I Told You So 424


Remember that I have been telling you that God is opening eyes and increasing numbers of people are choosing God over Satan? Remember that I told you that, because of that, more and more of what the Commierats are doing is failing? Remember that I told you that the Commierat Party is coming apart at the seams?

In this video Turley keeps talking about Biden failing BUT keep in mind that Biden is just a brain dead puppet for the upper class trash so it is actually the great sounding stupid ideas of the upper class trash that runs the Commierat party that are failing, meaning the "intellectually superior" upper class trash are actually the ones failing.

Man plans, God laughs.

Get it straight, it is not the puppets that are failing but the puppet masters and their smarty pants legal firms who are failing. The all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, intellectually superior, natural elite upper class trash and their great sounding stupid ideas are what is failing in every way because they are not as smart as they arrogantly think they are and you are not as stupid as they arrogantly think you are.

This is causing a split in the upper class trash, which is why increasing numbers of lefty politicians or puppets are turning on Biden and his failing programs and also against the upper class trash who own Biden. Remember that the puppets do what the puppet masters tell and pay them to do.

Obviously other puppet masters are giving other orders because they see the inner core of the Commierat upper class trash failing so they are turning against them. This is getting very interesting and is already resulting in a civil war within the Commierat Party that will escalate until one group manages to take control away from the inner core of the upper class trash or the upper class trash manage to suppress the rebellion, probably by violence.

Hey, I have told you that no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor so they can't trust each other.

Churches and Guns

Remember that I have been warning you that not all "Christian" churches are true Christian churches?

This video is about lefty churches doing gun buy backs to "get guns off the streets to make it safer."

Uh, hold it, when the Apostles asked Jesus if they should by a sword, with which to defend themselves, did Jesus not say, "No, buy two swords"? Why, was Jesus making the streets more dangerous?

According to the lefty preachers and churches He was. Note that these churches and preachers are telling you to not obey Jesus.

Now, who do you think has it wrong, the preachers and churches or Jesus? Kind of obvious, huh?

What these lefty poser Christian churches are doing is helping get rid of guns to help the lefties stage their coup and insurrection of the US Government or treason. You can rest assured that, when Obama forces Sharia Law on the nation, they will gladly and quickly convert to Islam taking their lefty members with them to Hell.

I have been warning you about these poser churches for years and now it is happening, they are betraying God and the people for their beloved Marxist dictatorship. Keep an eye on this.

Note that he points out that no criminal is going to turn in their gun for $50 so it is absolutely not going to make the streets any safer and will just make their homes less safe.

I would like to suggest that, if you belong to a church and they start doing a gun buy back, it might be a good idea to find a true Christian church and learn the truth about God/Jesus.


Remember that I have told you a little about my training in espionage?

Do you remember the 1998 movie "Enemy of the State" with Will Smith and Gene Hackman that everyone raved about?

I laughed all of the way through that movie because, more than a decade before, all of the great spy guy stuff and info they showed in that movie had already been obsolete or what they showed was barely accurate.

They didn't even begin to show the best stuff we had in the early to mid 1970's, you know, more than 20 years earlier. It was at least as bad for me as watching a spy movie about 1950's technology or worse. They would have never made it in the spy world, even in the 1970's, not even close.

Just know that, here we are almost 50 years later in 2021 and there are still things I was trained in that their very existence is still classified and some of them will still be classified 50 years from now as to their very existence. Most of you could not even begin to imagine what we could do in 1972 and they have better today.

I know of things from the 1970's that I am sure even Russia and China still don't know about but, if I am right, when this war goes full blown, everyone will find out about most of those things, IF we are in big enough trouble with such things as China and other nations trying to invade the US, especially if their troops make it onto or near US soil. Then, the biggest of the big guns will come out of "Uncle Sam's Black Closet" and it will get extremely interesting.


Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties are not just stupid but that they are also evil?

In just the first minute of this video the law officer tells you, "There is this evil that is in the world and that evil needs to be locked up."

