I Told You So 43

I have been telling you the economy will get worse because of what the Commiecrats are doing and explaining why while also telling you the government and liberal "experts" are either wrong or lying to you about the economy recovering. Today, the latest news about unemployment came out and things are worse than the experts expected....again...and again...and again...(infinity)

Have you notice that for at least the last year, the government and commie experts have been wrong with almost every economic prediction they have made? They keep predicting that things will be better next month but it is always worse just like I tell you it will be. Either these people are the worst economists in history or are lying their butts off. Since they are liberals, probably a lot of both. :-)

Then they keep lying to you about how the economy is recovering when everything keeps getting worse. Say what? :-P Isn't that like a doctor watching his patient's health declining while the doctor keeps saying the patient is getting better and healing? So I guess you could call their consistently over optimistic predictions economic quackery. :-)

How in the world can any intelligent, rational, sane person even think that the economy is getting better or recovering when things keep getting worse? Where is the recovery in that?

According to the government, unemployment in this country increases by almost 500,000 PER MONTH with their unemployment figures stuck at 9.5% and only that high because they won't count the unemployed people who quit looking for work and the real unemployment is increasing to about 20% YET the economy is recovering?

I have given you all the significant reasons why and how this economy will only get worse as long as the commie's keep doing what they are doing. I have also shown you the easy solution to the problem. Yet, these experts still don't get it and things keep getting worse with them being surprised every month for at least a year. I guess I was right about something else; commienomics just doesn't work and believing in the crap will only cause you to look really stupid for a really long time.

Just how much longer do you think these fools will be wrong every time and be surprised before they finally figure out that their commienomics doesn't work? My answer to that question? Forever because the commie's have invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending. Imagine being so stupid that you can't learn from your mistakes FOREVER! If it were not so serious and they were not in control, it would be the funniest thing I have ever seen. They are the stupidest people in the world thinking they are the smartest people in the world and are so stupid they can't even realize they are stupid. My farts are smarter than these fools!

Caution: I have also learned that their brand of stupidity is contagious and can be contracted by listening to their great sounding lies and propaganda especially if one is ignorant of the truth. These infected fools know this which is why they have been dumbing down your children, brainwashing everyone with their lies and propaganda, and working to censor every source of truth. It seems that being infected with this terminal disease, called liberalism, causes one to become obsessed with getting everyone else infected with the same deadly disease while hating truth. It is as if being infected with the disease of liberalism causes one to become an intellectual lemming determined to destroy all of mankind along with themselves. The only cure for this deadly disease of liberalism seems to be the truth but the truth causes a severe allergic reaction in most of those infected with liberalism which causes extreme hatred of the truth. The worst infected individuals will fight treatment to the death and will kill anyone who tries to treat them or any other infected persons. They become extremely violent, irrational, and insane posing a severe threat to everyone else. This warning is very important because the super bug, liberalism, is probably the most deadly disease which has infected man resulting in the deaths of more than 100 million people in just the last 100 years. This super bug pandemic could easily cause the deaths of one or more billion additional people before it is eradicated. I believe that is why God is about to perform radiation therapy on the disease. In the long run, such radical treatment will probably save a lot of lives.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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