I Told You So 42

I told you that they would be looking for a way to get rid of Biden as Vice President to move Queen Pelosi into the vice presidential position so they can move her into the presidency as the first female president when they dump Obama before the coming elections. The liberals always start out subtly and then quickly change their discussions to fit their desires. First, they plant the ideas in a subtle way to get them accepted, then use those ideas however they want.

I just read an article on newsmax.com where the liberals just started mentioning getting rid of Biden but they are doing it as if speculating about 2012. They are talking about replacing the Vice Presidential candidate, Biden, with Hillary Clinton, when Obama runs for reelection, as if Obama has even a prayer of getting reelected. Their excuse for dumping Biden is because he is a buffoon, which we all know is true.

The liberal strategy here is very simple and obvious. Get the people thinking about getting rid of Biden for the 2012 election by turning the people against Biden and wanting him out. Then they will create a situation or bring one back from the past to anger the people enough to want to get Biden out now instead of waiting until 2012. Note also that they are talking about replacing him with Hillary instead of Pelosi so most people won't figure out what they are really up to and that this was all planned out in advance. Then they will either force Biden to resign, impeach Biden, Biden will die in an accident like a plane crash, or he will be killed by an attacker.

This will get Biden out of the way so the Commiecrats will be able to move Queen Pelosi in as the first female US president when they dump Obama in order to rescue the 2010 elections. The talk about getting rid of Biden for the 2012 reelection of Obama is just a ruse to make it look like they are still behind Obama and are not thinking about moving Queen Pelosi into the presidency to develop the same euphoria about the Commiecrats having the first female president the way they developed the euphoria about having the first black president. This is just a slight of hand to set the stage for what the Commiecrat puppet masters are really planning.

Also note the timing. I told you they would have to start things moving on this in either August or September in order to impeach Obama and get Queen Pelosi sworn in so the euphoria would be at its peak during the elections. Well, it is August and they just got started. I wasn't surprised by this, were you? :-)

Note how, in the following lead paragraph for the article that they set their strategy by stating that rumors are rife that the Commiecrats want to get rid of Biden (translation: the Commiecrats are supposed to want to get rid of Biden - power of suggestion) and that Hillary could be his replacement. Nice slight of hand.

Rumors are rife that Vice President Joe Biden could be the Democrats’ sacrificial lamb for Obama’s sinking poll numbers and that Hillary Clinton could be his replacement.

Then they state that Biden is not presidential material and compare Biden with Dan Quayle whom the Commiecrats forced to resign. Hint, hint! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to read that message.

“Has Biden ended these 18 months with the stature of a man ready and able to be president should the moment call for it? The answer, sadly, is ‘no,’” Wilder wrote, echoing criticisms of former Vice President Dan Quayle during his tenure."

Then they stated that the pundits have already decided for the voters that getting rid of Biden would be the right thing to do.

Wilder’s comments won near universal approval from pundits who view the vice president as damaged goods, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Then they state that, in order to get Biden to quietly move out of the vice presidetial spot, they would offer him Hillary's job as Secretary of State. Hold it, they are going to move a buffoon from Vice President, where he has little effect on the government, to the much more critical job of Secretary of State to get rid of Biden? Why does that not sound intelligent? Plus, it should be obvious that this has all be planned out and discussed with approval by all parties.

New York magazine reporter John Heileman noted the need to get “Biden to slide aside happily” and suggested offering him Clinton’s job as secretary of state.

Then they finish the article telling you why you should want to get rid of Biden as VP. Note that their lame excuse for getting rid of Biden is because Obama is an incompetent President. Say what?

“The Republican attack on Obama is going to revolve around ‘too liberal,’ but also ‘too incompetent.’ … They are going to say , ‘Look, you hired this guy. He was too young for this job. He didn’t know what he was doing. He didn’t have the experience,’ and look what happened,” Heilman said, suggesting a rationale for dumping Biden."

Oops! It should be obvious to anyone who has any common sense and has been following what the Commie's have been doing and the way they work that what they are really about to do is create a crisis requiring Biden to resign and Biden will be offered Hillary's position as secretary of State to get him to resign, dump Hillary as Secretary of State (they can just fire her but can't just fire Biden), and move Queen Pelosi into the VP spot for when they impeach Obama. They are positioning everything to make the move I told you they would make.