That evil isn't just the criminals on the street but is also the upper class trash, their puppets, their academe, their media, their thugs, and everyone else on their side. They are all evil just like Hitler's Nazis, Linen's and Stalin's commies, Mao's commies, and many others who just can't leave other people alone. They are greedy, power mad, arrogant, selfish, and have no concern for others.

Unfortunately, there are tens of millions of evil people in this world right now who are causing almost all of our problems and killing people every day.

COVID Crimes

This video shows that they are lying to you about natural immunity in order to force you to get the vaccines even when you have natural immunity.

What should that tell you?

This is all about money and control because they are lying to you so they can force even those with natural immunity to get the vaccines that the makers of those vaccines make $15+ per vaccination.

I keep telling you that this COVID 19 fakedemic is just about control and money and they keep proving me right. What they are telling you has nothing to do with science or medicine, it is all about money and control, and these criminals belong in prison.

Note that they went from telling you that the vaccines were going to keep you from being infected and spreading the virus to telling you that the vaccines decrease the severity of the disease and your chances of ending up in the hospital, when it became obvious that the vaccines DO NOT prevent you from being infected or spreading the virus.

So, what lie are they going to tell you to convince you to keep getting the vaccines and booster shots so they can keep making tens of billions of dollars when it becomes obvious that the vaccines don't decrease your potential for serious illness?

Sailboat Cruising

Remember that I told you that, with these cruising sailboats going woke and turning to electric motors instead of diesel engines plus them increasingly using more and more electronic devices, there will be increasing numbers of the boats burning down from electrical fires?

It didn't take long because this video shows a boat that burned down from an electrical fire. Be sure to pay attention to those lithium batteries cooking off.

The sailboat cruisers are going woke with electric motors, which draw a lot of current and some of their motoring, because of weather, requiring a dozen or more continuous hours along with the increasing numbers of navigational, communications, lighting, radar, sonar, computers, cellphone charging, air conditioning, heating, cooking, and other uses of electricity drawing massive amps in energy, it is going to start cooking batteries and wiring causing boat fires.

Hey, they have to have all of the luxuries plus being woke that they have on land, which requires a lot of electricity, which causes a lot of heat in ye ole batteries. Wait until the insurance companies start charging woke boats more.

You also have to understand that those plastic boats or even wooden or steal boats with lots of plastic on them burn fast and hot because all plastics are made from refined oil so they are very flammable and burn at high temperatures. I have read that once those plastic boats start to burn, there is no putting them out.

I have even recently seen a number of upper class "super yachts" burn, sometimes taking other boats near them at the docks. Fortunately the boat in that video was far enough away from the other boats that it didn't spread. When they dock, they are close enough to each other the fire can easily spread to neighboring boats and I have seen videos of that happening too.

This is especially dangerous for when they are at sea and miles from the nearest help because they will quickly end up in their dinghy with no food, water, or even radio or swimming a hundred or more miles from land.

They are going to have to have a new saying for sailboat cruising: "Go woke, get burned."


Remember that I have told you that I am furious at the upper class trash and their puppets for destroying my nations?

This video shows how furious Tim and I are at the upper class trash. Yes, I am that furious too because of the harm the upper class trash are causing to billions of people. I completely understand Tim's anger.

Note that his eyes have finally opened and he now realizes that these things are evil and not just stupid. Words cannot begin to describe how evil they are and notice how Tim keeps building on phrases of insults trying to show how evil they are the way I often do.

He even explains how evil they are and in what ways they are evil. He tells you like I have been telling you that they KNOW they are evil. Hey, they are the spawn of Satan and human demons and that includes all of the upper class trash, their puppet politicians, their puppet bureaucrats, their thugs, their academe, their celebrities, their media, and many others.

It is nice to see more people getting as furious as me at the upper class trash. To get your nation back or enough of it to build a new nation, you must all get as furious as we are.

Pay attention to his frustration and not knowing exactly what to do because the extreme and overwhelming level of corruption in our government is why we NEED God to use the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to kill off almost all of the upper class trash and their puppets and thugs in one action so we can finish cleaning house to regain control of our nations.

