I Told You So 435


The truth is coming out about COVID and, in the last 60 years, I have learned that this always happens. The upper class trash lie, fool all of the stupid people, and then the intelligent people finally expose the truth and every time, the upper class trash just tell the next lie and the stupid people quickly forget the old lie and start blindly believing that new lie.

The stupid people never learn because they don't want to learn. They foolishly want to believe the great sounding lies of the upper class trash because those lies sound so good, "dey just gots tuh be true" and they never are true.

The UK stopping all of the mandates for COVID should tell you that those mandates never had anything to do with science or medicine. Everyone of those unconstitutional and illegal mandates was about nothing but control, power, and money. That is it.

Will the evil upper class trash be brought to justice for the harm they caused you?

No, they are above the law and will just turn around and commit another crime against you because you let them keep getting away with it.

Know that God only lets them get away with it to test everyone and because YOU let them get away with it BUT the day will come when God will stop letting them get away with their crimes.

Then I found this video that really tells it like it is. The lefties have been doing nothing but lying to you.


I am amazed that no one else has figured out that the reason they never permitted Biden to freely speak in public was to keep people from realizing how bad off he is and that he is just an upper class trash puppet.

The reason why they just let him speak in public is because the upper class trash know the GOP plans to use the 25th Amendment to remove Biden so the upper class trash permitted Biden to speak to show everyone just how bad off Biden really is so the upper class trash can justify using the Commierat control of Congress to remove Biden and replace him with another puppet who will be much more difficult for the GOP to remove and NO ONE GETS IT, NO ONE.

It makes my brain hurt.


Remember that I have been telling you that all of you Christians need to join in a global prayer vigil for each other?

This video tells you that one in seven Christians around the world is being persecuted, it can show up in your town tomorrow and they even said so at the end.

Maybe, maybe, maybe you just might want to join a global prayer vigil?

Note that, just like I have been telling you, Muslims are the worst persecutors of Christians because I told you that they are required to hate and destroy all non Muslims, especially Christians and Hebrews. Gee, what a coincidence.

But they are not the only pagan religion persecuting Christians. He points out Hindus in India and then we have the occult waging war against Christians in the West.

You better all pray long, pray hard, pray often, and lock and load.

Also note that he pointed out that the Muslims in North Africa are working to form their own caliphate, you know, just like I told you that the North African Muslims will be the Western half of the Muslim Caliphate following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. Gee, what a coincidence, especially with us getting closer to the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

The timing is incredible, isn't it? And some preachers teach that God doesn't intervene in our lives? Really?

United Soviet States of America

Remember that I warned you years ago that the left is turning the US into the United Soviet States of America?

This video proves they are doing just that and have done most of it already.

The left is right now cramming their beloved communism down your throats to oppress, enslave, rob, and murder you just like all commie states in the past and worse.

Do you get the picture yet?

Also they point out what I have been telling you about all of the pagan religions working to destroy Christianity along with the fanatical religious cult of Marxism.

Declining Population

Remember that I told you that China's population is declining and they have had to reverse their ingenious population control system because it backfired on them?

Man plans, God laughs.

This video tells you at about 9:20 into it that China's population is in worse trouble than even I told you.

Remember that I always try to be conservative with my estimates?

In my article on "Extinction" there are some things I forgot to mention.

First, the list of people I gave you who have Hapsburg type skulls from inbreeding are just an example of just a few. There are other upper class trash like Obama who have similar skull structures caused by inbreeding.

One thing I have been watching for some time is an obvious increasing of the type of retardation called "mongolism" where the person is born with facial features that include a distorted face with slit or "slanted" eyes and severely limited intelligence.

I have been seeing increasing numbers of these children and the severity of their problems also seems to be increasing. I have recently been seeing worse cases of mongolism than I had ever before seen.

The cause of mongolism is damaged DNA caused primarily by inbreeding but recreational drugs, STDs, increasing chemicals in the environment, and the increasing microwave radiation we are now constantly being bombarded with contribute to the medical problem by damaging the parents' DNA in their sex cells.

We have known for more than half a century that inbreeding increases damage to your DNA in your reproductive cells that is passed on to your children causing birth defects and infertility. With thousands of years of inbreeding, we have already cumulated significant amounts of genetic damage and are constantly making it worse from one inbred generation to the next.

The chemicals you put in your body like recreational drugs and the many other types of chemicals the chemical companies are making a fortune from move through your body on a random basis, interacting with different cells and the actions within those cells are also on a random basis. Some of those chemicals will make it into the DNA in your sex cells and damage your DNA you will pass on to your children causing more birth defects and infertility.