You can bet that Obama is reading the hand writing on that wall and that he and the Commiecrat puppet masters have previously discussed this as a warning to Obama. That brings us to Obama's delima. He is about to face charges for espionage (remember that he can't be tried for treason because he is not a US citizen but he can be tried for espionage) and spying because he got elected as president without being a US citizen, knowing that, as a former president who has been exposed to our most critical national secrets, if convicted, he will be established as the worst ever threat to US national security and it will be required that he be executed. He is fighting for his life. Desperate men do very desperate things when fighting for their lives.

But, he isn't the only one facing a delima. The black Muslims in this country were told by Ayatollah Farrakhan, in a fatwa, that Obama is their black Muslim messiah, meaning he will establish a black Muslim dictatorship in the US. Also they know that Obama has used the only ticket which would make it reasonably possible for a black Muslim to get elected as president and be in the position to set up a Muslim dictatorship by declaring martial law. That ticket was to be the first black to be elected as president, only one person can do that, and Obama is that person. It would be at least another few decades before the black Muslims could hope to get another black Muslim elected as president, if ever. Therefore, the black Muslims in this country are also facing a delima. They must act quickly to get Obama established as the Muslim dictator over the US. This will require quickly getting ride of all the upper to mid level commie's at one time and replacing them with Muslims, especially black Muslims.

The black Muslim leaders also know what is happening and are now very desperate.

So, how do you do that? You have to take the commie's all out in one move.

So, how do you do that? Easy, you just throw a big party in the top of the Sears Tower in downtown Chicago to celebrate Queen Pelosi becoming the first every female VP , have a black Muslim fly a private plane with a 10k nuke in the nose to within 1/2 mile to one mile of the tower, and push a little button detonating the bomb blowing all the commie's out of the building and to their deaths.

You see, the black Muslims know that, if they throw a party celebrating Queen Pelosi becoming the first ever female US VP, every commie in the US who has any ambitions within the party must be there to worship their goddess in order to get any future deals. If they don't show up at this party, then, when they want something later, it will be no deal. This party will be a must attend for ALL US commie's including politicians, attorneys, judges, media, Hollywood, bureaucrats, college professors, and others. Plus you can bet there will be powerful commie's from other countries who will also show up at this party to pay homage to the great liberal commie Queen Pelosi knowing she is about to be made the first every female US President.

So the black Muslims will throw the party to show their support and admiration for Queen Pelosi, not show up, nuke the party, declare martial law, establish at least minimal Islamic Law, blame Israel so they can invade Israel with a UN force, and get Obama established in the global Muslim population as the Mahdi or messiah for all Islam requiring all Muslim countries to rebuild the Caliphate under Obama's control as global dictator.

Like I told you before, expect to see Obama to sacrifice his family to make it look like he didn't nuke Chicago and Israel did (playing the sympathy card). Not only will this be seen by the Muslim community as the greatest sacrifice for their god, Allah, but Michele is not a very good example of a Muslim wife. She is regularly photographed running around in shorts and showing off most of her body which is a sin in Islam requiring the death penalty (this will be an honor killing by Obama). You know she is an embarrassment to Obama when he is with his devout Muslim friends. Can't you just hear the talk about how Obama isn't a very good Muslim man if he can't control his wife better than her running around in shorts and make her behave the way a good subservient Muslim wife should behave? After all, if a Muslim man can't control his wife, how can he be expected to control a planet? Why would they want such a weak leader to be their Mahdi?

Plus the only child that is worthy of a Muslim father's love is a male child and he doesn't have even one son. He has two daughters. This is beneath a Muslim of Obama's stature. You know the other devout Muslims are saying Obama should get rid of this wife with an honor killing and get him four good, faithful, subservient Muslim wives who will bear him sons.

So, how do you do that? "Sacrifice" his wife and daughters at the party to get rid of them, fool everyone into believing it wasn't Obama (the sympathy card), and, if he sets up enough Islamic law to make poligamy legal, hey, he can replace Michele with 4 very subservient, faithful, devout, Muslim wives who will provide him with sons. Oh yes, then he can have four political marriages with wives from families like King Abdullah's family (Saudi Arabia) which would increase support him as the Muslim Mahdi. Why would Obama, a devout Muslim, not sacrifice his family?

You see, Obama can kill a lot of birds with that one stone. Why would he not throw it?

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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