That is why you MUST join the global pray vigil, praying every day for God to save our butts.

Note that he also points out the left's persistent failures and that their actions are all now acts of desperation because the upper class trash are losing control and running out of time. Just remember that the more desperate they get, the more violent and radical they will get so you better prepare for the worst you can imagine from them.

Also remember that I have been telling you that the reason the left is trying to pass spending bills in the trillions of dollars is because they are 1) sacking America while there is still something left to steal, 2) trying to destroy the US dollar to impoverish all of you so it will be easier to control you, and 3) destroying the economy to finish off the nation so they can finish setting up their global dictatorship.


Remember that I told you that I saw a starship traveling at about 200,000 mph in 1966?

I just got this from AP by Marcia Dunn concerning an explorer satellite they sent to the sun:

First, it is important to understand the satellite didn't actually touch the sun's surface, it just went into its atmosphere.

"CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) - A NASA spacecraft has officially 'touched' the sun, plunging through the unexplored solar atmosphere known as the corona."


"Launched in 2018, Parker was 8 million miles (13 million kilometers) from the center of the sun when it first crossed the jagged, uneven boundary between the solar atmosphere and outgoing solar wind. The spacecraft dipped in and out of the corona at least three times, each a smooth transition, according to scientists.

'The first and most dramatic time we were below for about five hours ... Now you might think five hours, that doesn't sound big,' the University of Michigan's Justin Kasper told reporters. But he noted that Parker was moving so fast it covered a vast distance during that time, tearing along at more than 62 miles (100 kilometers) per second."

Pay attention to that 62 miles per second because that is 223,200 mph and keep in mind that was just a satellite and not some super duper spaceship. Believe me, a starship can travel faster than that.

Now do you believe me? Now do you know who those "UFOs" belong to and why the US Military keeps saying "there was no UFO or unidentified flying object" because they knew who it was and it was them? Do you get the picture yet?

I have been studying this stuff for more than 60 years and was trained in some of it by the Air Force. You have no idea what we can do.

Now, just for fun and to see if I can make you smile; "Hold it, was that AOC colonizing the sun?" You smiled, didn't you?

Sacking America

One of the most important reasons why the left is sacking the US nation and economy with such huge spending bills is so that the government will not be able to continue to support our current military so it will have to down grade to where it can no longer stop the left's insurrection and global dictatorship. I just saw that it is being said that our country is now so broke that it cannot afford to fight another war.

Gee, what a coincidence. Hey, I know, let's make our nation even more broke by giving hundreds of billions of dollars to other nations.

The left is waging economic and financial warfare against the US Military and, therefore, the people and the nation.

Remember that I told you that the Nation of Islam learned from the 1992 LA riots that the only two things that could stop them from successfully staging a violent coup of the US Government were armed citizens and the might of the US Military?

The left is doing everything it can to get rid of both and one way they are doing that is by destroying the US Government financially and the US economy to impoverish the gun owners so those gun owners will be forced to sell their guns for money to buy food. They plan to starve both of you out.

What the military needs to do to prepare for this is watch to see who is stealing all of the money and where it is going so the military can take it back and, then, when it is time, they round up all of the traitors, hang them for treason, take back all of the money they have stolen, get rid of all of the corrupt and useless government agencies to thin down the government, and help rebuild the US economy so it can support rebuilding the government and maintaining the military.

They could easily take back tens to hundreds of trillions in stolen government money and, if they get rid of the excess fat, the military could easily function on just $5 trillion for at least 10 to 20 years, which would be long enough to rebuild our nation.


The left is expanding their Citizen National Security Force (CNSF) as a replacement for the cops and military right now.

What they are doing is destroying jobs and paying people to stay home instead of working so those people will be available to be hired for much higher wages to join the left's CNSF. I would not be surprised to see them double to triple their current income to bribe them to join the CNSF.

They know they are going to suddenly need a bunch of people so they are creating a bunch of available people.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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