The STDs you get from sex, you know, with adultery, also attack cells in your body on a random basis. If they damage the DNA in your sex cells, you will pass that damage on to your children causing birth defects and infertility in your children. Since the STDs enter your body by way our your sex organs, the protists will enter very close to your sex cells so that the protists will be much more likely to attack the sex cells and cause genetic damage. This is one reason why STDs often cause infertility.

I taught you years ago that the microwave radiation we are now constantly creating crosses the atoms in your cells, increasing the energy of the electrons, which increases the speed of the electrons, which causes the electrons to move the atoms more and more until the atoms get far enough apart they break apart, destroying molecules, which can destroy any molecular structures in your cells, including your DNA.

This can cause a variety of problems like infertility, cancer, and birth defects and today we are BOMBARDED with massive amounts of such radiation by our electrical and electronic junk. In the big cities, you are literally bathed in the stuff 24/7.

I believe that the increasing chemicals in our bodies, increasing numbers of people with increasing numbers of STDs, and increasing microwave radiations constantly bathing our bodies, especially in the big cities, in conjunction with our prolonged inbreeding are rapidly increasing infertility among humans.

I would not be surprised to see that there will be almost no one in the major cities who can reproduce in the not too distant future.


If the lefty upper class trash are trying to take your guns to improve gun safety for you, why are they turning violent criminals loose on you?

They clearly don't care about you and your safety. They just care about themselves, their bank accounts, and not getting their evil brains blown out when they set up their global dictatorship over you.


Yesterday I saw a video sermon by a preacher teaching us about end time prophets. In it, he proved "conclusively" that you shouldn't listen to us end time prophets because we have the Bible so God won't send any prophets. In other words, we are not God's prophets so don't listen to us.


Which translation of the Bible do you have? Gee, you don't think that maybe, just maybe Satan created at least some of those translations to hide the truth from you, do you? Wouldn't that make it easier for Satan's infiltrated fake preachers to lead people astray from God and into eternal damnation?

BTW, why do I trust the old King James translation more than others? Remember that I told you that, in order to write my Christian novel "Yahweh", I did a verse by verse comparison between the Hebrew Chumash, which was translated directly from ancient Hebrew into modern English, and the old translation King James Bible and there were no significant differences with all of the significant information in both?

I dare you to do that with any of the other translations because it won't work.

Also, remember that I told you that my daughter and I did a little study on the battles of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and Armageddon because she had been taught to believe that they are the same battle by her preachers who use those other translations?

She started by dragging out at least 3 other translations, none of which has the information in them in Ezekiel that God will kill 5 out of 6 of the invading armies or 83.3% of the invaders and then she got out her old King James translation and there it was.

Gee, you don't think Satan left that important information out of those other translations so his infiltrated fake preachers could teach people that Armageddon is the same battle as Ezekiel 38 & 39 so that, when Jesus doesn't show up for Ezekiel 38 & 39, Satan will be able to draw people away from God into eternal damnation, do you? Nah, Satan wouldn't do something that evil, would he?

Hey, let's not stop with those different translations that Satan wrote to leave out key details about prophecies and other things so his fake preachers can fool you.

How about all of the different "Christian" churches and denominations that teach different things about Christianity, you know, like ye ole Euro-centric end time prophesies and they can't agree on whether the rapture will be pre, mid, or post Trib or even at all? Hey, what about most of the leaders of ye ole Catholic Church trying to convert all of their members to Islam away from God? What about all of those other lefty "progressive protestant Christian" churches already converting their churches and members to Islam? What about all of the churches not being able to agree on submersion or sprinkle baptism?

Right now, God's church is one heck of a mess and you don't need prophets to clean up that mess?

Did you know that some of God's prophets and Jesus spent quite a bit of their time dealing with Satan's fake religious leaders who were not teaching the Word of God accurately but were teaching their preferred "customs and traditions"? Remember Jesus preaching about that?

Many preachers just ignore the Bible and teach whatever they feel like and they have been doing that for thousands of years; Jesus said so.

Then you have the really big question that, if God doesn't need prophets because you have the Bible or many different bibles, why did God tell us at the end of the Bible that He would send 440,002 prophets? Didn't God know that He doesn't need prophets because the people have quite a few different bibles? Wow, that smarty pants preacher must be smarter than God, right? /sarc

You think that, maybe, that preacher was telling you to not listen to God's prophets because we might prove him wrong? Maybe he won't make as much money, if you listen to God's prophets?

How do you know whether the prophet is of God?

God tells you in the Bible, the real Bible and not one of those fake bibles. God gives His prophet a prophecy, the prophet tells you the prophecy (trusting in God), and God causes that prophecy to come true, sometimes more than a decade later, proving that person is God's prophet.

That is why God started me writing those "I Told You So" essays telling you about the hundreds of predictions I have made and have come true so that I now have more than 400 such essays, you know, with a successful prediction rate that is at least 8 to 9 times more successful than the best other prediction rate on the planet, which is by the CIA Langley Think Tank, which has access to classified information I don't have access to. I only have access to God.

