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US Military

Remember that I have been showing you that Biden and the left are working as hard as they can to destroy the US Military so it cannot stop their coup of the US Government and the left setting up their global Marxist dictatorship?

This video provides one more example of Biden and company doing just that. The evil upper class trash are trying to turn the US Military into their own oppressive Nazi SS force that will do whatever they want it to do without question to oppress and enslave the people and will completely ignore the US Constitution, you know, like the Nazi military and cops in Australia.

One thing this shows you the left is doing is that they are taking over the military academies so they can brainwash the cadets to be tools for the upper class trash tyrants and to teach the cadets to not be loyal to the US Constitution. The upper class trash want all military officers to be loyal to them and not the Constitution, nation, or people.

Then I got this from American Military News by Liz George:

"The Department of Defense (DOD) announced last Wednesday that cuts to troops' cost-of-living allowances in the United States will be coming in the new year, causing thousands of U.S. service members to lose their stipend.

The Defense Department said $8.5 million will be paid to roughly 6,000 troops stationed within the Continental United States in 2022. Recipients live in six "expensive" cities and 20 non-metropolitan counties, including New York City, Long Island and Staten Island in New York; Nantucket, Mass.; Boulder, Colo.; and San Francisco, Calif.

The new list excludes 15 cities and 21 non-metropolitan counties from the list of qualifying locations, which means no stipend for the 48,000 troops who live there."

The lefties are starting to cut back on benefits for the military while sending hundreds of billions of dollars to other nations and stuffing hundreds of millions in their own greedy pockets. You just know that is going to cause a lot of our better troops to reenlist. /sarc

Keep an eye on this treason.

Remember that I have been telling you that the leftist efforts at setting up their commie dictatorship are all failing and they will eventually be forced to turn to total violence to setup their dictatorship?

I just saw that stupid lefty men are getting vasectomies "to support women in the event that they overturn Roe v Wade", you know, virtue signaling to the women.

Use birth control?

Oh heck no, that would require intelligence.

This is going to devastate the Commierat Party for more than half a century by depopulating the Party in the future even more and, with them already losing voters by the droves, the lefties won't be able to regain power again for at least another 100 years without a violent coup and you can bet that, after the left's current treasons, when the conservatives regain complete power, the first thing they will do is clean up the laws and regulations to prevent the left from doing the same things again, ever.

That will force the power mad and greedy left to stage a violent coup and you better know they will.

Keep an eye on this.

Then, just in case you don't think the left is already desperate enough, the lefties are now in a panic because the GOP is saying they plan to impeach Biden following them taking control of the House and Senate, which would move Kruella in as president and the Republican Speaker of the House in as VP and then they can impeach Kruella to move that Republican in as President.

You think the Commierats are not increasingly thinking about a very violent coup?

Liberal Churches

Remember that I have been warning you about the liberal churches Satan infiltrated his liberals into in order to take them over and distract people from the Gospel and they will convert to Islam and other religions when things get tough for Christians?

This video tells you about those churches and how Satan took them over. Today these liberal churches are fixated on putting on really great entertainment to get in big crowds of lost people to pay tithes and make donations to make those churches rich before those lost people go to Hell.

Most, if not all of them don't even seem to care about helping the poor or anything like that because that would cost them money.

People, this is part of Satan's plan to destroy the church and put an end to the Gospel and you people being saved. The left has proved that they will not quit just because you beat them.


Remember that I have been telling you that this fakedemic has been about control, money, and murdering people off?

This video shows that it has definitely been about making billions of dollars by forcing you to buy masks and get the vaccines just like I have been telling you.

Gee, who would have thought?

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

You can bet that deals have been made for kickbacks, stocks, and bribes for everyone involved in aiding and abetting in these crimes.

You do remember that they caught King Newsom making a billion dollar deal with China for masks, right?

The Birth of Jesus

When I make a mistake, I like to take credit for what I did because pretending to be perfect and being a human is the same thing as lying. There is no such thing as a perfect human and I don't lie.

After my last essay about the birth time of Jesus, Mark contacted me and told me that I had taken Luke 1:26 - 27 out of context so I checked and, to my surprise and embarrassment I had. I normally check all verses to make sure I did not take them out of context by reading at least 10 verses before and after or until I exhaust the subject that has to do with that verse.

For some reason I failed to do that this time in spite of it having been a habit with me for more than 40 years.

I hate seeing people take verses out of context because the verses always seem to mean something other than what they mean in context and God hating pagans love do that to try to make God look bad so they can justify hating God and try to get you to also hate God.

I think what happened this time was that the person I saw quoting that verse took the verse out of context to make another point, God showed me something in that verse, and, when I checked in my Bible, there was a division between verses 25 and 26 plus I think God was showing me something unusual and interesting.

