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Remember that I have been warning you that the left is ramping up to have the most rigged election in history because that is the only way they can win?

This video tells you that millions of other conservatives also see the writing on that wall and they are massing to stop the voter fraud. They are literally putting together armies to stop the fraud and the left is going bananas over it.

Why, it will be even more difficult for the left to rig elections and they can't have that.

Keep praying because God's hand is moving in this.

More and more people are up and fighting back against the lefty tyranny all around the world. They have had enough and they don't think the upper class trash are superior to them so the upper class trash should not be allowed to oppress and control the people.

I am seeing more and more people who are now seeing just how evil the upper class trash and their puppets really are. God is opening eyes. Keep praying.


The conservatives are finally seeing the light on this one too so that another Biden or lefty plan is backfiring on him and them.

Unfortunately, even some of the conservative media know that a war sells news and makes them more money so most of them joined the left in beating the war drums. Putin isn't the nicest guy in the world but he knows he can't win an offensive world war and it is clear that his main concerns are the West, especially the US, being able to stage troops in Ukraine and Kazakhstan to more easily and quickly invade and conquer Russia.

Are the media, even the conservative media, going to start a war so they can make more blood money? Don't you think it is just a wee bit of a coincidence that, for this one news item, they are blindly believing the lefty media and others, after those lefties have proved they can't be trusted? Why are they not telling the truth about how the Western lefties staged a coup in Ukraine to replace a pro Russian government with a lefty puppet government so the upper class trash can stage troops even closer to Moscow for an invasion, especially after Trump made peace with Putin?

People are finally waking up to the fact that the reason why Putin is staging troops on his own borders is to prevent an invasion by the West so everyone except Biden's lefty commie traitors and a few opportunistic conservatives is turning against trying to start a war with Russia as seen in this video.

Look, the left is trying to stage a war with Russia to invade and conquer Russia to get her out of the way of their global dictatorship and they are also hoping that the US being at war with Russia will cause people to support the president in the 2022 elections by voting Commierat.

He has tried to suck Putin into attacking Ukraine by his comments about what the US would do depends on what Russia does. That was just a sucker punch and Putin didn't fall for it.

Now the EU is turning their backs on Biden and company, refusing to stage more troops on the Russian border, refusing to remove their diplomats from Ukraine, and are working to continue with the negotiations. They realize that, if the shooting starts, Europe will be the front line where a lot of missiles and bombs will hit their biggest cities and they don't want that.

It is also important to realize that Russia provides a lot of natural gas for the EU and all Putin has to do is turn off ye ole gas and Europe gets very cold very quickly. I was wondering where that was going to and we now see.

With Biden in office and after Afghanistan, Europe seems to be turning towards Moscow and away from the US. The lefty upper class trash plans are all failing.

Think not?

This video shows you pretty much of what I have told you, the West is divided and the US and UK can easily find themselves standing alone with Russia while also facing China, Iran, and North Korea.

BTW, the reason the UK is standing with the US on this is to distract the people from the mess they now have going on in their government.

Believe me, the lefty globalists can lose this one big time.

Man plans, God laughs.

The best thing the US can do right now is pull its troops and CIA operatives out of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Eastern Europe and secure Taiwan, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, and India against China, while telling Iran to behave.

If not, we could end up getting our butts handed to us, especially if Europe decides to side with Russia against the US, which could happen and it is now moving that way.

BTW, is it just a coincidence that this trouble with Russia starts getting worse when the lefties start losing control of the people with their COVID 19 biological warfare and terrorist attack against the people because the people are stopping being terrified?

Hey, start a war with Russia/China/Iran/North Korea to get the people behind the president and the commie tyranny. By the time the war is over, the lefty commies will have absolute control.

Keep an eye on this.

One thing I am wondering about is whether Biden and the left are trying to start a war between the US and Russia/China/Iran/North Korea to destroy the US/Russian/Chinese/Iranian/North Korean armies enough to keep them from stopping the left's global dictatorship?

Also, are the rest of the royals about to stab the American royals in the back to eliminate them from the international power structure?


This is something very true that Mark sent to me in an e-mail:

"It is a fact that masks do not work. It is proven that they do not prevent COVID.

However, mask mandates ARE working for the left. They are forcing people to give in to the authoritative collective. That is exactly why the mandates are working for the Left-not because they protect against COVID, but because they are forcing people to comply with the collective, and to the Left that is success. It is not about a cure or protection; it is about compliance with authority."

That is very true and why the commies keep trying to enforce their mask mandates on us even though it has been made very obvious that the masks don't prevent infection or the spread of the COVID virus.

It is just like I have been telling you, a very important part of the mandates is about control and submission of and by the people and the upper class trash making money.

BTW, almost a week after Fauci and accomplices admitted that the masks don't work, I went to the store today and you can easily tell who the stupid people are because, in spite of that fact that their medical god said almost a week ago that masks don't work, they are still wearing those worthless masks. They are absolutely brain dead stupid.

People, if you are still wearing worthless masks almost a week after your medical god, Fauci, said they don't work, please stop voting because you ARE the problem. Dear stupid people, please quit voting so we can clean up your commie mess.


Remember that I warned you about our rapidly declining fertility? Remember that I told you that we are approaching zero growth?

It turns out my conservative estimates were very conservative because our global population has already been declining for at least a few years, maybe longer, and the populations are declining almost everywhere.

