I Told You So 436


Remember that I told you that people are waking up to Biden's war in Ukraine and turning against it? Remember that I told you that all of Europe EXCEPT the UK has turned against the war and the UK is wanting a war so the ruling party won't lose power, you know, a little distraction from the mess they caused thingy? Remember that I told you that increasing numbers of moderates and conservatives in the US are turning against Biden's war?

This video shows that is all true PLUS Ukraine itself is now turning against there being a war against Russia.

Gee, you don't think that they don't want to be at ground zero when the two biggest military powers in the world go to war against each other, do you? Next day: What Ukraine; you mean that crater over there?

Gee, what a coincidence that the only two parties beating the war drums against Russia are two failing political parties in the US and UK trying to use a war costing at least hundreds of thousands to millions of lives to save their evil butts and they might as well make a bunch of money while they are at it too. Hey, power and money come before the people, baby.

Wow, they really care about their people, don't they?

I also expected the lying lefty media to be in there beating those war drums to save their party and increase their profits because wars do that for the media but I am very disappointed at the number of conservative media that are also selling their souls to Satan to get those profits, even if it helps increase support for the Commierats, which a war will, but money comes first.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Unfortunately, those beating the drums to start a war so they can make money from that war know they will not be among the first to die in that war. I think such drum beaters should be drafted and sent to the front to be the first to fight in that war and the president and his drum beating staff should be given horses to lead the first charge in that war. Let's see how loud they beat the drums then.

It is nice to see cooler and less greedy heads being objective and honest about this war mess caused by the lefty upper class trash and not by Russia.

But, hey, the stupid people will believe the lies and fear mongering.

After everything else the left has failed at, which is everything else they tried to do, you just know that Biden and company will also fail at this and get a lot of US troops and other people killed, especially after Biden's Afghanistan.

I pray that God will cause enough of the stupid people to at least hesitate long enough for them to find out the truth.

BTW, don't be surprised to see the upper class trash have the CIA stage a "false flag event" to make it look like Russia attacked Ukraine when she didn't in order to justify an invasion of Russia by the US, especially with increasing numbers of people and nations wanting to not be involved in a war with Russia. What they will try to do is force others to commit to a war with Russia. It wouldn't be the first time a commie run government did something like that.

One thing I am watching is that they are starting to spend lots of your tax dollars to send Ukraine lots of weapons and you can bet the corrupt politicians are making lots of money from bribes, kickbacks, and owning stock in the businesses selling those weapons to the US Government to give them to Ukraine. This may just be another way for the upper class trash to scare you, control you, use patriotism to control the conservatives ("why, going against them would be unpatriotic"), and make lots and lots of money from your tax dollars. Almost everything the upper class trash and their puppets do is designed to make them lots and lots of money from you.

Do you believe me yet that they don't care about you, all they care about is themselves and their bank accounts?

They are criminals who have turned our governments into money laundering rackets and they belong in prison.

Keep an eye on this.


This video tells some of the truth about politicians and bureaucrats concerning actually caring about anyone or anything other than themselves and their bank accounts.

You have to piece meal the left's corruption together by connecting a lot of dots.


Remember that I told you that it looks like they are planning to get rid of Kruella to move Pelosi to VP and then get rid of Biden to make Pelosi president?

Suddenly one of the lefty members of the US Supreme Court decides to resign (under pressure by the upper class trash) and now they are talking about appointing Kruella to the Supreme Court, which will make Pelosi VP with Pelosi refusing to say she plans to resign from Congress. Gee, what a coincidence.

You watch, as soon as Pelosi is VP, Biden will resign making Pelosi the first female president and they will move the new Speaker of the House, a Commierat(Schiff or Mad Max?), up to VP.

They have to do this within a few months to help their Commierat campaigns for this coming fall and you watch how many of the stupid people fall for this.

Then, a few days after I wrote that, I found this video showing that the Commierats themselves are openly saying they are in a hurry to get this done, you know, to help their chances in the coming election just like I said.

Note that she points out what I have been telling you for years about the corrupt and evil lefty upper class trash being behind all of this evil.

Speaking of government corruption, this video shows even more of the massive corruption in our government. Just more dots to connect.

Do you believe me yet how extremely evil and corrupt our government has been made?

I have been watching this evil, corrupt government crap for more than 50 years or half a century and I am sick of seeing them selling out the US and the people.

Keep an eye on this.

Have you noticed that, when the Commierats are in control of the US Government that the UK and US work closest together intervening in other nations governments?

They really ramp up their destruction of nations that do not align with them and staging coups in those nations. When Trump made peace, Obama and now Biden make war and destruction.

