I Told You So 437


Remember that I have been warning you how the left uses deceptive words to deceive and fool the stupid people into believing a bad plan is a good plan?

This video shows you just how they do that. Everyone needs to see this because it really exposes their deceptive ways.

This video also shows more deceit and that the upper class trash puppets or politicians and bureaucrats are owned by whoever will pay them enough money. These criminals sell you and this nation out with every breath.

Do you believe me yet that the lefties don't care about you and only care about themselves and their bloated, treasonous bank accounts?


Remember that I have been telling you that, most likely, Fauci is taking kickbacks from the vaccine companies to help force people to get the murder vaccines?

Watch this video and I dare you to try to convince me that Fauci is not getting kickbacks to an offshore bank account. I am absolutely convinced that this evil, subhuman thing is owned by Pfizer.

It is my opinion that man needs to be investigated, prosecuted, and hung for his crimes against humanity. He clearly has to be the worst criminal in history and easily dwarfs the crimes of Nazi Dr. Joseph Mengele. I know that God has to have a very special place for that horrid evil thing to burn in the Lake of Fire forever. Satan must be incredibly proud of his human demon, Fauci.

On Judgment Day, he will not get away with a thing. You will find out how incredibly evil this horrid little thing is.

One thing that is very important is that you can't trust any MD or scientist who is being paid or taking bribes from the chemical companies or the government. They have definitely proven that they cannot be trusted and they have zero credibility. The academic whores will do and say whatever their masters pay them to do and say.

And God said, "Money is the root of all evil."

Terrorist Attack

This video shows that the left's terrorist attack against the people using biological and chemical warfare is working because it has terrorized the ignorant and stupid people into a frenzy so they will help terrorize the intelligent people into submission of the upper class trash unscientific, unconstitutional, and illegal mandates.

The left's terrorist attack has terrorized the stupid people into a frenzy so they will attack anyone who does not submit to the lefty tyranny.

This proves what I have been telling you is that, for a tyranny to work, you have to have your thugs, stupid people, and submissive "just do it" cowards to help enforce your tyranny on the intelligent people.

This COVID terrorist attack against the people of this planet by the vile upper class trash is a real lesson in human behavior and sociology, isn't it?


Remember that I am warning you that the US and the upper class trash now in control of the US are using Ukraine to justify invading Russia to get them out of the way of the upper class trash royals setting up their global dictatorship?

This video is great because it is Tucker using sarcasm at its best to show that there are no good intentions from the West, especially the US, concerning Ukraine.

He also shows that NATO is not "yet" behind the US concerning invading and conquering Russia...uh...I mean protecting Ukraine. Don't be surprised to see at least most of our "allies" not show up for the party when the US is used by the upper class trash to start this World War so it may only be the US and UK doing the fighting.

He shows that the leader of Ukraine is rejecting Biden's insistence that Russia is on the verge of invading Ukraine so keep an eye out for the CIA staged red flag moment to make it look like Russia has started its invasion.

"Hey, we upper class trash royals just gots to have our global dictatorship and we don't care who gets killed or how many because we plan to murder them all off anyway."

Remember that I warned you that the left would use fake patriotism to intimidate true patriots into supporting the left's planned invasion of Russia?

Tucker shows that is exactly what the lefty media are doing right now.

Then this video shows that both France and Germany are working with Ukraine to negotiate a peace deal with Russia. This means that the two most powerful nations in the EU are not willing to go to war with Russia on the side of the US, which will leave the US and UK alone in facing Russia and possibly also China, Iran, and North Korea, because you can bet that, if Germany and France won't go to war with the US and UK, neither will any of the other weaker European nations. The criminals in charge of the US and UK are just making this worse and about to cause a huge catastrophe.

He also shows how the war against Russia is being manufactured while the same government criminals are in bed with China in working to destroy the US.

Do you believe me yet that the greatest threat to the US is our upper class trash, their political puppets, and other corrupt people like the bureaucrats, lefty media, lefty academe, and others? Do you believe me that they sold their souls to the Devil for money?

Remember that I told you that China, Iran, and North Korea are taking sides with Russia against the Western upper class trash royals and that, the lefties trying to invade Russia could easily go bad for the US?

This video shows that China is taking the side of Russia concerning Ukraine.

Listen, you should expect that, if the West tries to invade Russia, China will invade Taiwan and other nations or properties in that area, North Korea will invade South Korea, and Iran will take a variety of military actions, some against Israel but others against other Muslims states in the Middle East, along with Russia invading both Ukraine and Eastern Europe plus other targets.

Russia, China, and Iran practicing naval operations in the Indian Ocean tell me that they plan to seize shipping control of the Persian Gulf and Red Sea along with the South China Sea to stop half or more of the commercial shipping in the world. You think we have supply chain problems now, you just wait until this genie gets out of that bottle.

Russia and China are also poised to stage attacks into and inside of the Continental US from the Pacific, Canada, Mexico, and Gulf of Mexico to tie down troops in the US and destroy US based resources. I have warned you that China and Mexico already have secret troops based in places like Los Angeles and even remote areas in states like Idaho.

We could easily get our butts handed to us because of the lefties. They set us up with this fall so they can set up their global dictatorship and we won't be able to stop them.

Women's Sports

Remember that I told you that the left, especially the lefty academe, are using this "transgender" crap to destroy women's sports so the lefty academe can use Title 9 to destroy men's sports?

