I Told You So 425


Remember that I have been telling you that the Commierats are failing at everything they are trying, they are getting extremely desperate, and that is causing them to get more and more radical?

This video shows that the Commierats are so desperate they are having a complete meltdown.

Murder Vaccines

You think the lefties are not trying to force you to get the murder vaccines as soon as possible to get you all killed off before the die off gets too obvious?

This video shows just how determined the left is to get you all vaccinated as quickly as possible in spite of the fact that the murder vaccines DO NOT keep you from being infected or spreading the virus. There is no reason for anyone to get these vaccines but the upper class trash are adamant that you MUST get vaccinated as soon as possible.

The only possible reasons for that are to kill you off and get as much money as they can before the die off becomes too obvious.

Note that everyone has been ignoring the truth about the vaccines not working so long that now it doesn't matter, all that matters is the legal technicalities, which is completely wrong. They have managed to completely divorce the issue from biology, science, and medicine to just legal.

The left has continued with the lie so long that increasing numbers of people are believing the lie without question and being panicked by a relatively harmless virus that has a mortality rate of less than 1%.

The people have been dumbed down and brainwashed so well that they are blindly believing these proven liars and being driven into a panic by the lies.

I keep praying and waiting on God to save us from these evil things as soon as possible but I know God has His reasons why He is permitting the spawn of Satan to continue with their wickedness and part of that is because the people turned their backs on God for their sins.

Why should God save people who hate Him?

Repent or it just keeps getting worse.

Remember that I have been telling you that Fauci and his accomplices are lying to you and have been lying to you since he started telling you to wear masks?

You have to understand that most people are clueless about biology and are being forced to listen to and believe Fauci because no one is telling the truth and proving that Fauci is lying. Almost all of the people making decisions about this fakedemic and reporting on it don't know enough about science to be able to figure out why the masks and vaccines don't work and Fauci is using this to get rich and promote his evil agenda.

It amazes me how biologically ignorant most people involved in this fakedemic really are. There is nothing more comforting and encouraging than knowing that almost everyone making the decisions concerning science are completely ignorant about the science they are making the decisions about. That should scare the crap out of you.

This video shows just how corrupt and evil they are and how they worked to actually "take down" any scientists and MD's who told the truth. Yes, this shows that they really did conspire against the scientists and MD's who were telling the truth, exposing Fauci's lies.

Remember that I told you that some MD's actually lost their medical licenses for taking a stand against Fauci and telling the truth? Do you get the picture yet about how evil these unholy things are and how wide spread their conspiracy is?

People, the reason they wanted to shut down the idea that COVID 19 came from the Wuhan Lab was because they were afraid that would lead to people discovering what I showed you they have since discovered, which is that the virus was actually engineered in the US by Fauci and company and transferred to the Wuhan Lab as a cover for releasing the virus on you as a biological weapon. This COVID 19 is what the military would call biological warfare against the people by the upper class trash.

I know enough science I could see through their lies early and could see what they were doing so I knew a long time ago that they are evil. Hey, to me, seeing through their lies is just like looking through a window.

BTW, this shows that there are quite a few dishonest scientists and MD's and quite a few more honest scientists and MD's. You have to judge scientists and MD's based on their individual actions and not based what degree they got and where they got it from. What these over educated criminals are doing is destroying the credibility of all college graduates.

Do you believe me yet that Fauci and company at least belong in prison and are the worst criminals in history because their crime against humanity is taking place on a global basis? Do you believe me yet that these criminals have caused harm to more people than all 200 Nazi MD's combined, who were all hung?

Notice the corruption he talks about at the end of the video concerning the government "losing more than $100 billion dollars from the COVID relief fund", proving what I have been telling you about this fakedemic. It is for control and to steal as much money as possible from you.

What? These corrupt politicians and bureaucrats along with their puppet masters just kind of sort of lost over $100 billion right into their pockets? Oh, gee, how did that money get in my greedy pocket? Do you believe me yet that the lefties, RINOs, corrupt bureaucrats, and upper class trash have turned our corrupt government into a money laundering racket?

To me, those fraud investigations look like they are going after the little guys and not the big criminals as a cover to protect the big criminals and because they don't like competition in their crimes.

Also notice the recall he talks about in the same video.

Now ask yourself, "Are you stupid enough to believe that those chemists did not know in advance that the chemicals they were putting in those products cause cancer?" Really? What? These companies are so irresponsible they don't test their products before they put them on the market?

In my opinion, everyone involved in the chemical makeup of those products belongs in prison and, if anyone died from those products, they should be facing charges for intentional manslaughter, which requires the death penalty. This kind of crap is not going to stop until we start holding EVERYONE responsible for causing this crap including top share holders, CEO's, upper level management, and scientists. If these criminals knowingly cost other people their lives, they should pay with their lives.

At the very least, these companies and the people involved are guilty of criminal negligence and should be facing charges for such.

It also shows that the FDA isn't doing their one job of protecting you from dangerous products.


Remember that I have been warning you that the poser Christians would convert to something else the first time it got tough?

I just found out that the number of people calling themselves Christian has declined by 12%, which is a really big drop but remember that I told you that it will eventually drop by more than 50%.

The Christians "falling away" has gotten serious and this will cause poser Christian churches to "convert" to other religions like Islam and the Occult to keep those tithe paying members in their pews.