Also note that Germany is refusing to aid in this manufactured war against Russia. That significantly weakens NATO. Clearly Germany doesn't want to be the battlefield for the upper class trash war against Russia, which is why Putin placed troops along the European borders and not just along the Ukraine border. If you take the fight to the enemy, most of them will back down.

Poland is working on quickly building a $407 million wall to deter Russia from invading but that will only slow Russia's invasion. Poland is putting that wall up right now.

Remember, this is where you get tomorrow's news today. Those Commierats are so easy to predict.

Cops and Military

The cops and military are human and, since there are bad humans and good humans, then there are bad cops and military and good cops and military.

Right now God is sorting out the good cops and military from the bad cops and military. The bad cops and military are enforcing these evil tyrannies on the people but the good cops and military are refusing to obey unconstitutional and illegal orders to oppress, enslave, bully, and terrorize the people for the tyrants and are joining militias to fight against the evil tyrants.

Pay attention to who the good cops and military are and who the bad cops and military are because God is showing them to you because you will soon have to fight the bad cops and military for your freedoms and rights because they will fight for the evil tyrants because they have also chosen evil over good.

Keep an eye on this because you need to know who your enemy is and all of these bad cops and military are the enemy of the people and evil servants of the evil tyrants. They are the people who help enable the evil tyrants. The evil tyrants cannot have their tyrannies without the bad cops and bad military enforcing those tyrannies on the people. They are the Nazi Gestapo and SS of today.


Remember that I have been warning you that, if you let dogs free roam, they will pack up and attack humans?

This very short video shows such a pack in a city attacking a young boy until, at the end, several adults came out to chase off the dogs, one with a shovel.

You can thank your wonderful lefty ignorant PETA idiots who are completely clueless about canine behavior for such problems revisiting us decades after we solved that problem in the 50's and 60's by requiring people to restrain their dogs with either fenced yards or by chains.

"No, no, putting a dog on a chain is too inhumane" so the arrogant fools keep them in their homes in tiny cages with only a few square feet for moving around to keep the dogs from tearing up their furniture instead of letting the dogs have hundreds to more than 1,000 square feet outside in the sun and fresh air on a chain, where they can interact with other animals. That is how stupid the lefties are.

The arrogant fools actually believe it is more humane to keep a dog in a tiny cage with only a few square feet for movement than outside in the yard on a chain with hundreds of square feet to move around.

Maybe we should put the lefty arrogant, ignorant, stupid butts in tiny cages instead of their dogs?

Royal Inbreeding

Remember that I have been telling about the extreme inbreeding of the royals and some of the biological and medical problems it caused including decreased intelligence and increased insanity?

This video shows you a little of that problem with ye ole royals and you can see they are very heavily inbred and they have not stopped with both Diana and Markel having married their cousins.

It is not going to stop any time soon either because "dey just gots to keep der blood line pure" to prove they are superior to all of you lowly peasants.

People, ye ole royals have been inbreeding this bad and worse for more than 3,500 years. Just a few hundred to a few thousand years ago, they were even marrying their mothers, sisters, and daughters to "keep ye ole blood line pure". Remember that I told you that the Pharaohs were "required" to marry their sisters but allowed to instead marry their mothers and daughters to "keep their bloodline pure".

And you wonder why so many of them are so power mad and greedy today?

The thing I have tried to point out is that a lot of people from all classes still have not stopped with the heavy inbreeding, especially pagans but even some Christians. One of the reasons why most pagans hate God, the Bible, and the Law is because they now forbid the worst inbreeding those people love, especially members of the occult.

Think I am wrong?

Then you have to explain to me why the lefty pagans have been trying for decades to make incest and pedophilia legal again. Those people are only trying to make the things legal that they are doing so that, if they get caught, they won't go to prison and there are a lot of people working together to make those things legal again. Those people are telling you that is what they are doing by trying to make those things legal again. Think about that.

BTW, when devout Muslim, Obama, forces Sharia Law on us, it will make most of that stuff legal, proving the pagans are still doing it and you watch, when that happens and those things become legal again, those people will come storming out of the closet and openly practice those things. You will be amazed at how many people are still doing those things today.

Don't believe me?

Study Muslim Shiria Law and see what is legal in Islam today and the Muslims still practice. It will shock most of you. The things they can do and do to their children today were being done by all of your ancestors except most true Christians just 1,400 years ago and most pagans and some Christians are still doing those things behind closed doors today.

You will soon find out that is true because God is right now letting the pagan lefties have enough of what they want to expose the ugly truth about them to the rest of you. They have been lying to you for hundreds of years about these things and more but God is right now exposing the ugly truth about them.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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