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Evil Lefties

I keep telling you that these evil lefties, if they do not repent of their sins and accept Jesus as their savior, they will ALL eventually end up burning in Hell to 1) punish them for their crimes and 2) so they can never again cause harm to other people.

How do I know this?

Because God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out," and God cannot be a liar. It is not if but is when will their sins find them out and their sins WILL find them out.

If God does not soon punish these evil things for their crimes, He will have to apologize to every other person who chose evil over good and eternal damnation over eternal paradise and is right now burning in Hell.

First, God tells us that, when we turn from Him for our sins, we MUST repent of our sins, turn back to God, and call on His name to save us. God also teaches us that He is long suffering and patient in dealing with us stupid humans.


Because he is giving EVERYONE more than adequate opportunity to turn from our sins and back to Him so that on Judgment Day NO ONE will be able to use the excuse that they were not given adequate opportunity to repent and accept Jesus as their savior so that those who chose evil and eternal damnation will have no excuse and be obviously guilty of their crimes.

That is part of what God is doing right now. He is giving EVERYONE more than adequate opportunity to repent of their sins, turn back to God, and accept God's amnesty program or salvation provided by Jesus before God sends those who refuse to repent of their evil into Hell where they will never again be able to cause anyone harm.

Plus you have to understand that God uses these evil people to test the rest of us.

When God knows that he has given all of these evil things more than adequate opportunity to turn from evil to good and they do not turn from their evil, the evil things will suddenly find themselves burning in Hell, where they chose to go.

KNOW that every evil person throughout history who did not repent of their evil before they died, is burning in Hell right now. NOT ONE of them got away with one of their crimes and ALL of them will spend eternity paying for those crimes. On Judgment Day, you will find out that God gave them ALL more than adequate opportunity to repent and accept Jesus as their savior.

The same must also happen to these evil spawn of Satan today because God cannot be a liar. ALL of their sins WILL find ALL of them out because God said so.

Know that the day after the Battle of Armageddon, EVERY evil person in history who did not turn from evil to good will be burning in Hell for at least 1,000 years until the Judgment Day.

COVID Tyranny

Remember that I have been telling you that this COVID fakedemic is really just about power and the lefties setting up their dictatorship plus making as much money as they can at your expense?

This video shows you how bad of a tyranny this is getting to be, especially in Commiefornia and New York.

People, them placing people in camps without due process, you know, just like in Nazi Australia, is unconstitutional and should be immediately challenged.

The upper class trash just keep grabbing more and more and more power and you think this is not an insurrection and coup by the left? Really?

Roman takes the time to show you just how evil that bill is and it is very evil giving their corrupt government amazing powers to detain anyone they want for an indefinite period of time, without due process, which is clearly unconstitutional.

Nah, they would not be getting ready to use this fakedemic to send their conservative voters to death camps to depopulate their planet, would they? Oh no, our wonderful, kind, caring lefty commie traitor tyrants would not do that, would they? /sarc

Someone has to make their move soon or it will be too late, especially if the corrupt courts allow them to get away with these crimes against humanity.

It is just like I have been telling you, it is getting worse and it will continue to get worse until you stop the tyrants.

Hey, you stupid lefty voters keep voting for them and you will probably end up in one of their commie death camps too.

You should read the comments under that video. I am not the only one reading the evil writing on that wall and more and more people are getting tired of the tyrants telling us what we can and cannot do. Deja vu, baby. If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present because God said, "There is nothing new under the sun."

Once again Roman shows that there are some good politicians and they are fighting back, as are increasing numbers of Christians.

It is looking like the right is working to force the left to start the shooting in this war, while the left has obviously been trying to force the right to start the shooting in this war.

Bad Cops

Remember that I have been warning you that we have bad cops?

This video shows that we have some very bad cops who will enforce any tyranny without hesitation. Hey, they are just doing their jobs and following orders just like the 200 SS guards who were hung following WWII for doing the same.

Do not be deceived, these criminal cops will support Obama's coup of the US Government without question and follow him off to invade Israel, after forcing Sharia Law on everyone within their juridiction.

Note that they also point out that a lot of good cops are leaving those forces and going to red areas. This is God sorting out the bad people from the good people and concentrating them in specific areas for this quickly escalating war because it will make the good people safer to be united away from the bad people.

It also shows that at least some of the blue cities, especially the bigger ones, are already fascist dictatorships in every way possible. They are pretty much lost, especially with their rigged elections.

It is looking more and more like it is time for Nuremberg II. It is like these lefties are working on getting hung.

Ring of Water

Remember that I told you a few decades ago in November 1999 with "The Cosmos-My Hypothesis" essay in the first part of this blog that God had showed me that better than 90% of the matter in our universe causing our current background gravity was in a massive ring of water surrounding the universe?

I have been wondering if this James Webb space satellite will be the telescope that will discover that ring of water proving what God told me to be true. This is interesting and the timing is impeccable.

Boy, are they in for a surprise or what?

Keep an eye on it.

I am getting the feeling that a lot of things are going to happen soon.

Birth of Jesus

I was just thinking about this when I saw someone read a few verses from Luke that opened an eyeball or two.

You know that I have told you that Jesus was almost certainly not born in December and that archaeologists think Jesus was born in September or October because Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem to pay taxes and, since they almost always collected taxes in September or October because better than 90% of the people were farmers and they waited until after the farmers had harvested their crops so they could pay taxes, which made sense to me.

I just found out something that the Bible says about the birth of Jesus I have never heard anyone mention and I have no idea why I missed it and I know I read it dozens of times. It is like God was saying, "Hey, stupid, what about this?"

In Luke 1:26 - 27 it says, "And in the sixth month the angel, Gabriel, was sent from God unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth, To a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the virgin's name was Mary."

In this verse, God tells us when Jesus was born because Mary conceived Jesus in the Hebrew sixth month of Elul or August and September on our calendar and He was born 9 months later, which would have been about April or May, probably about the time of the Passover, you know, when he was crucified. Gee, what a coincidence.

That also explains why the shepherds were in the fields with the sheep, you know, in the Spring.

Guess what, all of the x-spirts were wrong and why didn't any of them see that God told us when Jesus was born? Why has no one figured this out?

Therefore, we should celebrate the birth, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus on Passover because the Bible says so.

And you think we humans are not stupid?

It only took us 2,000 years to see that God told us when Jesus was born.

Now, you can't blame our ancestors because German Johannes Gutenberg didn't invent the printing press until about 1440 AD or more than 1,000 years after the Church of Rome (later the Catholic Church and Christian Orthodox Church) assimilated Christianity into the Church of Rome in about 312 AD so the Christians couldn't just pick up a copy of their Bible and read it. They had to trust the Church to tell them the truth and Constantine took advantage of this to high jack the birth of Jesus and move it to December 25 so he could fool the Christians into believing he was worshipping Jesus when he was actually worshipping his pagan sun god, Sol.

The problem is that by the time the printing press was invented so the people could have their own Bibles, the lies about Christmas and Easter had been told so long that people just didn't question them. They just kept believing the Church because they were too busy listening to the Church to listen to God.

This does away with both pagan holidays of Christmas and Easter and, hey, might as well get rid of demonic Halloween too.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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