This video makes it very clear that is exactly what they are doing and note it is the lefty run universities that are working the hardest to achieve that.

People, transgenderism is fraud because, when someone pretends to be something they are not, that is fraud and EVERYONE, including the media, who aids those people in committing their fraud is an accomplice in their crimes and they should ALL go to prison.


Remember that I keep telling you about the extreme corruption of the upper class trash and their political puppets in the US and that they are committing treason?

This video shows you some of that corruption in what are clearly acts of treason by the Biden and Pelosi families.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash have sold out the US, are working to destroy the US, and are committing open acts of treason?


Remember that I have been telling you that most pagans practice both incest and pedophilia? Remember that I have pointed out that the pagans are trying to make both incest and pedophilia legal again because that is what they are doing and do not want to go to jail if they get caught? Remember that I told you that, when Obama imposes Sharia Law on the US, these incestuous pedaphiles will come charging out of ye ole closet exposing who they really are and this will be God exposing the ugly truth about them?

This video shows you that pedophilia is legal and commonly practiced in Islam. Therefore, when Obama imposes Sharia Law on the US, you can bet those pagans will come charging out of their dark little closets to practice it in open.

Here is another video by another channel by a former Muslim showing the exact same things.

Also remember that I have warned you that, under Sharia Law, a man can have sex with his little boys and girls and what is required of him when he does. Sharia Law says that, if a man has penetration sex with his daughter as young as 3 months old, he must take care of her for the rest of her life, meaning, she will be his mistress for life and "he does not have to counter her as one of his four allowed wives".

Muslims also have sex with their sons up to about 12 years of age and dress their little boys up like little girls, including with makeup, to screw them. I have seen numerous pictures of such little boys.

God is going to permit Obama to bring all of these pagans out of the closet with their dirty little secrets so you better get ready for it or it will knock you off of your feet. The pagans, especially the occult, will do those things in the open instead of just behind closed doors so you will see the truth about the pagan cults.

God didn't lie when He said, "Everything will be made known".

If you will not pull your heads out of your butts, open your eyes, and pay attention, then God will more painfully open your eyes for you to make sure you know the truth before you choose between good and evil.

Modern Slavery

Remember that I have been warning you about what the Commierats are calling "human trafficking" and is just used as a cover for slavery so that the Democrat Party has never stopped its use of slavery, even in the US?

This video shows you some of what the Commierats are using to illegally disperse their slave labor forces and probably also infiltrated foreign military persons (treason) around the nation to hidden locations.

These people are clearly criminals and know they are committing crimes against humanity with no shame or concern for those people. The Commierats and their RINO pals are among the worst criminals in history and getting away with it because they have made themselves above the law by infiltrating and taking over the law.

The Commierats are clearly the greatest threat to US national security ever and are openly committing treason. You just know the Commierats are spreading their "mercenary soldiers" around the US to secret locations to help finalize the military and violent coup and insurrection of the US by the left to set up the commie dictatorship for absolute control of the US and its people.

This is going to be one very bloody and nasty war you will soon be in the middle of. If they can't take your guns away, they will bring in more soldiers to fight you in your own streets because their Antifa and BLM thugs can't beat you. You are witnessing the fall of the US by the barbarian lefties to set up their own dictatorship.

BTW, you just know those kids are just cover for their slaves and secret military. They are used to make it look like families are coming into the US.

Do you believe me yet that the lefties are extremely evil people? Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash have made themselves above the law so they can commit any crimes they want and get away with it?

You know that Satan owns their evil souls and they are clearly his spawn.


I keep seeing preachers telling their people that they are not supposed to be involved in the politics of this world and fighting for freedoms and rights; they are only supposed to be involved in "the things of God", you know, and submit to the will of Satan's people.

Did you know that almost ALL Bible prophecy is about the politics of this world? Did you know that this world and its politics are some of the most important things of God? Then, are you not supposed to be involved in those things of God?

Think about it.


The Canadian truckers were pushed too far, have had enough of Trudeau's tyranny, they formed a peaceful rebellion, the people are joining in on that rebellion, and the coward Trudeau went into hiding.

How can these government agents hide and protect the man most responsible for destroying their nation and oppressing their people?

That makes these agents complicit in Trudeau's crimes. They are aiding, abetting, and protecting a federal criminal and traitor from the people. They should back off and let the people have him to hold him accountable for his crimes against humanity. That would send a massive message to every evil tyrant around the world.

Is Canada where the global rebellion against the upper class trash begins? Is this the start of "Bastille II" against the royals again because they refuse to learn from history and leave the people alone? Have the people finally had enough of these evil royal tyrants and will the Nazi cops and Nazi military stand down to let the people have justice? Will the people hunt down and kill all of the royals and their puppets involved in this tyranny against the world to put a final end to the royal evils?

Keep an eye on this.


I keep seeing lefties posting about how evil it is to ban books that teach lies, misinformation, propaganda, hate, and division the lefties want in schools, you know, by the same lefties who banned the Bible from our schools and want to teach the Koran. Mean while, these same righteous lefties claiming that banning books is evil have also been banning books just because they were written by "white authors".

Does that mean that lefties are evil for banning books? Do you get the picture yet?

They only care about their propaganda books being banned and not books that teach the truth.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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