October Surprise

I have been thinking about this Obama mess in relation to the current events and latest liberal propaganda along with the Commiecrat "October Surprise". One thing I have been thinking about is how the liberals plan on dealing with the negative feelings impeaching Obama will cause just before the elections. I realized that the euphoria of having the first female president can replace the bad feelings of the impeachment.

Then, after further consideration of the recent liberal propaganda, I realized that every aspect of this coming event has been orchestrated and agreed to by all parties, probably just before the commie's began bragging about the coming "October Surprise". What has almost certainly happened is that the Commiecrat puppet masters had meetings with Obama telling him that he has two choices if his polls continue to drop and he becomes a liability to the Commiecrat Party. He can resign with the noble sounding excuse of doing it for the nation (probably to reunify the country) or they can expose that he is not a US citizen, he will be impeached, and probably be executed for espionage.

What would you do in Obama's situation? Of course you would agree to leave quietly with the noble sounding excuse of "for the nation" to save your life. That is exactly what the Commiecrat puppet masters are betting on and you can bet that Obama agreed to the deal. So what they are planning is to first replace Biden with Queen Pelosi and then for Obama to nobly resign for the sake of the country so that Pelosi will become the first female US president creating a euphoria within the left and moderates the Commiecrats will use to keep from losing control of the House and Senate in the coming elections. That is the plan of the Commiecrat puppet masters and what they are calling the October Surprise.

Now remember that Obama's perspective will be different because he is a poser Christian and devout Muslim and I have shown you again and again that Muslim logic is very different from non Muslim logic. For example, if Obama gains such great power and an opportunity to set up a global Muslim dictatorship with him as the Mahdi and he just quits to save his own life, in Islam, that would be an act of apostasy and cowardice or, basically, an act of treason against Islam. He would be branded a hypocrite and murdered by Muslims.

So either way he faces a potential death sentence. So, how do you deal with this as a Muslim? First, you know that any agreement with non Muslims is not binding for Muslims. It is not only alright for a Muslim to not keep an agreement with a non Muslim but, if not keeping the agreement will promote the cause of Islam, then it is a great work earning salvation by the Muslim to break the agreement. The Koran and Hadith even require such agreements with non Muslims be broken when it benefits Islam.

So, to save your own skin and buy time for other actions, you agree to the deal with the non Muslim Commiecrat puppet masters. Then you begin working on other plans to get rid of the puppet masters and everyone else who poses a threat to you and the cause of Islam. In Islam, they have one way of dealing with getting rid of a problem; you just kill whoever is causing that problem and the problem goes away. That is Islamic logic.

Therefore, you can bet, based on what is being said and done, that the Commiecrats plan to get Biden out of the way by getting him to resign and accept the job as Secretary of State after canning Hillary (she has probably been offered and accepted another top job), move Queen Pelosi up as VP, get rid of Obama with his noble resignation for the good of the nation making the Commiecrat Party look even better, and move Queen Pelosi up to president to create the euphoria of having the first female president required to get more people to vote Commiecrat and save majority control of the House and Senate.

But you can bet that Obama Bin Laden and the Black Muslims have different plans. They will go along with the Commiecrat puppet masters' plans as if they are supporting the plan, throw a big party for Queen Pelosi in Chicago to celebrate her becoming the first female VP showing even more support for the plan, and nuke the crap out of everyone at the party including the puppet masters. In Islamic logic, end game or as we used to say, Checkmate.

The commie's are planning an October surprise and the Muslims are planning a September surprise. Guess who will win that game.

Some people might say that I want Chicago to get nuked but that isn't true. I love this country very much and have prayed that this terrible tragedy will not happen and the US will not be punished for our sins but have learned we must be punished for our sins or God would have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah for destroying them for the same sins. God really doesn't have a choice if He is to be a righteous God who enforces His Law equally for everyone.

Knowing that we must be punished, then my attitude is 1) to understand how we will be punished and when it will happen and 2) look for the silver lining in this terrible cloud because God says that all things work to the good with God. I have thus far been focusing on the how and when but have also realized the silver lining which is that God is going to be using Obama and the black Muslims to use radiation therapy to kill the malignant commie cancer which has already killed my beloved country. At least some good will come from this terrible thing.

BTW, the Commiecrats have their October Surprise, Obama and the black Muslims have their September Surprise, and God has His Ezekiel 38 & 39 Surprise. Guess who will win. My money is on God.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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