to buy more food so I can eat right. I am still working on that problem but it looks like I am stuck in this mess until God intervenes and heals me both physically and financially like He said He would.

Mean while, I am stuck here building my faith to trust in Him to take care of me because, for most things, I can't.

Lesson 1: no matter how intelligent and well educated you are and how hard you like to work, when you are so sick you can't do anything, you can't do anything and that will plunge you into poverty really fast.

Ultimately, God is in control. Don't ever forget that.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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