This video shows some other reproduction problems we are facing and talks about the economic ramifications.

Know that, every time a couple decides to not have children, that couple is removing their genes from the gene pool increasing inbreeding potentials, though we could do with fewer damaged lefty genes.

Note that the video also points out what I told you about China trying to undo the damage of their great sounding stupid idea for controlling their population and it isn't easy to undo such a massive screw up.

Those lefty Marxists screw up everything they touch.


I have been thinking about those fool, greedy, power mad, ignorant, stupid, upper class trash thinking that, if they use their minds and memories to program an AI computer that can program their thoughts into those Cyborgs, their consciousness will be transferred into those puters and they will achieve immortality.

People, this has to be the greatest con in the world and these all-knowing, all-wise, intellectually superior, natural elite upper class trash royals are falling for it. Yes, people, the king has no clothes AND is paying for the entire empty store "full of invisible clothes".

Basically, what these rich, arrogant, greedy, power mad fools are doing is using their minds and memories to write an electronic autobiography, including the information required to access all of their wealth, you know, like passwords to bank accounts (so they can "access them later" as Cyborgs), into a computer and they "think" that will transfer their consciousnesses into those puters and they, the great, magnificent, wonderful, super duper royals, will achieve immortality. Tada!!! Yes, they really are that stupid.

Can't you just see where this con is going?

The cons get all of these rich fools memories and other important information into their AI puter, drag the fools' butts out back, snuff them, cremate their bodies and pour them down the toilet, while their souls are burning in Hell, download enough of those people's information into some robots to fool other rich fools into believing that those robots are really those arrogant dead rich fools now as "immortal gods" so they will want to do the same thing, all while the cons are raiding or sacking those dead arrogant rich fools' wealth, quickly becoming the richest people in the world.

Hey, people, after all, if those rich fools want to access their wealth as Cyborgs, they have to program their passwords and other required information into that AI puter, ALL WHILE also paying hundreds of millions to billions of dollars into that organization for "research".

Get the picture?

Basically, the rich royal cons, who have conned all of the stupid people into supporting these royals in setting up their global commie dictatorship, so the royals can "depopulate" those stupid people, are being conned into giving up all of their wealth to the other cons so the royals can be "depopulated" and the other cons can use the robots as fronts or royal gods to rule the world. The arrogant royal fools are buying the biggest bridge in the world, you know, the "bridge to immortality".

Is that the greatest con in history or what?

I remember being taught about 50 years ago that the easiest people to con are cons themselves and that looks like what is going on right now. After all, I can't count all of the times that such cons have successfully conned the intellectually superior upper class trash royals out of tens to hundreds of millions of dollars over the last 60+ years and now someone is conning them out of hundreds of trillions of dollars for the greatest con in history "all for immortality" and "so they can be gods".

This is just too funny because ye ole corrupt, evil, satanic royals deserve this for all of the harm they have caused and are planning to cause everyone else. It is God providing justice in the making. Man plans, God laughs.

And you think those rich arrogant fools are smarter than you because they stole more wealth than you or they can earn? Really?

These evil things will go down in history as the greatest fools in history while burning in Hell.

Hey, maybe they can be gods in Hell?

And God said, "Pride goes before the fall."

Come on, you would think that these super duper rich tech "geniuses" would know that just putting their memories and personal information into any computer will not transfer their consciousness into that computer and give them immortality but, no, they are too stupid to figure that one out because "the lie sounds too good so it gots to be true".

"Hey, we mega rich smarty pants is are be going to be immortal gods!" Yeah, immortal fools burning in the Lake of Fire forever while someone else enjoys all of their wealth.

If this is true, and it probably is true, then these super duper smarty pants are truly the greatest fools in history and this is going to be the greatest joke in history. This is also going to be the greatest sacking of the royals in history.

Do you believe me yet that having more money does not mean you have more intelligence, it just means you have more money? Remember that a fool and his money are easily parted?

And God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools."

Hey, everything else the upper class trash smarty pants have tried has failed so why not this too?

Keep an eye on this.


I am watching to see if Pelosi not announcing her retirement, even though it is obvious she has overstayed her welcome, is part of the upper class trash plans to get rid of Biden and maybe even Kruella to move Pelosi up to either vice president or president before this coming election. She has to make that information public soon so some Commierat can try to run in her place and to help the Commierats with damage control in this election.

Keep an eye on this.

Animal Attacks

I am also watching what is going on with increasing animal attacks against humans. I have already pointed out the increasing orca attacks against sailboats and now they say that unprovoked shark attacks are up about 30% in 2021 over 2020.

It is likely that these increasing attacks are just increasing numbers of spoiled rich kids out sailing boats, scuba diving, and such while believing the lefty lies that these animals are harmless so they stupidly don't take precautions only to find out the hard way that these animals are not harmless, they really are vicious predators.

Hey, you put more people in the water, you are going to have more attacks by predators. That is just common sense.

You might keep an eye on this.

Eyes Opening

Remember that I told you that God is opening eyes and making people choose between good and evil?

This video shows that is happening in a big way and is increasing across the nation. People are no longer believing the lefty lies and are turning to the right.

All of the lies by the lefty media are not working any more as fewer and fewer people believe those lies.

As the lefties sink further and further down their own rat hole they have dug for themselves, they will get more and more desperate and be more and more willing to do desperate things.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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