Remember that I told you that I was trained in espionage?

If I was still in intelligence and knew about my site, I would be reading it every day but you better not listen to me because that preacher won't make as much money.

People, God sent prophets like me to help clean up the mess that Satan and his fake preachers have created over the last 3,000+ years because they have almost all of even the true preachers believing and teaching at least some bull crap, you know, like the Euro-centric Tribulation prophecies. God's church is a really big mess right now and the Bible teaches that, whenever that happens, God ALWAYS sends prophets to clean it up. THAT is our job and it is a very thankless job, with very few appreciating us helping you, and often ending in brutal death.

Super Duper Gods

Remember that I have been telling you that the all-knowing, all-wise, intellectually superior, highly educated, natural elite, upper class trash believe they are superior to you and that Satan has promised them that, if they set up their global dictatorship and wipe out everyone else, you know, depopulate the planet, Satan will make them immortal gods?

You thought I was nuts, didn't you?

Watch this video and it will give you details on how they are planning to do just that using cyborgs. These greedy, power mad whackos actually believe they can make themselves immortal by "transferring their minds into puters".

Mark points out that, instead of working to perfect DNA so they will be immortal with their current bodies the way God said He will to you, which they have screwed up with drugs and stuff, they have decided to use machines for their immortality in spite of the fact that those machines wear out, break down, have accidents, and stop functioning because of the second law of thermodynamics. But, hey, dey will be able to "transfer der thoughts" to other puters to have immortality.

Well, until someone unplugs or hacks the puters to kill them off to eliminate competition for power and, if you have studied history and human behavior, you know it will happen.

Yes, they really do believe they are superior to you, they are your gods, and that they can "do as they will" to you, including murdering you inferior things all off so they don't have to share their planet with you lowly peasants. Hey, they are your gods, baby.

Are you beginning to see just how evil these things are? Do you believe me yet?

Well, that is what they are planning on doing but they have never even been able to find a human soul, much less be able to move it anywhere so, in their ignorance, they believe dey is just thoughts in a brain.

Therefore, they are recording their thoughts into puters thinking that will eventually be them thinking, which will give them immortality but it will just be their previously recorded thoughts playing over and over again. When they unplug the life support on their bodies or just kill them to dispose of them, their souls will disconnect and go to Hell (they are not true Christians), where they will burn until Judgment Day and learn the hard way that they really are not superior to anyone and just how stupid they really are.

Are you getting the feeling yet that we are going to get some really great laughs out of these fools of Judgment Day? "You did what?"

You would think with them being such superior smarty pants they would first research to try to at least be able to find a soul to make sure their evolution biased bull crap really isn't bull crap. "Oh, but it sounds so wonderful dat is just gots tuh be true." Yes, they really are that simple minded and stupid.

That is what happens when you use too much dope and believe scientifically unproven fairy tales to base your life decisions on.

Do you get the picture yet?

I am wondering if they figured out some time ago that they have so severely damaged their DNA that they believe it would not be possible to repair their DNA so they decided to try the cyborg thingy instead?

But, hey, people, this is nothing new. The upper class trash royals have thought they were so superior to the rest of us that they really are gods and have been deifying themselves for thousands of years, thinking that made them immortal gods but they are all burning in Hell right now.

For example, all of the Pharaohs "made themselves gods" with their pagan rituals, thinking they would be gods forever. All of those Greek, Norse, and many other gods were real upper class trash who had themselves deified for immortality using pagan rituals. July is named after Julius Caesar who "made himself a god". August is named after Augustus Caesar who "made himself a god".

The royals have been teaching their children and believing for thousands of years that they are gods, are superior to you lowly peasants, they can therefore do to you as they please, and are immortal but they almost all burn in Hell today.

Today, those "superior gods" are trying to use technology to gain immediate immortality but it won't work anymore than their ancestors were able to make it work with their pagan rituals.

None of them are "good gods", they are evil gods who all believe you are just lowly animals and it is their birth right to do to you lowly peasants as they please including oppress, rob, rape, enslave, and murder you at their will.

I have been telling you that today's arrogant royals are just as evil and crazy as the royals have been for thousands of years because they smoke their dope and believe their own insane bull crap. "Why, I have stolen more money than you lowly peasants can earn so I must be a god."

Do you believe me yet that, after thousands of years, the only thing that ever stops these evil things is death? Do you understand that why God calls the Lake of Fire "the second death" is because it will stop the upper class trash royals from causing you harm forever.

Are you getting as sick of these evil things as I am? Do you believe me yet that words cannot describe how evil these upper class trash royal things are?

Man plans, God laughs and laughs and laughs.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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