In Mark's e-mail to me, he sent me a link to his analysis of what that verse in context proves at his site and surprised me with this statement:

"If you look at which of the twice-yearly courses that Zacharias served at the temple immediately before Elizabeth became pregnant, you will find that Jesus could have been born in either April-May or August-September. I explain it in detail in this post: When Was Jesus Really Born?"

His article was very thorough and complex proving that Jesus could have been born on or near the Passover (just like I proved by taking it out of context, which was surprising) and on or near Sukkot. He ended his article by stating that it could not be proved whether Jesus was born on or near Passover or Sukkot but that he favors that Jesus was probably born on or near Sukkot because of some other verses. His argument was logical and sound and I respect that.

The thing I found interesting and surprising was that, even taken out of context, it 1) didn't really change the meaning of anything to something else, it remained on topic, and 2) supported at least part of his hypothesis, which I have never seen a verse taken out of context do. Also, those two verses taken out of context actually pointed to April and May where as in context they pointed to March and April, both pointing to Jesus having been born on or near Passover.

I have been wondering and praying, "Was God showing me a pointer He has hidden in those same scriptures that specifically points to Passover?" I cannot accept that it is a coincidence but I will continue to pray about that.

What am I going to do?

I have given this thought and prayed about it and have decided that we know that Jesus was killed, buried, and raised from the dead on Passover instead of on Easter so, hey, why not celebrate His birth at the same time on Passover, you know, with a little nicer dinner and some prayer?

I am sure God won't get upset about that.

Whether or not I do celebrate the birth of Jesus on Passover, I will continue to do what I have done since I became sure that Jesus was NOT born in December, which is that I will celebrate the birth, life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus every day of the year by walking as close to God every day of the year as is humanly possible, not just when in church.

If you want to celebrate the birth of Jesus on Sukkot instead of on one of those pagan holy days like Halloween, Sol's birthday in December, or Easter, I don't think God will be upset by that either.


I am not going to celebrate any pagan holy days because those gods are not my God and I am certain that God won't be upset by that either.

Basically, we are going to have to wait until we see Jesus to find out exactly when He was born. We now know that it was probably on or near either Passover or Sukkot and not on Sol's birthday in December.

BTW, there is plenty of evidence in the New Testament that Jesus kept all five of the festivals that the Torah requires the Hebrews to keep.

For example, we know that he kept Sukkot because a number of times the Apostles say that "Jesus tabernacled with us".

You have to understand that, when you kept Sukkot, you went to the Temple Mount area and built a small, temporary dwelling called a tabernacle and lived in it during Sukkot. If you did that, they had a slang term they still use today where they would use tabernacle as a verb and say that "you tabernacled". If you either helped them build a tabernacle and shared it with them or built a tabernacle by their tabernacle and spent time with them, they would say "you tabernacled with them." In the case of Jesus, He probably shared a tabernacle with them.


Remember that I told you that it would only require 2 nukes to destroy our entire government and one 10K would take out both Congress and the Supreme Court?

Increasing numbers of Commierats are quitting the House and it has me wondering, is this them conceding defeat in 2022 or do they know something we don't know, you know, like someone is planning to nuke Congress and the Supreme Court to seize control of the US Government and they plan on not being there?

23 have already resigned and that is a little more than 10% of the Commierats in the House, which will certainly give control to the GOP. There are 435 members in the House with 213 of them Republicans and 221 of them are Commierats, which means that only 198 of the Commierats plan to run for reelection in 2022. They are reading some kind of writing on the wall.

Keep an eye on this. The Commierats sure are leaving that sinking ship fast.


Remember that I have been telling you that life is far more complex than what math says can happen by accident and coincidence like evolutionists claim?

This video does a very good job of making fools of evolutionists and showing their greatest ideas are just wishful thinking. These people who call themselves scientists but refuse to objectively study the evidence because of their religious bias against God tell you that everything is breaking down from complex and ordered because of the Second Law of Thermodynamics but they turn right around and believe and preach that everything had to defy that law to evolve to being more complex and ordered and note that they keep saying things like they believe that it all happened by luck, accident, and magic.

Yes, the evolutionists are now preaching magic instead of science as having caused evolution because they know that things cannot evolve to being more complex so they blame magic for doing it. They cannot explain evolution by using science so they are now saying it was magic. These God hating stupid lefties are taking us back to the pagan cave with superstition and magic instead of science.

Maybe they should explain the physics behind their magic?

These people are not scientists anymore; they are God hating fanatical religious story tellers. Hey, they will say anything they can so they can justify denying God so they don't have to live by God's Law so they can do as they will because they lover their sins.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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