From what I have seen, this will get worse but then God is also doing things like causing millions of people in just Islam to convert to Christianity because of dreams and visions and there is no telling how many are also converting to Christianity from other religions.

Recent research has shown that 17% of people witnessed to in the US want more information because they have been dumbed down, lied to, and brainwashed by the left concerning Christianity so that, when they do hear the truth about Christianity, they find it is not like what they are being told by the left and find it interesting. You need to be witnessing about Christ and Christianity.

People, most people professing to be Christians don't really know what being Christian is or anything about true Christianity, especially with so many preachers being poser Christians and just preaching for the money.

Keep an eye on this.

Hydrogen Fuel

It kills me the greed and deception of the upper class trash and complicity of our lefty media.

I have been watching the increasing "interest" in selling hydrogen as a "clean energy fuel" to the stupid people.

First, it is also amazing at how quickly the upper class trash and their lying media can convince the stupid people that a lie is fact such as increasing CO2 is a crisis when CO2 is really plant food and I have shown you it is actually greening up the planet (gee, what a crisis) and that COVID 19 is a terrible pandemic when it is really a relative weak flu virus with a mortality rate of less than 1% they are using for their fakedemic.

Now the upper class trash are doing a great job of using the fake crisis of CO2 to sell people in the US using hydrogen as a "clean energy fuel"! I can just see the dollar signs bouncing around inside their empty, evil skulls. You know they are going to make a fortune off of that con.

If you study chemistry you will learn something very interesting about the Periodic Table. All of the elements in the far left column are the most "volatile" or flammable elements known to man and hydrogen is at the top of that list. It will combust as fast or faster than any other element, especially in the presence of oxygen creating H2O or water. People, the sun is burning because it is hydrogen gas being compressed into helium gas, you know, a great big hydrogen bomb.

By the way, people driving hydrogen powered cars will cause those cars to burn up lots of oxygen your body needs for fuel, causing all animals to become hypoxic and, in some cases, die from hypoxia, creating a real global crisis, especially in or near the big cities. That is an easy prediction.

Now you put that in a car with the idiot drivers we have on our roads, who shouldn't be allowed to drive a bicycle, much less drive a car, and you are going to have lots of collisions with cars filled with high pressure hydrogen gas or fuel that will quickly spread out in a cloud in an intersection or a group of crashed cars on a freeway, as soon as that cloud makes contact with any source of ignition or heat like a spark, cigarette, hot engine or brakes, or anything else, that cloud will explode just like the Hindenburg blimp did about 100 years ago, causing us to go to helium as a source of floating balloons. The Hindenburg fire is why we did not turn to hydrogen fuel for our cars 100 years ago.

When that hydrogen cloud ignites, everything and everyone in it or near it will quickly burn to death. Most of you will have inhaled the gas into your lungs before the ignition begins which will almost instantly fry your lungs upon ignition, which will prevent you from screaming in agony.

You can be standing 50 to 100 feet away from the intersection where the car accident takes place and still be burned to death in the huge fire ball it will create. Everyone in the intersection will die in most accidents.

Don't believe me?

Go watch the film of the Hindenburg burning dozens of people to death.

That fire will burn so fast that the fire department won't have a chance to get there before everyone near it is dead and everything near it is on fire. Those hydrogen clouds will combust with explosive force and, when that fire or heat reaches all of the fuel tanks filled with pressurized hydrogen gas within it, the fuel tanks will turn into bombs and/or rockets, quickly spreading that fire even further.

Also, that gas will quickly begin to rise so that any buildings near the roads, especially tall buildings, will be caught in that very high temperature fire setting them ablaze and killing people in them.

The car accidents with cars using that fuel will cause the absolute worst car accidents in history and the mortality rate for car accidents will increase at an exponential rate.

Don't believe me?

Go study science.

But, hey, it is just another way for the upper class trash to use a fake crisis to make lots of money murdering you off to depopulate their planet. They don't care about the fake CO2 crisis, all they care about is themselves and their bank accounts and the greedy fools are too stupid to realize that they will also suffer hypoxia from cars using hydrogen gas and be burned to death in car accidents.

Besides, increasing numbers of people are figuring out that electric cars are not going to stop the fake CO2 crisis so they need a new fake hero for their fake crisis and it looks like hydrogen fuel will be their next fake hero.

I get so sick and tired of the evil upper class trash and wish God would hurry up and send them all to Hell where they will never, ever, ever again cause harm to anyone.

BTW, the reason I wrote this is because it is pretty obvious that the upper class trash probably just bribed governor Grisham to permit them to mine hydrogen gas in New Mexico. That woman is so very evil you just know Satan is really proud of her. Hey, maybe she will get caught in one of those fireballs caused by her greed.

BTW, they just predicted that there will be another 60 to 80 inches of snow in the Commiefornia mountains by Christmas making it one of the snowiest Christmases on record. The idiots can thank the fake CO2 crisis for that increased precipitation that will break the drought caused by the left causing their forests to be over forested. Me thinks science is right now biting the idiot lefties in the butt and they are too stupid to realize it.

I will debate with anyone that my farts are smarter than those stupid lefties, meaning that no intelligence is better than their intelligence. The idiot lefties prove me right every day.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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